Oregon Advance Times_1968-08-15

Page 8 The Oregon .Advance/TIMES August 15, 1968 Soprano Visits Home Church Following International Tour The Marantha Church of God at 1222 N. E. Skidmore, welcomed back into town on July 28, Miss Willa Dorsey. Miss Dorsey has been af– filiated with the Marantha congregation as choir direc– tor and soloist since 1963. She left the summer of 1967 for Newark, New Jersey. Miss Dorsey comes from a musical ministry family, and has been singing since she was six years old on CBS radio and in church choirs, She is a lyric soprano and very versatile in the field of vocal music. She ranges . from gospel singing to Opera. Miss Dorsey has not only sung in Oregon to yarious church congregations and social groups, but has been featured nation-wide on both radio and television. She has spent months singing in Canada and the West Indies. Miss Dorsey has also sung with F. H. Lacy and the Lacy singers, Iris Kerr Musicals, the Hollywood Christian Group, the National Camp Meeting of the Church of God, and the World's Fair in New– ark, New Jersey. The singer has recorded three records of Gospel mu- sic and is rightly described by "Word Records" as "The world's most exciting gospel singer," Dale Olson, a representative of "Word Records," says of her that ''The work of gospel music has found a dynamic new star BARGAIN CENTER • 5309-27 N.E. UNION AVE. TRASH CONTAINER Clean, convenient, compa~t. Ideal for trash, refuse, laundry, diapers. Deodorant block cup, • hinged cover. Will not break, warp, chip, peel or fade. No fuss, no mess, just pull up plastic liner from bottom insert, drape around top, when liner is filled just lift from container, tea~ off and toss in garbage. Regular $6.98 SPECIAL CAKE COVER and TRAY S2 97 5-piece FREEZER KITS BOWEL SET all sizes. Complete. with cover. Regular $297 $4.99 SALE Special $ 2 47 No stick ... no scour Regular $4.50 s2~a TEFLON FRY PAN SALE Early.American Copper-tone S297 TEA KETTLE Regular $3.90 Regular $9.99 All Metal, Adjustable s791 IRONING BOARD SALE Floral Colored Salt & Pepper Shaker Set sPECIAL 57c 3-pc HAMPER SET Virtually unbreakable. kitchen, bath, nursery. sanitary, easy to clean. ient sizes for all purposes. Set regularly $13.25 SALE S697 in the incomparable Willa Dorsey," Her majestic voice rings with the consummate quality of God." Most recently Miss Dor– sey's newest album recorded by "Word Records" received a spotlight review by the ''Bill Board" magazine of New York which is a top critic on records and ac– claimed the top record of the week. Such recognition from such a distinguished maga– zine means that the singer has reached the heights in vocal music, Miss Dorsey says that she thoroughly enjoys her voca– tion and that there is nothing else she would rather do than to be of service in the King– dom of God through singing. Marjorie E, George Picnic Held by RON WEBB Bull-Frog Park was the Sunday setting for a picnic with people concerned about better human relations. Resi– de11ts of the Scappoose, Albina, Milwaukie, Lake Oswego, aJld other surrounding areas were present. The picnic was derived as an initial beginning between communication and relation with a personal touch. Coordinators for this effort were Mr. and Mrs. Pat Keat– ing, of the North Clackamas Inter-Relations Council and Augie Roland of the Albina Neighborhood Service Center. It was stated also that this ·is not an organization but a group of people unlimited in number striving for one pur– pose - to better mankind. 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