Communication Beginnings: An Introductory Listening and Speaking Text for English Language Learners

Script and Answer Key 91 Sara: Well, I like traveling to ____ foreign ______ countries and I also like to ___ create_ __ things. I enjoy being __ artistic ___ and doing things like drawing and painting. David: Cool. Those sound like great hobbies, too. Sara: Thanks. I have to go now, so I’ll see you around. David: OK! Nice to talk to you. See you later. • Activ ty 2 answers 1. Disagree 2. Agree 3. Disagree 5. Disagree 6. Disagree 7. Agree • Activity 3 script and answers In my free time, I ____ always_ ___ like to relax and do activities outdoors. On the weekends, I ___ usually ___ take a walk or ride my bike. I ___ sometimes ___ go hiking in the mountains. I ___ never __ go to the gym, but I ____ occasionally ____ lift weights and do exercises at home. My routine is different on weekdays. After I go to work, I __ usually ___ cook dinner and read on the couch. I ____ sometimes ____ watch TV and use the internet, but I ___ rarely ____ watch movies. My routine stays the same most weeks. Chapter 7 • Activity 1 Answers Emad: Hi Susan. How are you? I didn’t see you in class last week. Susan: Hey Emad. I’m good. I was out of town. What did I miss in class? Emad: We talked about how to find job __ opportunities __ that match our university __ degrees __. Susan: Oh, that sounds really useful. Can you give me your notes? Emad: Sure. We can review them __ together __ before our next class. Susan: Great. Thanks. Was the lecture useful? Emad: Yes, it was really useful. The professor told us that in order to be ___ successful __ with our job searches in the future, we should ____ consider ___ a lot of positions. Susan: What does that mean? Emad: That means, we should try to get ___ interviews __ at several different jobs. This way we will have more chances to a get a good job. Susan: I see. That makes sense. Emad: She also told us about the career center on campus. They offer many ___ services __ that help students who are looking for jobs. Susan. That is good to know. Is there anything else I missed? Emad: We also talked about our final __ project __ for this class. I can tell you more about it later. Susan: OK. Thanks so much for your help! Emad: You’re welcome! See you at our next class. Susan: OK. See you then! Bye.