Portland Challenger_1952-05-16

Former Poriland Girl Joins Army Nurse Corps Unit Miss Earline :Minor, daughter of John Minor and a June, 1917 graduate of Washington high school here, enlisted in the Uni– ted States Army Nurse Corp;, two weeks ago in Seattle. A childhood desire to be an army nurse and an opportunity for further training prompted Miss Minor to her decision. - Currently a studen-t at th -:: VOL I. NO. 2 PORTLAND. OREGON. MAY 16. 1S52 Les Femmes MRS VERD L L R ~THER FOR C 8:33 NF SHA \IER ST P ORTL NO OR 97212-1230 PRICE 10 CENTS eafher ol .Hose City Impresses L.A Chiropractor A vistor in Portland last week was Alphonse Triplett, D. C., 0 recent graduate of the Los An– geles Chiropractic college. Trip– !ett is interested in opening C• ·ch!,ropractic office and visited the Northwest to see what chiro– pra:::tic opoprtunities were cpen. Born in Hollandale, Miss., the 29- year-old Triplett took three years of pre-med W'Jrk at Los Angeles City college before en– tering chiropractic school. University of W<tsh:ngton, she is at present in the reserves and will be placed on extended active duty upon graduation in Janu– ary, 1953, with a B. S. degree in Nursing. Miss Minor maae the Univef– sity honor roll during the fall and winter terms. LovelyGwendolynMolden Anxiously A waits Debut Came To West Coast He came to the west co&st in '945, settling in Los Angeles, F~fter a tour of the United States. This tour followed a stint in the army and gave Triplett a chance to find himself. She has three sisters, Miss Bet– ty Minor, Mrs. Ruby Crosswhite and Mrs. Patricia Ann Winters. here. A brother, John Minor, Jr is living in Berkeley, Califor-· nia. Burglars Seize Childrenls Wear Mrs. Wenonah Hunter, clerk– manager of Charlene's Tot shop on N. Williams avenue, opened the shop Monday to find that $2000 worth of children's wear had been taken. According to Mrs. Hunter the rear door had been rammed and the locks tossed aside When she came to work the door was still open From informat10n received from neighbors it is estimateci that the burglary took place sometime between 4:30 Sunday and 10:00 Monday morning. Mrs. Hunter was in the shop Sunday shortly before 4:30 p.m. Someone Calls Shop The shop's owner Mrs. Etoile Cox, said her daughter Charlene, mentioned that someone called the shop Saturday and inquired about the brands of clothing car– ried by them. She said the stolen goods are covered by insurance. A lot of pleasant things are happening to Miss Gwendo1yn Molden these days. An eight– eenth birthday is due soon (and what girl doesn't look forword to that special. birthday?); she will graduate from high school in a few weeks; and she is one of the six young ladies being presented early in June at thE, June Ball by Les Femmes. Gwendolyn is the lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adel– bert Molden of 4904 N. Williams avenue. The Moldens have two 'Oziemott' Wins By A Length! "Oziemott l e a d s by a length," said the c;nnouncer at Portland Meadows on a recent afternoon. Reference was to a beautiful chestnut horse with a star on his forehead, a blue– blooded grandson of the im– mortal Man-o'-War, from the stables of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Bush. Mrs. Bush named the horse for chic and charming Miss Ozie Jane Mott of this dt_y. Well, the horse came in first to win, and the quinella paid $419.30. Did Miss Mott collect? Nope. She didn't haYe a dime on him. Didn't even know he was running. By Kathryn H. Bogle. Social Editor othe1· p:·etty daug,hters, Cha<– lene, who is also in high school and Adele, who is now M:-s Louis Boykins. Gwendolyn is -alsc;? quite ac– complished as a pianist, though this year, she has not continued her lessons in piano. Sings In Glee Club Gwendolyn attends Jeffersor; high school within a few blocks of her home. She has made good grades while in high school and has had time, too, to sing with Mention of the Molden famil:y would not be complete without telling of the Molden's Siamese kitten, "Sammee," and their red cocker, "Ragsee," who get along very well with each other. Sa:n- II. GWENDOLYN MOLDEN • •. • things happening fast , mee, according to Gwendolyn. loves to play the piano any af– ternoon and amuses himself ty striking the keys over and over. In fact, Gwendolyn . has found , that the antics of Sammee anc'. I Ragsee have qpened another hobby for her. She started taking pictures of her cat and dog as they frolicked out of doors, b 't now, with her new flash at– tachment for her camera, she gets some good shots of them playing indoors. Plans College Work Mrs. Molden ls a member o:: Les F'emmes and is cooperating 1 with their June Ball committee on arrangements for Gwendo- 1 lyn's presentation, along ·.vitJ-, her five friends. the Glee club. Her sweet soprano voice was heard last year with I Jefferson's junior choir and thi.' year with the senior choir. F'uture plans for Miss ?dolden are centered around socio~o):!:,• 8.nd music at college in t~e fall College will be Portland State, perhaps, with Lewis and Clark later on. Triplett never planned to be a chiropractor. It came to him all Photo by Baltzeg-ar ALPHONSE TRJ?LETT. D. C. • . . likes the green of a sudden in Los Angeles. While in the army he p:ayed the clarinet. The weather here fooled Trip– lEt:. He ca;l](; hc:rc- prt:,;J~;:cd -!G-. much rain, but was greeted by sunshine. Plan:; Sacramento Stop He plans to stop in the SC!·'l Jouaquin valley and Sacramen– to on his way bac~-;: w Los An– geles and scan the job opportun– ities. Ohl No! Not Another Burnt Cork Triplett, a member of Pbi Beta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon chap-· ter, likes Portland's race condi– tion. "Here there is no real Ne– gro district," said Triplett. He e·1en prefers the Portland green to the Los Angeles palm trees. Eddie "Rochester" Anderson was in Portland last week :io watch his ho:rse Clue Star strut his stuff at Portland Meadows. From the above photograph it appears that the famed radio char– acter of the Jack Benny show is giving his horse a little advice on how fo run the race. I1 was the comedian's mount's first gal· lop on the Portland track. although he has been a winner else· where on !he coast. Jefferson, Student Wins Art Award Seventeen-year-old Miss Do– iores Harris, 27 N. E. Ivy street, J:kes to draw and recently he1 arHul skill won for her a year's sc!Jolarship to the Portland Art school. 'Ihe award is one of a series e;iven ~ach year by the Natiorwl Scho~astic Art Awmd through– out the country. Last year she er;tered the competition and 1von a gold key. Work Dis.played Here Miss Harris' portfolio of draw– ings were on display at the Na– tional Scholastic Art Award dis– play at Meier & Frank wheE it was judged as one of Oregon's est. This recognition sent her port– folio of drawings to the National display back East where it was again singled out. This time it won for her the art scholarship. Presently a senior at Jeficr– son high school, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Harris plans to enter art school this fall to take advantage of her scholar– ~hip award. Miss Harris is a native Oregon– ian and attended Boise eiemen- \ tary school prior to enrolling at Jefferson.