PSU Magazine Fall 1994

• An event for the entire community Come to PSU Weekend to: Further your education Seminar Day-October 15 Business1ournal ~·r\Ull,!(1rl'illl'rl'•irtl,111cl OCT.14-16 Meeta Pulitzer Prize • winner Keynote speaker Carl Bernstein– October 15 Become a PSUWeekend 'Patron' Patrons' reception for Carl Bernstein-October 14 • I ll&IU11lll!UIL llUllll11t - &MUC- Celebrate homecoming Viking Night at the MAC Club-October 15 Cheer for the Vikings Soccer, volleyball and foot– ball-October 13-15 Explore Tryon Creek, Warm Springs, and Portland's bridges Three guided tours– October 16 • RED LION HOTEL POIULAND D OWNTOWN