OBP_Oregon Mirror_1959 Mar 26_v1 no2

JAL OREGO I J'J\IRROR REFLECTING THE PARTICULAR INTERESTS OF MINORITY GROUPS IN OREGO N Vol. l,No.2 Price Fh:e Cents PORTLA.'\'D, OREGON Bethel A.M.E. Holds First Wedding In New Church (Toan Thu111b) THE PROCESSION THE CEREMONY Thursday, March 26, 1959 I From Where I Sit Globe Trotters by Chalm~ L. Jones Have you ever lx,n plagued To Appear In by a thought, consciously or unt consciously, that you haven't done ell that you could do to p ti d help your own situation or, for or an that matter, the situations of others? Judging by my own personal shortcomings I think that we all have been guilty of sitting on our laurels at one time OT another. However, every action must have a beginning. So let us take stock of the situation as it concerns us ~nonally. but at the same time ~ ready to atend the hand of assistance to othcn if the opportunity presents itself.

Page% The OREGON MIRROll Sp_o/lL . JlzR._ OREGON N\IRROR C' _.,. . ,.'/WUI- PUBLISHED WEEKLY ON THURSDAY c:::J-J,-l}V. C,rculated b> l\1ml- Nc1uboys-Bus111~s:,es nnd Churches 2713 N W1\hom! Ave, Portl:md, Oregon 1.'hursdny, Mareh 26, 19i9 l;J,. :}.fo,.ence );J,. Holladay PTA n ig.li ti,igale Corner Three youth grnups of Holladay school took ndvantnge of Th "s ·s spring vacation and took the I ,. ~► ~ Mrs. ;~ft- children on trips. Girl Scout SpeakinA troop No. 819, Mrs. Vernon Jenby Nathan (Nick) Nickerson quitted themselves well in the AT S1768-BE 6 - 0952 to you nings the leader, went on a T,he time for Kin~ Bn_sket- ~.,M .bCe:~r at::~\!agp~:-y;~vo8~! Publi,hcr nnd Mnnngcr-DON ALFORD _ . from the ~o:;;o~~o a!en~ : ka~:bgo~h:~r0k1: balls seasonal vacation is at "Chuckie'' Patterson and Eddie Co-Publisher and Editor-DR. BOOKER T. LEWIS ~' N~;~~;:;le lowing day, ~:"!abn~ %ee!~;=b~: :~:~~ Wright but this was a team of Sport,-Nn1.1t,m Nickerson Chef's Comer-Bill Grove, Corner . Brownie troop No. 591, Mrs. that we shall relive again and stars. . Columnist ond Advertising-John Toron "'CRADLE ROW" Ted Tsuboi leader, toured Portagain. Space prevents the enu- We realt2e there are always News Reportcrs- Gavihm Irby, Cho.lmcrs Jona, Theodore &ugh, land's train station and a Vista meration of all the brilliant ac- unsung heroes whose feats do Betty Willioms, Minnie Scott Felicitations to our Co-Pub- Dome in which they later had complishments in another excit- not receive their deserved public Entertainment Writer-Terri Fmncis lisher and Mrs. Lewis on the the pleasure of riding to Vaning season. It is regrettable that rccognitio~ and we wis~ all '?f Advertising Dept.- Clarcnce Rose, Jome, LeRoy, Terri Fnancis birth of a bouncing baby boy. couver, Wash. Cub Scout den each participant in each pro- them continued s~ccess m their --..==================== Mrs. Ruth Price (nee Lil 3. pack 56, Mrs. Louis Hoodye gram can not, in print. receive endeavors. athletic and other- - Dawson) - the Songbird from den mother, also went to Vancredit for his or her progress in wise. Lil Sandy's has a lovely baby couvcr, Wash., by train. An exthe realm of sport. To the parents we say: Get /i._ C _ ft .1.- L J' / _ _,, 11,_l,/. girl. citing time was had by all. The grade and high school out and help push those bud• UII- <;Ll.A.l..Jl.lL 'fW~u- Mrs Jean Dillard has been programs. the church and Y. M. ding athletes to the height~ of bitten by the flu bug and has Chester on the Matt Dillon C. A. leagues and the college grea?1:55 ~ve know are possible. Easter will mark the end of one of the hohest sea- been confined to her home for a show (TV Western) teams all have members deserv- Part1c1pation as a coach, a man- . few days, also Mrs Alice Rob- * * * ing the highest commendation age(. a spectator or even a pat sons of the Chnst..lan Church, Lent. Lent begms on Ash inson . . and Mrs. Susie Redd. Sp LASH for their achievements. We ask on the back can mean 8 .world Wednesday, forty days before Easter, excluding Sun · · · A speedy recovery to all. First Wedding Held at New that y~u the public lu~ve no of diff~rence to your child or days, and ends on Easter SuncJay which is the first Sun * * * Be th el Church · reservaoons about phoning or any child. . ' "Tom Thumb Wedding" writing in information concern- To the aspiring athlete we day after the first full moon on or before March 21. On The Mend . . Chappie Bride-Phyllis Taylor ing the achievements of any in- say: Let nothing, real or imag- . . . Grice- still playing second to Groom - Harley Akers, Jr. dividual deserving recognition. inary. deter you from the goal Lent is a season for prayer, fast..lng, church gomg, We in this co:°er do feel com- ~ tinagn;s::~~:~~~ty3;/:_dc:~ sacrifice a nd a bstinance. This is perha ps the o ne ~e: iod c~n trul_y celebra te Easter until we all abide by the Chris- !:.!!:! ~~a;n~~~;~h~~\~~ :~ take. Someone has before and of. the year when many ~f us who profess to be ~hnst..lans ban ph1_losophy and heed what Jesus said in the twelfth spiration to sport fans. Wilbur will again overcome the same w1ll all do by or prescnbe to any part of the fme men- verse, fifteenth chapter of St. John. "Verily, Verily, I Jordan and Ronald Isom of Eli- challenges you now face. tional. say unto you, the servant is not greater than his Lord· ot's champions deserve plaudits · th h h · · ; for their selection as All-Tour- The story of the life and death of Christ is spread nei er e f at is sent greater than he that sent him.' nament in the ''Little Giant" Aqua Center by members of the Clergy radio, television and news --- Parks Program. ' EDITOR'S NOTE The K tt St er I d papers throughout the Christian world. Christ's humble . : . by the a~~urate. sha1~:s~:,ti~g In the Swim beginning/ His unselfishness for man, his betrayal and Plc~se brmg or send !n_ OC\ \IS typed or neatly printed to of W~lter Moore and the re- denial by two of the chosen few, His torture and even- our office, at 2713 N. Williams Ave. Telephone AT 8-1768 ~~u;~10#arifB:~:~ncit~::::e~ ;su!e~;~;~~=~~";:~t i:\:!~~ tual death for our salvation , should serve to poin t out (temporary number) or BE 6 -0952. pionship. Steve Jones of Frank- ing pionee-rs to Oregon, a num- our unworthiness. lin's state high school cham-be-r of river events are being . . . . C:-,J YJ.I) C1', pions gave repeated demonstra- planned for the Oregon Centen- However, his final teachings and resurrect10n should Jhe /_,, lace fo ol.Jine ... tions of the hustle and spirit I nial Exhibition and Jnterna- serve as a source of comfort and give reason for jubila- ~::1:dti~: P~~~1.,•Nt~c•; bto a I tional Trad~ Fairf. A C tion on Easter Day, There will be rejoicing and people • 1 e erry The erectlon o an qua enwith his long howitzers and ter with a 7,000 seating capac- will be resplendent in their 14 Easter Finery," but how Will B:own with hi.s reboundin,g ity, locate-d on the Columbia many will carry the teachings of Christ beyond that day? were vital fact~rs 10 J efferson s River edge of the Centennial . capture of the city crown. grounds, is being considered. The observance of the Lent and the celebration of For the Finest of Foods and Service-Visit the Porter's Club Leola's Cooking is the MOST to Say the Least _Arthur Pierce of Washington The speed show of the Na- Easter has been going on for centuries, and for centuries ~~gt':s~m::~:e!::e~:~. a~i~ ~;~~lb~~t! ~a;~!:t is expect- the forty days ~f Lent has been uHoly" with Easter the 2504 N. Williams minutive Allen Brooks of Ben- Water skiing exhibitions, log day of celebration. But what of the other 325 days? ""====================! AT 4-9886 f;; ;:e:~na;: :!afn°'.:z~ : e: 1d ~~~:\:~~~~:~;ni ~ii;~~ For just as m~y centuries there ~ave been minority not be a dominating factor. regatta are suggested programs grounps and for Just as many centunes they have been _Harold Bishop and Ray Fuller for the,Center. the subject of oppression. The Twentieth Century with ;~os;;ftm~7;_ of glory for sh~;w;~~ ~:k;;~i=~to~~= all of its scientific advancements has made by compariAt Portland University, Wal- Columbia during the Centennial son little headway in fue advancement of the dignity of ly Panel and Jim Armstrong summer also. all men. again gave the dazzling exhibi- A on.e-and-a-half hour fir:- " . . ,, . , tions that have brought them work display over the water 1s Oppressed Chnst1ans as a whole are very religious. national recognition. Another another event which ~ay b~ They know what it is to live a life of humbleness1 sac- ~~e;:~hao;~ ~:;:~f~;'~~j0 ~ =~:;~ i~e tt:m~~;t:~:~~c~~~; rifice, betrayal, torture and eventually to know the peace career with the honor of being would plan to tell in ttrms of of death. Their major source of comfort and chief weap- !~~;1~;t i~~!~~~nJ 0 ::r:;~v~~ !:ra~~o~t:~;: ~~~ t::~rr~:, on here-to-fore has been prayer. The Lenten season for ample help from a "Jumping Indian canoes to jet mainliricrs. them has lasted many years. But at last there are those Jack" named Bernie Jones and The proposed use of excur- who are not ashamed or afraid to embrace openly the ~:;;ri~~~. !~~o~; ri:~~:a~~ ;::/~~::~tp:i:~~gat;i::;~~ teachings of Christ. They are fully aware that no man coming at star in the college Aqua Center as a debarkation game. An all-Negro team ac-depot. ROD'S WISH ES YOU E;.\S'fER GREETINGS PATENT LEATHER CHILDREN'S DRESS SHOES WHITE DRESS SHOES $3.97 to $5.97 $2.97 to $5.97 ROD'S SHOE FAIR 607 N. E. Grand Avenue (Across from Sears) IPAl~AID II SlE WIINIE --)< --)< --)< --)< --)< -)< FULL QUART For The Best In Listening Pleasures Visit any of the following spots for the latest recordings: LIL' SANDY'S FANTASY ROOM 1516 North Williams Avenue THE CASINO CAFE Cor. N. Williams and N. E. Hancock PROCTOR'S CAFE Cor. N. Williams and N. E. Tillamook PORTLAND PORTER'S CLUB 2504 N. Williams Avenue CITIZEN'S LUNCH Cor. N. Williams and N. Russell GREEN FRONT CAFE & TAVERN 2631 N. Albina Avenue RUDY'S POOL PALACE Cor. N. Williams and N. Monroe CLEO'S TAVERN Cor. N. Williams and N. Monroe BLOOP-BLEEP TAVERN 4228 N. Williams Avenue HARDY'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP 7 N. Russell RAY'S BARBER SHOP 2832 N. Williams Avenue For the Best in Service and Equipm ent Cal/ BILLY TAYLOR, CA 2-1327 CAMPBELL AMUSEMENT CO. 25 HOURS A DAY Be Sure To Patronize Mirror Advertisers HOMES FOR SALE --)< --)< --)< 4535 N. Vancouver 2 Bdrms. on J Fir. F.C.B. low On. Payment. Fr.Pl. Price $7.500 3735 N. Borthwick 2 Bdrm. Beauty. Low Dn. Payment. Asking $8.250 4307 N. E. Mallory 3 Bdrms. FCB. Fr.Pl. Oil Heat. Low Dn. Payment. Price $7,500 3815 N. Kerby S Bdrms. Large Liv. Rm, Dbl. Gar. FCB. Finished.Party Rm. Adj oinin g lot SO.x i 00. Asking $12,000 1406 N.E. Failing Neal 3 Bdrm. Corner Lot. Low Dn. Payment. $8,000 222 N. E. Monroe Lovely 2 Bdrm. Homo. Fenced Bock Yard, Asking $10,000 3126N. E. 10th 4 Bdrms. Bsmt. Garage. Low Dn. Payment. Asking $13,000 4716 N. E. 8th 3 Bdrm. Beauty. FCB. Garage. Quiet Neighborhood. A Steal at $9,000 8425 N. E. Holladay 3 Bedrooms on 1 Floor. Full Cement Basement. Oil Furnace. Nice Area. Close to Freeway. JO Min. to Town. Price $12,500 5825 N. Gay House Only S Yrs. Old. 1 Bdrm. Dawn, 3 Bdrms, Up. Double Plumbing , Full Cement Basement With Part iall y Finished Party Rm. Oil Furnoco. Fireplace. Cyclone Fenced Yarcl. Price $15,500 S. E. 73rd & Overland NEW HOUSE First Being Comp/clod. 3 Bedrooms on J Floor. No Basemen t. Firoplo co, Price $11,000 -)< --)< --)< Harriet J. Lewis Real Estate 24 N. Stanton AT 1-4458

Tlt1"1'oday, March 26, 1959 Tu OREGON JIIIUlOR Plain Old Proble■s by Johnetta DEAR JOHNETTA l r ERI I ALKS What with this being Holy help out community projects Williams Ave. Telephone AT I am a girl 17 years of age, Week and Easter right upon us, too, as the recent TB X-ray 8-1768 or BE 6-0952. fairly nice looking and have by Teri Fra ncis ye ole "Gabber" is in a p_ensive Survey as a volunteer hostess. r9 0 0 parents who can be considered Just Thinking: m?OO. ,:a express a. portion of 0. 0 0 Sunpay at the home of Mr. as liberal. My problem is that I Music, as a _p,ofessi.on, has this feehn~ by quoting fro~ o Last Sat. _mght, a ~roup was George Ortega, 2620 s. E. 17th, have but few dates although reached an all-time low. !"lany Page 3 letter received from the Vicar elated at seemg a previc-w of the . - h Id on the musicians dancers and singers on~ members of ~t. Phillip's movie, "Imitation of Life." This ~ f~~~1~~ yw~abo: problems many boys call me. up. They are leavi~ the profession be· yond_ a s~adow _of a doubt that Episcopal Ch~rch: I kn_ow you revised edition of old version throughout the state of Oregon always tell me of their problems cause jobs are 80 scarce. There emo~1on 1.s ~n integral part of and your famil~ are looking for. was enjoyed so much for its in which Dr. Booker T. Lewis, with other girls but none of are many reasons for this--but mu~c. !"!er simple, reverent way ward to a glon~us Easte~. The realism, Susie Patterson was editor of the Mirror, was pres· them ever want to take me out. the main one is the Jack of re• of singi_n~ hymn~, g~l songs glory of ~aster is f?und m the raining tears after it was over. ent Mr Ortega expressed a de• I love to danco., like sports and sponsc end support from the and spintuals dJSplay~ all her Resurre~on of Chn~ from the As Mrs. Nellie Lott, visiting sir~ to V:..ork in close cooperation I am active in the church. t do public. The world of Good En- warmth and compaSSJ_on-and dead. His Resurrect.ion stands here from Houston, Texas said with the Mirror in presenting not drink or smoke. What tertainmenf bas lost its audi- love of her chosen medm.m. as an etem al :emmder that after . viewing it , "I ~sed four the plights and actions of the should I do to become a girl cnce; and it must find it again.. CauAht In _The Act: . man,. through H1m, has power hankies." So to sum it up, one people of Spanish•spealcing mi• friend rather than a sister? Propaganda is used for many _The Julian ~enson Tno ... to triumph ~ver death _an~, the might say it's a "four•hankie nority. Little Sister. things, in many ways, and what this excellent tno of ~ortlandcrs ~en:ors. of this present hfe. An performance." T here a re approx.imately . . is needed now is Aood propa- ~s been a top ?1'awmg attracmvitetion w:1s exte~ded to at- 0 0 0 3 000 S anish-s akin people Dear !-,1ttle S,ster: . ganda for music and musicians. t1on at Carmei:i s f.o r ma o y tend worship services, Good Mothers Aunts Big Sisters ' P 'd pe f ~ rt1 d It ,s a shame that dunng months. After hstemng to them Friday noon•day from 12 to l the Little 1 Leagu~ have sent ~ th at a~ res~ ents O ~ ~~ ' time when juvenile delinquency Improvisation: 1 feel that their "secret of sucp. m. Easter Sunday, 7 :45 a.m. plea for helpers as scorekeepers, ":'ho t rougki st :'Jer cg~- ie one of our major problems a If thcre is any such thing as cess" lie3 in a combination of a or 11 a.m. We don't say where secretaries, treasurers, etc. Have tion .a~e see ng er wor g young lady such as yourself a "Big Band" in the "Land of keen observation or what the to go, but take your family and you registered? conclitio3s. . cl h. should be on the outside lookinA the Hereafter"; I'm sure the public likes and their undeniable attend the church of your 0 0 0 Mr. rte g a promise ~s in. From your Jetter 1 gather reed section rejoiced when the ability to please their many fans choice. . . . May I pin this flow- HAPPEN I NGS ABOU T ::t~~he~:d it=rti:~:r:e~ you are popular with the boys. late Lester "Pres" Young joined with bot_h dancing and listener on Father Stone ... as busy TOWN: Brotherhood Club en- . ~ J . bl th t However, boys your age are not them last week. able music. as he is with duti:s .concerning tertained their wives with a pa~- :~~ur ~~~: 1 ;~~ui'oth~\tat:, overly agg:essive to members of The Hackeney Brothers Trio \~encvcr you are out for the church . and ??nsh1oners, he ty in the beautiful new multi- which involves more of the mi- the opposite sex-. I . wo~ld suA- of Buffalo, New York, want to evening, drop by The Helm on ~ever fails to v1s1t non_-m:mbers purpose room at Bethel Church. nority than the Spanish and gest th~t you mamta1': y~ur thank Sir Robin Clark for pre- B'roadway between 13th and 1f he knows of thelf illness.... Mastcrsingers, in concert at M . 1 populimty and stay a rnc.e g,rl, . th d truly 14th. The three young men curMuch comfort has been found Mt. Olivet Baptist Church... , exican peop e. but employ one of oldest femi- sentmg , ~·h.0 ~ yo~ th~ rently appearing there offer jazz i': his quiet words either _in t~e The Epsilon Zeta ~ambda • nine tricks-A Degree of Help- :eeJ:;~sof rv:._;rcC:: IS. ~er a (modern and bor~erline) as well sick room, or as a grcetmg m Chapter or the Alpha Ph, Alpha Masonic News /essness. successful dance date in Sea• as the_ coi:nmeroal tunes for the by•ways. Fraternity was entertained by . . side the trio was off for a week your bstenmg pleasure: Bobby Is that Easter ensemble con:i- J~seph s_. ~owman, Regional "".',llamette Consistory No. ?3, in \Valla Walla. Wash. Torr. d~mmer, blends in ~eel• pleted, pressed? That bonnet m Director, m his home last week, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Dear Johnetta: lently with the superb piano a frou-frou of tissue ready to at which time the host was ap- Rite of Freemasonry, journeyed I am a bachelor 49 years old. Speaking of Sir Robin ... did stylings of Mike Taylor and the don milady's fair brow? . pointed delegate to Alpha Re- to Se'attle by chartered bus.' For the past two years I have you know that most of the orig- smooth stylings of saxophonist Look as pretty as you please so gional, convening April 3rd-5th Sunday, March 22, as guests of been keeping company with inal numbers you hear him play Jim Medbcrry. l was particu1 can join the guys in apprecia- in Phoenix, Arizona.... Lena Prince Hall Consistory No. 67• two different women: one is 45 are all his own copyrighted larly impressed with the Latin• tive whistles as you step in pa- McMillen should go to Holly• The two consistories atten~cd years old, the other is 27. compositions? My favorite is "A jazz version of "The Trolley rade. "In your Easter bonnet wood after her portrayal as job services together at Mt. Zion . th 1 Shy Girl From Chicago''-it Song·• and the soft. eloquent with all the frills upon it, you'll seeker at the recent "Job Op• Baptist church. located at 19th My fnends tell me at should be recorded. solo Medberry does on "I Can't be the grandest lady in the Eas- portunity" Clinic. A very effi· and East Madison Street, fol- should choose one or th e 0th er ae· •d D Ila Ruse Get Started With You." tcr p~rade." Here's hoping yo':r cien~ job was done by Gene:al lowed by an enjoyable lunch- a. nd S:-~le d:-;n :~.J:! ;:~ fan, 1 7g a: ;:te e~thusiast.ic .In closing. I would lik: to refavonte guy, equally sharp, ,s Chairman Geneva Jordan with con. . ~ed. ave . h b t h waxing of a tune ~md you that a persons taste there by your side. E. Shelton Hill as Clinic Co• Later they proceeded to Pnnce ttmes ix-fore a nd my wiv( ~~e a l~ud ..;r · tte,, This is a in music is as individualistic as Let's gab about the special ordinator Hall Masonic Temple at 29th all worked, but these two ) ~ e ca e . hermon~ 1j • theme his taste in clothes or choice of visitin' tim7 which feted the · . 0 r-- ~n_d East. Cherry_ Street for a I think 8 go:-1:al of th em O ~~r;:b-::d 8 ~;;t: :~~~ blues furniture. Because the pu~lic F~cur_ De Lis Club by Semper Congratulat10ns to the par- JO~nt. sess1~n. wh~ch was very not want to O • :> beat. has made such vast ar:9-d vaned F1dehs at the home of the lat- ents of some of Portland's edifymg, instructive, and en- What should I do. T. J. demands on the muS1c world, ter's prcxy. Mrs. Earnestine youngest citizens ... Mr. and thusiastic. M r. T. ].: If you were. watching televi• there are. necessarily, all kinds Wiseman with her group hosted Mrs. Curtis Stiggers, Mr. and The session was followed by It would be much easier to sion Sunday nl~t ;:ou saw t!1e of music. I do not feel anyone this charming affair in a con• Mrs. Paul Cook, and D r. and a most enjoyable so.cial hour. give an answer to one of the Ja- ~rea~est entert~mer, 10 my ?,pm• has the right to criticize some• genial atmosphere with games Mrs. Booker T. Lewis. Willamette Co~1story No. 23 dies with whom you are keeping 10n. m the bus~ness today- Mr. one else's taste in music-if, in- 'n' gabbin' 'n' eating. Club-wise, -~ 0 0 will be host to P~nce Hall Con• company. Frankly, you should Won_derful" ~mself, Sam m YI ste-ad of expecting everyone to I think we .need to get together C_lub program chairmen, we're si.~ory No. 67 this fall - 8: tra• make up your mind to be a man Davis, Jr. !115 appearance on like what we_ like. we would eJJ more, shanng our success and anxious to gab about your hap- d1tion that has been cstabhshed and assume the responsibilities ~teve All~. s show was, as al· keep open mmds (and e-ars) as problems. Mrs. Velma Adair, penings. Won't you let us know for several years. of a man. You are being most ways, thrillmg. A. master of all well as a tolerant attitude for president of Fleur De Lis, quite when and how, by sending your L. H. West, . . unfair to both of the ladies since phases of entert~ent. Sam• the choice of others. we might a busy lady, is always cager to news to our office at 2713 N. Commander-m•Ch1ef. you evidently have no incention my always turns m a top-notch find that there are many worth• o1 -:n.arryinA either one of them. performance. . while things. in all phases of mu• TIRED OF THE HI Ci H l a!'::. being• Don /4=,/• o:: ~~~:l;h!:~k;i~= ~: ~"e,,':'.'d med;ums of enterta;nThere will be a short interAddress your problems to: mission until next week. J~h~tta M' LET'S BUILD COST OF EAT I N Ci ? • • • ~o~l~:ihfi~e. THE 8 ALTz:,~:N::.:HOTOS :::ongratu1otions ond Best Wishes OREGON 4526 N~~~;i~~ 3 s\•enue The RICH Plan s~~:;~w~~~L DINETTE MIRROR * Open for Your Convenience OFFERS YOU Frozen Foods at a Saving ... Plus a Beautiful Freezer All Within Your Present Food Budget Spending The RICH Plan MEMBERS ENJOY • Savings • Quality • Convenience • Food Re-Order Service • Free Food Insurance • Small Super Markel • Free Delivery • Continued Bulk Buying • Written Food Guarantee HAVE MORE FOOD FOR LESS - THE RICH PLAN WAY So,...ice Avoiloblo Nationwido, Hawaii and Ala,\'o LOOK!. .. for a Family of LOOK!. . . for a Family of 3 or 4 4 or More for only $15.95 per week for only $18.55 per week You con havo a 16 cu. ft. beautiful Upright Fr1:ezor -plus tho foods of your choico in tho <1mounh below: 45 lbs. of ASSORTED MEATS per month 24 pkgs. of VEGETABLES per month 15 cans of JUICE per month 6 pkgs. of FRUIT per month Plus~lce Cream, Fruit, Pies, etc. You con ha¥C o 22 cu. ft. booutiful Upright Freeur -plus tho foods of your choice in tha omounh bolow: 60 lbs. of ASSORTED MEATS per month 30 pkgs. of VEGETABLES per month 20 cans of JUICE per month 10 cans of FRUIT per month Plus-Ice Cream, Fruit, Pies, etc. All Mcoh: groded U.S.D.A. Chalco ar Good-F'ruits, Vegotoblcs ond Juices Graded "A" or Grodo "A" Foney Have a Food Consultant Call at Your Convenience with No Obligation PHONE BE 2-9992 OR MAIL THIS COUPON -- - ---------- - Th RICH Pl ' THE RICH PLAN e an ' 135 s_ E. Howthomo Portlood 14, OKgoo : 1 Ple010 uind mo lurtl111r lnformollo11 obout 11\■ 1 1 wonderful new RICH PLAN "for b•tler ti'Oing" 135 S. E. HAWTHORNE :::::u·::::: ::::::::::::: :: ::: :: : Eat More - Eat Better - Pay Less - Pay Later 1 ~ho:o .___ ~ . ~ N~. ~ '.:'"'~'•..: •: • J 84 N. E. Broadway Myrtle B. ond H. Jomes Conyon 12 noon li/19 P.M Closed Monday-Tuesday AT 7-2381 BEST WISHES * NEIGHBORHOOD SHOPPING CENTER * 2115 N. Williams AT 8--4666 SUPPORT ITS ADVERTISERS • Firestone Tires Morfak Lubrication GLENN'S TEXACO SERVICE AT 4-9983 Broodway at Williams BUYS OF THE WEEK 6240 N.E. 6th 635 N.E. Sumner Cu.e 5 room home ...,,th hwd floors Shining Cleon, T..,.-o Bcdr00m Cutie F1reploce, Full Cement Basement'. ~~~ l~,~-B~;$";75~-~ b~~~ ~uble Garage and lo\ely Yard Terms ofter O small down po'Yment w,th Summer Hous,:,. AT 2-0020 cevn,ngs $95OO.O0--F.H.A. Terms 538 N.E. Ivy Small, Cc-mpact, 1 Bedroom Home S239 N.E. Garfield .,.,.ith lovely Big Yard, Big Rooms, Beautiful Colonial S Bdrm Beauty for SS000.00 "'•th ;moll do-..n. with P,3 1:>°'~s, K,ng Sized Porty S124 N.E. Mollory Room, Sprinkling System. Double Lovely Home with Two Bedrooms Geroge, Play House, ond oll the down ond Three up. Horcf,,,.ood Firs,. luxury of o $50,000.00 place for Od Heat ond the tw:ury of high only $16,000.00 on F.H.A. Terms. living for only SIO,65O.OO. F.H.A. Coll Jock-AT 2-OO20--Evenlngs Terms. APARTMENTS FOR RENT COMPLITEL Y REMODELED THREE BEDROOM AND TWO BEDROOM APARTMENTS WITH NEW KITCHENS AND BATHS. Reo11y BeoutifuL Separate heat ond basement with washing foc1l1ti~. Sto..,,es and Refrigcrotors fumi~ed On North Dixon Just one block from Broadway. Coll AT 8.5045 days or AT 7-0998 ucnings REAL ESTATE INSURANCE HOME LOANS 4950 N. E. Union at Alberto AT 8-5045 DO- IT-YOURSELF LAUNDRY 2-' HR. Sl:lf-SERVICE WASH & DRY Sc FLUFF DRY 15c WASH WASH ANY DAY-ANY TIME fl"N , a,klng Cor. of N.E. Fremont & Union APARTMENT FOR RENT Completely fumished. Desiro n,ce COl.l-- r~~lor, Col AT 1-3672., Mrs.. 1819 N_E_ Grond SPECIAL NOTICE! TO AU OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE DAHLIA TEMPLE No. 202 of the I.B.P.O _E_ OF W. All future meetings of the Daughters will be held in the meeting rooms of the Portland Porter's Club, 2504 N. Williams Avenue, beginnintJ Tuesday evening, April 7th, 8 P.M. Signed: Mrs. Moggie Friday, Daughter Ruler

The OREGON !IDRROll by Bill Graves CHICK-N-OUE le) akJ,_ J.oJt, OREGON N\IRROR Cut up frozen chicken, place in following marinade: MARINADE ! ◄ cup salad oil 1 -~ cup vincgo.r !i teaspoon garlic po .... dcr ½ tco.tpoon onion powder ½ tcnspoon crlery salt * C ENTIENN!Al SHOW * ¼ te91poon white pcppt":r l ,4 teaspoon ..-ach of marjoram. 1'09Cm&ry and thyme V, tca5poon snit Mix ingredients. Pour over chicken. Refrigerate I hour. Drain. Save marinade. Brush on I chkken as it cooks. Grill about 25 minutes. turning often or until tender. Serve ,vith following sauce. BARBECUE SAUCE 1 te,uipoon mustard I ten,poon water 3 cups tomo.tocs ½ cup ....'liter Y. cup lemon juice 2 tablespooM Won.•estcrshire fflUee ¼ cup onion Oakes 1 tablespoon sugnr 2 tca,poons salt 1 teaspoon paprika l teaspoon chili powder ½ t:easpoon white pepper Mix mustard with water; al-I low to stand 10 minutes. Combine remaining ingredients, add mustard and simmer 30 minutes or until thickened. Yield: :? cups. O.A.C.\l'. C.Ull\TI'AL Snturday. Apr-ii ,1 loead •PI~• lod;e, i• llu!teri•D Ulrt,, Com,I oll ,,._ ...,, 1• uill«1 ,hlm. tr', eon,1,,..1 Doy •i•~ p,;,., golore W!lh bo<,1~, OM u,;,•..,ur t<> blod: do'""' th•ct-1 n.we·, Shori>Sltootl~t 1111 a..d ,ro,,.., N-41. Dortbuotl•11boll-•,a•oldwlohla11••II. Cc,,,di.,,P,.,0"41•,.,..,.,,,om. /1,,cwria,"-ondc""-•l•IJ"ofo.rt,. Sofol•la1Ml••efC."l•"•iolD,,y,., Gelolcn.cl1101iagP9epatoldfa1hh,••ed -"· C:0•• o, _,ly 01 ,h,.. a..d ,1..., ~Mil el9kl. / w.·~•-11atdia,,...01 ..... budio ... CAINIVAl HOURS OlNNEl: HOURS J 10 a P.M.. Jto6P.M.. COMING SOON OINNEI $1.00 HOLY ROSARY BALL THIIO ANO WE.IOUI ST. K1 7 J s479.9s ii . MORE CONVENIENCE and MORE USABLE SPACE The ..Cold-M111 F,uhen.,.. and 'Package Ponlry -Conuenolher moil u1ed f•olur01 or• ••nl 1torage lo, pt• pockag•d placed where 1h11y are mo•• eo,. produn In ,pac• wailed ,n ,ly occeu,blc mony other ref,,gerato,1 Dependable For 45 Years WhyPut Up With It When You Can Have A 13 Cu. Ft. Kelvinator For Only a week More Usable Space More Convenient To Use AUTOMATIC DEFROSTING 100 lb. Frozen Storage "Cold-Mist Freshener" Breakfast Bar In Door • Portnblc Bottle Baskot Slide-Out Aluminum Shehes • "Package Pantry'' ONLY $4.99 A WEEK WHITE-MANN co. "Service Is Our Most Important Product" 5001 N. E. UNION at Alberta AT 1-2904 Open Monday and Friday Till 9:00 P. M. TllurNay, Hareh 28, 1959 Teenerama Hi there, Happy Hipsters! I ! Hove you heord the birds chirping nnd smelled the wonderful fragrance of the blooming nowcrs? Hipsters, it's o sure sign of spring. Yes, spring is the season of the year when the young men turn their foncies to love. So, girls, get in the groove ond catch your fellows. Spring vocation is over for many of you, but for the college students it is just beginning. There will be many parties and dances given in honor of the college students. And among them will be a Chalypso Dance sponsored by the Alpha Chi Club. The club will hold a Cholypso contest for each of the participating clubs: The Junior and Sen i or Debutontes, the Chorms, Delta Dreams. the Pearls. Lock and Key, and for Alpha Chi, and a queen will be elected from ench of them. It seems to me thnt this should be a pretty swinging affair. The dance will be held nt the YWCA , 6 N. Tillamook, on Saturday, March 28. Spring reached us on the 21st of this month and now that it is here. I know we will be making the best of it. Lots of us will be playing tennis, golfing, swimming, etc. There'll be lots of excitement end activities. Be careful and take care! This is Betty the Bopster being like a rose and coming to a close. Remember. send your comments and requests to me, Betty the Bopster. 930 N. E. Holland, or phone BU 9-0897. Thoughts of Lile by Robert Louis Tinsley EVENING MEDITATION To meditate When lights are low and eve is late Opens new portals unseen by day In an unblinding way. At eve when storm c1ouds take the skies Hearts tremble with fear, Only to rejoice at mom When the sun unveils the skies with brightness. -Robert Louis Tinsley The Oregon Association of Club Women will hold a carnival at Holy Rosary Hall, 3rd and Weidler St.. on Saturday, April 4. Carnival hours will be from 3 to 8 p.m. and dinner hours from 3 to 6 p.m. The public is invited. 0 0 0 Mey the Easter Bunny be good to ell the small fryers at your home and you, too. Until a newsy next week ... Just Sal. DAYLITE BASEMENT 3 Bdrm, JQ. 1-' Finished Porty Rm. OR 4th Bdrm. Attractive home, din. nn, ond eating space in kitchen. Frplc, FCB, oll AC pipe furn, gor. 3 blks to Jefferson Hi. OL -4-05-49 Henry F. English, Rltr, PR 5-6725 SELL IT! BUY IT RENT IT TRADE IT HIRE IT THRU THE WANT ADS * THE OREGON MIRROR IS THE PAPER ot1ono pa1hmo-u ou • rod at tho box office by tAI Lott year more people id la see ope,a than oil proslonol bascboll games, SMALLTOWN AMERICA Is ,e , placing Europe os spawnm II I ground far ope,o singers Of th I J Metrapollron Opera Company' 108 singers 60 hall from town liko Old Salem, Mou, an Cel111le, Texas. (1, MIiiion, of Amerlcan1-from hou10wlue1 to cowboys- houe grown to loue opera via rodlo. Mo,e people hear Te,mco', Met Opt110 b,ood- • ca,11 on CSS on a 1in9I• Sotu,day than could be ,ealad In lho worldfamous opera hou10 In l•n year1I