Oregon Advance Times_1968-08-15

i ~ Program In the Homes, The Oregon On the Newsstands Every Thursday ADVANCE At Jeff Success Vol. l,No.30 714Y2 N. E. Alberta, Portland, Oregon Single Copy 10c Thursday, August 15, 1968 Church Greets N·ew · Bishop Studies Law Jim Harris Seeks Law Career Noted Athlete's Daughter Summer Guest In Albina Little Kimberly Powell is spending part of the summer with her grandparents, at 2836 N. Williams Avenue. Since arriving in Port– land from Dallas Texas, Kim has been a guest at several parties given in her behalf. The first was given by her grandmother, Mrs. Walden, in her lovely rose and shrubbery back yard. fro, were present. Cookies, Punch and other goodies were served. Kim's next party was given The summer program for production of school district supplies in the wood and metal shops at Jefferson High School employs 16 young men in a production type shop at– mosphere. It employes some of the young men who because of police records and other records of anti-social be– havior would find it difflcult to locate summer employ– ment. The young men make many items for the School District that would otherwise as in years before be purchased by the district from a private supply house. These items are listed in the category of "teaching aids," some of which are used in large quantities, such as building blocks for kindergarten and wooden numerals for primary grades. by MRS. F. R. JACOBS By PHYLLIS N. HARRIS James Earl Harris "hopes to get his law degree some– time in the very near future." There are very few Afro– American lawyers in Oregon and he is hoping that by the time he is ready for his bar exams that there will be three times as many Afro– American men pursuing the pro_fession of a lawyer. Bathel A.M.E. Church ex- geographical area of the Puget tends it's most cordial wel- Sound Conference. come and greetings to Bishop and Mrs. Harrison J. Bryant. Bishop Bryant recently re– turned from South Africa was the morning speaker Bethel. Mrs. Bryant is the Supervisor of Missionary Department of the Fifth Epi!i,Copal District. Bishop Bryant ·speaking on the topic "The Annointment of Preachers" exhorted the clergy to seek to ' attain an– nointment of the Holy Spirit. Without annointment, the preacher cannot hope to attain success in his ministry. He urged the preaching of happy tidings to the people. Never let the congregation go away unhappy and empty. Send the people away exhilarated with the beauty of life. Preach to the poor, not necessarily the poor in material means, but to those deep in the throes. of corruption, thievery and immorality. Mr. Isaac Cotton, Ft. Lewis Washington, was ordained a Deacon in the church and Mrs. Evelyn Nelson was con– secrated as a Deaconess at the morning worship services. Two recommendations adopted by the conference were: I. That the churches of the conference encourage the Commission on Social Ac– tion to extend themselves to become better informed and more active in the areas of housing, jobs, education, civil rights, justice, health and wel– fare. 2. That the Presiding Elder be authorized to select a com– mettee to become a corpora– tion to sponsor housing of a Federally and/or otherwise financed nature for Senior Citizens and/or low-middle income groups within the Dr. Lawrence F. Greene was reassigned to Bethel AME Church. Other pastoral appoint– ments are: Rev. Jesse L. Boyd, Jr., Bethel AME RT. REV. H.J. BRYANT Church, Yakima, Washington; Rev. Earnest L. Caner. Ebenezer AME Church, Bre-' merton, Washington. Rev. El– For the last three years he has been employed by one of Portland's largest law firms, Davies, Biggs, Stayer, Stoel & Boley which is lo– cated in the Yeon Building. Besides holding down his eight-hour-a-day job, he attends Portland State Col– lege night classes, His military obligation is half-way over. He is a non– commissioned officer in the National Guard, He says "he really doesn't hate the service, it's just those long rough weekends that get you down." James has just com– pleted his regular two weeks of active duty in Idaho. Right now he has become very active in the Model Cities programs where he is serving as a chairman for the Health Committee. He feels there is a definite need for better health means and sani- lis H, Casson was appointed in the Model Conference Evangelist. Rev. tary means Cities area and wants to work U. S. Carr, assigned to Al- len AME Church, Spokane, to help obtain this need. Washington. Rev. Horace His favorite sport besides G h O ls t O n, Bethel AME girls, is golfing and baseball. Church, Spokane, Washington, At Franklin High School he Rev. J. B. DeWitty, Walker was on the varsity baseball Chapel, Seattle, Washington, team as a pitcher. "I like Rev. Robert L. Freeman, football and basketball but Waymond AME Church, Bil- my weight kept me away from lings, Montana. Dr. H. Sol- the lines and the rims, oman Hill, First AME Church , When asked about plans for Seattle, Washington, Rev. Jon- the future as far as a wife athan Rhone, Bailey AME and children are concerned, Church, Everett, Washington; he says he is only 23 and Rev. E. N, Smith, Jr. Primm right now his future depends Tabernacle, Seattle, Wash- on his education and only ington: Rev. Hardy N, White, then can he think seriously Union AME Church, Great about a wife and family. Falls, Montana. (See Picture on Page 2) Kim's friends, Lynny, James, Melvin and Anthony Renfro; Cathey Martin, Kellie Jarrell and baby Cindy Ren- MOP Formed by Dentist and Mrs. Samual Brown who live at 3717 N. Today, there is a newly _ Arlington Place. formed organization in the On another occasion she was Albina Community, MOP(Men guest at Mr. and Mrs. Raman Of Poverty). The purpose of Jones who reside at 59IOS. E. MOP is to help eliminate 83rd. some of the problems now Kim's father ls well known– existing in Albina through in the black community. He uniting Albina Residents. Co.. was called Cincy Powell. He ordinators of MOP are: Den- was a star basketball player nis G. Payne, Birl Symlng- at Portland University. He ton, Harold Miller and Heary presently is a pro basketball Caney. star, with a Dallas team. At the present time, the · Kim is typicalofmanyblack llewly formed organization is chiltlren who finds life much planning a "Community Fair" better because her parents for all residents of Albina, sacrificed and moved into the Saturday, August 24th at 2:30 main stream of American pm I.µ Irving Park. Some of society inspite of barriers the many activities to be pre- that confronted them. sented at the "Community The Powells should inspire Fair" are: display booths other young people toward from the different commUDlty higher goals and greater sue-– agencies, Pony rides for the cess. children, games, dinners, Kim is not aware of the Afro-fashion show, dancing in barriers that confront many the tennis courts and exhibi- black people today. It would tion boxing andwrestling. b,: great if she never knew. GOP Likes Senator by EMILE SUMMERS The instructor, Mr. Don Richardson has helped to pro.. vide more than just a worker and Boss relationship with the young men, he has left it up to the young men to choose a "boss" among themselves. Every three days the young men choose a foreman, the foreman has to know all of the jobs and make sure every– one is working and doing their job. The group also have a grievance man to take their complaints to. ·· The young menwork a forty– hour week and will earn– $600.00, when their jobs are completed for the summer. ThP prov-am is made up of both black and white. Here are some comments from a few of the young men· that make up the program: Craig Hoffman, Madison High School .. .''I now know how black people feel and how they have to live." "If 1 hadn't gotten this job, 1 probablywouldhave been in the streets some.. where.'' Dave Unn, Central Catholic High, "It has helped me in relations with not just black people, but just people. It was a good experience for a regular job.'' Don Bilbrew, Jefferson High, "When I set out to get a Job this summer It was indeed something new last week, when over the 1V sets we were treated to a sight we can well remember: that U.S. Senator, Edward Brooke, of Massachusetts presiding as Temporary Chairman of the convention. A first since re.. construction days I believe, his address to the delegates was I felt a very stirring one, and would stand with any of the many that followed him. Boosters Display New Emblem But what I wonder is this, to provide opportunities how many people realize that through its membership. we have had other Black the congressional level: there I didn't know that the NYC were actually 21 members not had any programs like this. counting the two Senators 1 At school I didn't take shop have already mentioned. · because I didn't have too much Alabama had three serving interest in it, but this job from 1871 to 1877, Florida had has helped to give me more one from '73 to '77, Georgia interest and experience. I will one from 'ti} to '71, North be happy to s~ this program Carolina had four and South go on if I am a part of it.'' Carolina had eight: even Vir- Freddrick Johnson, Jeffer– ginia had one. That exceeds son High, "I would like the the total amount we have at shop to go on so other people the present I believe and this can learn how to run the is another century. machines as I have. I like I do not contend we should the way Mr. Richardson runs elect any one not qualified for it, because you can play ree– office, thatwouldendangerour ords and enjoy yourself while whole society; but when there you're working.'' Darnell Bil– are qualified people in this · brew, Jefferson High, "I like country be they White, Black, the Job because you can put Yellow or Green there should in more hours than on other not be any hesitation to let ·Jobs for students my age.'' them serve. We here in Ore- When asked if he wduld like gon have many among the ml- to see this type of program be norities who are qualified and continued this ls the com– dedicated to the affairs of the ment Mr. DonRichardsongave public, but yet we seem to "I would like to see this pro.. be of the opinion that we do gram and others of its kind not need their services and continued so that the young go about electing people of men participating in them w1ll status, many of whom their have a chance to gain poise, only objective is to hold an · experience, and a better re.. office and forget the campaign lationship between races. Don Frank explained the formed members of the sev– new emblem of the Union era! promotions used in the Avenue Boosters Club to the members present at a break– fast meeting Tuesday. The sweep of the middle letter in the emblem indi– cates the avenue, with the "b" topped by an arrow points to action. The three letters are above a solid base on which is inscribed Union Avenue Boosters. According to Frank, the emblem will be used for membership cards, station– ery and other promotional material for the club which now has a membership of SO businessmen in the area. Union Avenue Boo~ters Appointment of a retail past year, and invited a trades promotion committee wider participation in future is assured following a review promotions. of previous cooperative pro- Joe Hall, speaking as a motions by a group of Walnut representative of the Down– Park ·merchants. Darey town Lions Club, said that Marshall, manager of the the directors of the club area's Penney store, in- were working on a project The Boosters approved a Senators? and they all came sidewalk type of trash con- from below the Mason and tainer. Placement of re- Dixon line. The first was a receptacles at strategic man by the name of Hiram spots along Union Avenue has Revels and he was from the been suggested, with mer- · State of Mississippi elected in chants buying the trash cans 1870, and following Revels and providing for their main- was another Senator from the tenance. The object, accord- same state named Blanche ing to the report, was to re- K. Bruce who served from duce the litter, and present 1875 until 1881. Senator Bruce a tidier appearance. Ben presided over the Senate for Leonard's finance committee a time and was technically proposed the purchase plan. in line for the Presidency; Russ Hartley, of the Union this was during the term of and Graham branch of the Pres. Rutherford 8, Hayes, First National Bank of Ore- who upon leaving the White gon, treasurer of the Boost- House devoted his time and ers Club, presided at the money to the industrial edu– brealcfast meeting in the ab- cation of Negroes, The Pea– sence of Lynn Kirby, the club body Educational Board and president, who has been ill. National Prison Reforms. The next meeting of the It would do the North some Boosters will be at Eve's good to take a look at the Restaurant, Tuesday, August ' record of Negroes who served 27, 7:30 a.m. their states in Washington at promises and the platform they are supposed to work for. Me - thinks we are missing the boat and letting a lot of needed talent and dedication go to waste. Let us all who are interested in our govern– ment take a second look and elect people who will get the job done. New Post For Mumford Ira Mumford who has worked for the Albina Neigh– borhood Service Center for two and a half years has been hired to work with the con– centrated employment pro.. gram. Ira will work as com– munity coordinator