OBP_NW Defender_1965 Apr 1_no220

NORTHWEST Th~ Northwest Defender is fl.- ally going to set aside a column for Portland's teen set. DEFENDER If you have anything you'd like to say just call in to the Northwest Defender office. No. 220 Pastors Fight School Plan Albina Ministers Demand Change The Albina Ministerial Asso• cia1ion Tuesday asked the state and federal governments not to award special education money to the Portland School District "until the school district puts into effect a plan for desegregating its elementary schools." The Ministerial Association specifically opposes the disadvantaged child bill now in the legislative Ways and Means Committee and the federal bill which cleared the House last week and will provide money to strengthen education programs for needy students. Bishop W. L. McKinney, president of the ministerial group, said "we need more than the token integration being offered by the Portland School Board. Federal and state funds would only perpetuate segregation if awarded to Portland schools to fi. nance enriched education programs ror disadvantaged youngsters.'' Transport Problem The school board is setting up a "model school" program to help d i sad van tag e d students at several elementary schools, and will permit Negro parents to have their children transferred to out-ofneighborhood schools, where vacancies exist at the receiving schools. Parents would have to provide transportation costs. "Ry the fall of 1965. we want the Portland School District to have Eliot School closed down and to send Eliot's heavy concentration of Negro students to other schools," Bishop McKinney said. "We also want the school district to stand the cost of --U. . :sn;6 st.;.den~s a-ua.y frc.m five predominantly Negro BISHOP McKINNEY schools. This will lead to integration - let the children be with each other and they will learn to know and understand one another." Parents Said Poor Bishop Mc,Kinney does not believe many Negro parents will take advantage of the open enrollment and student transfer plan offered by the school district. "This would cost the parents money they don't hnve. You have to realize that most of the parents involved are trying to raise families with annual Incomes of less than $3,000. They simply cannot af. ford a busing cost for sending their children to another sohool.'' Preschools Authorized The Portland School Board has taken another step in put• ting the Race and Education recommendations into effect by authorizing the outlay of up to $i2.000 ror land and buildings for preschools in the "model school'" area. Supt. Melvin W. Barnes said there will be about five preschools. Sites have not been chOGen. They will be for use next Reception Guaranteed In Your Home RECONDIT10NED 23" ZENITH CONSOLE CONSOLE s59 -------- \ RECONDITIONED 19" PORTABLE ~: TV s49 -;;~-NDITIONED 21" 21" CONSOLE s29 UNDERSTANDING AND EDUCATION WILL LEAD TO THE TRUTH Thursdoy, Ap,;I 1, 1965 $175,000 Demanded The mother or a man shot and killed by a policeman last April 30 brought an action at law Monday in Federal Court demanding $175,000 damages from the officer and the Ci1y or Portland. Mrs. Lee Anner Rhodes charges her son, Ceotis, was illegally shot by Patrolman Edwin L. Freeman and deprived of his life without due process of law. Rhodes. 25, of 3814 N. Albina St., was shot by Freeman when Rhodes bolted from a kalf~~l c~~:.l :· ~;~~;~· !~~ taking him to the police station. FREEMAN reported that when he attempted to arrest Rhodes for speeding, Rhodes fled in his car and led him on a high-speed chase through North Portland. Later Rhodes was arrested at his home. The Multnomah County Grand Jury cleared Freeman of any criminal charge last June. but censured the officer for usin~ poor judgment in acting without the help of oth• er omcers. THE JURY noted its evi• dence showed Rhodes assault· ed the officer and attempted to escape. It also found he drove recklessly, attempted to elude an officer, and drove with a suspended license. Mrs. Rhodes filed llle action through allorney Nels Peter• son as administratnx of her son's estate. In addition to damages for wrongful death, she asks funeral expenses and court costs. Hamilton Heading Navy Group ED HAMILTON Ed Hamilton, Portland furrier, has been named new pres ident ot the Portland unlt or the Navy League ot the United States. Supporttng Hamilton are :~li!ert M;;~:~n~ 1 !:r~ Frank Phelps, Judge advocate, and a doz.en vice presldenta -- each In charge o! one o! the organization's major tuncUons. Humboldt Addition Ruled Out The Portland School Dislrict has no plans for constructing additional classrooms at Humboldt School, The Journal was told Thursday by Dr. Melvin W. Barnes. Portland superintendent of schools. Barnes said the $230.000 requested at the March 8 school board meeting for an addition to Humboldl was pdmady for a cafeteria-auditorium. "We hadn't gone any furth· er than that In our prellmio.; ary planning," stated Dr,1 Barnes. 0pJX)sition to the addition of' rlassrooms at Humboldt has1 come from the PortJand branch of the National A.;;,;:I')-. riation [or the Advan«!:ment of Colored People and thd Commi11ee on Racial Imbal• ance in the l>onland SChOols. Humboldt School now in• eludes only the first foL.r l'.!:rt1des. Its student body ls 92 P<'r rtnt Negro. The sc;hool district had considered expanding the school to add the fifth and s1xt.h grades. BotJ, the NAACP and the Committee on Racial Imbalnnce clRimed such a move would add to the racial Isola• tion of students in the nrea. Eight Days a \-/eek is featured on pageJ. Children's Flight Youngsters in Camden, Ala., fled screaming as smoke bombs bunt around them Smoke Attack on Alabama Marchers Selma, Ala. arm. The students g:llhercd on ..: 11Ja\·;:round out<:idt•. \\herc'il ,q~ n~r-ec<l that a nn1t11 would be attempted on the downtown area \f!Pr lining up on the shoulder of th~ hie:hway. ~'>0ut 150 of the youths S(!l ofl l\\O abreal, twoard lown. ( Lt:BS The, h.:1d w·llCCt.>cle<l about :·,, \3rd-- \\ht'll lhc\ \\•'l"l' 1-n,•1 • by si, civili:m 'guard$. outtiltt-d ,1 ilh club:-. tear ;?3) ma ... ks and ycl101, l1e:ml't \inllcadiug up the group \I as cit1· councilman Carl Watson. ••Jlave you got a permit to pat"adc'.'" Watson demanded hl kno11. \\'hl'n a spokesman for the ..,tui.!rnts replied in the negati1,·. \\":lt...On ad1iscd them t!u:1· l·ould nol pa);..., Imructl1atc\l· the :-, outh:-. dronped to their knees and ._,~rt<'d to pra., "I Don't Like Johnson's Line" Exit: The Hooded Hood Iurns Objective publlclty ls generally accepted as a guarantor of individual rights, and a fair trail. Continued fmlmldatlon and the recent Alabama Klan murders, have engendered sufflciem disda!n for the Ku Klux Klan that American citizens In high and low stations of life have given serious thought and objective publicity to the odlferous society of !clansmen. The publlcity given the Klan murders Is having the effect of spot-lighting the effrontery of a hooded group of white hoodlums who are today as contemporary with automation, as It was with reconstruction American, and the gay nlnetles. Americans having progressed mentally - and otherwise, view rhe slimy KKK as the destroyer of individual rights and fa!r trial - freedoms, etc. President Johnson must cenalnly find majority agreement with his expressed vlew that "The Klan Is the enemy of justice, and Is a hooded society of bigots.'' The Ku Klux Klan - and all similar groups must, of necessity. be throttled in their actlvirles, if justice and fair play are to be given a chance to run their intended course. '.\Jlurder - wanton ambush murder - is the mosr dastardly ..:rl!'T',C thoa t~ dcpr~·.-ed mlr.d car- COi.j:.ire . The Klan C!'eedo of tmtmtd.;.!lo~, mayhem and murder, places it in the category or the number one goon squad - hostile to the American way or Ufe - a viper lying in wait to destroy our most hallowed principles. The slimy body of the Ku Klux Klan is usually headed by a few well-educated, well-to-do whites who Indocrrinare the creepy hordes or poor and uneducated whites chat: "Every drop of blood in the white South Is dedicated to the preservarlon of white womanhood" and "to keep the Jew and the Negro In their place." To Intensify the flame of hate, they Infer that every Negro hopes to invade the white's home and conson with his wife and daughter, and every Jew Is trylnt? to keep him poor by controlling the money, every foreign-born Is out to take his job, and chat the Pope In Vatican City ls striving to rule America. Therefore, he must hate with a vengeance, all of these groups. Such jlngalsm ls designed to create for the Kleagles, a "feasance group", eager to do his biddings. and to give these bl!nd followers, a "Status·· from which position they can "look down" upon someone and feel "better than". Hooding the group is a lucrative business for the Kleagle, at so much per hood. A sympathetic press has. ofttimes, given tacit endorsement to the beatings, bombings, lynchings, murders, and various and sundry forays of mayhem committed by Klausmen all over the U.S.A. for a hundred years. Many a "good'" sherriff, policemen, mayor. governor and President have looked askance at Klan activities. saying little, and doing nothing against their deeds of depravity. Today, with the confederate southern sections of freedom-loving. God-fearing. rich and powerlul America. the seeds of hate. superstition, and greed. allowed ~~ ~~o;dc~n~~ui~ir°n,,bll!~e~~~:.,~c i;~~~\~~itr ~~~~~~ln~;;~~a~t~~~!~v::n~o~~ human rights, and forthright declaration of war on the Klan, has proved that he Is a President with a conscience, a leader. cruly deserving of a special n1che In the archives of the great. President Lyndon B. Johnson has given chis nation - and the world - many surprises by champa!gnlng on a liberal platform and carrying the South, by speaking out for liberal leg1slat1on, and flarness fn dealing: wlch our bi-racial problems, and by being a Southern Whlte "Sstand1ng Tall" in the corner of right, justice and equal considerscion for ALL Americans. Truly, the days of mlracles have not passed! \1ay we hope, pray, and, work for the success of Mr. Johnson's program. and say a fond adieu to the Ku Klux Klan.

i RUNYON'S 3716 N.E. UNION OPEN WEEKDAYS: 9 AM TO6 PM 5302 N.E. 33nl. OPEN WEEKDAYS: 9 AM TO 8 PM as~ STORES BIG SUPER SPECIAL! IRON TABLE LEGS With Glides Reg. 2.98 SET OF 4 as~ SOLID BRASS SOUVENIER POT HOLDER REG. 1.98 4" NYLON PAINT BRUSH -~ ROLLER TRAY DIAPER 6,~8 EXCEDRIN ~i~: aa~ NEW DAWN COLORED HAIRSPRAY ~i~ sac TIPTOProAM CURLERS REG. 59c sac PLIERS With 300 Eyelets WINDOW SHADES aac CURTAIN RODS REG. 29c TIER WALL SHELVES REG. 1.50 aac HANDY ANDY HOUSEHOLD318 8 c CLEANER S9c SIZE • WOODBURY GOLDEN RICH SHAMPOO 1.00 VALUE 2FOR as~ CARWASH BRUSH WITH J FT. HANDLE 88c EA.2 C ALMOND ROCCA 1.00 BOX N0RlltW£ST 0EFENDER Camp Fire Girls Observe 55th Year C:lmp Fire Cirb C<'lcbr:lted their 55th b1rthdaJ last week :is the first national youth org:lmut1on £or girls of every r:ise. n11.t1on11litJ, creed :lnd eccnom1c .stotu~ Founded 1n 1910 b}· Dr. Lu ther Halse)· Guhck, the org:in• ization h.'.l.s retained his ideals of sC'r\'icc, symbolism :n1d womanly gr:ice. while continuously rc\'lsing 3nd enriching the program to make Camp Fire Girls truly "Toda);; Prui;ram for Today's c;,.1" The org:lmzallon w.1s founded not u a m1:-!i10nar)' effort to do good, but as a mc3ns of helping a girl to help herself and to find her O\I n truest self expression as n ~rson :ind as a future memhtr of the community From the beginning. therefore, Camp Fire Girls nctivitic.s were planned to pJe3re g.rls. to give them enjoy:nent, and to answer their deep sentNI needs. They are given a wide l:lti!Ude m choice of acti\'llles KEEP BUSY! SEUING- • Not Looking Nonhwest Defender Salesman Saleswoman Top Comm!sslona Active Office No Gtmmlcke 27-42 N. WHUama 282-4696 We welcome appllcanre of any race, color, anceetry, reUgtons, creed or national ortgln. T:1us wlull' a C,1mp ftrc Girl 1~ h.11·mi.: fun plannin~ inter• tnuni;: tlung!t to do with other .irb- .p.art1cs, trips, IISilS to t'X<'.llll): plnccs, cookouts and campouts-wh1\c ~he is le:irn• m~ to nrnkl' beautiful things, e.11,1y.n·~ 1n1pre~~I'"'-' ccremon• ials and lc.'.lrning 10 gi\'c scr• \'.c~•· -JD}fully !the is ":?rowing into the kmd of wonnn that .\mcrica needs today-s1rong, :lbll• to tnkc care of herseU. abk .:.ind willing to contribute to her family, her job. her town and her country. n n d nbove all. happy 1n domg tl In honor of their orianb.a. tion·s birth, Camp Fin· Girls from throughout the Portland Area Council wore their ser• \'ice costumes to school on one dny during birthday week. A camping display on the Lloyd Center ~fall, window displays throughout Multnomah and Washington Countjcs, an lnternalioti:ll Tea, and individual group gi1·ing of birth. d.'.ly cakes to "Camp Fire Angels" were among local obsen1ances planned for the oc• casion lllllLLERWOOD & COAL CO:Ml' AlfY Furoare Oil - Coal IV ood - Presto Logs Al.so Can ~ Pick.eel Up At~ Y•rd AT.,"61 '1041 r,<l E Uruon A ~..,... I Dateline: New York I It Was D'Amato' s Turn to Wait U, ,lrtlrnr IJal,•y i\,..,, )r,rl,, J'im,•t T ~!ys~u~~~EG~~c~;.~~~~nd:i:~-~ti~~ca~~:~e:e~~;~i:i: r Ing in ecstatic delight at the wondrous thing th:it had just occured. Jose Torres. the idol of Puerto Ricnn.-; everywhere, wns t new lij:l:ht-hea\'ywelJ?ht clrnmpion or the world. and his excited well-wishers were demonstrating pride in his nccompUshment. .\ few stormed pt1.st !he policemen and .scaled the press rows with the ajl'.ility of mountain goats for tearful embraces of their hero in the ring. In much more sedate and digniHed fashion Gus D'Amato climbed half• way up the steps to add his congratulations. But a cop blocked his passage and wa\'ed him back. Cus would have to wait. Perhaps there was J)O('· Jose T orrcs tic justice in that incidcnl. Cus had made Torres wait much too long to win a title because D'Amato had been overly protecti,e of the fighter in their earl~ years together. Not until Jose relegated cantankerous Cus from the role of manager to the lesser office or chief advisor did hr gain a shot at a championship. • * * T~~!:'•~~!~~.~:s~a~1 ~~~~~t1~~~!) c:~;fc~:t~~!~~ his qualifications. In Willie Pastrano, the defending titleholder. he was facing a wily campaigner who was so fast and so clever that no foe had ever laid a glove on him with any authority. In almost a decade- and-a-hall of fisticu£fing the artlul Willie had neither been knocked down or knocked out. Torres did both. Nol since Sugar Ray Robinson wm, in his prime has uny boxer displayed such blinding speed with his hands as the new champion in the early rounds of his dismantling of the old one. \\'1Uic's forte had hccn slipping punches. pickin~ the m off. and cv.idinr: them. But Jose begun bombing him with left hooks from lhc start. mid !he Pastrano defences started to cn1mblc. By lhe si.\lh the challenger had l11m set up Torres 1.mashed Pastrnno in lhe solar plexus. and WiJlie sank slowly to the canvas semi-paral yzed. lnslincl and dog~ed detcrmmat1on lifted him lo lrn, feel barely in lame to beat the COUIH. but hi!»: helplessness III lhe r:1ce of superior firepower continued to grow until referee Johnny Lo Bianco c;,1llcd a hal_L ruling a lechnical knockout, as Pa!itrano sat on lus stool at the end or the niJith. ''When he suL down,·· the rcteree explainl!d to ringsiders. "he sat down like a beaten man. He was just going on heart." Pastrano buried his face in his gloves and wept. Torres leaped in the air. arms waving exultantly. This triggered the cascade of hysterical Puerto Ricans down the ai:iles. * * • S 0 2:. 0 1~~0~~ ~~~- 1 ~111~~~ ~~: ~ohn~~ 11 :;~ 1 ~~s"~:;:~e~! ~uess as to how much blame can be placed on D'· A mat o. Cautious Cus. already a seJr-appomtcd crusader in his holy war against Jim Norris and the ..other forces of evil In boxing," was using the two top fighters in his stable. Floyd Patterson and Torres. as the main weapons in his jousting. ' Because Patterson was the heavyweight champion. D'Amato could get away with boycotting the Madison Square Garden showcase. But Torres kept withering on the vine in such places as Sunnyside Gardens. He kept fighliag nobodies for peanuts and earned less than $60,000 in six years. Yet he them was one of the better middleweights in the business. Now he's the best light-heavyweight in the busi• ness. ~""'"""'"'""""""'"""""'""""""""'""""'"""""""""""'""""'"""""""'""""'""""""""'"""""""'""""""'""""""""""""'"""'"'"'""'""""""'""'"''""""""'""""'"""'' ' . . it.,s ''1)d'1ltollh,U,-''at SAFEWAY' COCKTAIL • Delicious Fruit Bits 6 for s1 No. 303 PEACHES Lady Elberta Halves and Slices Freestone 0 = 4 for s1 Lor11• 2½ con TOMATOES Del Monte- No. 303 can Pineapple Juice Asparagus ~00 6 ::"" Cut Beans Sliced Beets lt.lian 30)un ]OJ Gl.n Zucchini ';;;·;.": Cucumber Chips Kosher Dills Sweet Relish , .. ~ 15 OL Wl,ol, 39c 49c 2,.,49c 23c 2,A9c 29c 45c 33c Orange-Apricot Juice :: 39c Royal Ann Cherries ~~'.. 45c Fruit Salad No. JOJ 39c Grapefruit Sections N°;,'." 29c Stewed Prunes N~i.'.'."' 33c Green Lima Beans Fresh Whole Dills Sweet Pickles No. 300 26or. j,r 2201. 29c 49c 59c Del Monte Spinach Eo,tyGord1tn 2 3S[ M J;;:0~ 01 "' for )ror$1 Del Monte Catsup "•·::::'.~:1--o• 19' Del Monte Prune Juice ·~:::",i·::•:;t 4 9' Sliced Pinneapple ...~;:;.:;·~,:;"0 ' 2 for 4 9' Fruit Juice 0.1 Monie Plneoppl•• G,op,fruh. 4601. con I Del Monte Buffet Sizes I ·• FRUITS ond VEGETABLES• 7 $1 ~ J LADY ELBERTA PEACH SLICES • PEAS f .:::;,Jl' GR BEANS • LIMA BEANS • SPINACH Mix or Milch or TOMATOES • MIXED VEGETABLES lulftt Sl11 c,n PEAR HAtVES • FRUIT COCKTAIL CORN • Cream or Kernel No 30l s for s1 PEAS • Early Garden Peos .,., 4, 39c <an or PRICES IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT ARE lfffCTIVE THURSDAY, APRIL h t THRU SATIJRDAY, APRIL 3nl at SAFEWAY in St. Johns PIIICES IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT ARE IJliCTIVE THURSDAY, APRIL 1st THRU SATIJRDAY. 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This 'N That By T.V. Williams Friends of Mrs. Lillie Joseph will regret to learn of her death in Oakland Calif. Mrs. Joseph died at the home of her daughter, ~Irs. Addie Welch. They both formerly resided at 126 N,E, \'liedlerSt. this city. Mrs. Faye Perry a member of Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church last Sunday. llirs. Perry is a Stewardess in her church so she marched in <·rith our Stewardess in her white uniform, which was very impressive in it's sincerity. She is a cousin of Mrs. Savannah Clark. Micro-image; our new word is a powtarfull :..ns~-- !'ume:it made by th1.2~ ~~at:.ional Cash Company. It's lwrd to e:splain, but it; can minimize \and meas!'! rr• - rh.lC':' 1.,n ;:,:1~ smallest proportio?: possi~~? ) letters so small until you ~rt:-! put ~;;P ··r:l"l~. oiole Jn films 2 by 2 inches and cr-tr:."J ':.~11::iri L~ /•)~' 1,1.,.; . 1 •!.s:·1_ ya .-1 , rci.nt t o ~r:,;,,.rl the Bi~le j·13t "lash 1. t Q!l .1. sc:~~:t ae1d read or teach it to a class. It sounds impossible but it's true. ·,a cJ..-\~~~ 5 ~ ..... ;~~::~~- 1 ~:-· ::~:~,c~~~e fL,;:;• P. :.J~·\iilb~~ ~j3533 N. r: . lOth St. is i10':!111 soendi:ent.!'. the snri!F~ i.01::..,1. .::vv ·.::'...~.}1 ltcr .:'o.~.' - ,_,. ~-he ~3 ['. "rl;:}·L.11..L ,...,,:, Cn:u,:on c,· 1 .:.,_ ·c.: :1"' :-:d~c,"..... .:.:).1 .. i:.i~·..:1:--·,: ( o.~. Here 1 s the a.nswer ; On,:::. ]J..1.:-2 ·) . . ...... . _::::2 ·•,-~ .. ':'f'.;•. -:---- : 'n,·. .--,·c ·.:..lP. stude"!'lt t_'~- ~--e. s t T_i~t;,:t~ study ~h': .. l i[e • • __ Y.l.l 1 ).' C ! ./ i!1 Hymn for the month; ,\LY, GLORY, LAUD AND 1-KJNOO . Tourney •Giant' TOURNAMENT 'GIANT' ls Jclforson's 5-8 Bill Nlcklob<!rry who springs high abOVO ~:tln~11:~:rt~ho~~) t'i1:~r:~; f~rc~~:b~~~ who scored 16, and Bill Huld, who hnd 30, wore for naught though as Sunset wont on to a 69-64 victory In quartor-flMl action of 47th annual Oregon A-1 High School Tournament at McArthur Court In Eugene. Jeff edged McMinnville, 78076, In first round play and lost to Ml•dford 64-55 on Friday. SW\Set lost to Klammath Falls, 44--42, for champlonshlp. t•••••••••••••••••e••••••• i Jif.]L USED i • ~CARS • • • All Kirby Ford Used Can are reconditioned & guaranteed : • in WRITING. Mos! are one owner, low mileage '65 Ford • ii. KIRBY. FORD i : ~ 1200 NE Union 288-5214: . - •••••••••••••••••••••••••o IIOR1MW£ST D£FEIOU Eight Days a Week LaVerne Holmes Ii i theri? . r•y nar,Jl-, is T,.-i_n, ;"'!".~ f' "11 ;., :-: . • -: .,.. -;1 your new teen news reportP.r. I ;!lost '11.p;,.i.ly ,aJco, : :'=>U r--~o -Y•t.!" .1 ; :r '!il t1..1 ·I=-1r 1t. ._t ~s. p ,.. i_., ,.~.: 1-."\ 1..3 . -r-:: you have any tidbits o.f ne•:1s, nar~i~!·, ;?r?r~.on-.t}. ,'):"J- ·,i..:-ii..11 . . ; ''?.'.• .: :- • ,ti• r1, ", • - , , • • reviews , anythinp: vou' d like to tell us :Ju....;; call me 7.t "':.'.VJ "0.--"':.>.:1e'3t. .) ~: .1 ·:' J""~~ ~. Last week hapless oubl.:.c :::...::~!OJJ. .. .i.~~ ·, ;. •..; ... I_~ l to a soe.e.v spring vacation. ~-1onday :•13. s t'1e .:>.1l•r 1~ea- :tbl0 11.•t . ':.'. '"' ~· ... s~ ·1_;~~~ l_y3, ::,, t> -;, Faul =1evere & the fiaiders ..,1raoped uo tl:e .cemnantz of ,'J. n::;;,.c-:! y t week with a big blow out '1n Sat·.trd'lv .d. :i.t . :,.1.t 1::.:. than· that and one old rrian fallin!! of!"" t1is bench i en nark. it was a verv ouiet strctr.h . It seems that En.2:land's mop-toD:)Cti. r.as~l "i:::;· - ine;. utterlv Brittish ambassadors. o th er·:-'i ~e :,... '.)·.-m 3.S the Beatles, may not inv,:1,de 0ur air cit'.' of Ros:.s after all. This mav un:io·.;,bt0l•.r -r:ise t :1":J.nv a ~i :er voune lass who went out of her· r.;iJld, bei:i:..,.inP', bor ·n·.-rin..,.. or •••••• to eet her concert tic'<et . This seasons oroms are ri:;ht aro'..tnd t~e <>J-~ .• c:." so as the wise Janet Borho cornn:ented. ''The earlv· bird n='!tS her '110rr.~ . " ( and she did! ) The Righteous Brothers 11ave released '; r.e-.-1 sin1µ,e. It's really great. It's ;;itled Just Once "" J'.y '..ifa . 1.:11 i~ ~.on~:cs !i' ... .'"!.111·'1 5.::. 1 s ·1 i..1· to really hit t:1e too of the charts, Happy aniversary P.'l . &. L.H. on v0ur seCO..'Vi :1n.:. - "ff"';::-sarv . You have been .;oing together for t·,;o "lone:11 mont.hs and I hone vou have manv iiore t i c0:,e . R.H. MOUSE CORN\•.'ELL! vou better ('.et '1 move on ,·ou. Mav 7. is iust around the corner and 3arbara still h1?, t o ..,.,~t :1~.-- 1r•~ss . D.V. I-lemo to Henry :.ioore: I,.. ·-1ou ~-:..9..10·,·.· • Ma"':.s 1!.J-:'"! .[",:-:· vou'll make it up here soon. lour littl~ ~80on~se girl misses you terribl ev . ( s~e is about to drive me crazv!) (~IGHT! ) p ••r Jon ' t miss ~he-.iab:.ilou~. Ike & Tina Turner d?.nce :·-lor,d"y ni-~t 'l..oril 5. :tt tr\e Crystal Ballroom. '!'hey ara such ?. d.o•:mrLi:ht t.::i.b team and al"t·ravs come throttili •,rith J. ;;.~ousi:1; .::>c!":o:~1.::-.... 1..;,, , ESPECIAL thanks to DolnrPS Ashkar from "Ba~ Bang" f"or all the backbrGa'<ina: work and e:ass she out in Oil the !)pfender lanr. •.-,eekend. Come a.e:ain. (RIGHT!) ADVICE OF THE t:fEEK : "Run. - anrl if vou fall down lav flat." D. ll . SEE YOU 1;El1' 1 1::I:K! ~mu. .m-111.111111111•n--,mmun11m11wuUH11111m111u11111uua § I ~ licensed to Mrechandise- Survey and Market § '!:I will mar~et anvthin.e: I think is marketetable = :I have a method of getting you National Distribution= §I will market products- art- talent- music- ANYTHING!~ I :~:~:::~;:::::' I I :;;::~:;~;;::::~, I ~I will protect your ideas- even write a fair contract~ =to people who have only ideas for inventions- protect= :YOU leagally from theft of anythigg bro11&ht to me. : =tllllll.UllllllllllllOIUlllllllllll llllll!IIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIUIIIHlllllltlllllllllllllllli Did You Vote Yet? From the Pastor's Desk Rev. A. A. Newton New Hope Baptist Church The Church IJ'llif>rP tl1e .\.f'igliborhood Brrom,e, a Brothrrl,ood 0 ·~ t f.:: hart Jc.<. ta':.1 o!'t.=r t.:, .... 1~'.!r Jre:e,' .:, o _-.:,r,:i:.--., r:; soul ~rt~r t 111..e; , O 3'J :. ::~ c.oc., .. 1h1.r,tctr. ."or J;J, 1, fo; u.~ (r~:.rs ',2: 1 , ::- . ) ..,~,~~·1.ti.;.l t\l:-~t. - .. cr.-,-'_1; re:- 1::►, ' •,:.,;';. :.t-1--t,,, "o:- s_,i ri t..ir.l w l•.,e.. • :::1r. r......; t..--:: r .. ':.r·,~~ed !.'tr ~ t.:.t.1e '...,i' " ':.:'.- • : ;,...... :,! ..;:," '--:..,., ~-i , bu:. .. I:."' s,"io:- "t!.r,~, .:,~ t'.: ..· :-: .• d "...01 ·f.~ ,l p .,.-ra rc:- ~,dtisf;; ~tior: . ~--'_: said: H~ s.:..i.l t~1ir ... tc,t:, fr~r t~.e,.,, nesi, :0r:.;1::t.h ~01· ti1Pe, in~ ·ry ·1.• ,c •• y :_ -. , ·, ..t:r•~ :--.Cl w.·Jter ts. " ;t ti.1e.: ... he, ,1 s of rit: for~;,i.;,;e, "tl,e ~o'..l,1"'"1~ir. v " l1v-:.1. ng :..a ... t:r " ·,n-~ t u.r!1 <:1:;i ..,e :C ~:-i:-~ f'r~m 1":,rci'.£;n ,.;istcr-s that can :1ol:t no -~ter . •· -:-,'::; : ~·e allured and erticed b:,· .. ~.-2: cistern o!" f.!.Jteri;.l:.sn, o'" :r.s:...:.~i~.:,, 1 o!" ccve"':.0•1-ness . Sol omon soug'.·.t ~.o ~atisfy hi_ t,hirst:_., :oul ~:,' .:.elf-:nJi..l:,er.~e, but found bittt:r ; 1 ::c.:r:-0~:-.tr.e:nt :r the c-1n~. "Broken cistdrns" do not sJ ~is!':/. 1:--.e:,• "can hol d :1.:: • c:.. ':o;:~ , they leave t:'IE:: soul- t:'.irst ·.msl~i<c:e.i . 11 '"'~.<er?. is notl".ir.:: in oll the land or the seas th:."!. c.:..n L'iue -:- n ~er r.E-:-: $-.~1 ... t· ~:.!:: . False reli~ic,us cioctrine~, t!-,oJ..:.;h ·t,e:ie-ve;i i:, .;:,:..n..:e~l:·, : - not give .or,1.l ~r.C spii'i !.:. l ,_.:uri t::,-·. ; 1:: e ~n: o' !'i,n·-? : .... approach ·~o.:: , ti::P. rather . "~!ow o:i t.he last day, the :=r-:,-::, d,-,:· Jf "':.he !'east, Jesus rt\..) ond cried, s.::.:.-ir.:.., : r c-::: •;;:-. "':.'-:ir~-:., le"'" i...i,, c-:i::.e unto i-:,; -:Ki drink11 • If ;:.n,:: 11a-:, t:lirst - t:-.e t:es~::..n.: c:' C.h:-is• is ~~~r~~-:·i-1t~:, :Us ccr..:,,:,.:J~ 1..'-:>eyt:tU . ,-, f .rn fir•! tr1.1e ~tis~a::i onl ..,KEEP BUSY! SEUING- • Nol looking Nonhweat Defender Salesman Saleswoman Top Comm.!astona AcUve Office No Gtmmtcka 2742 N. WilUama 2824696 We welcome applicant, of any race, color, ance11try , rel.lg:fon1, creed or national origin. i..u1ts· WIG SALE 1100% Hu"'°" H,ii,I WHIU ntll l.AST 2"Jl~~~!ca WHOI.UAU----UTAtl o;,_, ,,_ -- ,_,..,. WOf!lD WIDE HAIII CO. 111 I IV•NMOI 11J....aOt • m-lllJ HEAR THE FANTASTIC SOUNDS OF DOT RECORDING STAR EDDIE BAXTER D1.-.ct From Johnny Carson's TONtGHT SHOW An Afternoon At The LOWREY THEATER ORGAN ANO OTHERS CASCADE MUSIC CENTER 4218 N.E. Sandy Blwd. FREE PARKING Sunday April 4, 3 P.M. CASCADE MUSIC CENTER 4211 N.L Sondy Blwd. AT 2-0911

Candidate Names Are Coming in Did You Vote Yet? BEST DRESSED WOMAN CANDIDATES MALE MERIT CANDIDATES H.\ZEL BAILEY GLORIA BLACKSHEAR JUNE BRO\·iN LLOYD E. BAKER REV. GRADY BROWN RUFUS BUTLER REV. J .c. FOSTER i-~\E HELEIJ BRYANT lYILLA CASH DR. BOOKER T. LEWIS l~eE DA'.'.SOIJ BLAKE JOHNSON JAMES LEE REV. A.A. NEWTON ARTELIA DORS::;y DELOIS ELRIDGE SADIE GRU.ll-!ETT CLARA JACKSON i•JtYTLE JOK:::S MA>!TIN IDA 1-lcCLEIJDON REP. \·/ALLY PRESTLEY JERE PERRY LORRETTA PLU1,1NER !.\ARIA THOZ.:.PSON ESTER THOIJ>SON ALTHEA B. ·.'ILLift~:S KA THERIJ:E '..'ILLIANS JSA!IETTE :·:.UKER PHYLIS ST':"H l•'.SRCEDES DEIZ GERilI McCORNELL BESS LE':.'IS CLUB of YEAR DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY FIDELIS NOVE/'1 CLUB FLEUR DE LIS CLUB HARRIET TUBIIAN CLUB JACK & JILL OF AMERICA, INC. LADIES AUXILIARY, BROTHERHOOD OF SLEEPING CAR PORTERS LES JOQUETTES LINKS, INC. ViODERH l'.ATRONS CLUB /.:ODES RBYALE CLUB OAKLAHOMA CLUB ROSEBUD STUDY CLUB Listed here are the men, women and clubs your friends have nominated for their outstanding contribution in community service during the year 1964. SUBSCRIPTION TO THE NORTHWEST DEF ENDER WILL HELP SEND 25 OR MORE YOUNGSTERS lN THE ALBINA DISTRICT TO CAMP THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN TO CAMP BEFORE. Your eubscrtprton will also be counted as 150 votes for the BEST DRESSED WOMAN, MAN OF MERIT and THE CLUB OF 1964 d1vtded equally 1f your choice, or the 150 votes can be applied to one category. HERE'S HOW YOU DO ITI Mark the official ballot with the names of either lndJvtduale and chili you wish to vote for, Complete the form for a year's eubacrtptJon to THE NORTHWEST DEFENDER on the special subscription blank appearing on this page. Enclose your check or money order for $5.00 for 52 BIG ISSUES OF THIS NEWSPAPER and mail to the NORTHWEST DEFENDER, 274.2 N. Williama Ave., Ponland, Oregon. No votes will be counted unless payment ls received with the order. Who is YOUR Candidate 1 ■ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUllllllllllllllllllllllllllftlllUIHIIIIIII■ - YI"/ TEU.:, IS •:~:~:;w:::; _,MAH! _= 11Hl04 IS PORTU.NO'S IIOST ACTIVE, PROGRESSIVE O..UB? OFFICIAL BALLOT = = - ="'-''-"""--'"-"~ = ~ ~=7==:~=,.. .. -- 1. Cut ,:, wtn 111 ~ et w. tw• u_,.,,n, ., ust au 1'0 Ill -, 4. -:.:-= _, ,.. CMC:tttrll,OOa..o....r. E ~~~r~:::~1=m-•amEm Fw P'tr11an" .. tfltltYut-Jdaw. ;;: FwP'.u.b'C...tf .. Y•-ICMlltit: ., CMG .., • a.oo . . . ...._ ,1..,. .., ., ,-,wt,a.. • .. = ~Drilaw.., .. ,.,. 'IW1-,....,.: ~ ·------------------ = ADO""'~--------------- = CITY STATl. - - -ZIP = 1WL ISALLOT TODAY- TO SOClf.TY IEDIT~ 2742 N. WUU,..ma 111111111111111111•11m111111111111111111111111111n11Htm1m111111mmni■ -0 :c ~ Free TV Sets Offered In Big Safeway Opening _:...-- . __- I ~ - .'.-S-t .. llo.·---i..::..--::::;;..-, ~ ' _____..--4 - opening continue al the beauU!Ul new Sa!eway Store at NE Un!on and Ainsworth. Manager Fred Butcher, happy with the early crowds coming to the store Crom all over the Walnut Park neighborhood, has a.n ucltlng new addition to the run during the grand opening. The beautltul block - wide store will be giving away 10 !ree General Electric portable 1V sets In a big drawIng which begins this week. The drawing wlll be May 2. In the mean Ume Sa!eway rrlends and neighbors ar• ,.._ a.:, -=-= ~ CCl bQ :::::, c= Cl V) • • ' -~ ~:& C: V) • ... c=,<◄ ·;;; E - E a.:, V) I ::, ,.._ ,.._ 0-- 0 a.:, a.:, '-' ~:5! - ~ ., - :::::, ~ :!! c= a::::11 -c:, (:I ~ _ ... ,.._ ~ c= ;; a.:, E ,.._ - !:: V) c=CCl ::, ~:c . 0 :::IE: I.I.I .... -c:, &:: • g, ~ ~:z:: .. -- o=-:::~ ·- c=...- Q..C"':) - --rrom small appllancesto!lshln-store bakery, modern clean :ngsh:a.r and from watches meat department, big produce ' 0 Truef· Safeway has brought section, and a complete non- a compl~ie one-stop center to toods department where cus- _ NE Un!on and Ainsworth. tomers can find everything .I u,€ a. a.,: e ,.,._., .. ..I! ~ V) ■-51 i a.:, a.._ .. - 0 :z: CL~ .., ... ,::; ~ I= .., :::,,.,. --s: g- c= cc: .... "" - c::::, .... l:! ~ c::::, .J j a.:, ,.._ Cl! C.!:J a.:, ..c: - c= - a.:, c..:, C: ~ Cl -c:, C: ~ :::,,.,. c= ·- C: I.I.I