Portland State Magazine Fall 2022

Over the 10-year history of the prize, 29 artists have been honored with this prestigious vote of confidence. Notable past winners include interdisciplinary artist Shawn Creeden MFA ’19 (2017); social-practice artist and activist Patricia Vázquez Gómez MFA ’14 (2013), now an adjunct faculty member in PSU’s MFA Social Practice program; and brand designer Jordan Hoagbin ’15 (2013). Artist Kelsey Snook has participated on the jury for five years. Known for her largescale, interactive installations and a list of partnerships that includes Design Week Portland, OMSI, and London’s Royal Festival Hall, Snook says she is consistently impressed by the quality and authentic nature of the work submitted for the jury. “Students in the School of Art + Design have developed a very strong sense of self and sense of vision,” Snook says. “They are creating something that is personal and unique to them, and that they can build on.” The jury looks “for artists who are clear about what they want to do next, like they’re on the cusp,” Snook says. “You can tell that they have created a great body of work, they have a strong approach, and there’s more work ready to be done—they just haven’t had the time or space to do it yet.” That is especially true of this year’s recipients, says Snook. The 2022 prize recipients are Johanna Houska ’22 in first place; Shelbie Loomis MFA ’22, second place; and Nia Musiba, third place. “I felt really proud of my body of work and all the hours I put into it,” says Houska, whose work is rooted in “radically responsible” and historical textile-making techniques. “To have that extra jolt of appreciation was amazing.” That the prize carries the name of one of Portland’s most notable arts benefactors adds an extra weight to the honor, says Maldonado, who calls the late Schnitzer “iconic.” “Arlene has been a role model to me for a long time,” says Maldonado. “I feel incredibly lucky to have met her. Her contributions to the arts in Portland have made my humble little city feel big and exciting. Like her, I hope to support and help foster the careers of many artists in the Pacific Northwest in the little ways that I can.” Maldonado returned to serve as a juror for this year’s prize. “This year’s prize winners are extremely strong artists that I admire very much.They all have one foot in the art world already, and the prize will definitely help them plant both feet firmly in it!” The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at Portland State will showcase the work of the 2022 Arlene Schnitzer Visual Arts Prize winners Feb. 28 - April 29, 2023, with a reception and awards ceremony on March 2, 2023. —KAREN O’DONNELL STEIN DEINUM PRIZE SHOWCASE EXHIBITION: THE BORN PROJECT THROUGH JAN. 20, 2023 pdx.edu/arts/events This multimedia exhibition by film student Garrett Recker, winner of the 2021 Andries Deinum Prize for Visionaries and Provocateurs, challenges gender norms and body ideals in the fashion industry, telling the stories of young LGBTQ+ adults from across Oregon through words, photography, and film. PSU CHOIRS: O FORTUNA NOV. 18 & 20 pdx.edu/music-theater/o-fortuna The Portland State Chamber Choir, Rose Choir, and Thorn Choir present their loudest fall concert yet, highlighting excerpts from Carl Orff ’s worldfamous “Carmina Burana” alongside classical music from Monteverdi to Bruckner and Bollywood music by A.R. Rahman. PSU OPERA: GOOD COUNTRY NOV. 26 - DEC. 4 pdx.edu/music-theater/good-country Portland State’s acclaimed opera program presents a tale straight out of the Old West, tracing the true story of Charley Parkhurst, a stagecoach driver in the California Gold Rush who was assigned female at birth and lived life as a man. Created by composer Keith Allegretti and librettist Cecelia Raker, “Good Country” is one of the first contemporary operas with a lead role crafted specifically for a trans singer. TOOZE ENDOWED VISITING PROFESSOR OF ISLAMIC & ANCIENT ART: MARIAN FELDMAN DEC. 1 pdx.edu/art-design/events The PSU School of Art + Design presents “The Material Charisma of Akkadian Kingship: Bodies and Fabric in Early Mesopotamian Art,” a lecture by Marian Feldman, W.H. Collins Vickers chair in archaeology and professor of history of art and near eastern studies at John Hopkins University. CHAD LANNING EVENTS Leah Maldonado presenting her experimental typeface, GlyphWorld, at the showcase for the 2019 prize winners. Events are subject to change due to COVID-19 health and safety restrictions. Please check websites for the latest updates. “Now working as a designer at Nike’s Jordan brand, Maldonado credits the prize, and the typeface she created with it , for opening doors.” FALL 2022 // 17 AIRLANO rn _,.___ I