Clarion Defender_1972-06-29

THIS NEWSPAPER IS THE OLDEST BLACK PUBLICATION IN THE NORTHWEST JUNE 29, 1972 15 Your ticket to the big game: You - ID- the Ilia,._. So wllat do ,...do7 Jlllt nrilda Clll,.... 1V Ill. AIMS - - ol die lldiall .._– ollhe-CIIltha&ld. You,fDtdle ___ ................. about%4-*ol dlccridl)' ,....-..; Sound like • prctly aood ~? It is. Elec:Uici$J. Ira a llllrpia. AIMS - a- lhat barpina an1 bud to ftad llllday. Almost u bud to IIDCI u C11CJU1b lee room in the arandstaDCI. ~~ M·h~re wtmaketht dutricity that makrJ thinrs niur fpr ,tvuyboliy, PATROLMAN for growing city of Mil~aukie Ore $1~ 0 tl 60 after 3 1/2 years gd. f~inge benefits•. HS gJ·;t d or equiv ag·e 21 to 34 1/2 A l . . . • ' • PP Y CIVIl ServiCe Office 926 Main St M"l b f ' • 1 w. e ore July 7. · AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER "LADIES" Can you use money? Here 1 s the answer. Serve your neighbors during convenient hours ·as a personal shop per. Call 234-5763 Gi dLS - Gil~L S- GIRL. .: 16 - - - 21 OU'J.' Of' WORK ! - OU'i' OP .:JCHCJ(JL WPJ~T A JOB? Jo i n our l oc a l Residentia l Man powe r Center or Women's Job Corp s . Live wi t h othe r girl s your a.ze . I mprov e y ou r e duca ti on. Study and tra in wi t h experts. Get 1:aid Yrhil e y ou l earn. If you a re int er e st e d please Cl).ll - 2_33- 4614 ! ! . . A SHETLAND PONY OR 5000 S&H GREEN STAMPS WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY NEW DATSUN KELLUM DATSUN AND PLYMOUTH$ ON SALE Weare never knowingly undersold! "APARTMENTS" Very nice, clean. 1 bedroom apart- ment. $89.50, Bachelor $80.00. Goner or Williams and Emerson. 284-5936 or 234-6088. "WANTED" A mature Black couple, to manage 88 unit apt. house. Must have ex- perience. Call 234-6785 for appoint- ment. ARI ZONA .·KGAR "1550 On Your Dial" TAKE OVER ONE ACRE I N BEAUTI FUL NORTHEASTERN DEVELOPMENT . JIMMY"BANG BANG"WAfKER -~ , "SOUL ON WEEKENDS" Portland Vancouver (503) 285-5575 (206) 693-5970· NEW AND ~ECONDITIONED -VISIT OUR LOCAL SHOWROOM FOR THE BEST CHOIR ROBES ®,ll§LS=_.. -BANG-BAN,., kNot'kfJIJT ClEANSER ---- c2 All t) lJ PURPOSEQ 'S SAFI IN WAnl - 5API TO USI ..lANG lANe lL CLEAN ANYTHING FROM A TO Z MOBILE HOME ·O.K. '"'· .. ' ·~ - - • "\ '""1 .. ·rOTAL PRI CE·, $1, 218 .12 . ONLY $18 .12 DOWN & MONTHLY P. 0 . BOX .3 565 SCOTTSDALE , ARI Z. 85257 [ffi9~ SAVES YOU TIME LAUNDRY I'" -– ;Jw DIY CLEAIIIII 0 ....N .-T'AM~ N.E.11 If DEIWM . EARN $$$ LADi ES, turn spare time into mone y . Yo u can earn gen e rous commissions part ti ·nl· in your own neigh- borhood. Modest investment for inventory and training. This could be opportunity knocking at your door. Call 252-7151. LAUND~RY ANP _DRY CLEANE~S --------------------------------· Charles E. Davis · i ,, I P.ortland Distributor Center I I 320 S. E. 8Z nd Ave . I I Portland, Orego~ 97216 I I I I I I For infonnation concering you future, clip and mail this cou-1 I I I pon to me •-now-, or phone ( 503) 252-5171 I I I I Name Age I I ------- I I Sl n~l'L Phone I I I ~City State Zip I ·-------------------------------~