SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM Approval Not Required. ORDER TO REPORT FOR INDUCTION The President of the United States, To ........ ,. ............ _. •u• •••• __. '' -~· ....... •4• GREETING: c (LocAL BOARD BTAKP) 13 March 1969 A f." Lf- CJ (Date of mailing) "'0 !G You are hereby ordered for induction into the Armed Forces of the United States, and to report P.:.. . ~ - · ~ .. .·.. ~~ :t'::_!c1 at ______ ______________ ___ _ ---- ---- -- -- ---------------- -------- ------ -- ----- ------ --- ------------ ---- - - --~-- :- - <"- ----C--- ------------------··-- -- --- -- ----- ---- -- --------- --- --- ---- <Place of reporting) 1 : .' I ·, . . . l ·.' ~ -- .. ' on ------------~---~!:~~L-+.9.§2 ______________ at ___ _______ ____ ___ 9_;_2Q__ ~_. ___ m_..._ _____________ • (Date) (Hour) for forwarding to an Armed Forces Induction Statw~g_h ------ ---- _ --- --:\...---~--- - - -- -- - ---- Member or clerk of Local Board) IMPORTANT NOTICE (Read Each Paragraph Carefully) IF YOU HAVE HAD PREVIOUS MILITARY SERVICE, OR ARE NOW A MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL GUARD OR A RESERVE COMPONENT OF THE ARMED FORCES, BRING EVIDENCE WITH YOU. IF YOU WEAR GLASSES, BRING THEM. IF MARRIED, BRING PROOF OF YOUR MARRIAGE. IF YOU HAVE ANY PHYSICAL OR MENTAL CONDITION WHICH, IN YOUR OPINION, MAY DISQUALIFY YOU FOR SERVICE IN THE ARMED FORCES, BRING A PHYSICIAN'S CERTIFICATE DESCRIBING THAT CONDITION, IF NOT ALREADY FURNISHED TO YOUR LOCAL BOARD. Valid documents are required to substantiate dependency claims in order to receive basic allowance for quarters. Be sure to take the foll owi ng with you when r eporting to the induction station. The documents will be returned to you. (a ) FOR LAWFUL WIFE OR LEGITIMATE CHILD UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE-original, certified copy or photost at of a certified copy of marriage certificate, child's birth certificate, or a public or church record of marriage issued over the sig– nature and .seal of the cust odi an of the chu rch or public records ; (b) FOR LEGALLY ADOPTED CHILD- ce r tifi ed court order of adoption; (c) FOR CHILD OF DIVORCED SERVICE MEMBER (Child in custody of person other than claim– ant) - (1) Certified or photostatic copies of receipts from cu stodian of child evidencing serviceman's contribut ions fo r sup– port, and (2) Di vorce decree, court support orde r or sepa r ation order; (d) FOR DEPENDENT PARE NT- a ffi davits establishing that dependency. Bring your Social Secur ity Account Number Card. I f you do not have one, apply at nearest Social Secu r ity Adminis· tration Offic e. If you have life insurance, bri ng a r ecord of t he insurance company's address and your policy number. Br ing enough clean clothes for 3 days. Bring enough money to last 1 month for personal pu rchases. This Local Board will furni sh transportati on , and meal s and lodging when necessary, from the place of r porting to the induction station where you will be exami ned. If foun d qual ifi ed, you will be inducted into the Armed Forces. If found not qualified , r etur n t r ansportat ion and meals and lodg ing when n ~essa.ry , will be furn ished t o the plaee of reporting. You may be found not qualifi ed for induct ion . Keep t his in mind in a rranging your affai rs, to prevent a.ny undue hard– shi p if you a re not inducted. If employed, inform your employer of t hi s possibilit y. You r employer can then be prepa r ed to continue you r employment if you are not inducted. To protect your r ight to retu rn t o your Job if you a re not inducted, you must report for work as soon as possi ble after t he completion of your induction examinat ion. You ma y jeopardize your reemployment rights if you do not repor t for work at the beg inn ing of your nex t regularly schedul ed working period a fter you have ret urned t o you r place of employment . Willful failure to report at t he place and hour of the da y named in this Order subjects the violator to fine and impri s– onment. Bring th is Or der wi th you when you r eport. If you are so f a r f rom you r own local board t hat reporting in compliance with t his Order will be a serious hardship, go immediately to an y local boa rd a nd make wr itten r equest for tl·ansf er of your deliver y for inducti on, taking t his Order with you. SSS Fo rm 252 (Revised 4- 28- 65) (Previous printings may be used until exha usU!d . )