Portland State Magazine Fall 2022

SERVICE LEARNING LEADER PSU topped West Coast universities—and ranked 8th nationwide—for service learning in U.S. News & World Report’s 2022-23 Best Colleges rankings. Some 4,000 PSU students participate in capstone courses annually, putting their knowledge to work for the community. PLAYFUL PIANOS Piano. Push. Play.—the brainchild of Megan McGeorge ’07—kicked off its 10th summer of placing unique art pianos (shown right) in downtown Portland for passersby to play. At summer ’s end, the instruments are donated to schools, community centers, and other venues. 4,000 10 BIPOC faculty, staff, alumni, and community members shared stories and insights into how built environments and campus spaces shaped their own educational journeys and college experiences for better or worse. The architects listened.The building design that emerged supports the need students have to see themselves and their cultures represented and supported in the space. “The most important thing is to provide ways to support and give these students an environment where they can actually thrive,” said Michael Tingley, principal at Bora Architects. On the entry level, the building will extend outward, creating space for study areas, gathering spaces, and family lounges along the perimeter. Outside, there will be a ring of deep planters filled with native species, which will help to soften the building, connect students to nature, and provide a buffer from the gazes of passersby.The plants will also serve as a teaching resource for Indigenous Nations Studies and biology classes. The second floor will house the STEM Equity Hub, a suite of program-specific and shared spaces that provide critical support and activities for students from historically excluded and underrepresented groups in STEM. A career center will connect students with paid internships, undergraduate research experiences, and one-on-one support with career navigators.The suite will also house an Indigenous kitchen and classroom, gathering area, and Indigenous library that supports an expanded curriculum and practice of Indigenous Traditional Ecological & Cultural Knowledge (ITECK) at PSU. To learn how you can support this project, contact the PSU Foundation at (503) 725-3526.—CRISTINA ROJAS MARK STEIN The renovated building will feature wood tones, native plants, and spaces designed to reflect the perspectives and contributions of PSU’s diverse communities. PHOTOS COURTESY OF BORA ARCHITECTS FALL 2022 // 7