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i RUNYON'S 3716 N.E. UNION OPEN WEEKDAYS: 9 AM TO6 PM 5302 N.E. 33nl. OPEN WEEKDAYS: 9 AM TO 8 PM as~ STORES BIG SUPER SPECIAL! IRON TABLE LEGS With Glides Reg. 2.98 SET OF 4 as~ SOLID BRASS SOUVENIER POT HOLDER REG. 1.98 4" NYLON PAINT BRUSH -~ ROLLER TRAY DIAPER 6,~8 EXCEDRIN ~i~: aa~ NEW DAWN COLORED HAIRSPRAY ~i~ sac TIPTOProAM CURLERS REG. 59c sac PLIERS With 300 Eyelets WINDOW SHADES aac CURTAIN RODS REG. 29c TIER WALL SHELVES REG. 1.50 aac HANDY ANDY HOUSEHOLD318 8 c CLEANER S9c SIZE • WOODBURY GOLDEN RICH SHAMPOO 1.00 VALUE 2FOR as~ CARWASH BRUSH WITH J FT. HANDLE 88c EA.2 C ALMOND ROCCA 1.00 BOX N0RlltW£ST 0EFENDER Camp Fire Girls Observe 55th Year C:lmp Fire Cirb C<'lcbr:lted their 55th b1rthdaJ last week :is the first national youth org:lmut1on £or girls of every r:ise. n11.t1on11litJ, creed :lnd eccnom1c .stotu~ Founded 1n 1910 b}· Dr. Lu ther Halse)· Guhck, the org:in• ization h.'.l.s retained his ideals of sC'r\'icc, symbolism :n1d womanly gr:ice. while continuously rc\'lsing 3nd enriching the program to make Camp Fire Girls truly "Toda);; Prui;ram for Today's c;,.1" The org:lmzallon w.1s founded not u a m1:-!i10nar)' effort to do good, but as a mc3ns of helping a girl to help herself and to find her O\I n truest self expression as n ~rson :ind as a future memhtr of the community From the beginning. therefore, Camp Fire Girls nctivitic.s were planned to pJe3re g.rls. to give them enjoy:nent, and to answer their deep sentNI needs. They are given a wide l:lti!Ude m choice of acti\'llles KEEP BUSY! SEUING- • Not Looking Nonhwest Defender Salesman Saleswoman Top Comm!sslona Active Office No Gtmmlcke 27-42 N. WHUama 282-4696 We welcome appllcanre of any race, color, anceetry, reUgtons, creed or national ortgln. T:1us wlull' a C,1mp ftrc Girl 1~ h.11·mi.: fun plannin~ inter• tnuni;: tlung!t to do with other .irb- .p.art1cs, trips, IISilS to t'X<'.llll): plnccs, cookouts and campouts-wh1\c ~he is le:irn• m~ to nrnkl' beautiful things, e.11,1y.n·~ 1n1pre~~I'"'-' ccremon• ials and lc.'.lrning 10 gi\'c scr• \'.c~•· -JD}fully !the is ":?rowing into the kmd of wonnn that .\mcrica needs today-s1rong, :lbll• to tnkc care of herseU. abk .:.ind willing to contribute to her family, her job. her town and her country. n n d nbove all. happy 1n domg tl In honor of their orianb.a. tion·s birth, Camp Fin· Girls from throughout the Portland Area Council wore their ser• \'ice costumes to school on one dny during birthday week. A camping display on the Lloyd Center ~fall, window displays throughout Multnomah and Washington Countjcs, an lnternalioti:ll Tea, and individual group gi1·ing of birth. d.'.ly cakes to "Camp Fire Angels" were among local obsen1ances planned for the oc• casion lllllLLERWOOD & COAL CO:Ml' AlfY Furoare Oil - Coal IV ood - Presto Logs Al.so Can ~ Pick.eel Up At~ Y•rd AT.,"61 '1041 r,<l E Uruon A ~..,... I Dateline: New York I It Was D'Amato' s Turn to Wait U, ,lrtlrnr IJal,•y i\,..,, )r,rl,, J'im,•t T ~!ys~u~~~EG~~c~;.~~~~nd:i:~-~ti~~ca~~:~e:e~~;~i:i: r Ing in ecstatic delight at the wondrous thing th:it had just occured. Jose Torres. the idol of Puerto Ricnn.-; everywhere, wns t new lij:l:ht-hea\'ywelJ?ht clrnmpion or the world. and his excited well-wishers were demonstrating pride in his nccompUshment. .\ few stormed pt1.st !he policemen and .scaled the press rows with the ajl'.ility of mountain goats for tearful embraces of their hero in the ring. In much more sedate and digniHed fashion Gus D'Amato climbed half• way up the steps to add his congratulations. But a cop blocked his passage and wa\'ed him back. Cus would have to wait. Perhaps there was J)O('· Jose T orrcs tic justice in that incidcnl. Cus had made Torres wait much too long to win a title because D'Amato had been overly protecti,e of the fighter in their earl~ years together. Not until Jose relegated cantankerous Cus from the role of manager to the lesser office or chief advisor did hr gain a shot at a championship. • * * T~~!:'•~~!~~.~:s~a~1 ~~~~~t1~~~!) c:~;fc~:t~~!~~ his qualifications. In Willie Pastrano, the defending titleholder. he was facing a wily campaigner who was so fast and so clever that no foe had ever laid a glove on him with any authority. In almost a decade- and-a-hall of fisticu£fing the artlul Willie had neither been knocked down or knocked out. Torres did both. Nol since Sugar Ray Robinson wm, in his prime has uny boxer displayed such blinding speed with his hands as the new champion in the early rounds of his dismantling of the old one. \\'1Uic's forte had hccn slipping punches. pickin~ the m off. and cv.idinr: them. But Jose begun bombing him with left hooks from lhc start. mid !he Pastrano defences started to cn1mblc. By lhe si.\lh the challenger had l11m set up Torres 1.mashed Pastrnno in lhe solar plexus. and WiJlie sank slowly to the canvas semi-paral yzed. lnslincl and dog~ed detcrmmat1on lifted him lo lrn, feel barely in lame to beat the COUIH. but hi!»: helplessness III lhe r:1ce of superior firepower continued to grow until referee Johnny Lo Bianco c;,1llcd a hal_L ruling a lechnical knockout, as Pa!itrano sat on lus stool at the end or the niJith. ''When he suL down,·· the rcteree explainl!d to ringsiders. "he sat down like a beaten man. He was just going on heart." Pastrano buried his face in his gloves and wept. Torres leaped in the air. arms waving exultantly. This triggered the cascade of hysterical Puerto Ricans down the ai:iles. * * • S 0 2:. 0 1~~0~~ ~~~- 1 ~111~~~ ~~: ~ohn~~ 11 :;~ 1 ~~s"~:;:~e~! ~uess as to how much blame can be placed on D'· A mat o. Cautious Cus. already a seJr-appomtcd crusader in his holy war against Jim Norris and the ..other forces of evil In boxing," was using the two top fighters in his stable. Floyd Patterson and Torres. as the main weapons in his jousting. ' Because Patterson was the heavyweight champion. D'Amato could get away with boycotting the Madison Square Garden showcase. But Torres kept withering on the vine in such places as Sunnyside Gardens. He kept fighliag nobodies for peanuts and earned less than $60,000 in six years. Yet he them was one of the better middleweights in the business. Now he's the best light-heavyweight in the busi• ness. ~""'"""'"'""""""'"""""'""""""""'""""'"""""""""""'""""'"""""""'""""'""""""""'"""""""'""""""'""""""""""""'"""'"'"'""'""""""'""'"''""""""'""""'"""'' ' . . it.,s ''1)d'1ltollh,U,-''at SAFEWAY' COCKTAIL • Delicious Fruit Bits 6 for s1 No. 303 PEACHES Lady Elberta Halves and Slices Freestone 0 = 4 for s1 Lor11• 2½ con TOMATOES Del Monte- No. 303 can Pineapple Juice Asparagus ~00 6 ::"" Cut Beans Sliced Beets lt.lian 30)un ]OJ Gl.n Zucchini ';;;·;.": Cucumber Chips Kosher Dills Sweet Relish , .. ~ 15 OL Wl,ol, 39c 49c 2,.,49c 23c 2,A9c 29c 45c 33c Orange-Apricot Juice :: 39c Royal Ann Cherries ~~'.. 45c Fruit Salad No. JOJ 39c Grapefruit Sections N°;,'." 29c Stewed Prunes N~i.'.'."' 33c Green Lima Beans Fresh Whole Dills Sweet Pickles No. 300 26or. j,r 2201. 29c 49c 59c Del Monte Spinach Eo,tyGord1tn 2 3S[ M J;;:0~ 01 "' for )ror$1 Del Monte Catsup "•·::::'.~:1--o• 19' Del Monte Prune Juice ·~:::",i·::•:;t 4 9' Sliced Pinneapple ...~;:;.:;·~,:;"0 ' 2 for 4 9' Fruit Juice 0.1 Monie Plneoppl•• G,op,fruh. 4601. con I Del Monte Buffet Sizes I ·• FRUITS ond VEGETABLES• 7 $1 ~ J LADY ELBERTA PEACH SLICES • PEAS f .:::;,Jl' GR BEANS • LIMA BEANS • SPINACH Mix or Milch or TOMATOES • MIXED VEGETABLES lulftt Sl11 c,n PEAR HAtVES • FRUIT COCKTAIL CORN • Cream or Kernel No 30l s for s1 PEAS • Early Garden Peos .,., 4, 39c <an or PRICES IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT ARE lfffCTIVE THURSDAY, APRIL h t THRU SATIJRDAY, APRIL 3nl at SAFEWAY in St. Johns PIIICES IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT ARE IJliCTIVE THURSDAY, APRIL 1st THRU SATIJRDAY. APRIL 3nl GRADE AA EGGS CltO,M O' TH[ c1O,- flESH Lo,,, 35c D01. 33< 37c TOP SIRLOIN ''"''"'~.., $109 USDA,....,.,.., lb. CUT-UP FRYERS Mo,.orH•w u lb.35~ USOAG,od1t A HALIBUT STEAK 0 1tlltlo11,hofo•tl lb.69~ 1,. . 1., , anfry Ice Milk L.,.,,...,_Vonlllo 1t1Trl p l1tTr1t CJt Sliced Beef Liver "::" 1b. 49c Beef Patties ::.: ~..::. Pkg. 89c Armour Smokees •-:.::·· lb. 59c Piece Bologna ~.::·::::: u.. 39c Fancy Bacon"'·;::t;:,--1-lb. p1,9 • 59c Beef Franks :.:::::.~-~,,..:;· pk 9.49c New York =~.~ lb. $1.39 Fillet Steaks c::!7.::.. 11,. $1.79 Corned Picnics Green Beans CHEESE FOOD Wnl Pack-f,or.n 801. Pkg. Try BREEZE Smoolh 1pr• odln9 O•litiou, fla~o, 2-lb. 49[ pkg. ASPARAGUS TopOuolitr f,uhondSp,lng Gropefruit l,1,olo,'I• 5 ,. '1 tl••ld• Rvl,l,, GARDEN SECTION Fresh Mushrooms l1ow" ty~• 29c c.. .. p1.....110..,,,,._•t,1~ Lemon Juice l•Jllo1licS,iu,.,, 3 ,.. 49c Dahlia BulbsAu'J3 ,.,51 L,..,.,,,)'/,u Seedless Raisins ' •·•H..,,, ,. 98c Hybrid Roses :~::;. 49c ◄ lbpl'I Butter Lettuce Rodl,u,.., 2 ,•• 25c ............ Mum Plants Au<'dE, 49c Navel Oranges ~~ ..1 ••, 8 I~ $1 Jv,co lodoo Pineapple 49 ,,uhT,opltol ( ,,.,r, .s..., . ., ond Jul,y, Jumbo Eo(h Radishes 15< r,eihandTo,ty lo,Sp,lngSoloth 2Bunches