Clarion Defender_1972-06-29

• 1972 71/NO 71111.1. IE • \r()l.~TH B~~J-\t TT'' Htcc T4N PoeTL4NP \~OlJTH B~~:\l :T\r TALENT POISE TALENT· PC)ISE PAST WINNERS 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 CAROLYNN RANDOLPH J 0 A N N T W I T T Y D E B B I E D A V I S J E N N I F. E R WA S S 0 N BETTY HARIS TINA LATHAN CWI.L1.10. 'Tan lP ontfan& l P t A·UG 18 . 0 THIS IS YOUR INVITATION TO ENTER THf 1F YOU ARE BETWEEN THE AGE OF 18--25 MISS TAN PORTLAND, WILL WIN$ 2 0 0 CASH, A T.V., CLOTHES, MODELING COURSE, HICC T4N 'POeTL4NP OREGON PAGEANT A RECORDING CONTRACT OR SCREEN TEST, ALL WINNERS MUST BE FREE TO TRAVEL. MISS TAN PORTLAND, WILL RECIVE " COLL– EGE SCHOLARSHIP FOR MORE INFRO: 284- 1289 Prizes for all Contestants 0 F F I C A L E N T R Y Cu·t out and mail today HtCC TRN --------------------------------------------· NAME; DATEDFBIRTH·------- Last Plrat UldiBi 'POeTL4NP ADDRESS (Current)____________________ CITV________,STATE.___--'ZIPCODE.______:PHONE.____ WIN l\1 00 HOME ADDAESS_---.:::-:=------~~----=:::-----=..-:::o:-- StrNt City State Zip Code HOME PHONE_________;:PARENTS'NAMES__________ HIGHSCHOOL____________Y .R.OI "QAAO.______ COLLEGE____________ ~NO. 01" VRS. ATTENDED__.....----,- 0riiCR~HOOLINO ________ ----------- OCCUPATION AT PRESENT (wOrk,ICfiOOI, etc.)____________ -- TYPE OF TALENT YOU WILL PERFORM (Specify natuN of lf'OUr J min. routihe)________ let RUNNER UP 3rd RUNNER UP $ 100.00 Cash $ 4":5. 00 CASH Znd RUNNER UP 4th RUNNER UP $ SO. 00 CASH · $ 15. 00 CASH --liiu..iii"ii"or Aii•_..ii'C:..c ' ,iOi...,.------ 319 11. E. PORTLA.ND 97211 !