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September 20, 1915 The OBSERVER SOCIAL NOTES Sept<·mhc.-r 26. Its mcmhers and pa• trom, will again enjoy the finest in entertainment that can be found Touring i-. being made by automobile by the in local environ-.. The Club ~Ir. John C. Baker left Port- wa}' of San Francisco to view the Lounge i".'o now grcath· enlarged land Sunday, September 8, )91-5, Golden Gate hcforc returning ca-;t. and arranged in ultra-modern defor an extended trip throughout · • tail. Scr\'icc ·will be at its highe!>t the Middle West and East. The Cocktail Party ,. possihlc peak. Along "·ith a fine trip, cxpcnc;c free, i-. a gift to i\lr. i\Jr. and i\Irs. Vernon Ga~kin jump hand, there will be a fastRaker from his son, Vernon Baker, :ind ~Ir.-and Mrs. Harrr Hardrl".',tcpping floor show led hr Terrr prominent Seattle businessman. were ho-..t-. :u a delightful cham- Felton, singer and dancer, who l The rounger l\Ir. Baker accom- pagne cocktail party Nlonday eve- h~-. pla~ed c;uccessful runs in every paniecl his father on the trip which ning, September 10, at the home n1te ,pot from the Cotton Club ,,-i ll al-,o take them to the \rVorld of the Hardys, honoring Mrs. and Small\ Paradi'le in ;\°cw York SC'rics. '['hey expect to be away a Hardy's mother, Mrs. • Albert City to those of eq':.al fame on the I month ~Jr longer. Johnson and sister, 1Irs. Samuel \Ve'lt Coast. T erry will serve as .\,Ir. and j\Jrs. Herman Baker Kellog of Omaha, i\ebraska. :\I.C. ·'\Vith this ne",. array of of :,..:, E. \Vheelcr avenue returned • talent th:u will feature that great Sunday from a motor trip to Oak- Buffet Supper I artist, ~den William,, in "Jungl_e land, C:difornia, where they spent V Drum-. . Others to appear on this a few days combined with busi- iVIr. an<l ~I rs. S t ephen \ right exciting opening program are Belli: ness and pleasure. ivir. Baker is were hosts at an elaborate and de- \Villiams, last. of the "Red Hot the congenial manager of Fraternal licious buffet supper \~ednesd~y, ~lamas" ; Pepper \Villiams. vocalHall Cocktail Lounge. September 12 •~--~t th el-c palatial ist, who puts down some hard i---1 house on S. E. I ,bbctts. Guests of . h . I . 1 f. Id 11 . sues 111 t e :-.em1 -c as-.1ca 1e an( Dinner Party honor were i\[r. an~ ~I~:-. Jacobs Portland's promising young- dance :\ l r. and i\Irs. Lo~an A,·ritt of of Los Angele'!, Califorma. team. Eugene and Carlyle. 65 ;,;, E. Hancock entertained Top Flight Artist to High- Thi, repre,enc- the first in a I with a dinner party Friday night serie,.. of nccllent performanc~ honoring ~Ir. and Urs. Roosevelt light Club Reopening that Joe Reed, manager of Club I i\1oore. Out of town guests were Club Acme will hold its 2ala Acme. intends to prC'lent for the! 1\lr, and i\Irs. Donald Akers of reopening \\'e<lnc~da~ tH·nmg. plea-.ure of Cluh :-\cme's f!Uests. Da\"Cnport, Iowa. The Ak:ers plan to make Portland their home. Exodus :\Ir. and :\Ir-:. Roo~e,·elt j\Ioorc and family, war-time residents, left Sunday night for their future home in Philadelphia, Penn. 'fhe i\Ioorc, were quite popular here during their three year stay, in church and social circle,. The trip Rhythm ROUND-UP BJ' A \'E\\" H ERO Banjo;;;ki has t\\"0 new faces in hi, hand. One i, :\ [use, a tenor ._. , man. "'ho pla)·-. great horn. Thr other i-. "f.ittlr [);n·i<l 0 ' Hcn11rr on, who help,;. out until Joe Crane land, a ne\\' rontract. Ralph Stcu>nson, Toot~ Bm d and Jimm\' h:1n re-turned to Sc,:t· tic. ThC", found tlw town flondt.· 1 with new °'llU'-iL"ian, rccenth- di-.- chargcd from the :1rnwd scn·in·,. To \\1bom It i\ Ln ColKl'rn: Julian I lt•tNm, 1Hll' ot 1ht· ··g1t"lt:-'· ;1monJ! "" ing- p1anl:-.t-. i..; l°Urr:.-nth Ln ing- em in the ai:-.le :n a night duh in Seattle. Fd Sl.tul!htt·r, lnr.d swing- mu,il" mentor, s :n s he i, a.; 1im a..; the, come in thi, part oi :he land. Charlit· .\ l l·rritt pla,, ,11mc J.!rt'at horn. If Joe Cranr mm c, into !ht· \ l°mc \\l' hopt• ht· tind::- ;t frantic g-11 ita risr and :1 ht·p piani-.r. It Charlit i\l t•rritt continues ;1t r:1i~ :-pol lei's :111 help h1m find ;modll'J riano pla\(:r mud1 corn . om· without \\'01d just ren·in·d th:H .Jol' Crane is in CalitOrnia looking for 1w,, talent to fill tht· m;ul\ , ac11Kil's in hi-- com ho. [ Ii... \'dtkk llln\l'd up a cr;1nbhaft-look lor him whrn ~ou see him. --~~~ .... PACIFIC ~..r-!'"~~ OIITFIT'TING CO. ' UNION AVE AT EAST MORRISON ST PHOP.U fA l 18t l Page 5