Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 6 No. 3 | Fall 1984 (Seattle) /// Issue of 24 /// Master# 57 of 73

Drawing by Susan Gofstein MAN i - 11 m A * - ^u ~ j,* » - •;■« » M B »4; S&& ■ Be a man — that is the first and last rule of the greatest success in life. Saturday Evening Post, 1905 You have many contacts Among the lumberjacks To get you facts When someone attacks Your imagination. Bob Dylan 1 don 'tknow exactly how it happened, butsomewhere in between 7thand8thgrade. Hostm y knowhow. Considering the timeframe. / assume it was a bad reaction to puberty. And all thatpuberty implied. I didnot catch on rathe adaptationprocess, andcouldnot sail right into the next phase o f life: budding wom anhood.! got C//nton St Quarter/y caught flailing... in the rapids. The childhood phase was a cruise. I had two best friends, Mary and Billy, and the three of us knew how to have fun. We were the quickest runners, best hitters, most effective hiders, and earliest risers on the block. That Billy was a boy had absolutely nothing to do with anything that touched our triumphant world. Then puberty slid in. And SHOOBOP,