Northwest Defender_1964-02-06

North YMCA Leaders Announced The Annual Membership Enrollment of the North Branch YMCA on Killings worth Ave. between Van– couver and Williams is now under way according to The . 1 Rev. Clifford N. Trout Enrollment Chair– man who announced the following volunteer lead– ers in Division 1 the territory west of Williams Ave. to the river and sou– th of Mason Street to Broad way. Division Chairman is James Coleman of 3926 · N. Missouri Ave. Captains of reams assisting Coleman are The Rev. John H. Jackson new minister at Mt.Oli vet Baptist Church . and the Rev. John Parker and the Rev. Wendell H. Wallace of the Metropolitan Chu'tch c;>f God for the church reams; Thomas Vickez s teacher at Boise School for the public schools; and Mrs. Ford Livingston for neighborhood and bus– iness contacts. Other work ers on special assignments are; Mrs. Leland Harriman Albina Improvement Assoc iation special counsellor Leland P. Harriman Eliot School teacher; Mark Smith Administrator with the Jregon Bureau of Labor; \irs. Ruth Spencer teacher at Woodlawn School;Arthur Statzer office manager of the Pries tly Oil Co.; Luther Strong social work– er and parr-time program supervisor at the North Y; Hawley Gilbert Jr. of the Hawley Gilbert Co.; Malcolm Bolen , Personnel Mgr. of the Continental Baking Co.; and Tom Burnette of !he North Y staff. Y&Staff Aide to this Division is Peter B.Froth– ingham Youth Program Director. NORTHWEST DEFENDER 'UNDERSTANDING AND EDUCATION WILL LEAD TO THE TRuTH Vol. 111 · No. XCIX-· __ PORTLAND, 5 cents Per Thursday February 6, 1964 N.AACP Leader Tops in TOWN I I } ;, t ~ I .... . > ... ~ t' ·- I . Mrs, Pittman and Mrs, Phil ~eynolds, ~ _: ROlly Bills Atto·rney DONALD WARDEN Negro attorney Donald Warden, national chairman of the Afro-American Assn., will make his second Port– land appearance Sunday at a rally at Cleveland high school beginning at 3 p;ID. On his last visit, the Oak– land man, challenged Port– land civil rights leaders to debate the question of the proper road for the civil rights movement. The AAA has concen– trated on educating the Ne~ro m.a sse s, building rac1al pnde and finding jobs. Warden's appearance is sponsored by the Freedom Center of Portland and the program w i 11 include a Negro choral program. The AAA is expected to open chapters in Portland Tacoma and Seattle, accord: ing to Walter Huss, Freedom Center director. Drug Use Drops Here Prejudice Ends Show NEW YORK (AP) - "East Side-West Side," a television social worker drama series, is ·being dropped by the Co– lumbia Broadcasting System because of opposition to its integrated cast by some of the network's Southern affili· ates, says producer David Susskind. Susskind made the disclos– ure in accepting ·an award for one of the show's programs, "No Hiding Place." The award came from the At:~ti­ Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, Jewish service organi– zation. Susskind said the series was being dropped because 26 Sou– thern affiliates canceled their showing of it. "A Negro actress was an in– tegrated member of the com– pany" and, in her role, ar· gued frequently with her white cO"star, Susskind said. "They don't like that down there," he said. The show stars George C. Scott, who portrays a social worker. Susskind praised the net– work for carrying the series, despite what he said was its loss of $84.000 every week for 26 weeks for failing to find sponsors for two minutes of commercial time. PSC To Mark Status Change Guest speakers at Portland State College's ninth anniver– sary celebration Feb. 14 will be Portland Mayor Terry Schrunk and Dr. Roy Lieual– len, chancellor of the State System of Higher Education. The college became a de– gree - granting institution in 1955. Honored guests will he ]7 PSC faculty members who served at Vanport College, PSC's predecessor. The narcotics business is in • a slump in Portland, but the ·.problem of barbiturates and ... pep pills" still presents a 'Bonanza' Stars serious menace, according to Acting U.S. Atty. Sid Lezak. Lezak was one of two speak- Hld o t f ers at a University of Oregon 0 U · or Medical School forum Thurs- dav on narcotics addiction. M· 1 xed Seat· 1 ng :'The use of narcotics has· fallen off here to the extent that the Bureau of Narcotics JACKSON. Miss. - Stars has transferred one of its two of the television show "Bo· men to another office," Lezak said. "But I don't think the public realizes that the so-called non– narcotic drugs may be more dangerous in terms of induce– ment to sex crimes and other types of crimes than heroin." Lezak said the price for a capsule of heroin is $10 in Portland when it is available as compared with about $2 in New York City. As a result , he said most of the )lddicts here hav~ moved where the habit i~ cheaper to maintain. Asked about the percentage of doctors who are addicted in Oregon. Lezak refused to com– .ment. hut saicl "the 1 per cent for the nation as a whole wouldn't be far off." nam>:a" have refused to keep a scheduled personal appear– ance here Febt·nat-y. after be· in!{ uotified by the :l\aiional As,.:vl'ialiun for the Advance- nlt'nt of Colot·t'd People that IIH: <•udience wonld be seg-re– g<~lt>d. Lome Greene, Michael Lan– doll and Dan Blocker have wired promo! ~:>rs of the show, whkh is to be staged at the State Fair Colisenm, that they will not come to Jack· son unless they• are guaran· teed that spectators will be 11 nsegrega ted. Dan Blocl;er, the massively. built actor who plays "Hoss," also made known his stand in a personal letLer to Charles rban L eague E:v£'rs, NAACP Mississippi field secretary, who ha.d call- p P • ed upon the trio to cancel the rexy raises engagement in y i e w of the LBJ S h 1'\E>gr<•gation. .peec ''I ha\'e lonl5 I.Jeen in sym· /- - · · pat hy with the Negro's strng· { NEW YORK _ _ Th@ f 1. gle fur totlll eitizenship." I '· - <Left to Right) Mrs, Pittman, Mayfield!({, Webb, president of Portland Chapter NAACP, Johnny Mrs, Pittman, West Coast Secretary of the Nat– ional Association for the Advancement of Color- lowing telegram was ~~nt ~y wrote ~lol'lt er, "therefore, I th N tl 1 U b Le would fmd an appearance of e a ona ~~ ague an~· sort b<>fore a segregated recentl y ~o th e htte House honse completely incompati· from ~lutn.ey M. Young .Tr., ble with ·my moral concepts, ~xecut tve dtr~ ctor: commend- indt>ed repngnant .'' mg the Prestdent s State of Blorkf>r said be and the the Union Message: others were assured . wlten ~ ~ "We are heartened and en- they signed the contract that M_eyers, Peter Thompson and Ann Sui I ivan - not PICtured ed People, being asked some severe questions by newsman, All of her answers were expertly couragf'd by your stirring and the audience would be inte– inspiring messag"' urging the gratE>d. He thanked the NAA– congresl'l to enact. immediately CP official for apprising them the rivil right!! ]Pgi!'<laticu1, of 1 he t rne arrangements, and anr:l ynur fnrt.hright. r:JIIllpon atldPd. "lH'st wishes for a. con– ,all American11 In 1lho\h1h tinuing succPssful fight for . P-V~?ry vPstlg-"' nf rUserimina · wh11t was gnaranteed you one tion in American lifP. htmdred years ago."