Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 9 No. 2 | Summer 1987 (Portland) /// Issue 34 of 41 /// Master# 34 of 73

Personalized Popcorn Pails Custom designed and filled w ith you r choice o f over 20 flavors o f popcorn. Come in and TASTE for vourself. Our factory and showroom are located at 340 SE 7th, Portland, Oregon 97214 234-0576 At Poppers Supply Company we have ex wanted to know about popcorn in a kernel Corrective Therapist Certified INTUITIVE •CARING JEFFERSON KINCAID BY APPO INTMENT ONLY (503) 281 -9019 2926 NE FLANDERS Carl Leusenkamp. Mesa. Arizona 1984 US Olympic Bicycle Team Coach Current National Cycling Team Coach for Track Racing "M y table has been around the w or ld a number o f times, ten to fifteen sessions a day are not uncommon. Other tables we have used jus t fall apart. I highly recommend a Robert Hunter table. It's BUILT to LAST." Quality is Contagious Est. 1979 W rite or Call fo r free brochure: 1104 NE 28th • Portland, OR 97232 503-249-0847 38 Clinton St. Quarterly—Summer, 1987 e rv th ing you've always A X CP% Christine Payne-Towler Astrology, Tarot & Trance Work • Orientation & Goal Setting • Family Integration • Personal Evaluation • Group & Private Instruction Ongoing Al 234-0329 A restored hot springs resort 60 miles east o f Salem on the Breitenbush River. RETREATS: $30-$40/person/day includes cabin accommodations. Vegetarian meals, hot springs, nearby old-growth forest. CONFERENCES A Community of Healers: Gathering to Re-Create Reality — Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet. — July 12-19 Joint Forces Summer Workshop — July 26-August 2. Beginning Trager Training — July 27-August 2. Exploring the Heart of Emptyness, Ram Dass — August 4-13. Women s Vipassana Retreat — September 11-16. California School of Herbal Studies — September 18-20. (Please send for our complete schedule) “BREITENBUSH: A CONCERT TO SAVE THE FOREST" - Proceeds from sales o f these tapes will go to the Old-Growth Forest Legal Defense Fund. Breitenbush and ONRC are involved in a lawsuit to stop the Forest Service from cutting the remaining unroaded forest on Devil’s Ridge. We need your help! To order the double cassette, send $15.00 plus $2.00 postage to Breitenbush Community. Reservations necessary. For information &registration, please contact: BREITENBUSH P.O. Box 578, Detroit OR 97342 503- 854-3501, 854-3314