OBP_Observer_1945 Sep 20 v4 no5

Page 2 The OBSERVER September 20, 1945 League Studies Housing and Racial Reconversion Urban Leag-ue Urg-es Racial Action On War Housing ,ultin~ from thc,horrs~c of houses I Urban Leag·ue Submits l""r co1111m· depend upon the dr-1-K t 1- c ·t s k • I. I . . . I. en UC ,v I y ee s tnr '-c~ro«." i\lemorandum On Racial gm· to "'11c' <_very c,rizcn w1111n Service·.,.of Negro Doctor Prm.:.ion,e,tahli,hc<l b~· the Fed- Reconversion Aspects n1~r_de1~1ocrn,cy IS g-rnntc~I full par- l\Iadicld. K,.-Thi-. cin· of rr;1.l Puhli,· I lousing- .\uthorit~· en- -- t11cipat1<'.n 1'.1 our national and 9,000 .persons, 2,000 of who~1 arc "\c-,, York-The po:-,ihilitY of :ihle indi, idual or e:rour comunwrs ).l"\\' Yor·k-On August 27th. I c'.immw11t\. life, '.md equal protc~- ,"\cgroc~. i-. lonkini:,:: for an "able, addini,! .25,000 permant'nt dwrll- to purcha,t' ,cir - ~ow,ing-. hu~ i~ Prc-.idcnt T ruman rrceivcd from I t1nn for,, ills social and economic likahle, prog:rc,,ivc phr,ician. ,, it ing-s to the housini: .::upph· of the ,w:h con,umer.:. t:11\ to "qualify' the :-..:ational Urban League a 52-j''elfar<:. wa:-- learned thi, nt·ek. ~;g.ro pnpulation. pro,·idcd prompt pri\ ~tt•. im·e:--t~n•_ may huy up the I pag~ mc-moran.dum dealing- w_ith I ~{e~ardinJ! the f 1 uture of race re- At present, thcn· is neither phrcommunit,· action i, taken, is hou.::mc. In ,·1c,, of the fact that Racial ,\,peer.; of Rccon\'crs1on l:it1on, the L eagues statement calls sician nor denti-.t h"re. In fact, jlOinted U;l in a monograph, ·'Di,;- I no ceiling-:. h:t\'C bcc~l ,:;ct- for ~he and making S('\'('n formal ~ecom- for a Senat~e Committee, si.milar to there is no 'cgro medical man in po,ition of \\-,H Housing,'' rt'- ,ale or rental of an} of these unit~, I rnend;i_tions for action by the ad-I the old 1 ruman Committee, to all of Graves count). le:1,.ed this \\'Cel b,· the ~ational it i:- pos~ihle that :-peculator,; will ministration to prnent a growth \\"Ork \,·ith the Department of Jus- I 11 an open letter to the N'cg:ro Crhan League. :\n outline of ~rep- hu_y in the properties at very low of_ ra_cial discrimin:iti?n and. con-1~.ice in e.xpo~ing and climinat ~ng i\ lcd ic,1! ~ociet_,.. th(' Re·.. I ra S. hy-~tep procedure ro be followed prices. a,~d proce~d to unload them l f!1ct 1n the reconversion penod. present a,~.d ,f..u. turc hate-hreedir~g: \ Ashe of the Graves coun t} juvenil e by citizen,· group... in order to ob- at norhitant pnccs. The memorandum was the third movements · 1 he H ouse Commit- ' court committee, pointed out that rain tht> wi:-e-.t po.-.~ible U"e of \,·ar Built. with public fund s, th ~e of it:- kind, others previou:-ly lrnv-1 rec ancl Un-~mcrica.n _Act}.~itie~ is I this town. 23 miles :-outh of Paduhoming. :rnd the dangers which house-. :-.hould not be allowed to ing been ,1ddr~scd to President declared unfit for this Job in \'lew cah and 143 miles north .Jf Memwould rc---ult from the failure to tlood the m,1rket :rnd dislocateJRoosnelt in 1933 ,me! 1937, deal-1of the activities and known atti-1pli:,. i-:- ufamou-:- for its peaceful act quickh· and appropriately, are propen~ ,·alues _a nd he re-sold or ing "ith depression created racial 1 ll~dcs of ib \~ice ~hairm~n (Ran- homts, lack cd ,-:•~ l"rimt"s and highlighted. Lt':--ter 8. Grang_er. n·-rentcd for pnces that moderate problems. The Trum:111 document kin) and h~ c,,iclen t in fluence. ;;imost pcrfr...i r:lCt:' rl'btionsh1p.'' Ext'Cuti,·e Sccrctan of the :'\a- income groups cannot afford to CQYCrs ;,areas of need in which the I among- a number of thc Commit-] Dr. .\. G. T ay lc,-, \\ ho cliccl tional L·rhan League. ,trC:-$e--. the pa~·. Thi:- H"ould me.tn that Ne- :'\mional Urban League ha:-- special tee's members". There follows a IHlclcltnh a fc"' weeks ag, 1 , pracneed for immcdiatt" ;iction it the groe:- l)articularly, whose need for intnest and competence hy rea~on :-ummarizcd li:-t of the major rec- riced in ~layficld and Grave:; interest~ of \,,egrot·:-- :md other hou:--ing in conge....ted centers is of it,; interracial structure and its ommendation.;: included 111 th(' county for almost 44 years. "L,p to minorit, group~ an· to he safe- g-reatr:,t. and who han been most _,l'ars of experience in the field of memorandum. the time of his death, the letter ::u:1rdcd: '•If Crhan Lea![Ue~ and con:-i,tently exploited by un,crup- "0t·ial welfare." It discusse:- radal :\ dige:--t of the major recom- 5tatcd, "he was an important fi;!- other intere~ted community leader- ulous real c.::tate dealer~ th rou7h- prohlcms in the fields of employ- mrndations included in the mem- urc· in mcc;ic;il fraternal, fi1,a11..::.,! -.hir acr prompt!_, concerning: the out th e country, would he ha rd est ment, housing, health, militar~ and orandum, ·'Racial Aspects of Re- and rclig:1ow. circles." Dr. T'aylor matter of pcact:'tilllt" di,po,ition of hit. \\?ar hou.:.ing:. th e Lca~e na,·:tl service and race relation--. corl\·er~ion". In each case, the sug- ·was a member of the 1\larficld w,ir hou,ing:. it would ht" po,sible point:- out. wa,; in many in st ances Copies of the statement arc be- ge:-tion is made that all appropriate medical clinic. to rdie,·e much of the tension reth e fir,t opportunity th at I\'cgroes ing prepared for wide distribution steps he taken to :1rrivc at the ob- +·- --- .. - •---------+ had to li,·t" in <:tandard, moderate!~ among key individuals .tnd organi- jcctins indicated: f House for Sale, $-1,500 6 rooms Comopsition roof Br ick siding Xew ru.rnace Close to carlinc Near schools Wired for Electric Owner occupied Range Can be occupied immediately. TRinity 0050 BONDS Complete Home Furnishers A Cour/e(Jt1J Friendly Storr priced home,;, and many of them zations, "·ith special emphasis on A-General "-ill he di~posed to pay unreason- rnernhcrs of the Pre,ident's cabinet. :thle prices in order to continue to heads of federal agencies and mcm- Lc~i,.,(ative safeguards protecting Ii, e in :-uch home:--. hers of important House and Sen- the constitutional rights of evcrr The dangers invoh-l'd in :--pecut citizen. lating in war hou..;ing can be avoid- ate committee:~. Coming j~st after ed if ~uch action a..; is proposed in _the Presidents Reco~ve:s10'.1 m_es- " Di::.position of \Var Ifousing" is sage to Congress, this distribution . . . is designed to impress federal lawma ·ers and ot er o 1cm s \\ It t 1e t:1.ken prompt!~ 111 the commu111t1es I k h ff' . 1 • h I concerneJ. need for takinJ! direct action to end Barkley to Aid Bills Affecting Negroes economic and social discrimination again,;t Negro citizens. A covering letter accompanying :'\ew York-Leg-i:.,lation affect- the memorandum advised the The appointment of qualified .\'egroc:- at all levels in Federal departments dealing with general welfare. The extension and the protection of the right of the franchise to Srgroe, .tnd all other citizens. B-General ing ;\°egro~ \\'ill ha,·e the "earne~t I Pre:--iclent: "\Ve offer thc:--e :-ug- Full employment, with adequate and serious con~ideration" of Sen- , gestions ro you and member:- of unemployment compensation and ator ·\lben \\'. Barkley, majorit~ your Administration \\ ith a con- social security benefits to all ci'rileader. fidcncc derind from your record zcns. Thi-. pledge ,, as contained in a of forthright in!-i~tcnce on the fun- Legislatiq• action guaranteeing WEITZEL'S GROCERY Frc:-h i\leat, and Vegetables Ice Cream at All T'imes I 400 S . E. First fl venue Phone: EAst 6110 Licensed \Vatch 1\[akers E.\pert \Vatch Repairing The TIME SHOP 5 to IO-Day Service 420 S. W. Washington St. Phone BEacon 64-12 Living Room and Bedroom Suites Blankets -'.\fattresses Mirrors -Lamps Tables -Chairs Cp f II · I · f · I · · II Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry I 't•tte1 to the :,...AA o owing an damcntal righh and equa part1c- air emp o~·mcnt practice,. 111 ;t l·xchan~e of corrc,pondencc started ipation of nery American citizen area~ of emplormenr. j ''Ti,11r Is Our ll11si11rs.,n ., I h) Senator Barkley after reading in our national life.'' T'hc pro\'ision of :-tanrlard hous- ,i..-.._.,_ ,_,,_,,_,,_,._____ - l an editorial in the Crisi..; magazine. The cmploymcnt ,f'ction of tl1e ( inJ! for middle and lo\\' income _.•~•~•~•~•~•~~•~•~•~•~•~•~ 01 dn 'i our '\c\, Thor \\·a.,hl'r and Ironer ~ow! Senator Barklty, \\ ritin~ to Roy statement pointed out that the f!:roups, the inclu,ion of non-dG- ,- \\'ilkin,, a:--,istant ..;ecrctarr and "majorit~-of I\c·grocs now emplo~·- crimination clauses in all housing; editor of the mag-azinc, said, ·•1 ed in e.;,cntial indu:--tries will be lrg-islation, and th<' elimination of realize the force of the ~tatcments fon.:cd ro look for work in new all rncial re~tricti\C· covenant..; and containc•d in your ltttcr of Au:!. 28 fielth. . J\ return to pre-wilr dis- agreements. "The Northwest's Only Negro Furrier" MOTT §][§TER§ Style Salon JOHN D. BOND CO. 51 ~ S. IV. 3rd Ave. AT" ater 0763 Portland. ( )regon and shall give them my earnest and criminaton hiring practict:'s will The equalizing of cducation;tl ,enous consideration in connection h•-.,m the re-employment chanc('s opportuniti(·s for all person'\ with the wlir,le problem of legisla- of displaced :\"egro workers . throughout the nation, without rcti,m aftecting those for whom you Thu-,, t\\·o hills, now hcforc Con- gard to race. ,peak and million~ of others who g:re,, take on aclclitional importance An adequate program of med- ========================='' arc ,imilarly ~ituatcd.'' I :ind demand a full hearing and it:al cart·, with necessary hospital early action by the elected n::prc- facilitic·s; th<" extension of a pubAUIJ TO Tiff VALl,;L OF YOL,R IIO~IE with ASBESTOS OR BRICK SIDING sentatives of the pmplc. The first Ii'.'! the Full Emplo~ ment Act of lie health prograrn, particularlv in rur:1! areas; the stimulation of cdu• cation:il facilities for php,ician<. and 2107 North Vn.ncouvcr Ave. TRlnity 5111 PORTLAND 12, OREGON MRS. BEATRICE REED Owner-Mnnoger la Months to Pay ROOFING Call or Write I 945-S380, to provide for full I employment of American labor. I 'fhc !-econd j,. the Dawson-Scanlon hill to pro\·idt· permanent peacetime machinerr to in~urc fair employment pr:tctice." other, interested in /ic.ilth, and a ~+r-+r-+r•+.::.+.::.y;::;;;y;::;;;;y;::;;;;y;::;;;;y=+=+= foir clistrihulion of surplus me'clical 5530 N. E. 48th Ave. W.B. WOOD l\11Jrdock 1058 I,Jr •',/ D,st1119r1i.il1nl Su1.•i,,. / 11 Flowers" K][TTY'§ FLORAL §ALON 1712 N. E. Victoria Avenue Portland 12, Oregon .\ 1 lJ rdock 9369 Tt'lrph,,11t' OrdPrJ Civt'II SJu'CifJ! If /lt 11 tirm WM. JAMES, Manager Licen-.ed Flori.,t .._ ____________ ---··--·-·-··---- ·-··- "The !ttatement p<,ints out that "the geographical redi-;tribution of 1'\"cgroes in the North and \Vest which has taken place since the 1 first \Vorld War and h;i_s been accelerated since 1942, has climmatnial. The integration of i\cgro personnel lhroughout the Veterans Administration, :ind the avoidance of all segrcg.ttion of facilities for Negro veterans. T he ;i_holishin_g-of segregation by race i 11 a11 hranches of the armcd forces. inatcd the regional per!:tpective in Or~anized national race rrlations. 'J'he status of Negro directed agninst the lcad cr,h ip forces of citizen~ is the most sensiti\C baro- hatred, and the giving of serious meter of American democracy. 'T'he attention to !-itabilizing healthy repre!'!tigl', and indeed the honor of lationship, hctwcen the races. INSURANCE Complete hospltfl llzntlon fo r the entire fnmtly. CONRAD II. GOEBEL, Agent Let me t.cll you how you can draw $100 per month when sick or Inj ured . 24 Hour n Day Coverage Phon~ MU rdock 4J96 I I I I