Otto G. Rutherford 833 Ne. Shaver st. Portl and , ore. 97212 ORE GO~ RROR REFLECTING THE PARTICULAR INTERESTS OF NEGRO MINORITIES IN OREGON VOL. 11 NO.1 PORTLAND, OREGON WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21, 1962 GOV. FAVOBSA£BINAHOUSING Daisy Williams Project Big ? What Is Argument? What Is Solution? For quite some time now the Daisy Williams Housing project to be built in the Albina community, has been top news in our daily publications and a center of needless controversy between opposing organizations, versus the Portland Housing Authority, and many interested people, organizations, and businesses, because of the geographical location of the project in the Albina community. We have heard the arguments on radio, television, and read the articles in the newspapers voicing opposition ·to the site so designated by the Portland Housing Authority (of which the OREGON MIRROR is very much in favor) and thus far no one has presented a solution to the problem, they so bitterly oppose. There is no significant value in any topic of discussion unless both debating sides are properly pre– pared as to where their discussions woU'ld be of pertinent interest, and conclude with a solvent solution to the sub– ject in question. In this article are some of the captions of statements made by organizations relating to the pro– posed site which the OREGON MIRROR believes are very weak and offers answers to their statements: Statement: ''Perpetuation of Segregation'' Reply: The Albina area as a whole is populated predominantly by non- white families so where in the area could the Housing Authority build this project where there would not be a heavy concentration of Negro applicants for unit accommodations by their own choice. Remember, the Albina area is the only area of discussion. Statement: "Close to Commercial Developments" Reply: Pray tell us of any greater asset for a housing unit for 58 low-income families than to be bordering on convenient shopping, blocks distance from bus transportation, close to churches of their choice, and adjacent to Knott Street Community Center (newly redeveloped) where they and their children can participate in clean wholesome recre– ation. (Remember, you organizations put up a good fight to have Knott Street Center redeveloped.) Statement: "Segregated School'' Reply: It is very true that Elliot School, the only school men– tioned, is 99% Negro, so let us take a look at the other schools in the Albina area, and the non-white percentage ratio. Boise School on N. Fremont is 95% Negro, Hum– boldt School on N. Gantenbein is 80% Negro, and Highland School on N.E. 7th is 79% Negro, so where in the Albina area could the Daisy Williams project be built to avoid a heavy concentration of Negro students. -If there ever has been a need for the people of the Albina area to revive the sense of community, it is now. We are led to wonder whether the true reason for the opposi– tion to this project is not based on the fact that some of these individuals feel that they are spokesmen for the Negroes, and should be consulted first before any decision is made. LEADERSHIP COMES .t<ROM LONG SERVICE, DEDICA– TION AND HONESTY TO THE PEOPLE YOU REPRESENT. A WHEEL IS ONLY AS STRONG AS THE SPOKES THAT TURN IT . . "Wonder" Bakers Hire Negro Continental Baking Company (bakers of Wonder Bread) recently contacted the Urban League to secure its aid in recruiting and selecting a driver..,.salesman. Several very well qualified applicants were referred. James Thompson, formerly associated with the D.C. Williams Real Estate Company, was chosen and began his duties on February 26. Jim's route will include the north and northeast areas of Portland. Our congratulations to both Jim and Continental and to Jerry Fuller who suggested to Continental Bakers to avail themselves of the employ– ment services rendered by the Urban League. Pictured here with Governor and Mrs. Mark Hatfield in discussion, is Dr. Booker T. Lewis, Candidate for Legislature in North-District and Mr. Arthur A. Cox, Sr. Governor Hatfield expressed his desires towards Dr. Lewis ' success in the forth coming campaign. CHURCH DEDICATION SET J S WI NSTON T. D. JACKSON Dedication date has been set for the new building of the Albina Church of Christ. The date is Sunday, March 25th at 2 P.M. The new address is 3908 N. E. Mallo"ry. Dedication address will be made by Evangelist Rev. J. S. Winston of Cleveland, Ohio. Rev. T . D. Jackson, Pastor of the new Albina Church of Christ, stated that Evangelist Winston will speak nightly at 7:30 P. M. through March 30th. THOMPSON SEEKS ELECTION Mrs. Gussie Thompson is the mother of three children and has a three month old grandson. Her husband Bill is an electrical engineer with Bonneville Power Adminis– tration. Mrs. Thompson, a former elementary school teacher and newspaper col– umnist, has been active in PTA and civic as well as church affairs for many years. Mov– ing to Portland from Chicago in 1952, she continued her in– terest in politics and is cur– rently serving her second term as alternate-vice chair– man of the Multnomah County Democratic Central Commit– tee. She was recently elected to her second term as pres– ident of the East Central Dem– ocratic Women. She was ap– pointed to the Multnomah County Welfare Commission by former Governor Holmes. Gov. Mark Hatfield stated that he was very much in fav– or of The Daisy Williams Housing Project being built in the Albina Area. The Gov. said that some of the issues being discussed, such as the perpetuation of segregation are not complete facts , in as much as we have laws passed by the Legislature protecting the rights of Minority Groups. Also, Housing Laws assuring these citizens the right to pur– chase property in areas of their choice. In closing, the Governor mentioned the great need for housing of low in– come families. Mrs. Thompson is interest– ed in the acute need to pro– vide additional accredited fac– ilities at the college and voc– ational levels for today' s high school graduate. She believes that our highly industrialized society increasingly disor– ganizes the lives of our sen– ior citizens and that our state legislature is the best place to combat the very difficult problems of both age group!>