Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 7 No. 1 | Spring 1985

YOU TOO CAN JOIN THE Northwest Portland Attorney at Law K. William Gibson 2066 N.W. Irving • Suite 2 241-8475 • Personal Injury • Social Security • Bankruptcy • Contracts/Real Estate • Driving Under the Influence • Criminal • Wills & Probate • Small Business/Corporations Call 241-8475 for appointment fees, or other concerns. Free case evaluation. WANTED: GRAPHIC ARTIST Envious of Ed Blatter or the Clinton St. editors because they have “their own” magazine? Looking for artist to take over production of monthly. 40-45 hrs. per mo. Must be exp. in news & ad layout & production. Bold, clean graphics. Must already have primary source of income. This is a labor of love. Some $ and fringes +. Send resume, samples to 1410 SE Belmont #307, Ptld. 97214. WORLD MUSIC ALL YEAR ’ROUND PORTLAND’S FOLK CLUB Served from Midday ’til Midnight LARGE SELECTION OF IMPORTS 727 E. BURNSIDE — 236-6900 Stop by for Lunch Homemade Soup, Hearty Sandwiches and Salad • DELICATESSEN •SPECIALTY FOODS •IMPORTED BEER •FINE WINES Mon-Fri 8:30-6:00 Sat 8:30-3:00 7901 S.E. Stark 253-9436 THE MONTAVILLA BAKERY A HEW FULL SERVICE BAKERY FEATURING: * Authentic Scandinavian Pastry * Big Muffins & Cookies ★ Coffee Cakes & Breads * Sprouted & Whole Grain Breads * Coffee COME IN AND ENJOY! 7831 S.E. Stark Clinton The -Clinton St. Quarterly is entering it’s 7th year with this issue. Over the years, it’s evolved into the Pacific Northwest’s premiere independent publication, filled to the brim with humor, art, fiction and politics. We've run the work of acclaimed national and international writers, and a veritable who’s who of regional talent, both writers and artists. In that time we’ve won dozens of awards for our visuals and our writing, and have been compared favorably to such national publications as Rolling Stone, The Atlantic and the National Lampoon. That’s pretty diverse company, but it's probably a fair description of our eclectic style and content. Through the years we have successfully avoided falling into any category, except perhaps our own. We now print a total of 50,000 copies in Oregon and Washington editions which are circulated widely in the two states. In the last issue we asked you, our readers and supporters, to “Join with Us In Making Publishing History!” We announced the creation of the Clinton 500, a distinguished group of individuals and organizations which would support our efforts by pledging $100 each. The response to date has been most gratifying. Over 250 pledges have been received, from fellow publishers, from elected officials, but most importantly, from dozens of individuals, many of whom had never given $100 to any non-profit organization in their lives. Some wrote out a check for $100 and sent it off; others are paying it off in chunks. Either way is much appreciated. “Sophisticated. Aesthetic. Satirical, lyrical, literary, eclectic. It’s Rolling Stone, Atlantic Monthly and National Lampoon. ” “ The Business Journal, November 12, 1984 Just how will that money be used, you might wonder. A little history is probably in order. The Clinton St. Quarterly has been produced by basically the same team for nearly five years. Each of the editors has an area of personal responsibility, though we jointly agree on the material we publish. Though the CSQ is and always has been a labor of love, it has also been a business. We are devoting considerable time and resources to improving our business structure, building our subscription base and increasing our circulation. To maintain long-term growth and profitability, the CSQ must expand into a larger market, where 100,000 press runs and the higher ad revenue that implies are feasible. We are currently developing a third edition for Northern California, and hope to begin publishing it early next year. With the move into the Bay Area, we have the potential to become the magazine of our wildest imagination, all while remaining headquartered in the city that has nurtured us. We ask you to consider pledging toward our sustained growth. Your donation is tax deductible. Because we take controversial positions and hew to no party line, we cannot depend on massive financing from the powers that be. We need the support of our readers. Members of the Clinton 500 automatically become lifetime subscribers. Don’t delay in helping us make publishing history. Thanks for your support. The Clinton 500 Pledge | I want to be a member of the Clinton 500.1pledge to contribute | $100. I Name Phone I ________________________________________ Address State Zip । □ Contact me to talk further about this ■ Pleasereturn to Clinton St. Quarterly, Box3588, Portland, OR97208. Thankyou.