Clarion Defender_1972-06-29

E R Ulate U.S. POikige Paid Portland, Or Penn~t No. D 25<t: ANDFOR1Bm DCCCLXXIII 319 N.E. WYGANT~ PORTLAND 972.11 284-l ?S.o JUNE 2.9_. 1972 Blacl{ Political Meet Planned The OREGON BLACK CAUCUS was organized to promote solida– rity ·among Black people throughout Oregon in order to achieve the social, political, educa!...ional and economic goals of Black people. It will hold its first Black Political Convention be– ginning at 7 p.m., Friday, June 30, and ending at approximate– ly 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 1. The convention will be held at P.S.U. Extension Center, 2611 NE Union Avenue in Portland, and convention headquarters will be open at 5 p.m. on June 30. Membership in the Caucus and attendance at the convention are open to all Black residents of Oregon regardless of age or sex and you are specifically invited to attend this convention and if possible, bring a friend or friends. The convention program will focus on two major areas: (1) to elect three delegates from the floor of the convention who will represent the OREGON BLACK CAUCUS at the National Black Political Convention to be held later this summer; (2) to adopt an Oregon Black Political Agenda based on the Nation– al Black Political Agenda. with specific regards for the con– cerns of Black people in Oregon. If you need assistance in any way, or have questions --– housing for example --- the following persons will be avail– able~ Mr. Eddie Robertson 284-7527, Mr.or Mrs. Eugene Lauder– dale 287-1317, Mr. Ocie Trotter 288-0145 or Convention Head– quarters afler 5 p.m. June 30 284-3041. 1,000 FREE SICKLE CELL TESTS Andrew Pully, Vice Presidential candidate Socialist Party, was in t:own Wed ., esday a.m. and stopped by the Clarion :'1efend– vr. Pui.Jy toured th<.• cum11uni.ty escorted by Jimmy Bang-Bang \.JaJI,vr .. 1'1:te Socialist candidate, will be a speaker at the Blavk Community Survival Conference, J•.tly l·and 2, where c ~ er 1,000 free Sickle Cell tests will be given free. The l:•:vLng Park event, will have other speat.:ers Ktmt Ford, Jimo•y Ba•q~-Bang Walker, Rev. Sam Johnson, Dr. Bill Davis. The Irving Park 7th & Fremont, Saturday & Sunday Conference will i:ave bar-be-que, People's Ente~tainment. Albing Art Center Hand - 11 Uhuru 11 , Billy Larkin Trio, Shades of Brown, Heaven and ;tany more. Don't forget 1,000 ! rr.e Sickle Cell tests, Irvi11g Park July 1 & 2, 10 a.m.- lO p.n•. PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 12 Father L.O. Stone (right) wt.lcomes his successor as Vicar of St. Phillips, Rev. Mr. James D. Manning, June 3, 1972, graduate of Church Divinity School, Berkeley, California. July 1, a new Vicar will replace Father I.. o. Stone, who has been Vicar of St. Phillips Episcopal Church, before his successor Rev. Mr. Manning was born. Father Stone, one of the hard-field of true church leaders in Portland, was a faith– ful community envoled. worker. But near 70 he has stopped a side for the young. The Clarion Defender wishes the new Vicar the very best. OPPORTUNITIES lNDUSTRIALI%ATION CENTER .. :ppurluaiti~s Tl•d<~sl:ri.aliza• ion Center (OIC) is a nation– al effort: in helping people to help themselves. Founded by Dr. Leon S• tllivan of Philadelphia i n 1964, there are more than 95 ceuters i 1' the continental U.S.A. There also are OIC programs i :~ variot•s st:ages of development in other parts of the world, in Africa aud the Caribbean. The 01 ;; program features prevocational and vocational Lra ,• in~ -- CO '· P led together to achieve a singular goal. That goal is to offer training to underemployed, unemployed and other depricvcd people, with a commitment at the end of the training to place the people in jobs which have some chance for tpward mobilitv. Portland OIC offers training in the following areas: IBM Ke ypunch, b.rsiness m3chines and office practices, bookeeping, food service, high schoo 1 equivalency preparation, secretarial skills, industrial electricity, office machine service andre– pcrir, and air conuitioning an~ refrigeration services. Portland OIC is headed by Dr. Bishop McKinney, board ch– uindan, and the Rev. Eugene Boyd Jr., executive director. The cePtral adminstrative offices at at 44ol N.E. Union. IF 1F I! 'l'h! Bantu Education fund will sell Bar B.Q. dinners l'll 4tit of July. Call 287-0451 Bantu Education 63 NE Morris