Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 6 No. 3 | Fall 1984 (Seattle) /// Issue of 24 /// Master# 57 of 73

"The must-see of late summer...Genevieve Bujold, Keith Carradine and Lesley Ann Warren all give oscar-size performances in this very stylish, very sexy, very funny comedy." William Arnold, Seattle PI * * * * Highest Rating "CHOOSE ME is one of the major events of the film year-a very sexy, very funny look at the kinkier quirks of modern romance. The ensemble cast is terrific." Jim Emerson, Seattle Times R N K \N ill [ \ ) s |\ A < l IVI Genevieve Keith Lesley Ann Bujold Carradine Warren GENEVI EVI BUJOi O • KEI I H CARRADI NE • EESEEY ANN WARREN - RAE DAWN CHONG- PAI REEi BAOCHAD SONGS PERFORMED OY EEODY PENDERGRASS E O T I V I PRODOCERS SHEP GORDON ANO CHRI S RLACKWEl l OI RECEOH 01 PHOI OGRAPHY JAN KI ESSER PRODUCED BY CAROEYN PEEI HER ANO DAVI D BLOCKER WRITI EN ANO DI RECI f 0 OY AIAN RDOOEPH AN ISLAND AUVE RE ASE * K» HO* WIN W CW THE EGYPTIAN PINE & HARVARD 32EGYPT______ HAVE WE GOT A SCHEME FOR YOU! Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? We've come up with a terrific way for you to win the hearts of others and to line your pockets at the same time. Sound appealing? Subscribe to the Clinton St. Quarterly, the Northwest's multiple award winning journal of humor, commentary, fiction, politics and eyeball snagging graphics. We'll send you a year's subscription (4 Issues) and two free passes to The Egyptian. For each subscription you send to a friend, we'll send them 4 Issues and you (or them) two more movie passes. Don't pass up this opportunity to experience greed and altruism at the same time. Subscribe today. Enclose $5.00 for every subscription (4 issues). Mall to: Clinton St. Quarterly 1520 Western Avenue Tot name__________________________ address_______ ________________ city state______ Send fO me □ them) the tickets. From: name________________________ — address________________ _ _______ city state_______ BULK RATE U.S. POSTAGE PAID PORTLAND, OR Permit No. 2211 Seattle, WA 98101 □ subscription for you? CLINTON ST.