Northwest Clarion_1947-04-21

Sec. 56Z, P.L.&R. U. S. Postage Paid Po rtland, O re go n Permit No. 63Z Volume I Member of Associated Negro Press "HOW CAN I HEAR THE THINGS YOU SAY WHEN THE THINGS YOU DO KEEP THUNDERING IN MY EAR?" PORTLAND, OREGON, April 21, 1947 Otto G. Rutherford B33 He. Shaver st. Portland, ore. 97212 Ten Cents No. 31 Dahlia Temple No. 242 Holds Anniversary Sermon Seattle NAACP Drive Opens By Ann Morrison On Sunday fffternoon. April 13, at 3:00 P.M. Dahlia Temple No. Z4Z, Daughter Elks joined by Brother Elks of Billy West Lodge No. 1050 celebrated their anniversary with a sermon and program at Bethel A.M. E. church. The program opened by the lodg– ers singing the lodge opening song. A few remarks by the Daughter Ruler Johnnie McEvans; Prayer by Daughter M. Williams, chaplain; paper on The History of the Lodge by Daughter l\iarie Hayward; solo. hy Daughter Nannie 'Williams; re– marks by Past Deputy Brother L. Evans of Billy Webb Lodge 1050. Address by Dr. D. N. Unthank on Organizations and Their AdvAntages. Solo by Mrs. Alexander. Short His– tory on the Temple by Daughter Lulu Lee. Annual Anniversary S e r m o n preached by Rev. C. N. Austin Jr. Closing numher a poem, "That Old Clay Shrine of Mine". read by Daughter Edna Crump. PresentatiOn of check of apprecia– tion to Rev. C. N. Austin by Daugh– ter Lulu Lee. Mistress of Ceremonies, Daughter Cleo Jackson. Accompanist for the lodge was Mrs. Katherine Lambert. URBANLEAGUE EXECUTIVE IS TOBE SPEAKER On Tuesday, April ZZ, 8:00 P.M. Julius A. Thomas, Industrial Rela– tions Director of the National Ur– ban League, will address a public meeting at Bethel A .M.E. church– Corner of N. Larrabee and McMillen Streets. Mr. Thomas will speak on the topic "LIVE AND LET LIVE-The Em- Masonic Grand Lecturer in Portland NAACP Speaker in Portland April 18 Noah W. Griffin Addresses M~eting With one of the greatest member-~•>----------------- ================ Hon. Will W. Johnson, of Santa Mr. Noah W. Griffith, West Coast h' . . h h' f h Monica, Calif., Grand Lecturer of Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, of California Jurisdiction. spent Monday in Portland on of– ficial business connected with the or– der; he was the guest of Mr. Boyce Strain, vVorshipful Master of Excel– sior Lodge No. 23 of Portland. He Regional Director of the NAACP and s lp campmgns m t e lStory o t e nationally known character, will NAACP swinging into full blast speak in Portland at the Library Thursday night, the Kick-Off dinner Sunday. April 18, at 4 P.M. held at the First A.M.E. Church He is here for a national member– ship d1·ive. the goal is 1,000,000 mem– bers in the U.S. for 1947. Portland's quota is 1500. All are invited to be present. went to Spokane. \Vn.. Tuesday to visit with, and lecture to. the brothers there. also to McCloud. Calif., but URBAN LEAGUE NOTE: returned Thursday and was the Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Dotson guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Black- were formally presented to the public burn who entertained with a lovely at a reception Sunday, April 13, at dinner; as we go to press we were the Central Y. W. C. A. (Picture and not able to secure the list of the guest. story next issue). MUSIC LOVERS TO SHARE RARE TREAT IN HORTENSE LOVE Church and Pastor Presents Artist; Due Praise for Efforts resounded with eager enthusiasm Persons from all over the city filled the meeting place, showing the para– mount weight that the organization carries here in the Northwest. The principal speaker for the eve- ning was Noah VV. Griffin. West Coast Regional secretary, who came from San Francisco to attend the Kick-off dinner. In a special interview. Griffith stated that his primary interest tt the present time is to assist the branches in reaching their member– ship goals. In his address, Mr. Griffin pointed out that in the past the NAACP has LPen -consiJ:lPrC"d a .f'l'OtP t r,·g;,nlzc~·· tion, but this year the movement i~ launching out as a "program organi- zation." The present program plans There can be no doubt that the~>-::-~-------------- to set up to help achieve the passage music lovers of Seattle will thrill Slim Gaillard Trio I of a pennanent National FEPC bill. when the very charming Hortense At Orpheum Theat re both by supplying finance and work- Love will be presented to them at ers. the Moore theatre Monday night. The Nationally well known "Slim The Anti-Poll Tax bill and the May 5. This will be Miss Love's first Gaillard Trio" is in Portland this Anti-Lynch bill are the other two appearance in the Pacific Northwest; week and are now playing at the Or- objectives which remain in the fore– however. she has appeared on the pheum Theatre. Its the fit·st time that front of the NAACP program. Indi– coast previously in California, and these famous and popular entertain- cative of action that has already been was acclaimed one of the greatest. ers have been to Portland. taken along these lines is th~ appoint- The youthful artist is being pre- You will remember that they were ment of Clarence Mitchell as Labor sented locally by the People's Insti- previously booked for the Paramount Secretary for NAACP. Recently tutional Baptist church. it progress- theatJ·e as was advertised in the Clar- Mitchell has beoo. engaged in a fight ive pastor and his wife. Dr. and Mrs.' ion, March lOth issue. to prevent the enactment of labor F. 'vV. Penick. They are playing in "the picture crippling legislature. "Sweethearts of Sigma Chi" and they The nation wide campaign will started Tuesday, April 15. call for the recruiting of one million We are pleased to tell all of our readers and the public in general to be sure and see this splendid picture rnd hear this trio; they really steal the show, as the Gaillard Trio is the outstanding feature. The plot is well laid and all of the characters are splendid perform– ers. but, as aforesaid, its the Slim Gaillard Trio that steals the show. That's the "Big Hit". The Orpheum Theatre asks all to come out and see this show and sends members for this year. It is vitally necessary for every locality to reach their goal for membership, and in many cases go beyond, if the organi– zation is to be able to fight effectively for the National legislation that it is trying to get passed this year. The Seattle chapter has for a goal 3,000 members. This is nearly 65 per cent of the total membership required of the entire state. Washington state should have 4,600 members. Washington, Oregon. Utah, Cali– fornia, Nevada, Idaho. and Arizona. all belong to the West Coast Region which is incidentally the first of the five zones. · a special invitation to our group to see this picture and to enjoy the en– chanting and pleasing melodies of the trio. So tell your friends, and if they haven't heard of it be sure and tell The regional offices are located at 916 Kearney St. San Francisco. Calif. them to see the ad in this week's Mr. Griffin left the city Friday Clarion. morning. SSTARS THE FIVE ST AR FINAL committee of the P acific Dispatch whose names were withheld until the Easter Fashion Review was presented two weeks ago. They are, left to right: Mesdam~ Esther Ewing, H elen Krise[, O la Brown– ing, Jessie Shields, Sadie Stovall. The photo by Barrysmith Studios. ''Dance to Beat Cancer'' ll At Trianon, April 28th · By Norm Bobrow SEATTLE-Striking a big dollar blow at humanity's deadly enemy, Cancer, a 4% -hour all-city dance will be a major musical attraction of 1947 at the Trianon Ballroom, Monday, April 28. Combining the promotional efforts of every civic and social organization worth its salt in • Seattle, the big "Dance to Beat Teachers Enthused Cancer". v?ll be spear~eaded_ by As a Result of the Musicians Protective Umon, Local 493, AFL. whose mem- Driver Training hers' services are being donated, and the Lewis Ford Post and Auxiliary 289 VFW. '·Cancer can strike anybody". said Mus:cians' President Gerald ''Veils. "That's "hy it.; up to EVERYBODY Teachers have returned to high schools all over the state this week. filled with enthusiasm for the Ore– gon high school driver trammg course held the spotlight of the safety to striLe Car.cer when possible. section of the Oregon Education As- ''P.aising money is the only meam socintion conwntion held in Portland we han• at this stage of human his· last week. tory-ralSJng money for research which may some day defeat this com· mon ememy. Remembe1·. if we all buy tich.ets and sell ticket,; to this danct'. we'll raise more money The Traffic Safety Division of Sec– retary of State Robert S. Farrell Jr.. one of the leaders in originally writ– ing the course. assisted in presentirg the conYention program. Since the state first offered the HORTENSE LOVE FASHION COMMITTEE WORKING against cancer than any other en•n' . El!thusiasm has increased great;y in Su;ttle l1as n:ised so far this year.·· I ~::::'s t~:mi:;n~~n=e:~ty.ofDo~~~~ I OU'TDETAILS FOR CLARION SHOW CE~~t-~~l~d~o r~~e~:n~;LCo=!~~ ~~"~~~~tc~~r~e t;e::~ ;i;~v s~~~~~:n~: 1 1ess this will _be_ one of the _best tes~s · In ~ddition to the services of the j have come up locally whic; te~d to l of the appreCiatiOn of genume mus1c I musJnons. the Tnanon has been do-· blAck or delay 1ts use. Too .ew ceach- . lovers locally as Miss Love comes Monday night last, the staff of the lems that were presented. nated, and Publications Press. one of I <'rs. not enough space, n o equipment. Nation Over.'' Mr. Thomas Will without any other message. or roo- Northwest Clarion met with the com- Several models were present and Seat.!C''s foremost printing establish- and little room in the over-all cm-ri– spend three days in Portland follow- tive other than that of true art an d mittee on arran gements to perfect the names of others who were not ments. has donated ever-y piece of culum have been the main :>bstachs ina a speaking engagement at the 1 d k 1 fi 1 d ·1 f h h · d " cu ture. an wor out t 1e ma etm s or t e able to be present were listed. advertising materiaL T e conventiOn program was .~- National Conference of Social Work b h ld in San Francisco. As director of the industrial relationl program from the New York office of the League. he Those who sponsor such program~ Fashion Show which will e e The committee recommended and Wells announced further that seven signed to tell ho·w these problems to an appreciative. and receptive pub- Sunday, May 11, 1947 (Mother's directed that they woUld have anoth- big bands and small instrumentai have been successfully answered hy lie are to be commended as contrib- Day), 3 P.M.. in the Benson High cr committee meeting. Monday night. combos numbering 77 entertainers in different schools. uting greatly to the social wealth of School Auditorium. The meeting was all. will "keep the Trianon J-umping Hiram Smith, Salem high school. 1 April 21, at 7:15 P.M. The meeting will spend this trip to survey the post- our community an d deserve the sup- at the residence of Mr. Rude ph with the greatest concentration ot was elected chairman of the educa- N S 3 n N R A will be at the home of Mr. and Mrs. · · , f war employment picture among e- port of every colored person in thf' pencer, 1 1"' . oss ve. modern dance music ever put togeth- tion assoc1at10n s sa ety section. A t- grO('s in the Northwest and confer attendance of such. There is not a The committee discussed several Arth•Ir Cox, Z736 N.E. Rodney Ave. er in our area." tendance at the section was the larg- (Continued on page 2) 1 (Continued on page 7) matters and ironed out several prob- (Con tinued on page 5) (Continued on page 8) est on record.