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It will pro– vide a· forum for community expression and help people become more conscious of their obligations to themselves and their community. In all this, the truth, as we see it, will be consistently presented. · Page 2 Vol. 1. No. 32 Thursday, August ~~~ Multi-pu,po,e Cent,, Fo, Whom1 In recent weeks there has been conversation going on in many circles about a Multi– purpose Service Center. The Model Cities area has been discussed as a possible site for the center. The idea behind the center is to have a variety of agencies operating from it, It would be an extension of the present Neighborhood Service Center. However, the services would be greatly expanded. The services would include health, employ– ment, social and rehabilitation, to name a few. The idea at face value appears good. However, some questions at this point should be asked. First, why is there such a huh, huh about the center? Second, why have none of the grass roots people in the area not been con– tacted and given the opportunity to express their ideas? Third- ly, is this another superim– posed agency that will find it– self in the area to take care of the disadvantaged? Fourthly, is this an attempt to replace the Albina Neighborhood Service Center? True, many people in the poverty area have identified with the Center and there is good reason why it should re– main at all cost. Fifth, who is the power behind the throne in getting the Center estab– lished? All the questions should be answered, and the answers should be seen coming. Model Cities Agency, the city or state officials, should step forward and speak! The people in the Model Cities area should have a right to know, and the black people in particular. After all, they are the primary reason for hav– the the poverty, Model Cities and other innovative programs. . . Sell-appointed Speake,, Hinde, There are those who continue to be the mouthpiece of the black community, even though they do not in reality speak for anyone but themselves. Recently the newspapers and TV news media have been presenting to the black commu– nity these so-called leaders. The question that comes to mind, however. is this: How do these news media determine if these people are really speaking for anyone? The Oregon Advance/TIMES is dedicated to serve as a plat– form for community expression. The black community is too large for any one or two spokes– men. Also, it is too complex. How can a doctor of medicine speak for the housewife or vice versa? How can the youth speak for the middle-aged or the law– breaker for those who adher to the law? How can a church member speak for a church member? The society in which we live is very complex and no one has a monopoly on all learn– ing. There should and must be a platform on which all people in the black community can voice their opinions. This is necessary for three reasons: First, it gives the black peo– ple a chance to participate in the direction of their commu– nity. Second, it builds confidence in the community - the confi– dence that can only come by participation. Third, it reveals to the greater community the true feelings and beliefs of the black people. This is the reason why often the Oregon Advance/TIMES i::eaders will see the news wanted notice in this paper. If you have opinions and want to express them, you can. Write a letter to the editor. Black Representatives Discuss Jobs & Training With Nabisco In many countries the phys– ically and mentally hand– icapped must beg to support themselves, The handicapped people in America are more fortunate. Many have jobs in regular business or indus– try or are working with Good– will. They learn to earn and to support themselves repair- ing donated household mate– rials . Share yourself and your abundance with these dis– abled persons. Help Goodwill Industries and thus help handi– capped people help them– selves. On last Tuesday a group what the black people needed, of leaders from the black what were their present community met with the rep- qualifications and what Na– resentatives from the Na- bisco could do to help meet bisco Company. the need. The group, headed by Rev- Rev, Wallace suggested ~rend Wendell H, Wallace, that the company set up a Mr. Richard Washington, pre-apprenticeship program Mrs. Lois Williams and Mrs. in the black community. Also Hazel Polk, discussed jobs suggestions for Nabisco to and job training with the rep- , book black business and hire resentatives, black people to work in the The meeting was around community, Political Views AProfile On Local Politicians By EMILE SUMMERS Lately, I have confined this column to the National Can– didates, but now that they are chosen I think it is time we considered the prospects that we have locally, like the candidates for Secretary of State, State Treasurer and Attorney General. At . the present time Mr. Clay Myers is the incumbent for Secre– tary of State, This is an of– fice sought by our District Attorney George Van Hoo– missen. Mr. Myers defeated two-time speaker of the State House, Monty Mont– gomery, in the primaries and is a favorite of Governor Mc– Call who appointed him to the position when he was elected Governor, There has been a lot of controversy over the needs in our penal and other State institutions over which the Secretary of State has juris– diction and it has not all been complimentary to this incum– bent. Last spring, prison riots brought considerable Letter To Editor Sam Johnson is the super– visor of the Highland Com– munity Center. He works under the Church Community Action Program. When Sam first started working for the program he was situated at the C-CAP opportunity school, and that's where 1 met him. I have known Sam Johnson for two and a half years or more, When l first met Sam at C-CAP, I thought he was just another person, but he surprised me because Samuel Johnson is one of those people who likes to help others even if they're good or not. Samuel Johnson made me see the light clearly because when I first met him I wasn't so good myself. After I was at C-CAP school for about a year I learned that Sam was one of those few people whom you seldom meet. He has helped boys of my type and those who aren't my type. At the time I first started at C-CAP, Frank Fair was the director, but after about a year he received a coun– selor job at Portland Univer– sity, and Sam Johnson took his place as director. About a month after Sam was di– rector the community action started sponsoring the High– land Community Center, and Sam moved to the office there. Everyone I know has liked Sam throughout the time I've known him, even though once in awhile there might be a problem,. And everyone l know thinks Sam is a good leader and without his help, like Frank Fair's, their pro– grams wouldn't have lasted. He has a tendency to help his fellow man and to organ– ize something constructive for any individual person, There was a time when l didn't want to listen to Sam, just like a lot of other people, but I really knew the things he told me were right even though I acted other- wise. During the time I've known him he was always consider– ate and had concern for his fellow man. Here at the Highland Center Sam is still always busy and trying to construct something that a person can benefit by. I can think of a lot of things he has done for me and other people just like me. Even though we had some disagreements sometimes, he and I knew he was right. Name withheld upon request criticism of his office and the Board of Control in which he is a member along with the Governor and the State Treasurer, Mr, Myers is in a rather tough situation, having never run for the office himself, and owing to a political ap– pointment by his former boss; also plus the fact that the man whom he defeated in the primaries stepped out of the gubernatorial race in favor of his now boss and was no doubt thinking of get– ting the Secretary appoint– ment. But this sdll does not mean too much to the Republicans as some of them think he has done a com– mendable job, but there can– not help but be a bit of ani– mosity on the part of the Montgomery followers; for here was a man well known over the State and only the second to be elected Speaker of the House for two con– secu~ve terms, (The first was Bob Duncan who opposed Wayne Morse for senator in the primaries) and one may think would have been a bet– ter candidate against the Democratic nominee, As everyone knows the Secretary of State is considered as a stepping stone to the Gover– norship and should Mr. Myers make it this fall you may rest assured he will be shooting for the top spot soon, As for the Democratic nominee George Van Hoomis– sen who has been elected twice as District Attorney in Multnomah County and also has served as a State Repre– sentative from this county and at present was re-elected as Vice President of the Dis– trict Attorney's Association in San Francisco, Mr, Van Hoomissen is a young, ambitious and dedi– cated man, One who, if elected, could be counted on to do a good job, He has always been loyal to his party and has stood for jus– tice for all. His experience in the field of law and legis– lation makes him a qualified candidate and gives us the new blood that has been needed on the board of con– trol, The board of control is the deciding board in actions taken in Salem concerning our State institutions, crimi– nal and educational. For many years, yes for too many years, the Republicans have had control of the board of control, Robert Straub is the only Democrat on it now and prior to that it was lean years, Raids have been made on different fund reserves that were unnecessary, and the board, consisting of two Director Named Appointment of Dr. Vernon J. Damm, associate profes– sor of psychology at Oregon State University, as Project Director for the University of Portland School of Nursing curriculum d eve 1op men t study has been announced by Vernia Jane Huffman, Dean of the School of Nursing, Dr. Damm will direct a five-year study to develop a nursing program to be taught as an upper division major based on two years of arts and sciences, $69,000 of a total $215,000 grant from the U. S, Public Health Service has been allocated for the first year and will provide for purchase of television equipment and other teaching media, Republicans and one Demo– crat (who just as well have STAYED home), has been re– sponsible for these goings on. Mr. Straub has come up with many good suggestions but to no avail as he is out– numbered two to one, Our District Attorney has also been one of the backers of doing away with the job he now seeks, but for a good reason - better State Gov– ernment. He would favor the election of a Lieutenant Gov– ernor, This way we would do away with the Secretary of State. Then a State auditor would be appointed to check all State financial business, While I do not think too strongly of a change of this type, I do believe we could do well with some new blood in the State House, and get away from the old routine we've been following so long, Maybe we could find the answer to many of our finan– cial problems in welfare, education, penal institutions, highways and others. I believe of the two candidates, Mr. Van Hoomissen is the better qualified for the job, Another reason is we have never had the chance to see how a Democratic Secretary of State would work, We've had Governors, yes, but Sec– retary of State, no, and we could do no worse than we have been. Contest Entries Arrive At TIMES (Continued from Page 1) started their own clubs and groups. Many have jobs teach– ing smaller children of their own race the advantages and disadvantages there are in life, One group of people that I am very proud of are the black athletes. You will find that the black man or woman puts a lot of effort into their sports' activities. When they do this they are trying to bring it across to the white man that the black man is not really carefree and lazy. Also I am proud of my people because they take so much interest in the Bible and God's different ways of ex– plaining himself. You will find now, and in the years to come, that the black race is a very religious race and that a lot of their beliefs can– not be changed by any one person or group of people of another race. Also the voice with which we sing brings out a person's true feelings or the true mean– ing of the song he is singing. Also you will find that the black people are good in har– vesting crops because this is the work their ancestors did many years ago. A lot of the things which the blackman has done or is doing were originally inherited from their ancestors. Barbara Warren age 14 3815 N,E, Rodney ................ In this age of social in– equality when the masses must slave and toil that a few may have wine and oil, it is impossible to set any rule of marriage selection that will be practical for all to follow. No formula of mating can ever be given as an in– surance policy of positive and unalloyed happiness, unless men and women become an– gels, and earth the Kingdom of Heaven. Interracial mar– riages do not bring better health or happiness, so I be– lieve it is wise to select a partner one who is of the same race, Lillian Doane 4014 N, Haight Portland, Oregon 97227