OBP_Observer_1945 Sep 20 v4 no5

Volume 4-No. 5 PORTLAND, OREGON, SEPTEMBER 20, 1945 10 Cents a Copy ERVIN JONES INQUEST SET FOR OCTOBER 19TH Killing of Negro to Be Aired· Paratroopers 'f 'll T 'f ' Fight Fires in October 1st Will Observations W1 e W1 Return to eStl Y Northwest \-Voods Mark Start of New Church Bldg. Plans are underway to establish a Negro controllOn Police Brutality At a meeting held Thursday afternoon in the office of District Attornev Thomas Handley, Attorney Irvin Goodman and a representative committee of white and Negro citizens were 1>romisecl a coroner's inquest would be held on October 9 at 9 :30 a. m. in Judge Crawford's court for the purpose of bringing to light the full facts involved in the police killing of Ervin Jones. former resident of Guild's Lake. District Attorney Ilandlev revealed that an opinion handed clown bv the state attorney-general rendered it impossible for the widow Jones and her relatiYes. who were eve witne-3ses to the shooting, to be returned to Portiand at the state's expense. Rev. George Brown of Guild's Lake explained that a sum of $500 was needed to defray the traveling expenses of this g-roup. He stated that a sum of $216 had been received in the form of contributions. Handley thereupon insi-3ted that if the inquest was held, he wanted to see that the widow was present. He gave a personal check for $120 to guarantee her arrival in Portland by the scheduled elate. Handley made. it clear that this was a personal gift and had no official implications whatsoever. He said, "I am not of the opinion that a killing is ever justified merely because the superior officer of a police department exonerates his subordinate in a case of this type. If there are e.xtenuating circumstances in this case, I want them to be brought to light." A question arose over the matter of a previou request for an inquest having been refused by Deputy District Attornev John Collier. Handley claimed that an inquest was not denied but a grand jury investigation was deemed impossible under the circumstances. • Race Relations Clinic Held 1\11 all-dar clinic on race relation!- was held Thur:-;day nt the Puhlic Ser\'icc huil<ling and :i.t Lihr:1n hall. "ith Dr. George E. f l:n nes of Nrw York City as dirl'ctor and principal speaker. democracy work". Spcci:d invitations were i:-sued to reprcscntnti,·c:- of industn. ci,·ic and l:ihor or2:anization. Dr. Ha~ ne-s is con:-i<lcred ont' ot the nation':- aurhoritil·.., on ra\..'t: relations. Ht: ,rn:,; the fir ... t .'.\egro to graduate from 0-·e\\ York School of Social " 'ark an<l fir ... r 10 rcCl'i\C St. Philip's Epi-copal church i, eel cooperatfre in this city. u,er. but American paratroopers building a new S20,000 church, The first meeting to disare st ill fighting an enemy in th ese Religious ,en·ices "·ill he held in CUS the possibilities of Pacific :'\"orthwe.;,t woods, a com- the parish house during the time uch a business will be mun. e,er-pre,ent enemy-FIRE. the church i, under cun,truction. called with ·111 the next 1:; For month.., no\,-, :'\egro para- v trooper, of the 555th Parachute There will be no chan~e in th e days. More than one hunPcncllcton, Ore.-The war is hours of worship. Infantry Battalion ha,e been The old church is being razed dred and fifty interested jumping tram Douglas C--17 and construction will ,tart on the citizens are expected to atfore:-t fires in one of the "·orst new building on or about October tend this initial meeting. years in thi:-section's history. 1 ~ Everr effort will be made to Faced "·ith the manpower short• fini:-h the new church bv Ea,ter of age, a dry sea-.on and more fires 1946 _ than u:-..ual. the United States For- 'The architect~ pictures of the estn· Service called on the Army interior and exterior of ihc n~w -and these par:nroopers furnished building are on di:--,pla~- at the parthe answer. i~h hou-.e. Person-s who ha,·e seen In many \\a~:-. these jump-. are the pictures agree the ne" church ju,t as darinJ?. hazardous and spr:c- will be one of the most beautiful tacular, if not more so, than any ,mall churche-:- in the countr~. lt of the combat parachute jumps made in Europe. \\'i,h no protection e.,ccpt :rn asbe:-..tos helmet an<l a mask to protect their eye,, the paratroopers bail out 2,000 fec-t or more into trees ranging from I ~O to 200 feet ta! I. will ha,·e :-tature:- which wert' caned In Belgium. The-:-e ,tatures a1c: considered the fine:-t art of it-. kind in the ~orthwe-:-t. In :-\pril of thi... year a new 520.- 000 p;1rish hou:-e- wa,.;. built which means "'r. Philip'.., will ,pend 5.W.- 000 1or new buildings; $36.000 in They u,e jump techniques perfected by the Troop Carrier Com• man<l and the Parachute I nfanrr~ ca:-h an<l plc-dge:-han been rai,ed. Si.:hool at Fort Bennin~. Georgia, The :'\ational Council of the Epi:-• plus si, weeb of fire-fi;hting tech- cop:1! Church. the Di~e,e of ?~enique taught rhem b,- the Forestrr gon and the rnmmumca.nr..; ut St. Sen ice. · · 1 Philip\ are rai,in~ the money un· Directin!! the project which the der the Recon:-tr~ction an~ .-\d- .-\rnn call:- "Firdh'' is Captain I ,·ance program ot the Ep1,cop:i.l Fn~· :\lcOon:dd, 0 f Indianapolis. church. Communicanb and friends Indiana. a ,etcran 'T'roop Carrier of _St. Philip's are __a:-ked ..,to :-e~d pilot. I le and other pilot:--a:-:-igned their pledge5 ;-ind !!lh'."- to St. Phil• · k I d ip"s Church co The Re-erend L. to u111que ta:,.·-. :tre :1 ways rea } ... ~ . . .. and trequently are in the air en 0. Stone. Lib:\. \\ il\1am:- .-\ve .. lContinued on Page 4l Portland 12, Ore~n. :\lany local merchants do not ·enjoy a repre entatiYe Negro patronage and do not wish to increase their business if they must encourage Xegroes to buy their products. In this column. from time to time. our readers "ill be informed of those ~lerchant who3e refusal to advertise in Negro news mediums are fundamentally based upon this premise. Also those firm in Portland that receh-e a large volume of Negro bu iness but are un"illing to spend a comparable percentage of their ad,·ertising funds in Kegro quarters will be listed. Xew Florist Salon Now Opened !'hi, wl·ek nurkeJ :mother dt'- ,-ell1pment in the tield of .'.\egro hu:-ine:-, whc n \\-illiarn Jame-- opened a complete flor:11 ,hop :it I/ I:? \'. E \ "ictoria annue. This Only TWO Members of FEPC i, the first ,hllp oi it, kind to be opened in a location near the main west Coast Staff Remain stream of ;-;egro bu,ine» and '0· cial actiYitie:-:;. Tht· clinic w:is :-ponsurecl by the :l Ph.D. from Columbia Unin.-rPonlan<l Council of Churches sitL I le is the author of tht: ..;cc1hrou),!h its commi,sion on rnce re- tit;n on the :'\.rgro in the Enc,do-1 Tlw a~ipoin.tmt•~t ~f. ~er.n:trd latiorb. The lllt'etinJ!:- wl're open to pedia Britt:mica. the Social Year- Ro-., ,is I· ,anum·r-m-Lhit't ot th e San Fr:111cisco office and as Acting unt:1ir emplo~ment practice:- are\ ~Ir. J.1me, ha, h:1d Cl)1b1Jerahlt' like!~ w he(l)ll1l' inten:-1 tied. wJ..:. e.,pt'rienct' in thi, line ot "ork. t'\.pre,,eli b~ 1':in!!nun upon hi-. dep;irturt· trom the :tgcrK\. He ,t;ttt'd hi, nHn irtion. ho,n.·n·r. that the ,t't•hack to the piinriple uf leder:tl 1t·,pl111Sihilit~ for t•qu.tlit~ of job 11pponu111ty j.,. onl, tempor.,n anti th.ir 1llt';1'urt·:-.. "di ht· t'n;t(>tt'll to Ht~ ha, been connected with hu ... 1nenone interested in "making hook and other periodicals. Lester Granger Visits Lt·:-tn Cr:m~rr. natinnal nccutiH 'l'Cl°l't:tr., ot the l rban Lt•;tg-ue, ,pokr to a large mi,ed audience :1t .111 opt•n meeting ;It thr Cir~ Lihr;11, \ \'cd11e$da~ 11i1,d1t. .\ Ir. c;r;l!l!,!l'r is l'll route to the P;1cit'ic The:trn 011 ;1 gon.·rnment mis. .. ion. School Brmu1inl,! Allen. J r., ldt .,\Iond:i, night tor ~ :bh,·illt'. 'Tenn.. \\ nert• he" ill rnter ?\ leharr~ ~ledil-.tl l'OIIC~t'. Rt'giunal Director, \\as announct>d rod:\\ h, tlw President's Committt·t· 011 Fair Fmplo, mt·nt PractiCl', Bl'c;rn,e ol tlw l\mgre.;:~ional ,b,h ot tht' ;tJ.!l'll(~ '.., hudg.et. the \\\•.;.t l'o;1:-t ,talf mn, co1bi'-b ot onh ne-,, H'nture:-ot thi:-sort altmg: with hi, brother in Los • \ng:de:-. C-.,lifornia. He nrec~ to ofter t'' er~ po..,..ihle flori:-t :-en·ice tt) hi-. patron:-. For the p.1-.t thret' \t'.tr-. ht· h.1, 1,,- 0 nwn. l{. 11 ,., in San Franci... ni ... ak~lurd tair uppununi1, to earn ,t·n l'll "ith the t· S. .um, in pr:1.1..· .md Rnhert E. Brnwn, Jr., in I.o" -1 li,in,:, 1rrt':-pel·ti,l' ot race or t1calh e,en hattle till'att'r in tltt· .\ngdt'-.. IL!rr~ J Kingman. ,,ho crt·t'd. South Pacitil·. l"p,m hi, return w ha, H'ned ,.._ Rqrional Dirt'i..·tor KinJ.!rn;111·, :-t;ltl'ml."nt l',11tt1nuet1. lci,il1:'.n lite ht" he~:111 e,tc1::-i,e pre- ,inrt· S1..·ptt·rnlwr. lll-J.3, will ;1s..-.i:-;t ··Tht· FEPC on the \ \ ·t•:,.t Coa!'t par:1tion, hl 0p('n ;t tlon:-e -.hop. nwn·h in an 1111p;1id ro11:-ultant c;1- l /,;i-. rt·\·eiHd a brt!t' mea..ure ot co- Hi:- ilnwer dr,ig:n:-- and con;;l~t':- will he ,n·ailablc for bJie... and pacity. opt>r:nion trom numt'nrn, employL'o1Kern o, a tht· tact th;1t tht: a, ;tnd union.... but ha, had m:--ut- g~ntlemt'n to ....,purcha$e t:trh ne- "l'I' · t l d I · ft . . h · I ,. I h non~ "t the Club Acme and the J, · L us_ lt'en rt: ucet Ill :-ta 1 , !11,.·it'nt :tut ont~ to )rt':t .:. l own t e and in juri,diction at ;1 timt> wht'n tContinued on Pnge 8) I Fraternal H:111 lounge.

Page 2 The OBSERVER September 20, 1945 League Studies Housing and Racial Reconversion Urban Leag-ue Urg-es Racial Action On War Housing ,ultin~ from thc,horrs~c of houses I Urban Leag·ue Submits l""r co1111m· depend upon the dr-1-K t 1- c ·t s k • I. I . . . I. en UC ,v I y ee s tnr '-c~ro«." i\lemorandum On Racial gm· to "'11c' <_very c,rizcn w1111n Service·.,.of Negro Doctor Prm.:.ion,e,tahli,hc<l b~· the Fed- Reconversion Aspects n1~r_de1~1ocrn,cy IS g-rnntc~I full par- l\Iadicld. K,.-Thi-. cin· of rr;1.l Puhli,· I lousing- .\uthorit~· en- -- t11cipat1<'.n 1'.1 our national and 9,000 .persons, 2,000 of who~1 arc "\c-,, York-The po:-,ihilitY of :ihle indi, idual or e:rour comunwrs ).l"\\' Yor·k-On August 27th. I c'.immw11t\. life, '.md equal protc~- ,"\cgroc~. i-. lonkini:,:: for an "able, addini,! .25,000 permant'nt dwrll- to purcha,t' ,cir - ~ow,ing-. hu~ i~ Prc-.idcnt T ruman rrceivcd from I t1nn for,, ills social and economic likahle, prog:rc,,ivc phr,ician. ,, it ing-s to the housini: .::upph· of the ,w:h con,umer.:. t:11\ to "qualify' the :-..:ational Urban League a 52-j''elfar<:. wa:-- learned thi, nt·ek. ~;g.ro pnpulation. pro,·idcd prompt pri\ ~tt•. im·e:--t~n•_ may huy up the I pag~ mc-moran.dum dealing- w_ith I ~{e~ardinJ! the f 1 uture of race re- At present, thcn· is neither phrcommunit,· action i, taken, is hou.::mc. In ,·1c,, of the fact that Racial ,\,peer.; of Rccon\'crs1on l:it1on, the L eagues statement calls sician nor denti-.t h"re. In fact, jlOinted U;l in a monograph, ·'Di,;- I no ceiling-:. h:t\'C bcc~l ,:;ct- for ~he and making S('\'('n formal ~ecom- for a Senat~e Committee, si.milar to there is no 'cgro medical man in po,ition of \\-,H Housing,'' rt'- ,ale or rental of an} of these unit~, I rnend;i_tions for action by the ad-I the old 1 ruman Committee, to all of Graves count). le:1,.ed this \\'Cel b,· the ~ational it i:- pos~ihle that :-peculator,; will ministration to prnent a growth \\"Ork \,·ith the Department of Jus- I 11 an open letter to the N'cg:ro Crhan League. :\n outline of ~rep- hu_y in the properties at very low of_ ra_cial discrimin:iti?n and. con-1~.ice in e.xpo~ing and climinat ~ng i\ lcd ic,1! ~ociet_,.. th(' Re·.. I ra S. hy-~tep procedure ro be followed prices. a,~d proce~d to unload them l f!1ct 1n the reconversion penod. present a,~.d ,f..u. turc hate-hreedir~g: \ Ashe of the Graves coun t} juvenil e by citizen,· group... in order to ob- at norhitant pnccs. The memorandum was the third movements · 1 he H ouse Commit- ' court committee, pointed out that rain tht> wi:-e-.t po.-.~ible U"e of \,·ar Built. with public fund s, th ~e of it:- kind, others previou:-ly lrnv-1 rec ancl Un-~mcrica.n _Act}.~itie~ is I this town. 23 miles :-outh of Paduhoming. :rnd the dangers which house-. :-.hould not be allowed to ing been ,1ddr~scd to President declared unfit for this Job in \'lew cah and 143 miles north .Jf Memwould rc---ult from the failure to tlood the m,1rket :rnd dislocateJRoosnelt in 1933 ,me! 1937, deal-1of the activities and known atti-1pli:,. i-:- ufamou-:- for its peaceful act quickh· and appropriately, are propen~ ,·alues _a nd he re-sold or ing "ith depression created racial 1 ll~dcs of ib \~ice ~hairm~n (Ran- homts, lack cd ,-:•~ l"rimt"s and highlighted. Lt':--ter 8. Grang_er. n·-rentcd for pnces that moderate problems. The Trum:111 document kin) and h~ c,,iclen t in fluence. ;;imost pcrfr...i r:lCt:' rl'btionsh1p.'' Ext'Cuti,·e Sccrctan of the :'\a- income groups cannot afford to CQYCrs ;,areas of need in which the I among- a number of thc Commit-] Dr. .\. G. T ay lc,-, \\ ho cliccl tional L·rhan League. ,trC:-$e--. the pa~·. Thi:- H"ould me.tn that Ne- :'\mional Urban League ha:-- special tee's members". There follows a IHlclcltnh a fc"' weeks ag, 1 , pracneed for immcdiatt" ;iction it the groe:- l)articularly, whose need for intnest and competence hy rea~on :-ummarizcd li:-t of the major rec- riced in ~layficld and Grave:; interest~ of \,,egrot·:-- :md other hou:--ing in conge....ted centers is of it,; interracial structure and its ommendation.;: included 111 th(' county for almost 44 years. "L,p to minorit, group~ an· to he safe- g-reatr:,t. and who han been most _,l'ars of experience in the field of memorandum. the time of his death, the letter ::u:1rdcd: '•If Crhan Lea![Ue~ and con:-i,tently exploited by un,crup- "0t·ial welfare." It discusse:- radal :\ dige:--t of the major recom- 5tatcd, "he was an important fi;!- other intere~ted community leader- ulous real c.::tate dealer~ th rou7h- prohlcms in the fields of employ- mrndations included in the mem- urc· in mcc;ic;il fraternal, fi1,a11..::.,! -.hir acr prompt!_, concerning: the out th e country, would he ha rd est ment, housing, health, militar~ and orandum, ·'Racial Aspects of Re- and rclig:1ow. circles." Dr. T'aylor matter of pcact:'tilllt" di,po,ition of hit. \\?ar hou.:.ing:. th e Lca~e na,·:tl service and race relation--. corl\·er~ion". In each case, the sug- ·was a member of the 1\larficld w,ir hou,ing:. it would ht" po,sible point:- out. wa,; in many in st ances Copies of the statement arc be- ge:-tion is made that all appropriate medical clinic. to rdie,·e much of the tension reth e fir,t opportunity th at I\'cgroes ing prepared for wide distribution steps he taken to :1rrivc at the ob- +·- --- .. - •---------+ had to li,·t" in <:tandard, moderate!~ among key individuals .tnd organi- jcctins indicated: f House for Sale, $-1,500 6 rooms Comopsition roof Br ick siding Xew ru.rnace Close to carlinc Near schools Wired for Electric Owner occupied Range Can be occupied immediately. TRinity 0050 BONDS Complete Home Furnishers A Cour/e(Jt1J Friendly Storr priced home,;, and many of them zations, "·ith special emphasis on A-General "-ill he di~posed to pay unreason- rnernhcrs of the Pre,ident's cabinet. :thle prices in order to continue to heads of federal agencies and mcm- Lc~i,.,(ative safeguards protecting Ii, e in :-uch home:--. hers of important House and Sen- the constitutional rights of evcrr The dangers invoh-l'd in :--pecut citizen. lating in war hou..;ing can be avoid- ate committee:~. Coming j~st after ed if ~uch action a..; is proposed in _the Presidents Reco~ve:s10'.1 m_es- " Di::.position of \Var Ifousing" is sage to Congress, this distribution . . . is designed to impress federal lawma ·ers and ot er o 1cm s \\ It t 1e t:1.ken prompt!~ 111 the commu111t1es I k h ff' . 1 • h I concerneJ. need for takinJ! direct action to end Barkley to Aid Bills Affecting Negroes economic and social discrimination again,;t Negro citizens. A covering letter accompanying :'\ew York-Leg-i:.,lation affect- the memorandum advised the The appointment of qualified .\'egroc:- at all levels in Federal departments dealing with general welfare. The extension and the protection of the right of the franchise to Srgroe, .tnd all other citizens. B-General ing ;\°egro~ \\'ill ha,·e the "earne~t I Pre:--iclent: "\Ve offer thc:--e :-ug- Full employment, with adequate and serious con~ideration" of Sen- , gestions ro you and member:- of unemployment compensation and ator ·\lben \\'. Barkley, majorit~ your Administration \\ ith a con- social security benefits to all ci'rileader. fidcncc derind from your record zcns. Thi-. pledge ,, as contained in a of forthright in!-i~tcnce on the fun- Legislatiq• action guaranteeing WEITZEL'S GROCERY Frc:-h i\leat, and Vegetables Ice Cream at All T'imes I 400 S . E. First fl venue Phone: EAst 6110 Licensed \Vatch 1\[akers E.\pert \Vatch Repairing The TIME SHOP 5 to IO-Day Service 420 S. W. Washington St. Phone BEacon 64-12 Living Room and Bedroom Suites Blankets -'.\fattresses Mirrors -Lamps Tables -Chairs Cp f II · I · f · I · · II Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry I 't•tte1 to the :,...AA o owing an damcntal righh and equa part1c- air emp o~·mcnt practice,. 111 ;t l·xchan~e of corrc,pondencc started ipation of nery American citizen area~ of emplormenr. j ''Ti,11r Is Our ll11si11rs.,n ., I h) Senator Barkley after reading in our national life.'' T'hc pro\'ision of :-tanrlard hous- ,i..-.._.,_ ,_,,_,,_,,_,._____ - l an editorial in the Crisi..; magazine. The cmploymcnt ,f'ction of tl1e ( inJ! for middle and lo\\' income _.•~•~•~•~•~•~~•~•~•~•~•~•~ 01 dn 'i our '\c\, Thor \\·a.,hl'r and Ironer ~ow! Senator Barklty, \\ ritin~ to Roy statement pointed out that the f!:roups, the inclu,ion of non-dG- ,- \\'ilkin,, a:--,istant ..;ecrctarr and "majorit~-of I\c·grocs now emplo~·- crimination clauses in all housing; editor of the mag-azinc, said, ·•1 ed in e.;,cntial indu:--tries will be lrg-islation, and th<' elimination of realize the force of the ~tatcments fon.:cd ro look for work in new all rncial re~tricti\C· covenant..; and containc•d in your ltttcr of Au:!. 28 fielth. . J\ return to pre-wilr dis- agreements. "The Northwest's Only Negro Furrier" MOTT §][§TER§ Style Salon JOHN D. BOND CO. 51 ~ S. IV. 3rd Ave. AT" ater 0763 Portland. ( )regon and shall give them my earnest and criminaton hiring practict:'s will The equalizing of cducation;tl ,enous consideration in connection h•-.,m the re-employment chanc('s opportuniti(·s for all person'\ with the wlir,le problem of legisla- of displaced :\"egro workers . throughout the nation, without rcti,m aftecting those for whom you Thu-,, t\\·o hills, now hcforc Con- gard to race. ,peak and million~ of others who g:re,, take on aclclitional importance An adequate program of med- ========================='' arc ,imilarly ~ituatcd.'' I :ind demand a full hearing and it:al cart·, with necessary hospital early action by the elected n::prc- facilitic·s; th<" extension of a pubAUIJ TO Tiff VALl,;L OF YOL,R IIO~IE with ASBESTOS OR BRICK SIDING sentatives of the pmplc. The first Ii'.'! the Full Emplo~ ment Act of lie health prograrn, particularlv in rur:1! areas; the stimulation of cdu• cation:il facilities for php,ician<. and 2107 North Vn.ncouvcr Ave. TRlnity 5111 PORTLAND 12, OREGON MRS. BEATRICE REED Owner-Mnnoger la Months to Pay ROOFING Call or Write I 945-S380, to provide for full I employment of American labor. I 'fhc !-econd j,. the Dawson-Scanlon hill to pro\·idt· permanent peacetime machinerr to in~urc fair employment pr:tctice." other, interested in /ic.ilth, and a ~+r-+r-+r•+.::.+.::.y;::;;;y;::;;;;y;::;;;;y;::;;;;y=+=+= foir clistrihulion of surplus me'clical 5530 N. E. 48th Ave. W.B. WOOD l\11Jrdock 1058 I,Jr •',/ D,st1119r1i.il1nl Su1.•i,,. / 11 Flowers" K][TTY'§ FLORAL §ALON 1712 N. E. Victoria Avenue Portland 12, Oregon .\ 1 lJ rdock 9369 Tt'lrph,,11t' OrdPrJ Civt'II SJu'CifJ! If /lt 11 tirm WM. JAMES, Manager Licen-.ed Flori.,t .._ ____________ ---··--·-·-··---- ·-··- "The !ttatement p<,ints out that "the geographical redi-;tribution of 1'\"cgroes in the North and \Vest which has taken place since the 1 first \Vorld War and h;i_s been accelerated since 1942, has climmatnial. The integration of i\cgro personnel lhroughout the Veterans Administration, :ind the avoidance of all segrcg.ttion of facilities for Negro veterans. T he ;i_holishin_g-of segregation by race i 11 a11 hranches of the armcd forces. inatcd the regional per!:tpective in Or~anized national race rrlations. 'J'he status of Negro directed agninst the lcad cr,h ip forces of citizen~ is the most sensiti\C baro- hatred, and the giving of serious meter of American democracy. 'T'he attention to !-itabilizing healthy repre!'!tigl', and indeed the honor of lationship, hctwcen the races. INSURANCE Complete hospltfl llzntlon fo r the entire fnmtly. CONRAD II. GOEBEL, Agent Let me t.cll you how you can draw $100 per month when sick or Inj ured . 24 Hour n Day Coverage Phon~ MU rdock 4J96 I I I I

S_ e .:..p_t _e_m_b_e_r_2_0-'-,1__9_4_5_ _ _ _-:_~===-----T_h_e_.O.:._B----S=:.-E=:...cR::..c..V..:_E-'--=R-'----- - - Page 3 Truman Urges Peacetime FEPC ,idcration. I Gen. W, S. Paul, one of Gen. with their battlefield status as I Texas; Sgt. Herbert L. \Vheeldin, It i-.. expected that by the time Eisenhower's staff officers, down ,oC;n :-,~ possible. Hartford, Conn., and S-Sgt. Arrht offices arc scheduled to re- to l\ll annheim. General Paul, it is The tig-ht to retain their battle- thur E. Hogue, W1arion, AJa. turn ro the states, the United rcponcd, promised that all colored field ,ta.rus and remain in mixed 'They handed m~ this statement Washington - President I-farrr States Emplo}·ment Service will combat troops transferred to ser- unit-. ,\a., led by T-Sgt. John H. upon completion of their talk: with S. T'ruman in a reco r<l 16 ,000 haH hetn blanketed-in under the '"-ii;e units will he rea>sembled and Staf{f!er-,, Charleston. S. C.; S-Sgt. 1 Gencrai Paul: "' 0rd message to Congress la st Labor Department. re-deployed throu~h the States Vincent ~1alveaux, Galveston, <Continued on Page 6, week repeated his request for legi!'I- \Vidc and varied reaction was -----------------------------1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-■-■■--■ -.-.-..-- 1 - btion estabJi..,hing a permanent g:i\'en to Pre-,idcnt Truman's , Fair Emplormcnt Practccs Com- speech. Nl:iny deemed it decidedly rnittct-. to the left of center, dubbing it The pre:-,cnt temporary commit- the "Ne\\ Deal" in new clothing. t~e established by executive order In some quarters it is considered ,,,,a!-qriµpe<l of its power with the that more than a reiteration of ending CJf the war. Created by President Roo3evelt-with •jurisdic- FOR THAT his recommendation for permanent FEPC legislation i, demanded tion over war industries, the com- at thi.., time. Jnformed sources sa) mittce, under it3 present authority, that there mu,t ..,00n be ..,0 me evii-. powrrless to handle discrimina- dcncc of administration weight betory hiring practices in reconver- ,ion,and peacetime employment. In a forthright statement which \\"a:- rrad in both the Senate and hind rhi-. recommendation if the taith ot ~egroe-. and other minorities is to be maintained-par• I ticularl~ a-. the Democrat:-look to 1{cutt9e/6 Jeck I I oust of Rtprt-sentati\"e-.. Pre~i- '.J. 6 _ Jent Truman said: Truman's st<lttmcnt on FEPC ''During the years of \\·ar pro- wa~ pr:ii-.ecl by the .\' .A.A.C.P. In ducti~n we made. substantial prog- a telrgram to Pr~ident 'Truman, re:--. in onrcom111g many of thclSccretan \\.-alter \Vhitc said: p~ejt'.di~es _which h~d resul~cd _in ".\Li~· we e\.pre-.-. our congratud1scnm1nat1on..; a£!:ain-.t minority lation:-- and appreciation to \OU for ~roups. 1, our dear cut me:--sag:c co Con- .. i\bn, of the injustice... based g:res-. nf needed legislation to inupon con-.ideration-. of race, re- ...ure rull emplo~ ment and equal ligion, and color were remov~d• Jju-.tice in the reco,·ery trom war. ~Inny were prevtnted. Perfection \\'c particular!~ appreciate your \\·as not reached. of course, but uncqui,·ocal reque-.t of the Con- :-.ubstantial progr6:-. was made. I gre-.:- that it enact a permanent 0 1n the reconversion period and f Fair EmplO\mtnt Pracice Comthereafter. \\·e should make every mittee." · effort to continue this :-\merican ideal. It i:-- one of the fundamentals of our political philosophy, Protest to 'Ike' Transfer :ind it ,hould be an inte~ral part From Combat Units I of our economy. \Vith the 7th Army in Germany '·The Fair Emplo) ment Prac- ( A:'\P )-Charging that they were tin·s Committee is continuing dur- discriminated against in redeplov-1 ing the tr:111sition period. I ha\'e al- ment of troops because of ra~e, read~ required that legislation be, members of this unit recentk ap- j t'n:tcted placing the Fair Employ- pointed a four-man delegati~n 10 I ment Practices Committee on a rnke their complaint to Gen. j permanent basis. I repeat that Dwight Eisenhower's headquarrecommcndation. '' The President also called for ters. I Act:ording to rhe dele!-,ration I re- the!-e batrlemen were transferred. cmphasizing the objective of our out ot di, isions with which the, I domestic cconom~ as set forth by fought into sen·ice units in such the late President Franklin D. a m:tnncr :I!- to cause them to: Roosevelt O\'er a year and a half .. :-.mell ;l r:ir··. 1 lull employment legislation, :1:ru in the form of an tconomic bill ot 1i1.dus. T'heir prote:,;,t brou~ht 1hj.:. I a:...---'--'~ Meet a SMOOTH LITTLE NUMBER! THIS FALL BRA DFO RD Style, have always leaned toward "YOt.lTHFUL . . NESS" .. . that ;mportant touch th~t accents confidence, ~ and distinction! Give your wardrobe these advantages this Fall. BRADFORD fa bric, carry out the "younger look" trend - their quality means greater value and longer wear. SUITS AND TOPCOATS to $55 * Wear While You Pay! * ENJOY FALL To the Fuges , For o Foll that .. poc...ed ~•th fun, ',Ou shou'd n o complete> BRADFORD Si;:- r Tcgs outfit' Slacks ....... '8 Pointing out that no matter how rapidly rccorn-crsion proceeds no I amount of effort or planning will he ahk to immediately proYide a Joh for C\ ery Ji~pbced war work• n. Pn-...iJu1t Truman urged the Con~rt':--" to t':-..pand and t".'\tend ur.• t'l'.lplo~ llH"llt CUlllpeq-.arion. "not 1111h a~ a matter of ju~tice and hum:111i1,, hut :d-.o a-. a matter of ,o,111d hu-,inl·~-.." Il l· warned "noth;n;.! \\"OuiJ hl· more' h:nmful !O our l'l·o111ml\ than to ha, L' 1.·,·en J i-.placcd \\ :tr \\ nrkn ~top bu~ int-!: 1.:1111-.u:lll''." j.!lllhl..,. I le ur":'ntlr n'nHnmc•ndt·d th:1t l'cJt:grt•-,..; l!'l lillt ~ t't n·turn tilt.' A 6 RADFORD Mon- T odored Suit ,s 'smooth" in design, fabric and its complimentary delei's This Foll, r>iol,..e o su1 t port of your campus, office or S( cot fe Sport Shirts, ~2 ''·' tu ::tt : . .:;o Jackets .... "'l 0 !i., 111 ,:i: .. ;o S~ort Coats .. "'15 10 ~.!)_.,0 Leather S. 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Page 4 EDITORIAL PAGE S eptemb e r 20, 1945 The OBSERVER <>mpe Z01'1 N.T==e A~~a.nd 1Z, On,gon WILLIAM H. MCCLENDON, Publisher Established 1943 Red Cross Will Stay on Job to Serve Armed Forces dH·c-1, of men to fi1:dn a 600.acrc in which lil' called for thr cstah. fire .-\ dnzrn paratrooper, \\ ill do lii.J1111('nl of a permanent Fl~PC. ilw joh. The ''firr-hornc" chuti,;;ts, "Cominl! after this forthri~ht ,I'- thn ha\·e hcC'n drnmaticall\' de1 ,tatenwnt," ~aid Dr. Tohia ... , "thr- ,rribed, land in front of thr fire I ronft·n·nct· will "l'rVC to stimu!atr Tlw Rl·d Cros<:. ha, to -;ta\ on 1 1 and then cut it off. I) public di-rn"""ion 011 this ;di im- 'I11e OBSERVER Is :1 valiant defender av:ainst segregation 11.nct its related e~: a vtgllaot champion ror treed.om. equality, liberty and Justice: an alert guard against all social atrocities: n vitriolic ann.!yst n:1d se\'ete critic of discriminatory practices: a sentinel to warn of all l:npendtng retrogressive soc1aJ trends and tendencies. The OBSERVER is not financed or ~ubsidized by any JHll'll'-Bll group, orpn.J.mtion or Lnd1vldua.l Toe OBSERVER bases Its whole program on the goal or equality or opportunity ror all m.1norlty peoples to share fully in the poltUcal. economic and public life or the coUDtry. 'Ibe problema of the Negro people lhall be shown t.o be related to those of other NaUonaJ mlnortty group.s and to the world issues created by the War a..od to the Intematlonal arthr joh a, long a" n<'l'<kd ro scn•c Th<', u,u:dl\' hail our in '':-ticks" portant C/lll'stinn, There can be 1H> thr :1rmed force,. The road ahrad of fou;. :1ncl fi~•r 011 an exact spot, possibilit, of ful~ empl_oymcnt i_n to p!'ace is fillccl with unfinish(·d !ht· plane making several passes to tht post-war period without fair ta:-b which nced Red Cro"s per- jump them all. Aw:-, picks, shovels employment :1nd without equal sonnel and sen·ice,. In turn. the ancl other equipment arc dropped ecor,omic opportunities for every• Red Cros, depends upon rhc coop- I to earth hy chutes ordinarily used one." Nation of the people. JZivrn gen• ro drop food to combat ,oldicrs in P,uticipants in the conference ran~emeotl resulting &ft.er it.. · Member of the Auocialt:cl Nep-• /trui, Caluin'J NtwJpap,r St:rf1lu. Tt.4 Yau, Publication.,, Inc-. Jndependenl PreJ, SU"PicL Thia now.paper resern• the right lo print fOJ' publication all prea dilpatebee_ feature. ud photo, forwarded by the.e agenciet or 01herwiM credited to them. ('rou,h- during- war years. I entm,· territorv. include Dr. i\far~ i\lcLcod BetFor month, :ihcacl. \Oluntccr After landing in the tall trees, hunc. president of the National ~., worker, \\·ill he needed for scwinJZ, I ihe, free them..,c lv<'S from the chute Co,rnCil of ;\'et,!rn \ Vomco; Dr. canteen. st:lff assi:-tancr. motor and let themseh,cs out of the tree ,\lax Ycrg;in. diainn;m of the corp,. gray ladies, arts and skill,. with a 150-foot rope which they Council of f\frirnn Affairs and knit1ing. nurse':-aides. . Jcarr~·- president of the ~ational 1egro The nur:-c·, :tide corp:-. a war- L:pon hit ling- the ground, they Conj:!:rcss, and i\I rs. Anne Ilcdgc- OREG01 "S "JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE" Plans to ha,·e the wife and family of Ervin Jones, Negro. who was killed in his house approximately a month ag-o at Guilds Lake bv Portland Detectives, who wer~ allegedly seeking an.other criminal suspect. return for a District Attorney's in\"estigation are rapidly taking shape. time volunteer scn·icc, will remain r<'trie\·c the shovels and set to work m:111, executive sl'cretary of the Naon the joh until our Army and dic:g:inJ! trenches ahead of the blaze tional Council for a Permanent :\"a\·~ nur,cs return. Registrations to keep it from spreading. After FEPC. Wiclfare groups and citizens interested in a just and impartial settlement of the circumstances surrounding the Jones killing believe that the testimony of ~lrs. Jones will play an important part in clarify. ing the public_ on the method employed by local police when they are dispatched to apprehend a Negro suspected of crime. Jones was the father of five dependent children. He was partially insured but his family cannot collect this insurance because Detective Captain Fleming declared this killing a justifiable homicide and exon• erated the officers responsible for this shooting. The insurance carried bv Jones is not payable under this condition. The facts in the ca e have shown so far: 1. The Detectives did not reveal to Jones that they were Portland Police. for new casses arr hcing taken. .\t present much sewing remains t·tfort, whenever possible. to exto he done in .\lultnomah Count~ tin].!ui,h the hlazc. But the cmchapter for ,;,en icemen in arm~' pi,a,is is rlaccd on keeping the fire and na\·~ ho..,pitals, for Philippine from ,preading. ~o chemicals at all are usedrelief. and layettes and clothin~ for ,en·icemen\ families. Thou,.ands .. 11I\' their instruments and manual of s,\ cater,; mu,t he knitted for !ahnr. wounded ,·eterans. Red Cross at 'l he~ land in \\"hat i, probably 1506 S. \ V. Alder street is open some of the worst mountain terrain in the ,\·orld-on mile-high, for ~cwing from 9 a. 111. to 9 p. m. or women can join their nearest rugged mountain peaks and in deep neighborhood sewing unit. ! rocky valleys. Some of the territory is so roug-h that it has taken Red Cros, needs women hospital \\"Orkcrc: and social workers them a-: long as ten days to get hack t<' their home base. Some of the for paid po..,itions in arm~· aoa na\'~ tree, arc so tall and treacherous hospitals; men field directors for military ba...c,; women field assist- that it requires sc,·cral hours for ant, for clerical duties at separa- ibem to j'.!et out. tion centers. The Personnel Re- ~ e,\·srecl men who watched the crui·in~ office at the Red Cross, drops declared they were "the most ,-\Twater 8561, has additional in- !-p"r:tacular" thin~ they had ever NOTICE Septcm bcr 20, 1945. To Whom It May Concern: We, t.hc Masons of this area of f'rincc Hall affiliation. under the jurisdiction of W ashington State Grand Lodge and California. Graud Lodge and their juri!'.dicticns, do not. rccoirn h,c certain spurious organiz.1.tions esta blished in this area, therefore, we warn the public against such 1>artics. Enterprise Lodge No. 1, F, & A. l\I., and Excelsior Lod~c No. 23, F. & A. M .. are the only rccogni;,cd bodies in Portland or Vanport. City, Oregon. These lodges meet. on the first, second, third and fourth Monday nights of ca.ch month at. Prince Hall Temple, 116 N. E. Russell St. Signed: CHARLES RAWLINS, W. 1\1. Enterprise Lodge No. 1, BOYCE STRAJVE, \ 1 ,1 ', 'i\I. Excelsior Lodge No. 23. 2. They attempted to force entrance into his home. :3. They were not armed with a warrant for his arrest. L They ,were seeking in reality another person who formation. :-rtn. Home scn·ice counsel and aid Forestn- officials estimate that Ch h D' maov thousand acics of timber llfC lfeCtOry for \ etc rans and their fam ilies is did not know Jones and who did not resemble him in the slightest degree. available at the Chapter hou..;e and lar1t! ha\"C been saved hy these para- l\IT. OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH at branch offic('..; in \'anport and troopers, which also me,111, that N. E. First Avenue & Schuyler Gresham. millions of dollars worth of the Portland, Oregon ;J. ~~nf~~;de:~ef!t~~ ~nii\"~h:h~r~:~:ono:a:\~~a;~fi~g. aici'.:::::c":',~~-i,:~~/~:,::'.~~n~r:il'.;'. ~::.',',";,~~:e:::;;~nal resources have Jones was shot in the back. ing organized reguarh· as a part of Commallding thc only Negro da· health, safety and td11(·:llional parnchutl' battalion is Captain 6. Jones neYer knew until he was taking hie;; dying I 11 r f ~ y k breath that the men he was resisting within the peace-time program of th" Red ;~: 1 :e, Th~ e~;~~,; i,°. ~ff~::, i;r ~ confines of his house were policemen. Cro-.,. _______ ~oung- ;'\('gro from \Vaycross, 7. The taking- of Jones' life was ruthless in the most Georgia, Captain R. IV. Williams, elementary sense. The detective who fired the Paratroopers Fight Fires a jumper whom the men "swear death dealing bullet had to shoot directly across a In Woods of Pacific In". bed where two babies were lying, frightened and Northwest Captain \\'ill,am,, no" ,ming screaming. The lives of these children, being en- (Continued from Page J) a-; acting rnmnrnndn, \'il'w:- their dangered. did not e,·en deter this officer from his route 10 a hi;, fire hr 4 :OO o'clock assignment "itl1 mi'°d fcelin~. murderous irnpu]se. . in tlw morning. I le and his men trnincd for combat 8. The officers later found the criminal for whom Troop Carrier planes arc <tra- dull and wan,cd combat. they were searching. He admitted his guilt and tegicallr srationcd at 'he Walla When given the firc-fi~hting asdenied e\'er having known Jones. \Valla, \Vashington Air Base; al signmcnt, ther "err kcenlr disap• Chico, California, and at Pendle9, Officer's reason for going to Jones' house is alleged ton, Oregon. pointed hut figured it a "snap". to be that another Negro to]d them they cou]d find T htr co\·rr an area of not only But they ... 0011 found out it was the criminal they were seeking there. Obviously thousands of acre-. of forest.., but ,cally a marH,ized job and virnl ly no further investigation was made or be]ieved nee- thou,ands ol miles. Thcr fight ii.iport:inl. I\o\\ th at th (.' war i, essary. fires all r!H· way from I C o· er and there is no chance for 0 T h l"f f NT t lC ana- 1comhat, thn arc proud of t!H·ir I . e I e o a egro is obviously as cheap here as dian border to l\fcxico. Principal j•,h. · · in the hinterlands below the Mason-Dixon line. sta1c, arc \Va,h,ngto11, Oregon, Instead of viewing an officer of the law as a pro- Idaho, ~ Iontan., and California, 1 tector and a friend, Negroes will soon begin to but ,f the need arises, there is no Plan Confab On Fair feel that they are human carriers of brutality and houndan Em1>loyment Practice death. ! The ~f"roop Carrier planes re-I '-rw York-/\ rH1t·-day confrrThe killing of .Jones shows what can happen to a ccivc their orders -or directions- encc 011 the qul'Slion of federal re· Negro a~ a re~ult of Portland Police not being given I from a cen1ral fire control tower ,pon,ihilit) for fair employment courses 111 racial tolerance and understanding, as was of the Forestry Service. I practice llill he held at the Jlotcl suggested by the City Club Committee when the com- As soon as the report comes in Commodore Su11day, Sept. 23, mittee members interviewed Chief of Police Harry -gi, ing the location of the fire, under tilt' auspices of the 'cw M. Niles. The committee reported, however that 1hr ,izr·, wind velocity and other I York Co111mi11ec of the Southern Chief Niles showed a lack of enthusiasm for ;uch a pr-rtinen, data-dw Troop C,micr I Confcrrncc for_ flumao \.Vclfare. program. plan<·, al"(.· loackd w11h thC' fire• In a11nounc111~ the conference, fig-lning !\q;ro paratrooper..; and I Dr. Channing Tobias, co•chairspt•c-dcd Lo the scene of the fire. man. hailCd Prc\,idcnt Ilarry '"f ru- ! Ordinarily, it would take hun-/ man'... recent congre\sional message BETHEL CHURCH, A. M. E. N. McM1llen and Larrabee Portland, Oregon ST. PHJLIP'S CHURCH Episcopal N. E. Knott and Rodney Portland, Oregon AFRICAN nCETHODIST EPISCOPAL ZION CHURCH 2007 N. Wlll1ams Ave. Portland, Oregon CATHOLIC CHAPEL of the LITTI~E FLOWER Inter-Racial 21 N. E. Broadway Rev. Jerome M. Schmitz, Cbaplntn Miss Doris Reynolds, Catechist SERVICES: Sunday, Mass and Sermon, 9 A. M Wednesday, Novena Devotions: 8:00 P. M. THE PEOPLE'S COMl\llJNTTY BAPTIST CHURCH NE 74th Avenue nnd Glisan Street (Take the Montavllla Car nnd get ott nt 73d Avenue) Rev. R.. E. Donaldson, Minister, 7524 NE Everett St, Phone TA 1169 McKlnlcy McNenl, Sunday School Superintendent. CIIURCH OF GOD IN cnRIST 1207 S. w. Front Avenue Rev. B. M. McSwaln, Pastor Devotional 5<'rvlces at 12 noon and 8 p. m. Sundays. We('kly Services, Tuesdays nnd F'rlclnys, 8 p. m. YOUNG PEOPI,E'S CrtlJRCII Mill Plain Rcercntlon Oent<'r "WELCOME" Young People's Meeting 6:00 P.M Church 7:30 P.M. Pa.o;tor- Rev. O. s. Steams Relltdencc 6516-B East 13th St. McLoughlln Heights WEST SIDE CHURCH OF GOD IN CITR.IST 338 N. W. Fifth & Flnndcrn Sunday School 10 n m. Service 12 noon YPWW 6:30 p. m. Evening Service 8 p. m. Rev. J . C. Lowis, Po.et.or

September 20, 1915 The OBSERVER SOCIAL NOTES Sept<·mhc.-r 26. Its mcmhers and pa• trom, will again enjoy the finest in entertainment that can be found Touring i-. being made by automobile by the in local environ-.. The Club ~Ir. John C. Baker left Port- wa}' of San Francisco to view the Lounge i".'o now grcath· enlarged land Sunday, September 8, )91-5, Golden Gate hcforc returning ca-;t. and arranged in ultra-modern defor an extended trip throughout · • tail. Scr\'icc ·will be at its highe!>t the Middle West and East. The Cocktail Party ,. possihlc peak. Along "·ith a fine trip, cxpcnc;c free, i-. a gift to i\lr. i\Jr. and i\Irs. Vernon Ga~kin jump hand, there will be a fastRaker from his son, Vernon Baker, :ind ~Ir.-and Mrs. Harrr Hardrl".',tcpping floor show led hr Terrr prominent Seattle businessman. were ho-..t-. :u a delightful cham- Felton, singer and dancer, who l The rounger l\Ir. Baker accom- pagne cocktail party Nlonday eve- h~-. pla~ed c;uccessful runs in every paniecl his father on the trip which ning, September 10, at the home n1te ,pot from the Cotton Club ,,-i ll al-,o take them to the \rVorld of the Hardys, honoring Mrs. and Small\ Paradi'le in ;\°cw York SC'rics. '['hey expect to be away a Hardy's mother, Mrs. • Albert City to those of eq':.al fame on the I month ~Jr longer. Johnson and sister, 1Irs. Samuel \Ve'lt Coast. T erry will serve as .\,Ir. and j\Jrs. Herman Baker Kellog of Omaha, i\ebraska. :\I.C. ·'\Vith this ne",. array of of :,..:, E. \Vheelcr avenue returned • talent th:u will feature that great Sunday from a motor trip to Oak- Buffet Supper I artist, ~den William,, in "Jungl_e land, C:difornia, where they spent V Drum-. . Others to appear on this a few days combined with busi- iVIr. an<l ~I rs. S t ephen \ right exciting opening program are Belli: ness and pleasure. ivir. Baker is were hosts at an elaborate and de- \Villiams, last. of the "Red Hot the congenial manager of Fraternal licious buffet supper \~ednesd~y, ~lamas" ; Pepper \Villiams. vocalHall Cocktail Lounge. September 12 •~--~t th el-c palatial ist, who puts down some hard i---1 house on S. E. I ,bbctts. Guests of . h . I . 1 f. Id 11 . sues 111 t e :-.em1 -c as-.1ca 1e an( Dinner Party honor were i\[r. an~ ~I~:-. Jacobs Portland's promising young- dance :\ l r. and i\Irs. Lo~an A,·ritt of of Los Angele'!, Califorma. team. Eugene and Carlyle. 65 ;,;, E. Hancock entertained Top Flight Artist to High- Thi, repre,enc- the first in a I with a dinner party Friday night serie,.. of nccllent performanc~ honoring ~Ir. and Urs. Roosevelt light Club Reopening that Joe Reed, manager of Club I i\1oore. Out of town guests were Club Acme will hold its 2ala Acme. intends to prC'lent for the! 1\lr, and i\Irs. Donald Akers of reopening \\'e<lnc~da~ tH·nmg. plea-.ure of Cluh :-\cme's f!Uests. Da\"Cnport, Iowa. The Ak:ers plan to make Portland their home. Exodus :\Ir. and :\Ir-:. Roo~e,·elt j\Ioorc and family, war-time residents, left Sunday night for their future home in Philadelphia, Penn. 'fhe i\Ioorc, were quite popular here during their three year stay, in church and social circle,. The trip Rhythm ROUND-UP BJ' A \'E\\" H ERO Banjo;;;ki has t\\"0 new faces in hi, hand. One i, :\ [use, a tenor ._. , man. "'ho pla)·-. great horn. Thr other i-. "f.ittlr [);n·i<l 0 ' Hcn11rr on, who help,;. out until Joe Crane land, a ne\\' rontract. Ralph Stcu>nson, Toot~ Bm d and Jimm\' h:1n re-turned to Sc,:t· tic. ThC", found tlw town flondt.· 1 with new °'llU'-iL"ian, rccenth- di-.- chargcd from the :1rnwd scn·in·,. To \\1bom It i\ Ln ColKl'rn: Julian I lt•tNm, 1Hll' ot 1ht· ··g1t"lt:-'· ;1monJ! "" ing- p1anl:-.t-. i..; l°Urr:.-nth Ln ing- em in the ai:-.le :n a night duh in Seattle. Fd Sl.tul!htt·r, lnr.d swing- mu,il" mentor, s :n s he i, a.; 1im a..; the, come in thi, part oi :he land. Charlit· .\ l l·rritt pla,, ,11mc J.!rt'at horn. If Joe Cranr mm c, into !ht· \ l°mc \\l' hopt• ht· tind::- ;t frantic g-11 ita risr and :1 ht·p piani-.r. It Charlit i\l t•rritt continues ;1t r:1i~ :-pol lei's :111 help h1m find ;modll'J riano pla\(:r mud1 corn . om· without \\'01d just ren·in·d th:H .Jol' Crane is in CalitOrnia looking for 1w,, talent to fill tht· m;ul\ , ac11Kil's in hi-- com ho. [ Ii... \'dtkk llln\l'd up a cr;1nbhaft-look lor him whrn ~ou see him. --~~~ .... PACIFIC ~..r-!'"~~ OIITFIT'TING CO. ' UNION AVE AT EAST MORRISON ST PHOP.U fA l 18t l Page 5

P~•e.-c:6._ ___________ The OBSERVER September 20, 194:i SCENE FROM CLUB MONTEREY SHOW I Bagley Downs Netus tion at it-. meeting in 1 CY• Orleans tire ~r(1UJl will he reassembled \\Tillis \Vil\iams, recreation di- last Fchrunry nncl that the Uf\\,V's and recltployt<l through the States General 1\11otors department is now ... with combat status." n·ctor of llaglev Dowm, resigned scckinl,! ro ohtain the consent of b~t \\eek to entl'r Pacific College General l\lotor's corporation to New Club Has Hit Show Cluh .:\lnnterey ha:-opened with nonl floor -.how featuring Hlundit" an<l Pee \\'cc along "ith .I 11nc. Counth,..' and Frances. Blondie and Pet' \Vee arc purSuing :i course leading to a cle- such a clnuse. If these negotiations gree in plnsical educntion. arc :-ucccssful, it will menn that i'\lr. \Villiams has been con- hundreds of G l\I plants :111 over ncctccl wi th the Vancou\·er Recreathe country now covered hy conI tion As.sociation for a year, serving tract with UA\V, ,\ il l he confirst a:- a staff worker and later tractually oblig:ated to ohscrn the hrin[!' promoted to director. ln this principle of fair employment pracl la1ter position he did a very credit- ti..:cs. I ' ahle job. H c is bci.ng succeeded by Arnold Jone-, formerlr of Chi- Tl1c unin:i\, n;1tional agreement with ·Ford 1\ lotor company has a cag-o, Illinois. i.imilar clause and negotiations :\lrs. Laurel E. Jones, 1024 1_ \\'ith the Chrysler corporation arc E. !st Ave., Portland. Ore., a pro- e'.\pectcd to get under way soon. duct of Spelman College Univcrsit, and Central Y.~l.C.A. Col- Protest to "Ike" legc. Chicago, Illinois, is another recent addition to the !-taff. Mrs. (Continued from Pa.ge 3) nctiYities . Jones is in charge of women's "At the present time lVlaj. Gen. \V. S. •Pi.iul has taken over the d . I I .. I t~ pe to pre:--cnt ay nne cul JIH. :\Ir~. Fannie Chatman, 127 H. Jane. Counte.:-,..; and Francrs pro-hvcst \\lintier Drive. Bagley , ulc.- intcre:--ting entertainment with Dmn,::-, formerh· ,;;upervisor of their dancing and ,·ocals. 'T'hcir lv:1ncoU\·er ~ur;err S,·stem reHr.,t)gie 1/"oogil' ad fib is a knock- ·cri,·ed the post of s~crct;r" to' Mr. out. One of the \'Ocals j._ a j!ood Lee Randall, Project Sc;vi~e :Oiimitation of Bi 11 i e Holliday. rector. h:1ndliPg of the problem. He hns prorni~rd tRat even though the colored , olunteers have been, and ;ire l•Lini!. sent to various service units, <1!-o soon as possible tht: en- ;1111u--ir.g ,,·ith their comedy skits Blondie send:- the audience out that range from old \'aude\'ille with her snake danct'. Los Angele Gets Vanport News 1nregrntion of inter-racial . 2nd Negro Principal actn·· 1 Los Angele, (A~P)-JVIrs. 1tit:--. ll 13 b ~Jfle Vanport Recreation Asso- I crnice arnum ecame the ,secciation was terminated .-\ui.ru-:-t 31 :\1r,. Hdloi!',e Hill, former ond ~·egro "'ch)ool principal here due to the ending of the Lanham \·anport teacher, ha-. been appoint- 1 la-:-t week when she was named fund-.. All Center!', were subse- ed director of Community Center head of the Holmes Avenue Elequcntly closed. Three centers are ;\o. 5 . .:\Ir!oo. Hill is a graduate of now opened a~ Community Cen1 \\.iley College, :\larshall, Texa:.. ters. operated by the Project Ser- ! A member of the Zera Phi Beta \·ice, Department of Federal Haus- Sororit~. Before coming to Port· ing. The centers nO\y sponsors land, she was a teacher in the pubyouth and adult organization and lie schools of Paris, Texas. +-------------------------. i mentarr school. The first Negro to serve in that .:apacity was :\ I rs. Bes:-ic Brewington Burke. She is now associate principal of a mixed school on \V. 36th street. ~I rs1 Fay Allen j.., the Negr9 mt'mhcr of the locnl 'school board. DANCE Attractions in Bronze NOT BE'ITER BUT the BEST S. DUKE Your /lost, Presents LEROY f-J ARDISON :md his Sentimental Gentlemen of Swing Thursday, October +th McE!roy's Ballroom For Tahlc Reservations Phone WEbster 3440 Advance Ticket Sale I\Ia.drona, Radio & Record Shop 538 N. Broadway l NOW SERVING DELICIOUS FOOD 1 . All Meals and Short Orders - Open Day and Night ' Ask Anti-Bias Clau;e In Auto Union Contracts Try staggering your hours of travel! THE CLUB ACME CAFETERIA 1504 N. WilJiams Avenue ~1RS. ~!ARY CARTER, .lJar,ager I Oetroit-r-I\Iore vigilance in preventing employment discrimination again,;,t Negroes and other so-called minoritic-. embraced in the large +------------ -------------- membership of the CIO United HART SCHAFFNER & MARX CLOTHES DOBBS HATS ARROW SHIRTS INTERWOVEN SOCKS BOSTONIANS, EDWIN CLAPP SHOES Auto \Vorkers wa,;, called for this week hy the union'~ fair practices committee. In a ,;,pccial communication 5e11t to all GA \V local uni o n prc ... idcnts ,, irh the appro,·al of George F. Aclde:-., intcrn,1tional secretarytrcasun•r and chairman of its fair pr;ictices committee, it j.., pointed I nut 1ha1, although there h;ive been fewer report-. of di,crimination in ti1i, layoff period than might rea- !'orn1ahly haH lwen expected, ca<:e-. of discrimination and violation of ,cniorit.r rights are expected to N~ plan has yet hcen dev ised to rnmplc:rch o, ercome peak-lo:1ds on buses and trolleys. However, the pla11 of ~tag:?:cring hours of travel has cased overcrowded vehicles, by distrihuling the extra thousand... of riders over more hours of the <la~. It'~ the be-.r wa, ,,c know to gi,·e ~ou faster. mort· \.'.omfortahlc rides. OREGON FRATERNAL ASSOCIATION 1412 N. Willinms Avenue incre:1-.c• a, automobile planh ht -½-·---------------·-----------+ • ; •• ..... Washington at Broadway J,!in to recall old ""'!rkcrs and hir<' ntw cmr,lo"""· The committt·e\ kttn wa ... j..,. ,u(·tl IH its 1•:xr·cutiH din·ctor, Grnrgc· \V. Crockt-tt, J r. It rt· (ltk,h c•ach Ioctl union r,re-.icltnt ;uHI tlw harg:1ining comrnlltf•f• To inunediatd~ comnwnct neg-otia tum- -.,·eking; a no-discrimination <.:l:.11~1' in ih contract which \\'Ould I prohibit emplo} men I d1,;,ni111 in :1tio11 hn:au..,· of rac<·, cn·,·d, color, JJ'IE - ~ .. ~ .. ~~~-i,f, nation:il oriµin, poli1ic:il affiliation, Yfi I"('\ or marilal !-Wtu,;,. ¼ Commrnting on this report, Mr. 'J II I : ~) " f I ~:::~~c: 1 ni:~'.:e~x:~::iv~1Cb~::;':; Ii~ 1!l~• j . ; § .f.j, j.f_j -I . ►· . j ' p,ovrd this contractural proh,lll- \_ ·* GASOLINE (l'J,iit•TJI) NIGHT LUBRICATION SERVICE AUTO SUPPLIES SCIIlUVER'S ASSOCIATED SERVICE Phone MUrdock 9797 :315 N. Broadway Portland, Oregon