OBP_Observer_1945 Sep 20 v4 no5

Page 8 Th<' OBSERVER Se pt e mber 20, 1945 tho,r who continue to reside here I Survey Shows Workers to can he con:-idcrcd, if foirlv treated, Remain In This Area a real :t:-,ct for our po-.t-war l'COn • OlllL Negro Vote Big Factor In Union Election According to a recent census compiled of the Ncg:ro War Worker~ living: in the Vancouver area, 55 per cent indicatccl their intcnPhone EAst 9044 Negro workers at the Electric tions to remain in Vancouver. The Strei Foundry on N. \V. V,mghn remaining 45 per cent arc leaving ,trcct will play an important role the arc.t, some returning to their in the coming jurisdictional clcc- former homes, others to various tion tliat wil l soon be ordered by I coast. cities. L ess _than 15 per cent the Nation.ii I.Jahor Relations expressed a clcs1rc to return to lloard. The United Stcol \Yorkers I southern states. The questionaire of America, CIO, and the A. F. was prepared by the U.S.E.S. War of L. Portland l\Ietal Trades Manpower Commission, ,¥clfare Open 10 a. m. to 4 a. m. Council are contesting vigorously l Society and Urban League. NANCE'S PLAYHOUSE for the right of union control in "'"'"'"'""""'""""'"""""""'"'"""""""'""'""'"""'""""""" Specializing in BARBECUE STEAKS, CHICKEN and CHOPS th is shop. At present this plant is I D. L. NANCE, Prop. Dinners 12 ro 5 31 N. E. CHERRY COURT I open ~hop. The ballots which will /lisit the ----------------------------------------1 he handed to the workers on the SUBWAY GRILL Two Members Left I r,·1dence. Of the J 39 remaining i more imperative hy the discovery Ida\' of the election will be arranged I h di k I 1 so that workers can make three ci-.rs. which are cit er dea oc ·ed of the atomic hom ). No longer can for Fine Food On Coast FEPC or still being processed, many rep- \\'C calmly indulge in racial dis- choice--, A. F. of L., CIO or non- (Continued from Page 1) I rc.;.t'11t discrimination by employers crimination in a world \\ hose peo- union. East End of Broadwa,i Bridge 1340 North Crosby gener:d pattern of diicrimination or unions which apparently cannot pie:-. are predo11inatelr non-\,-hite, Negro workers at th is plant con- Phone MU 9835 for Reservations or to "'ol\'C~ ~c,·cral of the more he :mind b~· persuasion or negotia- a world which now so dependent stiture more than 30 per cent oi fl:1~r:rnt ca-.e:-. In the San F ran-1 tion. There is manifest need for an 1or its continued existence on the the total numher of employees. In ARTHUR COX, Manager ci-.co area 71-t complaint~ invoh·- agency which possesses a reason- ,t\·oidance of inju-.tice." the event the CIO ,vins the eke- 1111m1111111111n1111111111m11nrn11111111u11111 u 111nm 111 111111u11111111111m •1 11 inJ! thou~ancb of workers ha,·e ahlc amount of authorin· for the In conclusion Kingman stated tion a :\'egro, Ivan \Villiarns, will hecn docketed since September. 1 \\·1-.r and effecti,·e ha~dling of that great numbers of the Negroes, serve as ,·ice-president of the union. IQ-t3, and 575 h:ffe heen clo~cd. the~e case-. of persistent job dis- ~lcxicans and other minority lf the A. F. of L. wins it is likely Approximateh· 3S r ( of those crimination"'. "·orkers on the ,vest Coast have that the Negro workers will be clo..ed "ere :-ati-.factorily adjusted ··The ending of employment dis- made a high!~ commendable rec- :tnd [he others were dismi~-.ecl on I nimmarion has been made far ord in war industries. ~\lany of rhdr merit:- or for in._ufficient FRANK'S I SHOE SIIT.'IE PARLOR Ladies' and Gent's Shoe Care a specialty Open 10 A. i\L UntiJ 9 P. l\I. 2017 N. Williams A\'enue I SHASTA CAFE I and LOUNGE BREAKFAST - SHORT ORDERS SOUTHERN STYLED DINNERS SOFT DRINKS - MUSIC * OPEN 24 HOURS * Comer NW Glisan at 4th Ave. I Call BEacon 1133 - Ask for 1 1 ROY LOMBARD I Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning Curtain Cart a Spuialt)1 PROMPT SERVICE ASK YOUR FRIENDS RECORDS NEEDLES ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES MADRONA RADIO & RECORD SHOP -NOW OPEN The ... Club Monterey ··The Xi_Qhl SprJ/ wit!, Atmosplure" .,ORTH \VE'T THIRD :\EAR FLA;'sDERS PORTLAND, OREGON Call BRoad\\ a\ 'l050 for Re-.en-ation._ Doors Open 6 P. ~I. I DA!\CI :--G Srin1illating Floor Shows Ft~turing_: Blondit· and Pc:c \Vee with June-Countc,s and France:-. Bar Sen·ice - Bring Your Own Bottle Delicious Steak and Chicken Dinner-3 Bar-B-Que THOS. 0. WALLER, Mgr. Keystone Lunch 1471 N. Williams Avenue BREAKFAST * LUNCH DINNERS SHORT ORDERS MRS. HAZEL JOHNSON, Manager 538 N. BR-OADWAY Also ... LOUNGE and CLUB ROOM PORTLAND 12, OREOON I I Dorothy Gan-ett, Mv. MU 9535 ---1· y y y y y y y y y y y y y y ♦ ♦ y y ♦ y y ♦ y y discriminated against as t·hey were during the war. This is the fir.;t labor dispute to merit the attention of :\·cgroes in this area since the conclusion of the war. 1 ts ultimate settlement will be a strong indicator as to rhe progress Neg-ro workers can expect to make in industrial employment. Phone BRoadway 5395 Phone: VErmont 9025 l Charlene's Beauty Box Manicuring - Facials Hair Styling Scalp Treatment :t. Specialty 1409 N. Williams Avenue Carrie Da\'iS - Maddie Davis Operators ETOILE COX, l\lanager "Credit to All" Open Fridays u111i/ eight p. m. ARBITMAN'S NEW YORK OUTFITTING 00. Full Line of Ladies' and Men's WEARING APPAREL 1007-1011 S. W. Washington Portland, Ore.1 1 11 Phone MU. 9523 Ntght, QA 21:19 AVRITT'S GARAGE Truck and Auto Repairs t707 N. VANCOUVER AVE. PORTLAND. OREGON. l'-==============d • ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ • WALTER WABE'S COCKTAIL BAR SERVICE PARTY ORDERS GIVEN SPECIAL ATI'ENTION 638 EAST BURNSIDE STREET EA.st 4357 Port.hwd, Oregon .......................... The Charter Members of the COTTON CLUB 215 MAIN STREET, VANCOUVER, WASH. Invite you to avail younelves of t.hetr ENTERTAINMENT ancl RECREATIONAL QUARTERS Deluxe Modern Restaurant Servin!!" All Meals PAYROl,L CHECKS CASHED - NO ORAROE