Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 9 No. 2 | Summer 1987 (Portland) /// Issue 34 of 41 /// Master# 34 of 73

One day, home alone and ha lf drunk, I happened to drop my bottle. Try as I might, I simply could not reach the bottle. I became so upset I began to break down. I began screaming and didn’t care who heard me. I was sofrustrated I began screaming at God, who I didn’t even believe in. A s I raved I fe l t the anguish o f my entire life. I cried a deep and cleansing cry, like a child. A t the same time I fe l t strangely comforted. From that time till now I have not wanted a drink. I rolled to the telephone and calledfo r help. X PRAUk BECAUSE Toti $HT* X DRANK SEcAUSt I WAVE AH ELECTRIC T- me . uu .MACHINE ATTACHED IT JTo BACV: WHKH HE TO i >/ In treatment I learned that it was alcoholism that made me drink, not my difficult life experiences. . . Tm not sure what caused my alcoholism, but I think heredity played a role in it. Though I am sober, my basic personality has not changed. A nd I found a new way o f living which really works. . . even in tough times. Clinton St. Quarterly—Summer, 1987 39