Page 2 OREGON AGRICULTURE 'lbe 4 big businesses that are buDding a greater Oregon are: 'L AGRICULTURE . 2. MANUFACTURING 3. MERCHANDISING 4. THE OREGON HOME The production of foods and fibres from the soil is first in sequence m the process of growing, processing, marketing and consuming. In Oregon agriculture holds first place (except in war time) in the value of its products. Cash farm income for 1944 was $280,445,000. PGE provides electrical service for a large part of Oregon's farm area. if Pioneer In •vppiylng electric !1., fiiKI pow.,· ro ltotrtNr agrlcvlfllre, -ulactvre Gild mercanrile .,.,.,_ Portland General Electric Company New patterns in styles i Portland men prefer PORTIS PANAMA A famous brand • • • cool, airy weave in nat– ural Panama. $6.50 ·V. S. .OND AGlNT'S The OBSERVER OPA Information "B-6" and "C-6" gasoline cou– pons, which local War Price and Rationing Boards stopped issuing in March, will not be good for consumer use after June 30, E. W. Eggen, OP A mileage rationing representative, announced today. Most of these coupons have al– ready been used, Eggen said. The few remaining will be taken out of circulation, in line with OPA's customary policy of periodic in– valdation of gasoline coupons. Consumers who have any of these coupons that represent an un– expired ration may exchange them for valid coupons at their local boards. Service station operators will have 10 days, or through July 10, 1945, to surrender these coupons to their suppliers for gasoline, or to their local boards for ration checks. Distributors have until July 20, 1945, to deposit these cou– pons in their ration bank accounts. FRIDAYS 'TIL 8 JUNE 31, 1945 I I t i i I I Our Regular 35.00 What man hasn't hungered tor the fire flash of ruby red against gold on his ring' finger. Satisfy your father or the man in your life with this stunning ring of solid 10-k. gold set with a flawlessly cut and radiant simulated I ruby. Buy it Monday and sav~ '1%.50. PAY 1.%5 WEEK l I ! ! I, I j I I I I ldentilieation Bracelet With N arne Engraved FREE No more perfect gift for your ma.n, in or out of the service, than a popular ~d protective :Identification Bracelet. Men really go for these chunky Sterling silver bracelets with their heavy soldered chains and heavy disc surface. Treat your man to one. Regularly 10.00 Our Special 8.89 . I WEISFIEL; ~~~~;~ERG, Inc. t S. W. 6th and Washington