PSU Magazine Winter 1998

While celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary last year, we discovered that Portland State had recently observed a golden anni ve rsary-its fo unding in 1946. These dual occa ions prompted us to contribute to the University's top priority development proj ect, the Urban Center and Plaza. The progress of the past seven years under President ] udith Ramaley, w rking with her faculty and staff, has brought national recognition for P U as an urban university of genuine significance. We are enthusiastic about Portland State 's new president, Daniel Bernstine, and confident that busine ses and citi:ens will provide growing support for our urban Univer ity in re ponse to his leadership. The mechanics of prov iding support for the Urban enter proj ect by donating tock were simple and convenient. Our broker simply transferred shares from our account to the PSU Foundati on account and the gift was completed. Portland tate has evolved into a most distinctive resource for our civic, oc ial, and economic health. T he Urban enter and Plaza will further integrate our commu– nity and our University. At this very important juncture, we are proud to be associated with PSU , its signature program, the College of Urban and Public Affairs, and it new front gateway to the community, the Urban Center and Plaza. 'Don and Emilie 'Frisbee