Northwest Defender_1964-02-06

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Wllllams, Portland, Oregon EDITORIAL Vole; 13ooslt;•· When South Dakota last week became the 38th and last necessary state to ratify the 24th amend– ment to the U. S. Constitution, another obsolete roadblock in the acceleration of registration and voting particiation was properly pushed aside. The antiquated practice of making citizens pay for the right to vote in federal elections, pi us the also maliciously-abused I iteracy tests have been two of the favorite devices used by the defiant deep southern states to keep millions of Negro citizens from voting. The next goal should be the abolition of lit– eracy test, which has been wisely recommended by the President's Commission on Registration and Voting Participation. Typical of the way in which the poll tax was misused by "holdout" states such as Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana and partially Texas was the blanket requirement that all persons who have never paid the poll tax before-which in– cluded a small percentage of whites and all Negroes-were required to see the sheriff per– sonally in orderto qualify. The U.S. Civil Rights Commission rightly concluded that this was a practice which was operating unequally and dis– criminatorily against Negroes. In the Civil Rights Co01mission's most re– cent report, its statements and recommendations include these pertinent points: "The abridgment of the right to vote on the grounds of race persists in the United States in direct violation of the Constitution, "thus the commission finds that in view of the fact that in 1963 there is continuing demiscriminatory denial of the right to vote, it concludes: The only effective method of guaranteeing the vote for all Americans is the enactment by Con– gress of some form of uniform voter qualification standards. The commission further concluded that the right to vote must, in many instances, be safeguarded and assured by the federal gov– ernment. Adequate legislation must include both standards and implementation. The fact that in 37 counties in Mississippi only 1 per cent of all Negroes of voting age are registered shows the immensity of the problem. It also behooves EVERY citizen in our own state-where efforts to vote do not result in re– prisals and even · death - should uti I ize this cherished right to register and vote. The Baffled Negro By Bob Hughes Now that we the Negro people have marched on Washington, D.C. the Nation's Capitol , to em– phasize the needs of free– doms a nd equality for Negro's in this Country,we feel that it is time that a ll eager white American's stand QJJt of the path of prosperity and progress. So that generation of Negro's can feel the pride of First-Class American Citizenship . Also .to treat the Negro as American citizens, and decent human begins. Our Country Men have been the possessors of hatred and discrimination from early history up till today. They have classed this as part of their ancient heritcges. However today, this new generation if affected by modern con~itions, for hatred this day and time can only bring and corrupt and abrupt end. However the Negro whom h ardly gives hi s problems the proper con– sideration s, is passified by the passionate words of his Religious proto– genes. The Negro if for– ever being told to wait on Jesus. this isn't the time, and God will take care of everything, and to wait another one-hundred years But these statements arc only the weakening signs of the ill littered agitators As a citizen and a sup– porter of Mr. John F. Kennedy, our late Presi– dent. The Negro's arc grc– ateful to the President and hi s very fine Adminisua– tion.for taking the necess– ary steps in the Civil Right's struggle in the past months , 8 am without a doubt that Mr. Kennedy will long be remembered as one of the greatest President's tn history. I have great respect and adm iration for our most beloved Negro leader NORTHWEST DEFENDER Mr. Martin Luthe; King of Atlanta , Georgia. Dr.King is a sincere person work– in g for equality of all creations of men. Martin Luther King has brought our race of peop le into the light, and 8 do feel that Mr. King deserves wisdom and courage. The trouble centers of the United States are critical , and exist mainly in s uch states as Alabama Mississippi . Louisiana , Arkansas , Tennessee, Georgia Maryland , North Caro lin a and many other sections of America. But we must remember we face racial discrimination and prejudice here in Portland, Oregon. Due to the lack of character , and ability the Negro in Port– land a re blind to the fact. I am sure our upper c las– ed Negro citizen' s are well awa re o f these issues bur in stead of bringing these matte rs out in the open, they are hidden in darkness. I have had the opportunity to bring fo rth · these and other matters to the public eye, but the Negro in Portland will not stand firm because they ' on page .4: Dear Sir: I have read in the Portland Reporter, that you are in favor of in· creasing the income tax exemptions from the present $600, to $1000 a year. I am with you on the score and wi II go you one better. Un– der the present circum· stances where public offi cia Is from the may· or and city commi s· sioners, up to congress– men and other high of– ficials are boosting their salarys by the thousands of dollars a year and the salarys of public employees and Unio.n, paid officials, range from about seven or eight thousand dol– lars and up a year, it makes incomes of five thousand dollars or less, quite puny in com– pari son. Therefore if it is necessary for those whom I have mentioned above, to have such in· comes in order to Iive, then it must be neces· sary for those with incomes of less than five thousand dollars a year, to have all of their income for living purposes and should not be required to pay out part of it for in· come taxes. In other words, when it requires five thousand dollars a year or more, for modern living, then no indivi· dual with a net income of less than that amount should be required to pay income taxes. I believe a gradu– ated net income tax is the only fair and e– quitable way to provide revenue for the support of government. We now have both federal and state income tax laws, which should be main– tained, but amended to fit the times, by in· creasing the amount of exemp~ons ~ five thousand dollars a year of net income, with cor– responding deductions for dependants for those whose incomes are more than five thousand a year. Yours truly, Chas. E. Woodward 5003 S. 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