Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 3 No. 2 Summer 1981

CLINTON ST. QUARTERLY YOUR CLINTON STREET SCHEDU Francois Truffaut's (The nature of the business sometimes necessitates changes in the schedule, so please check the daily paper or give us a call before coming.) ’ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE Best Foreign Film n l ' S s Da '- the? W lth Caprine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu July 8-14 Only $1.50 Two Great Peter O’Toole Performances Stuntman The Ruling Class July 15-21 Glenda Jackson & Richard Chamberlain in Ken Russell’s The Music Lovers Glenda Jackson & Peter Finch Sunday Bloody Sunday —Richard Freedman, Newhouse Newspapers “This year’s *My Brilliant Career’. Sensitive, y * intelligent and gorgeously filmed.’’—css July 29-August 4 Henry Fonda in John Ford’s The Grapes of Wrath Richard Pryor & Harvey Keitel Blue Collar Future Attractions Atlantic City Confidence July 22-28 Two by Truffaut Catherine Deneuve & Gerard Depardieu The Last Metro Jean Paul Belmondo & Catherine Deneuve Mississippi Mermaid 9:00 7:00 August 26-Sept. 2 Two A ussie Hits Caddie & Getting Wisdom (Times to be announced) Rocky Horror Fri., Sat., Sun., Midnite 7:00 9:00 7:00 9:20 6:45 “A MARVELOUS FILM! —Rex Reed, Syndicated Columnist WINNER OF 4 AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY AWARDS including BEST ACTRESS 8:40 STUNTMAN j BULK RATE U.S. POSTAGE PAID ► PORTLAND, OR Permit No. 221 T QJDDIL '■^7 ...a true story THE VBEST REVIEWS OF THE YEAR! SO BREATHTAKINGLY NEW, IT LITERALLY DEFIES DESCRIPTION. A triumph conjured by an alchemist.” -Rona Barren “ DARING AND HILARIOUS - R,chardsch^i Time Magazine SUBSCRIBE! If we had been a bit more presumptuous, “Get Up Stand Up Don’t Give Up The Fight” could have been the founding anthem for the Clinton St. Quarterly. In the era of lowered expectations we decided that a 48-page tabloid which featured the most exciting minds, controversial writers, and talented artists was just what Portland needed Rather than pander to the lowest common denominator, we decided to take the higher ground. The growth of CSQ is clear indication that our faith was justified. If you would like to support the best journalism in the NW(winner of six award from the national fraternity of journalism) please send in your subscription today. $5 gets you 5 passes to the Clinton St. Theater plus a year’s subscription to the CSQ. Send to CSQ 2522 SE Clinton Portland, Oregon 97202 Name _____________ ____________________________________________________________________________ A d d ress____ ____ _______________________________________________________________________________ C ity ----------------------------------------------------------------------- S ta te Zip Illustration by Steve Blackburn