Portland Advocate_1981-09&10

Vol.1, Nos. 5&6 Jonestown,Guyana Was It Mind Control? Remember back on November 11, 1978 when more than seven-hundred Black people lost their lives in the so– called "Jonestown, Guyana suicides"? Was it really suicide or genocide or was it rrdnd-control exper~ntation gone haywire by the CIA? Lately infonnation has surfaced (sane circun– stantial) to support more of the latter. Both questions of genocide and mind-control need to be studied, particularly by people of Afrikan descent, to get to the truth of Jonestown. Let us analyze the genocide ques– bon fran the Jonestown perspective. The United Nations Convention on Geno– cide defines genocide as any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a · national, ethnical, racial or reli– gious group, as such: a) Killing manbers of the group; b) Causing serious bodily or men– tal hann to members of the group, c) Deliberately inflictling on the group conditions of life calcu– lated to bring about its physi– cal destruction in whole or in part, d) Impos ing measures intended to prevent births within the group,. e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. Part a) is indisputable. Since the initial processes of the Afrikan Slave Trade the European system that brou~1t us to this country, tens of millions of our ancestors were vici– ously killed. In the Middle Passage alone, twenty times more Afrikan people lost their lives than in the so-called holocust of the Jews in Nazi "NOW IS THE TIME" Germany • .Now include the Black lives lost in over 250 years of forced, in– humane servitud~, and the question of genocide becomes a little more ob– vious. FOR AND BY BLACK PEOPLE Sept ./Oct. , 1981 Let us nove on from slavery through the so-called ''reconstruction'' period and the early decades in the 20th cen– tury to the present day. Analysis of (Continued on Page 2) cc If Tl.lEY BELIEVE. TI-llS WAS 5UICIDE TUEY'I I BELIEVE ANYTWIN~ te' WANTED: BLACK TEACHERS IN BLACKNEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLS