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VOL. 6, NO. 1 SPRING 1984 Staff (Above) The Official Screwdriver o f the 1984 Olympics. Contents Co-Editors Peggy Lindquist David MiIhoiIand Jim Blashfield Lenny Dee Design and Production Jim Blashfield Production Assistant David Milholland Camerawork Paul Diener Ad Production Peggy Lindquist Stacey Fletcher Beverly Wong Ad Sales — Portland Lenny Dee Sandy Wallsmith • Lisa Raven Anne Hughes Ad Sales — Eugene Laurie McClain Ellen Adler Tim Jordan Ad Sales — Seattle Linda Ballantine Danny O'Brien Proofreaders Stan Sitnick Theresa Marquez Betty Smith Steve Cackley Contributing Artists Claudia Cave Kate Gawf T. 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The flowers are up, poking their perky heads triumphantly through the new linoleum on the kitchen floor! A riot of color! A Renaissance of nature! The Royal Order of Starfish is out in force too with the coming of the Spring months. Relentlessly cheerful, backed with big money from Taiwan, they become fixtures in every neighborhood in America, their gaily colored banners and brightly decorated donation envelopes reminding us that winter is over. ‘‘It’s Spring,” they cry. “Time to get echino- dermic!" Old William down the street is out in his yard enjoying the balmy day, conscientiously spraying the dandelions with gallon after gallon of Agent Orange, thanking his lucky stars for the modern conveniences that have made gardening a pleasure. William’s little dog Pepper barks when he sees the Starfishians coming. He knows that they have treats for him: little biscuits made from pulverized wheat germ and Karo syrup, wrapped in tiny ribbons. One year Pepper choked on a ribbon and had to be taken to the veterinary clinic where he inadvertently received the first heart transplant ever given to a Cocker Spaniel. Spring! The bears at the zoo are stirring! Yawning and stretching after their long winter’s sleep, they bound exuberantly out into the main display arena, ready for a wake-up swim. They dive headfirst into the cast-concrete pool, still filled with last fall’s construction equipment. Three are in serious condition. Ah, Spring! The heart fairly bursts with renewed thoughts of love, however indiscriminate and ill-considered. Spring! Only 272 shopping days left until Christmas! Spring! Spring! Dare thee call thyself by any other name? JB Name_____________ :__________________ i_________________________________________________________ Address __ ______.____________ ;___________ C ity S ta te___________ Zip You know, I think I'll send a subscription to a friend too — I’m feeling guilty today. Name_________________________________________________________________________________________ Address C ity State Zip From __ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Send the 2 free passes to: them □ me □ Mail to: 1520 Western Ave., Seattle, WA 98101 Can you imagine living in a democracy with one-third of its votingage populace unable to read a newspaper editorial. . . where over 60 million adults cannot read the antidote labels on a bottle of kitchen cleaner . . . where most citizens have to depend on 30-sec- ond television blips to understand this complex planet? Well, you do. The same good old U.S.A, which prides itself on being No. 1 is ranked 49th in the world in literacy, behind such “backward" nations as China, Cuba and Nicaragua. It is no wonder that we get such charlatans in office when so many cannot measure this year’s promises against last year’s shrewd betrayals. The current Reagan reading program budget allocates 90 cents per illiterate adult annually. It seems true that if 60 million poor white, black and Hispanic Americans were empowered to have access to the written word, chose to vote, and voted in their self-interest, they would certainly not vote for Ronald Reagan. It is quite understandable that a President ruling over a subjugated population is unlikely to make efforts to improve those who will vote against him. Unfortunately, the Democrats, with the noble exception of Jesse Jackson, have YOU COULD BE READING THE CLINTON ST. QUARTERLY IN HAWAN! Although, of course, it's not very likely. Certainly we have no way of sending you there. Then again, who cares? What's there, anyway — a bunch of volcanoes, fish that would just as soon eat you as look at you, blazing heat almost guaranteed to bring on sun stroke. Big deal. Who needs it? We prefer the soothing rains and bleak overcast skies of the great Pacific Northwest. Less glare. Much better for reading. And what better publication to read than the Clinton St. Quarterly, the Northwest's multiple-award-winning journal of fiction, commentary, humor, and snazzy graphics. Join the growing armada of CSQ subscribers today! We insist on this. Best to do it right this second. OK. Enclosed is a paltry $5 for four issues. I could lose that much money down in the couch and not even notice it. P ho to by D on H ud so n Cover Jim Blashfield Sub in the City Leanne Grabel 4 The Family House John Bennett 8 Ethical Investing Joe Kane 11 At the Corner Store Mary Robben 16 Life on the Streets Salvadorans in Seattle Michael Daley 19 Sex Education David Romtvedt 22 A Bitter Fog Carol Van Strum 27 Long Season Without Rain Sharon Lynn Pugh 28 also failed to see it in their self-interest to empower this disenfranchised group. Could it be that it is in neither party’s interest to educate this slumbering populace? If the Democrats are truly the party interested in the welfare of all the people, as they surely will claim this November, then they must begin the call for universal literacy. Wouldn’t it be exciting to think of America as a giant university? To fail to do so will further a gap as dangerous as any Pentagon fantasy. LD Clinton St. Quarterly 3