EGO" REFLECTING VOL. 11 No 6 ACHIEVEMENTS, INTERESTS AND PROGRESS PORTLAND, ·oREGON Wednesday, April25 1962 Five Cents KEETON SNARES PRIZE IN LEGION CONTEST Photo by Baltzepr Reading from left to right: Eugene Williamson, Com– mander of American Legion Post 190, Roy Freeman, Earl Keeton, Frank Foster, Bland Gaither Jr., Dave Burnett (not available for picture). Commander Williamson extends congratulations to Earl Keeton on winning the contest that Post 190 gave to select a boy for Beaver Boys State. The American Legion of the Dept. of Ore. each year sponsors Beaver Boys State. Each Post in the state of Oregon sponsors one or more boys. Thomas Jefferson Post was unat>le to send two so they had a contest among five boys of which Earl Keeton was the winner. The purpose of Beaver Boys State is to teach the youngsters about the government of the state of Oregon and one of the boys will be selected as .G?,vernor of Oregon for the day. The boys' topic was Why _I Want to Attend Beaver Boys State." All the contestants' speeches were good, which made it doubly hard for the judges. Our only regret is we were •mable to send all five. Congratulations to you Earl, we feel sure you will represent our Post well. Commander Williamson would like to take this opportu– nity to thank our chairman of Beaver Boys Committee, Ike Hammond, who worked so hard to make this possible for the contestants. Also our judges, Herb Amerson and Mr. Leveritt. A lot of you Veterans when asked to join the American Legion asked the question, "What's in it for me?' In the last edition of the Oregon Mirror I tried to give you some of the facts of what the American Legion can do for you. I gave you some of the things the American Legion has already done for you such as the G.I. Bill of Rights, Veterans Hospitals, the instigators of World War I and World War II and now they are trying to get the Korean bonus. They take an interest ·in our com– munity and its activities and many more things too nu– merous to mention. As has been said in the past, "United we Stand, Divided we Fall." So Veterans there is your answer to your question of "What's in it for me?" If you were in the service between April 6, 1917- November ll, 1918, Dec. 7, 1941-Sept. 2, 1945, June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953 you are eligible for the American Legion. So come on Veterans. Join the winning team and help {!ght for yourself and your community. The dues of our Post are $6.00 a year. LADIES ADMITTED FREE (WEDNESDAY NIGHT IS " ladies ' Night ")-PDST TIME l·JD Enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner while you watch the races from the Clubhouse. Ample free parking. Racing every Monday, Wednesday, Fri· day and Saturday through June 9th. Phone BU 5·9144 EASTER SUNDAY BRINGS OUT COLORFUL PARADERS· - -· Photo by Baltzepr EASTER PHOTOS COURTESY OF BALTZEGAR Photo by Baltzepr Photo by BALTZEGAR Pictured here are some of the Easter paraders of last Sunday as they strolled from homes to Churches and various other places throughout the community. While all this was going on, Baltzegar' s camera was busy recording the beautifully attired Easter paraders. Easter was fun and very colorful, commemorating_the resurrectio of Christ.