Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 6 No. 1 | Spring 1984 (Seattle) /// Issue 7 of 24 /// Master# 55 of 73

futons • blankets • cushions flannel sheets • tatami mats bed frames • pillows unfoldings 2107 N. 34th Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 634-0630 It/lVIVERSITY CIVET14S 10 U-WAY N.E. 5 2 4 -1 0 1 '0 ^— ^ “A MASTERPIECE TO BE TREASURED AND ENJOYED!” A Film by KRZYSZTOF ZANUSSI 2 Clinton St. Quarterly (no monthly dues) GET Three or Six Months FREE w ith pu rch a se o f ONE- o r TWO -yea r m em b e rs h ip exp ire s 4/15/84 North End: 13555 Aurora Ave N (137th & Aurora) 364-9944 Downtown: 2306 6th Ave (6th & Bell) 223-0480 r Special Trade-In: If you have an active membership with any fitness club or spa, bring it to Nautilus Northwest and receive extra time on your new one-year membership at Nautilus Northwest. Drop by for more details. Aerobics • Day Care Free Weights Jacuzzi ■Sauna Individualized exercise programs Tanning memberships Free Parking NAUTILUS NORTHWEST OMNIBUS IHAll R RESIGN IP RESENTS C M NII :SERVIGE TRADE MARK k Complete Self Image FEMURINGi DESIGNER CUTS SHAMPOO SETS AIR WAVES BLOW DRY CLIPPER CUTS PERMANENT WAVES CO LOR ING FROSTING CELLOPHANES HENNAS FRENCH BRAIDS JERI CURLS c HAIR RELAXING ► ► ► ► ► ► SEN IO R RATES Studio!! FACIAL WAXING BODY WAXING FACIAL MAKEUP COMB OUTS BROW TINTS M AN ICURES PED IC URES BEARD TRIM EAR PIERCING SINGLE PERM RODS IND IV ID U A L IZ E D EYELASHES DESIGNER WIG STYLING MENS HA IR PIECES ON SUNDAYS < -< x < < x x x x ► > ► ► STUDENT RATES THURSDAY and FRIDAY NIGHTS x ► ► ► ► ► ► CAB DR IVER RATES 7 N IG H T S A W E E K x x x OMN IBUS HA IR RESIGN 1004 AlkDISON RHONE SEATTLE. W O GS2-0T®0 98104 OREN TRAYS 8:OOTO9:OO