Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 7 No. 1 | Spring 1985

when Josie can’t change fast enough, can’t see her way clear to a new synthesis. At such moments of disjuncture— clearly intentional—between Langer and Herbst, the relationship between the '60s and the ’30s flies amazingly into focus. So too, then, the relationship between the larger tradition of American radicalism and its inevitable future. This dynamic projection, so central to Josephine Herbst, never could have happened had Langer left herself out of her own book. With Langer in the book, the past is assimilated and the future begins right after the last page. The same thing happens with Mason in his book Chickenhawk and Bain in Sitting in Darkness. In each case the author’s actual identity coincides with the narrator’s point of view and the authenticity matters in a way that can’t happen in a novel. Without the helicopter pilot, the conscientious objector, or the radical intellectual as narrators, the '60s war, or the turn-of-the-century war, or the radicalism of the '30s would languish in the past. With their narrators visible, these non-fiction books are cathartic in ways formerly associated with great novels: They assail unassailable pasts, break up emotional and intellectual logjams, imply the future. Whether the novel will ever do as much with the themes of the past two decades is anybody’s guess. Penny Allen is the CSQ’s writer in residence in Central Oregon. FILM SCHEDULE Stephen Leflar is a multiple-awardwinning artist for his work in the CSQ. He lives in Portland. Sunday Movies Sundays 8:30 PM 3/24 Remember My Name 3/31 Talk of the Town 4/7 Body & Soul 4/14 Picnic 4/21 Man in the Cocked Hat 4/28 Dead Reckoning 5/5 Devil and Miss Jones 5/12 To Be or Not To Be 5/19 Framed LLLtLULEV LLLtLLLE 916 NW 21 st PORTLAND, OREGON 37210 PHONE (503) 24B-9142 MATT LABADIE 2601 Northwest Vaughn Street Portland, Oregon 97210 s 223-3302 z BOOKS • RECORDS • CASSETTES ■ MUSIC FOR THE NEW AGE... NIAf PovtlAnri ■^1 ww ■ V ■ lilO I Bwl ARTICHOKE MUSIC g 111 N.W. 21st Ave. - Portland, OR. 97209 • 248 03 56 □ Open: 10:30 6:00 Mon. Sat. | . . .at Artichoke Music. Come sample our worldly selection of records and tapes. .All Windham Hill titles — still onlv $8.00. THURMAN STREET BOOKSELLER • used • rare fine books bought • sold • exchanged 2389 nv) thurman 241-1344 12-6 seien days ELLEN'S FLOWED CADT CORNER of 21 st & NW KEARNEY Flowers for LOVE AFFAIQS. PDOMS WEDDINGS AND INF1DMATIES Boutonnieres and Corsages made to order 2 2 4 - 0 4 1 4 ANNE HUGHES GUEST HOUSE 2482 N.W. MARSHA LL. ST . PORTLAND, OREGON 972 10 (503) 227-4440 Westover Wools Basketry ■ Dying Weaving ■ Knitting Supplies • Basketry • Reed, Raffia, Hoops • Dyes • Cushing, Procion • Knitting & Weaving Wools, Cottons, Linens Silks and Rayons Class Schedule Available Westover WCXJIS 2390 N.W. Thurman Portland, OR 97210 (503) 227-0134 • Store Hours • M-F 10-5:30 Sat 10-5:00 30 Clinton St. Quarterly