Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 7 No. 1 | Spring 1985

GENERAL LEDGERACCOUNTING Our Computerized Service Responds to YOUR NEEDS. • Tailor-Made Financial Statements • Proven System Used by CPA’s • Accounting and System Consultants • Do-It-Yourself Options We also offer the BEST in Mail Management Services. CALL OR WRITE TODAY GLICK ASSOCIATES, INC. 1923 NW Kearney Portland, OR 97209 (503) 224-6423 Oregon Public Broadcasting takes pleasure in announcing that The Law Firm of SANDERS, DIXON, NICHOLLS SIEGEL & FRIEDMAN have underwritten the award-winning radio series ALL THINGS CONSIDERED on the radio stations of Oregon Public Broadcasting KOAP-FM 91.5 KOAC-AM 550 1020 S. W. TAYLOR STREET SUITE 430 PORTLAND. OREGON 97205 (503) 242-1440 ANP WIN A FAIR ANWNT OF JI M m n u t> a ILL ANOTH NO TO CyO THROUGH LIFE LOST IN THE UNABLE TO TELL YMRSELF FROM THE PERSON f\ A/) • __ $ET OF PENGUIN FARS OR A FUU.-DW REFPI6En.AT0R. COSTUME, VOU'LL APPREClATE THE COMPLIMENTS THAT COME YOUR. WAY I ‘Aw W T OUR MfAH-OAF EXHIBIT AT THS TOKYO FAIR. YOU MAM WIM A A AMP r£Ha t - i s r ' MUTOH, A SUCC€ttFUL- STOCKSROKE F\J WATC+4E3 THE Z>AYTOMA 5^00 6ARBa> AS A STUFFeP RW^O. pf^E^Eo ’ CUCUMPSK SINCE OF IVS~6j UAINB FOWCAT oP WLCO. 'ONG /UAND.^/'VE CSKTAIHLY . MY fMRB OF KUPO// " Clinton St. Quarterly 35