Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 6 No. 3 | Fall 1984 (Seattle) /// Issue of 24 /// Master# 57 of 73

FALL THEATER SCHEDULE 1984 September 19th - 29th A PERFECT RELATIONSHIP by Doric WHson. For, by and about gay people. New City’s ongoing program to support gay theater in Seattle. Tickets $5. October 17th - November 12th THE TOOTH OF CRIME by Sam Shepard and THE VIENNA NOTES by Richard Nelson. Two shows in repertory on alternating evenings. Tickets $5.50 November 15th - 25th KRAPPS LAST TAPE, ACT WITHOUT WORDS II, and NOT I An evening of one-act plays by Samuel Beckett Tickets $5.50 THE NEW CITY THEATER 1634 11th AVE. CAPITOL HILL 323-6800 - reservations a non-profit theater since 1977 ^00^ J SOARING HEART Buying a bed is not like buying a car or a boat or a coat. It is something with which you are having an intimate affair—an intimate affair which represents a full one-third of your lifetime. And it's a third of your life you can take complete charge of. If you're seriously considering buying a futon, we at Soaring Heart Futon feel that taking a little time to explore this ancient art of the futon is your first wise investment. Call or go by Seattle's futon companies; ask questions; lie down and consider a third of your life.. Then, fully apprised, make your next wise investment. Japanese Manufactured Version (polyester and foam) I. Shiga's One World Shop 4306 University Way NE 633-2400 2. Uwajimaya 6th S and S King 624-6248 American Version (raw cotton) 3. Northwest Futon 516 15th Ave. E 323-0936 4. Unfoldings 2107 N 34th 634-0630 Traditional Japanese Version (raw cotton) 5. Soaring Heart Futon 101 Nickerson St. "Suite 400" 282-1717 282-1740 Why have we taken the time to tell you this? Because we feel that the more you know about something, the more you can appreciate it; and the more you appreciate it, the more it will appreciate you. 2 Clinton St. Quarterly