Portland Challenger_1954-04-23

r.. ed Bake.. to Run r. a:~~ok~!:~!~,~~~d~~~~~!.C: dent for eight years and an ac- state representative from the tive member of the Urban league seventh district. of Portland and the National As- Baker said he will campaign sociation for the Advancement for the stated principles of the Volume II, Number 9 Portland, Oregon, Friday, April 23, 1954 PRICE 10 CENTS of Colored People, has announced Democratic party, which includes -------------------------------------------- the "Fair Deal" for labor, the Couple Awarded Arraigned Valentine's Trial ;~~~\u!~eess:!~~an and the C, •1 D D N J M Jh Born in Oakland, Cal., Baker lVI amages ue ex on said he believes that the Ameri- A California judge awarded judgment to Rev. and Mrs. Jesse · L. Boyd of Portland April 2d in a civil rights suit in Bakersfield, Cal. It was the first time the CaJifornia civil rights statute had been contested in Bakersfield since 1909, the year the law was enacted. Rev. and Mrs. Boyd brought suit against a Mr. Vincent who operates the El Portal motel, three miles north of Bakersfield. They filed two separate suits. The first suit against the mo– tel owner grew out of allegea discrimination against Rev. and Mrs. Boyd when they attempted to seek lodging overnight at the motel August 27, 1953. Mrs. Boyd said the motel own– er asked, ''Are you colored?" And when she told him y~s she was, he ,remarked: "You can't stay here." The second suit involved an in– cident at the same motel Sep– SIMON H. EPPS tember 9th. The Boyds wen: Portland police believe a pros– again refused lodging and, ac- pering lottery business was brok– cording to the Boyds, were eve•. en up Friday with the arrest of threatened. This lead to charges Simon Holloway Epps, 53, of 37 of simple assault against the roo- N.E. Fargo street. He was arrested tel owner. Dr. Edna Griffin, who' by vice squad police on two was with the Boyds, also sought traffic violations at N. Williams damages from Vincent on this avenue and Russell street. account. Epps admitted under question- Representing the Boyds were ing that he conducted a lottery Benjamin and Abernathy of Ba- whose headquarters, he said, was kersfield. An . officer of the Ba- never permanent but mov~d kersfield Anti Defamation league from one address to another. represented the motel owner. Lt. Lyle R. Mariels, police vice No settlement of the case had squad chief, said the lottery tick– been made prior to Rev. Mr. and ets were similar to those used Mrs. Boyd's return trip to Port- in the now defunct Chinese lot– land. Minimum fine for refus- teries except that the symbols ing service to persons because of were Arabic instead of Oriental. color in the state of California is $100. The Boyds also sought pu– nitive damages. Rev. Mr. J?oyd is minister at Bethel AME church. Presiding Circuit Judge Lowell Mundorff granted a continuance of the trial of Jimmy Valentine, 41-year-old narcotic addict under indictment of two charges of kid– naping. The trial wil be held the latter part of May. It had been planned to try the case early in May. Valentine is accused of the at– tempted kidnaping of 9-year-old George F. Brice III from Catlin– Hillside school in March. He is also accused of forcing the boy's mother, Mrs. George Brice Jr., and the family's maid, Lizzie Mae Brown, to drive him from the Brice home to the school. Fred Jensen, attorney for Val– entine, explained he desired to have time to make a further in- vestigation of the case. Municipal court hearings for two key figures in the Brice kid– nap case were also postponed, ap– parently by mutual agreement of state and defense. Valentine's girl friend, Honey Latourell, 39, was granted delay before her trial for vagrancy by addiction. Her brother, Richard (Lover) Latourell, 54, also charged with vagrancy, won a similar re– prieve. Jensen, who asked that their cases be held up until after Val– entine goes to trial, said if the cases against the Latourells were heard before hand, the outcome IrJght prejudice Valentine's triaL Valentine entered not f'uilty pleas to all three COU11ts placed against him-two charges of kid– naping and one of attempted kid– naping. Bail is $75,000. Jensen is defending Valentine without pay. A jar containiPI!. ·Jp- FRED BAKER Church Contracts Student Minister can dream of equality of oppor– tunity and fair play is best dramatized for the rest of the world by our legislative process– es. The program of the Democrat– ic. party is the instrument to ful– fill that dream of progress and prosperity for labor, the farmer, the consumer, the small business– man and every other citizen who places the interests of many above the selfish interests of pri– vate lobbies, according to Baker. Baker attended San Francisco junior college, served in the arm:v in World War II and has been a civil service employee in both city and federal government sint"~ coming to Portland. He is married to the ex-Laura Lawson, an alumnus of Tuskegee Institute and is a member of the A 35-year-old student at Iliff Elks lodge. School of Theology, Denver, has Baker's platform calls for sup- been appointed minister of tJ.1e port of the following: Hughes Memorial church by Bish- Repeal of the anti-picketing op Raymond Grant. Although the law; immediate measures to pro– appointment is mote full employment and to en• effective now, courage new business; equal and Rev. Mr. Cam- just taxation without resorting bric will not as- to the sales tax; repeal of milk control act; investigation of our prisons to determine the cause for recent disturbances; the estab– lishment of a domiciliary hospital in Multnomah county according to the voters' wishes in 1952; granting of a four-year degree status to Portland State college or the establishment of a four– year city college. sume his duties until September 1, after his graduation from t h e seminary and ordination. Ashley Rose will continue m t h e minister':~ C. Cambric r o I e at the church until Rev. Mr. Cambric and his wife, Louise, arrive here in September. Rev. Mr. Cambric spoke at Hughes Memorial church l!:asterr. morning during his vacatiort from Iliff school. Rev. Harold Jones was minist~r of Hughes Memorial until No– vember, 1953, when he trans– ferred to an Oklahoma church. His ballot slogan is: "The peo– ple of Oregon are entitled to an honest and efficient govern- ment." Secret M arriaqe Details Revealed Challenger Back He said vice squad officers proximately $20 for the defense have been working on the case fund of Valentine W % r eported– about two weeks and that other ly stolen from an east side club arrests may be made in the case. and a pair of dirty sox was left Epps had been under surveillance 1 in the jar in place of the money. about two hours Friday night pri- ___;....__ __;_______ ...;_~-------------- orE~p:~a~r~~:~ged with posses- Commillee to Hold Educalion Forum Emmett Williams, the ex-Or<?– gon football star, is married to the former Althea Williams. Williams revealed the marriage recently. They wer e married se– cretly in Vancouver, Wn. This is the first issue of the Challenger since December 4. 1953. If is the intention of the editors to publish regularly, every other Friday, on the same basis as before. Current subscribers may be wondering whether they are entitled :to continue rece'ivin.g the Chal– lenger, and the answer is yes. The $2.50 subscription rate en– titles the reader to 26 issues. We are truly sorry :to have in– convenienced our readers. sion of lottery paraphernalia and conducting gambling. Total bail was set at $2020. Police seized a stack of re– ceipts supposedly listing player numbers and the amount of the bets, an adding machine and $140 in cash. "What Teachers Can Do to Help the Youth from School to Job" is the topic of discussion scheduled for the monthly meet– ing Monday, April 26, of the Committee for Interracial Prin– ciples and Practices at the Friend– ship House, 3310 N. Williams av- ~nue at 8 p.m. There will be open discussion with a guest leader. Alvin Ba– siste, chairman of the commit– tee, urges everyone to come and sl:are ideas and suggestions. M>:s. Ulysses Plummer is secretary of th e committee. K Y P • C d"d 1 Read the May 7:th and May 20th issues of the nOW 0Uf rJmary an 1 a eS- Portland Challenger for up-to-the-minute briefs of the candidates and :their qualifications. Valenline Trial Due for Courl Sometime in May HONEY LATOURELLS JIMMIE VALENTINE These people alleged principals in kidnaping of Mrs. George Brice and her maid, Lizzie Mae Brown. Mrs. Williams has a fine arts degree from the University of Iowa. Williams graduated from Oregon in 1953. He recenty re– ceived a temporary appointment as a recreational supervisor with the park bureau and will work with young people at t!le Knott street community center this summer. Williams is also a mu– sician and is currently playing the piano at Paul's Paradise.