Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 3 No. 2 Summer 1981

by the way? It’s not protruding at all. I look very healthy, don’t you think? CSQ: Have any of the traditional country singers like Johnny Cash ever heard your songs? Jeffrey: Yes. Yes. They think they’re horrible. CSQ: Do they really? Jeffrey: Of course.... But there is a problem out there with the everyday listener, and the people who buy your schmaltzy songs, which I just adore, but there’s also another market that don’t pay any attention to the products that back the industry on the AM and FM radios like your rollons or your chili cook offs and all that kind of shit. They have no use for our kind of music in that realm, but also there are people that love to go out and hear it. That’s why I think we are destined to stay playing live do when you get there.... But as far as what goes on in the future, it’s yet to be seen. I’m quite interested in keeping working, and I want to play with the boys I play with now, and I want to hang around with the people I hang around with now. I couldn’t be happier, you know. I act like a sad sack all the time. That’s just because.. .well, that’s my secret. That’s how I talk people into pitying me, you know, but actually I feel just fine, and everybody feels real fine with our music. And we like our music. We love each other; all of us do, and there’s not a sane son of a bitch in the whole band, you know. A lot of them act like they are. And we got so many kids, and we got so many people that... we just got to make a major thrust, try to do something. I have to say it, but the fun might be Multnomah Monthly Magazine Portland’s New, Deluxe Tabloid featuring,: Humor: both written & drawn is seeking, submissions! Interested? Call: 239-6812 or mail samples to: Multnomah Monthly Magazine 3036 S. E. 33rd Avenue Portland. Oregon 97202 Latvian Wedding “They hired us through somebody to play at a Latvian wedding. This woman sat right in front. She was 90 years old and the grandmother of the girl who was getting married. This old woman sat there for hours and hours, and Weber ate too much and threw up all over himself. The bride’s mother cleaned it up... we had a roast beef fight... everybody got wedding cake all over their face. We were having the time of our lives breaking open all their champagne, and the entire wedding party was sitting over in the corner all by themselves. They weren’t dancing or anything. All the other people were dancing. So I walked over to this lady and she had been sitting there for four hours listening to us scream and holler and carry on and everything. I went over to tell her how much I enjoyed this breaking the age barrier for the over 70 bunch because she just sat there, and was having a big time. I went over to say thank you to her, and she was dead. I thought she was enjoying the damn show. . . . She’d gone... onto her great reward.’’ Greek Wines (^M editerranean an unusual place featuring Greek Olives Spanakopita Dolmades Souvlaki Tyrobita Open for Lunch at 11:00 a.m. Saturday night ■Belly dancing Wed. night is poetry night—host Walt Curtis W. Burnside 222-1507 for the people. I mean, our records don’t sell that bad. Like, what the hell good is a horse without four good hooves? CSQ: Who could manage you? Jeffrey: Do you want me to say Reverend Moon? Somebody with a flair for business.... CSQ: If I had a dime and I could get any promoter or any agent on the line.. . . Jeffrey: Who would I call? CSQ: Yeah. Jeffrey: I’d call my mother. She’d probably have a heart attack. I don’t know. I really don’t know. That’s not in my league. I’ve probably got standing right behind me whenever we play, the most competent and inventive musicians in the United States of America, at least some of them, anyway. I’m not the kind of guy that goes to people like that unless I was going to crawl in their back window and see what their TV looked like and lower it out by a rope. We do play country music and we do play rock and roll... but you know what types of music that is... seven guys in a broken-down station wagon heading for a $75 gig. That’s country music, and rock and roll is what you Moicy’s critical acclaim, except for some starlit nights at the Armadillo in Austin, was just another trip on a deteriorating Greyhound bus. With no backing from their namesake label, the “best fuckin’ album of the year” was heard by almost no one and they came back to the same old use to be’s. The band was burned out, and everyone needed a break from each other. The front men had to face the fact that the cover of Rolling Stone had passed them by...Steve got worse, and Jeffrey inherited many of his predecessor’s undesirable tastes. over. We might have to go to work for a while. For ages we have been playing for money and you can see how much I got. I tipped the waitress 22d and that fell out of my rear pocket. But I don’t think we’ve ever put on a bad show. Sometimes they’re not what people come out to see. They’re always different; there’s entertainment there to be had. CSQ: It’s my contention that half the folks showed up for the music, and the other half showed up to see what would happen. Jeffrey: It’s true they would come to see who would throw up on what and all that. But that give us a bad name in a lot of places. A lot of people couldn’t handle it. They don’t think that we can hold it together long enough. They don’t think that we can cover a four-hour show. But you know better than that lately here. So what I would suggest is that the next time we are playing with the whole band you should come see us and have that be the tonic for your mixer. Les Clams will be at Tippers Sunday, July 12 and at Luis La Bamba's Sunday, July 19. No one was writing new tunes. They played much better out of town where they couldn’t indulge their excesses. Yet their Portland fans turned out in record numbers, until even the most loyal camp followers began having doubts. By 1978, there was little left. The band appeared moribund. It took St. Paddy himself to rid them of a host of demons, when this March 17 a seemingly born-again Jeffrey Frederick suddenly arose out of the Nevada desert. It now appears that a new, improved modal called Les Clams might be on the road again. escentiol lotions ond oils Over 70 Escential Perfume Oils • Specializing in custom scents • Fine skin and hair products • Soaps at prices you can afford Tues-Sat 10-5:30 727 N.W. 21st Ave. Portland, Oregon 97209 248-9748 For hamburgers m & homemade desserts 33 NW 23rd Pl 223-0287 Mon-Fri 8:00-7:00 Sat 8:00-4:00 Sun 9:00-1:00 FOOTHILL Clinton St. Quarterly 33