Northwest Defender_1964-02-06

PAGE EIGHT NORTHWEST DEFENDER TIRJRSDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1964 Title Fight TV Slated Pilots Showin Defense rmup or OSU B·evos Sl~ate 20 G~a-m~es .............••....•...•••• ~~···~~~·~~~~~~~~~~~ I (Editor's Note: Former Light Heavyweight Champ– ion Archie Moore is a man who has tried his hands in many fields. Currently re– siding in San Diego Calif. Moore has turned his talents to acting in the movies and on television speaking be– fore groups . and various bus– iness enterprises. Below Archie tries his hand at poetry , as he puts in writ– ing his version of what will happen when Cassius Clay meets Sonny Liston for the heavyweight championship in Miami Fla . . on Feb. 25.) By ARCHIE MOORE (Former Light Heavyweight Champion) With diminishing fervor for the fray at hand, Stood the Kentucky Bobe.on big feet with a well-laid plun. He'd previously been arrogant, cocky and cocl, But when Liston Th'Piston entered the ring, Clay look– ed like a tool! Loud Mouth already was wormed up, sweating and ready to fly, While the cruel Sonny Liston now smirking, stood idling by, Amid the scattered boos and fans shouting encouraging cheers . The hammy young actor desperately fought l:lock his fears. The hour was ten, Cloy's mouth was real dry, In the crowd of 5,000-felt lonely almost wontin_g to cry. Realizing he was young,too pretty to die. Butterflies in his belly-yet willing to try. With all his poetic wise cracks, brought this moment an himself, _ . Thinking:"Even if I esco,oe with my miserable life, I'll be on the shelf." So, try as hecou ld,he could not hold back this night, And to get back to the old folks at home, man' he's really gotta fight. As in all championship bouts, the M.C. takes the mike, The introduction of contend– ers, ex-champs, is what the fight fans all like. Standing trembling in his corner, glancing slyly at the clock, Now scared to death, his knees began to knock. A "flashback," when the Bear was exiled to Denver: "I drove there to see Whether he'd give Floyd a third chance, or would cross gloves with me! It was plain to. see, as I rode up in my bus, If he really got mad, I'd cover him with my heel dust Cassius 'lowed how he stopped a few in his days of yore, Awkward Billy Daniels, novice Sonny Banks, the elder statesman, Mr. Moore Said the ~ought of Sonny Liston just raises my hair, Why, he ain't even human, just a big ole ugly bear. Well, Mighty Mouth needled and meddled 'ti I he got Sonny rea I mad, So now Clay's in deep trouble, and man! that's bad Clay's trembling in his corner, still glancing at the clock, The bell is about to ring, and his knees continue to knock. 'J:h' Lip took a deep bow and drew a nice hand . And had previously boasted "I ' m the best in the l,md!" Better 'n the best, as he was wont to say, "I AM THE GREATEST-– THE CASH-US OF CLAY" . Clay sees the clock, but the time he can't tell, It's too late now - for there goes the bell! From his corner came the Bear,steamin' like a freight, Swung where C luy was, a split second too_late. He didn't know what he did, Portland area boxing fans will get a chance to see the Sonny ~iston-Cassius Cl;~y h_eavywetght championship ftght on closed-circuit tele– cast at Memorial coliseum Tuesday, Feb. 25. ' Oregon Sports Attractions announced that it would handle the promotion of ,the closed c i r c u i t attraction starting at 7 p.m. Ticket manager George Rickles in– dicated that all seats would be reserved at $4 and $6 and that tickets would go on sale next Monday. Bevos Open Duc~at Sales . AL NEGRA1TI He's Got 'Em Winnin' Frlday night at Memorial" coliseum Portland, which Is 12-5, meets OSU, 18-3, then on Saturday the two squads square off in Corvallis. Sale of Portland Beaver When questioned on the ~OX seats and opening day stra.tegy he planne~ to us$ tickets begins Wednesday agamst the Beavers 7-0 Mel with a free trip to the New C~unts 1 Negratti said: "i York World's fa-ir a certain- · think Ill go home and sleeR ty for two Iucky,couples. on it, then we'll work on it. • According to Bevo general Last season Portland manager Dave Steele a spe- pulled one of th~ upsets of cial bonus for season box the season when It d.efeated seat holders will be a draw- Oregon State, 67-58, m Port· ing in June to entitle the land. COUples to the tour, COUrtesy __ N_O_R_T_H_W_E_S_T_S_T_A_N--DINGS of Churchill Tours, Inc. w L Pet. PF PA Will Hudson, the Beavers' ~!!ft~~ -~t_•_'~ _ _l! ~ ;:;~ m~ lm ticket manager, expects a Portland __ ___ n s .706 129& 1190 good response in box seat re- ~~~:~· ==== == ~ : :::g 1 mm newals as well as many new Washington __ • 11 .)s3 1o1t 1116 customers. Ducats for the ~=~~- -~~·!~: ; U :m ~m ,m Si:f1gle game Opener, May 2 TUESDAY RESULT With Denver, are also figured Portland 64, Redloncfa so to go at a fast rate. desperately sticking to his plan, Big Mouth moved so fast that Liston never did land . Clay thought:"Well,the Bear is slow: 'til this is real funny, I'll put on a show and give the fans a run for their money. •• The bell rings for round two Sonny hasn't been knocked to the floor; Says Clay: "I wuz gonna let the bum go eight, now I'll have to cut it to four. Since this is round two, and I've learned something new, The Bear's gotta go in four, if it's the last thing I do." SUBSCRIBE TODAY The Portland Beavers an- :Mar. 26-Portland at Tacoma nounced a 20~game spring ~~~~~~t~~e 3 8 \~~ 3 r 1 ~~~~t~n training baseball schedule ra=~~~~l~da!t~rt~~~~~th for the UpCOming Season 31-Salt Lake at Portlan<t Tuesday. The Beavers open April i=~f~!~~nJ,~t~~~a their grapefruit league Slate 3-Portland at Salt Lake against Tacoma March 26. :=~~~g=~~ !~ i~~}.~ke Final spring training game t=~i.c~~~~tht~ot~~~r~nd is slated for April 14 against Z=~~~n=~~ :~ ~: 1 ~ 0 fate Fort Worth. All games will 10-Tacoma at Portland be played at respective Pa- g=~~~~tt~~eaN;.o:,;:.,~'d cific Coast league training 13-Tacoma at Portland camps. 1-l--Portland at Ft. Worth Gol-d~en Gloves Sl·ate Du~e Here we see Golden (second from right) distributing tickets to his four vice presidents. Left to right, Sammy Singer, Mutt Cosentini, Bud Meadows and George Yerko-– vich. Get yout tickets now from one of the pres– idents, or at the door of the Civic Auditorium to- · morrow night and Saturday, February 7th & 8th at 7 P.M. · NGAWA MONEY ON- INT Instead transform your home like magic In less than one week with Bxoers' from Knott Sto are strong favored in the Annual Oregon Golden Gloves Tournament, Friday and Saturday night. Oregon Golden Gloves president, City Auditor, Ray Smith, has indicated more than 20 bouts for each night. Two-time Uo S. National AoAoUoChamp,Johnny Howard,heads the strong Knott Streeters. Tickets for the two-night boxing show are available at Morris Rogoway Jewelers, SoWoBroadway and Taylor. Mr. Rogoway is giving a $100.00 award to the Northwest Defender Best Dress– ed Woman Of the Year (1963L Vote for your own candidate (How about your wife?) and receive your Northwest Defender for the year.-back to boxing and all that jazz. You can also pick up tickets at the City Hall or from one of President Smiths' four Vice Presidents: Bud Meadows, spon– sorer of amateur boxing each Saturday night on I<PTV Channel 12,George Yerkovich, Mutt Cosentini, and Sam Singer. BAKED ENAMEL PERMANENT SIDING Only the '64 Pontiac 6/res y, So Mid Clllls You Buy for less Where Business Is Best MEADOWS PONTIAC ......... Bivd. 235-4101 ALL-ORE Construction Co. 4 S.E. 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