OBP_Oregon Mirror_1959 Apr 30_v1 no7

0 0 ').. '1 "\JmL OR.EGO i'J\IR.R.OR I \.._ <... ( REFLECTING THE PARTICULAR INTERESTS OF MINORITY GROUPS IN OREGON Vol. l,No. 7 Price Five Cent• PORTLA:-r"D, OREGON 'J'hff?'sday, April 30, 1959 Gov. Hatfield Speak1 on Civil Rights Royal Esquires Name Queen At Urban Le ue Mee~-~[~,_lontestants for 1959~- lyct to be made. He ~dl '!!.hed ~~,U!!.;h:!~o~~~t8 t~ p!;; civil rights c.-nactmCntf the booi{s, the citizens of ollon ~t back and relax, a'I ~ ,1e were done. On the,contrary, said the governor, w~ust crm- ! stantly urge our repr~ntatt\fes I forward: specifically, we must Idiscourage the practice of such important proposals as S.B. 249 and SB 250 to the end of the legislative session, when it is :i::::~~e ~;i:et~:~. t;;f:;h r.t-"·vc• ,,,. their ends may be creditable, hastily formulated laws arc frc• quently worse than no laws. ln line with the ,NAACP's by John Toran, Jr. into disassccetcd categories, es program, Governor Hatfield obGovemor Mark O. Hatfield if they were so many separate served that one of the most declared a strong civil rights goals to be achieved. What he c~tical aspects of basic b~an position at the 14th annual called civil rights might well nghts was equal opportunity. meeting of the Urban League. have been named fellowship or ~oo many ~J:>lC?ycrs stret~- In a speech entitled "The Goal brotherhood. It is relationship gic~lly place m~1viduals of_ m1of Equal Opportunity for All based on the individual. non~ gro~ps withou_t the slight- -Photo by Balt:zeglU'. Oregon Citizens," Governor Within the context of "total est. mt~_tion of gomg beyond Pictured, left to right-President of Esquire, Ludu!t Williams; back row-Que-en spon,ors MadHatfield established himself as environment" Governor Hat- ~amtsimn~ a semblance of ames Myrtle Jones Martin Pat RiUs Betty Brook Jennie Hosley· front row-Contestants Loian outstanding liberal in race field outlined four areas calling iberal artitudes. Negroes are . ' ' . ' . ~ . . relations. for greater ~ttention by .the s?1l disqualified for c~in posi- Ma Jones, Dorothy Malry, Carol Mney, Marqwta Kinnard, and V1c.e Prt!-51dent Thomas Vickers. The theme of his address was citizens of ~n. Each of tihons bcc3:usc of f~kin ctor, The Royal Esquires proved. year's crown. This unselfish at- The very danceable and lis- :-Vhat a~~ustments ~eed be r:nade these are interrelated and form ;h~~n~~~~nal~er:ri -:~d~ ~:.; their immense popularity (and titude shows one of the rca~ tenable music was furnished. by m the total pubbc conscious- one whole. . . gi . . . . ch f she was awarded last years. 1 GEORGE LAWSON and his ness for civil rights or just at- At the outset Governor Hat- 1for .re1ection. Members of n::i- abihty to give 8 top-not . a - The other reasons were appar- . titudes to become a part of ev- field noted the progress of civil nonty groups should be pemut- fair) last Sunday by draW1og a t ft h "Stard t.. VIBRATONES, featunng voery citizen's thinking. Governor rights in Oregon was good but t~d t~ rise_ to 1:he highest_ posi- capacity crowd of well over 600 ! en a er 5 e sang us· cals by LLOYD ALLEN. Hatfield said that idea civil by no means excellent. We do tions if th~1~ skills,.e~ucation or people out to Piluso's for their, Each. contestant. spo~ed rights is too often broken down not possess an excellent record, 0ther qualities me:nt it. Matinee Dance. by 8 different club, was. mtro- Miss Royal Esquire-1958 The extent of Governor Hat- I duced by a reprCSOltabve of OREGON LATINOS field·s commitment to civil This non-profit organization thatclub.Theyare: • rights i;; rc:,,ealed ~h.en h~ stated g;ves a Scholarship ~ward to 1 _ Miss LOLITA JONES. that "quality'' dehmtely mclud- whatever young lady is chosen d b Th Be ut·cians {Reflecting the interest of the 1~ th: freedom of social rela- as their 9ueen. Last year's ~=e ClJ,, an~ in:~uced Spanish Speaking Americans} ~:~;1 ~~;:~;:ni;v~~~r~:~ ~r=~ M~:cr Pi~ ~u:~~ by Mrs. Myrtle Jones Miutin. By Dr. Mark ~artinez Infante and frequently used the irrelew..!.t with i!:racc. charm an~ di~nity 2 - ML~ DOROTHY - UJ.... Jorge Antoruo Franco-Ricaurtc and '·archaic" argument of mis- befitting her title. LORY, sponsored by the ModPEREGRINACION.-El activisimo sacerdote, Presho. Hidre- ceg~ation. ~owever. Go".ernor) Under the capable planning em Matrons Club. ~d introband en su iglesia de Crooked finger. dandole los ultimas toques Hatfield beheves there 1s no th" 1 b. ted f the affairlduced. by Mrs. Pat Riggs. a la.perigrinacion del dia 17 the Mayo venidero, exclusivamenta limit to h~?".an rights. He se- w;: :~uc~~~ and 0 ~e unusual 3-Miss CAROL MAXEY, desbnada a la participacion de la gente de habla hispana. Tene-1 verely cnhcized th~e who rogram was thoroughly en- sponsored. by and introduced by mos entendido que los arreglos y programs se encuentran a cargo woul~. too~ down_ their •:tong rayed by all. ''A Water Ballet," Mrs. Betty Brooks. de la Srta. Key Ily, quien ha pedido y obtenido la cooperacion de n<:>scs . at interracial mamages excellently performed by SAL4 Miss MARQU]TA KIN- :m';:n numero de paisanos en el grupo de los trabajadores <:el \Vltoi~~~~~r~:~eld closed his Ly BECKETT and FAYE ARD, sponsored by T he Rose · -- address by pointing out that ROBJE. was te fe~~cd ~ Club, and introduced by Mrs.. SENTIDO PESAME.-Al Sr. y Sra. Manuel Gonzalez, hijoslthe value placed on the indi- of the sh~~- 8 oog W1 w~il?tan Jennie Moseley. politicos de! conocido lider de la Colonia Mexicano. Sr. Jorge vidual is fundamental to re- solo by 155 Betty Jo I isms. A -parti Board of Ortega. El lunes proximo-pa:>9da a las siete de la manana y mien-1 ligious teaching. The last place President L. C. Williams in- J d 00 ~11 ele~the Queen at n:as la Sra. Gonzalez se ded1caba a los quehacercs domesticos, se where fellowship should be ig- traduced Tommy Vickers, who J:: g~r:aJon Ball (tcntatived1g cuenta de que s~nita mo tan solo para descubrir que su hijite nored, as it was at the begin- acted as M.C. His interview d ~e June Jth) 00 the basis of Miss Peggy HouSlon, Miss se encont~aba agomzante. Una Hamada urgente al escuadron de, ning of the Civil \Var, said the with reigning Qu~. Miss t~ \ •se and grace Royal Esquire of 1958, beauemer.genc1a de! Depratamento de Bomberos, llcvo a la nenita al, governor. s in the spiritual area. Houston, brought out the pur- en · poi · tifully attired in a gown of hospital ~as cercano donde se le ceclaro sin vida. Nos unimos a ----- pose of the scholarship, and the Since Sunday's affair was regal splendor, graciously adla Coloma de habla hispana para llevar ante la familia Gonzalez PRINCE HALL other pleasures of her reign. only a prelude to the Ball, I am dressed rhe Pri~ and Y Ortega nuestro muy sentido pesame. Particularly commendable was sure that the Ball will be a M.iss Houston's offer of aid to spectacular event; one no one stated her dclithr and plea.sINTERES ESPECIAL. -El Sr. Ricrdo Quiroz. quien en la MASONIC any of the contestants for this should miss. ure in tt.igning thus far actuahdad se encuentra como parte integrante del cuerpo de :::c:__c______________________________ policia_s cspeciales, informs a estn redaccion que shorn es aspiran- Od f H teal puesto de ~ervicos Especializndos y para que lo asciendan a NEWS I e O 01118 detective especial. Esperamos que sus esfuerzos se vean coro- . nados con el exito que se merece. pucs se encuentra dedicado al Submitted by Ted Baugh bring you beauty and color and you through the years. l will be estudio con el proposito de prepflrnrse para el examen proxjmo. By Leland H. West I run your Home, product of light. I frame for you the ever-, loved because of the storms I QUE EL CLUBE LATINO.-Americano tiene nueva directi- Mt. H~ Chapter No. '23. nature and man and Machines,!changing magic of ~ and have bel~ you ~b, the tears vs, segun sc nos informo cxtra-officinlmente, pues aun no hemos ~ose Croix (18th degree). ft:n- Thousands of skills at their, flowers and sky. No king of I have dned, the Joys I_ have conocido la integracion de ln nueva mesa directive. Entendemos c1~t and Accepted Scotti~h best ... to make living easier ages past possessed as much. I created. I am the e.wress1on of que el b':'en ami~o y aprl"ciable compadre._Josc Arechiga, r~ulto ~itela~f :~~:as:t:rin~:ldH~~ for you. I am the symbol of·am built to cnd~rc. I can crad~e your f~th in a way of life. I am el_ecto. V1ce-Pres1dente. Esperamos que vaJO su muy capac1tada Mgu . T g 1 16 N E mot\'s progress from the days of your young at birth. shape their the frwt of your labors and the ~IJ'ec~o~ el Clube s~ lance por un sen~ero de progrcso, apnrt~n- Ri;s~7:Cst ~~=~ ~pril '26th· the cave. 1 lighten your tasks. I character at youth, comfort spark of your incentive. I am e m::ra~d~st~~~~n:~::s ia~ 8 8 5 ~t~~~:~er;::i:~: 1 : 0 ~~nd:e~~~ at 2 p.m.., ' · make strong your spirit. I make them in their maturity, shelter bulwark against tyrants. I am paldo y le auuramos un exito complcto en ta reorganizacion de Un,?er the a_ble guidance of secure your future. 1 make en- them in their sunset years. I am youra-your stoke in America, a este importnnte viculo de la Colonie de habla hispana. ::ste~'os~oii~seT ~!n~~f~! joynble your leisure hours. I I your companion. your friend. nation made free and ~t by EN PLAN DE ANIMO.-Se nos permitio el adcntrarnos 8 meeting was unusually edifying Ikeep you safe from the etc-. your host, your servant. your men ~nd "":omen who--hke you los pensnmientos peticos y titererios de los Srs. David Agueros y and an inspirational progrom ments. I shut out the cold and bodyguard. your bondsm:811. I - belie~e in the stronghold of Rnfel Marquez, quicnes hon encontrndo la inspiracion en Ins was ~u~lined. the snow, the wind and the rain.[n1:1 your proudest possession. I ente-rpnse. • I AM YOUR musos de Portland, acompnnados de uno que otro agasajo para Princ1palnddressesweremndc) make you warm or coot. I will grow nearer and dearer to·HOhIE! nmenizar sobernnomcnte el anoro de! terruno y las discusioncs by A. \V. Denton, 33rd degree, litcrnria!. que menudean n eso de Ins madrugndo y cunndo se. and Evitmus (Bill) Ingram. discute In profundn £ilosofin de! vivir. Se nos hizo sober que ta: -- I produccion liternrin de Don David, esta sienc\o cuidadosamentel t11ustriousCommnndressMnrseleccionnda con el objeto de publicnr un grupo de sonetos y I the M. Cole. of Beni Hnssan nlejnndrinos. Nuestros parabienes. Court No. -15. Daughter of Isis, -- located in Seattle. visited our EL UNfVERSI_TARIO.-Dedicado a las laborcs ncademicas city Sunday, April 26th. Shel Y ya en s~ cntegona de Pesante de Derecho, el futuro nbogado, was accompanied by the Advislsmnel Lms ~nrrern prepnrn una tesis en In que discute al Dere- er to the Court, Noble Henry cho del Contribuyente ante la Presente Legislncion. Muy serio y Warner. empcnoso se le ven transitar por Ins artcrins citadinns de estn The two dignitaries were urbe y en tales centros como et Hotel Benson, sc le cscucha dis- pleasantly entertained by the certar con la cpncidnd que dcbe poseer un univcrsitario de su following: Mrs. Vethel Hall, cntegorin. Hnce unos cuantos dias le escuchomos varies {roses Mrs. Precious Ford, Mrs. Mary contundcntes ye dinnmicas, pletoricas de un significndo filosofico Jackson nnd Mrs. Leone West. ye dcstii:indns n captor la inteligente ntencion de su auditorio The delightful affair wns held volunntno: entre otrns. escuchmnos de el In siguicnte frase: "No nt the home of Mrs. West. pucde exisitir progreso sin orcden y estc orden estn representndo Shnring honors with the lien In formn lcgislntivn donde se c:cpresa In voluntad colectivn de lustrious Commnndrcss were las ciudndanos; ante este principio se dctriorn y olvida ta in- Past Grond Worthy Matrons teci~~ pcrsolistn y, esto en si, represents la seguridnd firme y Elise Reynolds of the Washingdec1d1dn dcl progreso de una socicdnd donde cl individuo logra ton Jurisdiction and Abbie su pocicion n base del legitimo esfucrzo y el rcconocimiento de los Cantrell of the California Jurishcchos" . ~. Fclicitnciones. diction. :--- .,,. l 1,6 13 ----

'rlmrsday, April 30, 19591 Pate 2 ~~=~==~===~~===i;;:;;;;:;;;:;;;;:;;;:;;;;:;;;:;;;;:;;;:;;;;:;;;:;;;;:;;;:;;;;:;;;;;::;:;;;;;;::;:;;;;;;;:;::;;;;;;:;::;;;;::;;:;:;;;;::;;:;:;;;r-, ~ ~ ~ = - - d = - ~ ~ = -- -1 People, Places and Scenes Letter to the editor The OREG J,,__ Q P!:'" ~ QJ"" I J~JH P PQ P '.TlJL, .. · 4'\. \.:.l.: . I~ "f\ l ..\. 4\.... 4\. 1940 N. Capitol Stret The contents of your most reSalem, Oregon cent issue establishes that the By Galven Irby There is on old saying, "Get wisdom, get knowledge, but obove all things get an understanding." After one hundred years of roce relations in Oregon what understanding do we ~ave of each other? A means of determining the errectiveness of thts question is to analyze and study the community in wh.ich .we li:'e. However a certain amount of judgment must be applied m amving at any conclusion. For community conditions an? resources vary widely, but with common sense and understandmg we ~an reach o reasonably accurate conclusion as to what our community believes. . In any given community there are a n~mber of .misnomer 1de~s as to what the different racial groups beheve or thmk. Portland 1s no different than any other community in this respect. Here in Portland it is an honest belier that certain minority groups will not cooperate ,...,ith government agencies in promoting a clean and decent community. They believe that these groups cam the greater part of their livelihood from some type of criminal activity. This belief is far from being true. I will point out the fallacy of this a little later. It is believed also that certain racial groups are seeking preferential treatment in their strive for progress. It is also a belief that certain racial groups will bring down property valuation by the mere fact that they happen to Jive in- the neighborhood. It is the belief of certain racial groups that mere belonging in itself will keep them from getting proper police protection within the community. PUBLISHED WEEKLY ON THURSDAY Circulated by Mail - Ntm ibo,•• - Bu1incue11 nnd Churcllcs 2713 N. \Villinms Ave., Portlnnd, Orci;:on AT 8-1768-BE 6-0952 Publisher and Mnnogcr-DON ALFORD Co-Publisher end Editor-DR. BOOKER T. LEWIS Columniat nnd Advertising Manager-John Toran, Jr. Ne:::::~:~~=:~:by, Cho~:~~ ;o::,~r;:~;l !~It,, Dr. Mark: Mo.rti.ncz. Infonte Jorge Antonio Fronco-Ricnurte Minnie Scott Enterto.inment \Vriter-Terri Francis FRON\ • srr DISPLACED PERSONS . Basically th 1 ere are always :me facts tot~~f;:i~i~=l~~is ~~~ Last week this paper carried a front page article under the : ; 0~:ta~:~z: ~~ ~::t;~~!; ~i~~eans O ~1eading of Urban League Activities .whic~ s~ould .be of prime by Chalmers L. Jones We can rove the fallacy of this belief by an illustration. importance to a ~arge ?umber ?f Albma District res1~ents. I ar:n Tak.e 8 penJl and draw four circles. one within the other, the not sure that this article receive? the. reader att~nt1on that 1t whole to st~nd for. the. sum of fifteen ~r seventee~ tho~sand per• ~7:c~:s ~:;:~s!e~erefore. 1 am takmg this opportunity to further sons of a given mmority group. The mnermost circle 1s to form the criminal element of this group. This group is very small. Now The Urban League of Portland sent letters to non-white resiif any member of this group is apprehended by the police ~ey dents of the area who are being displaced by the East Bank Freecertainly will not co-operate with the police. The second c1rcle way urging them to take advantage of this opportunity to rerepresents a group who either supports or earns a living from locate outside of the area jn which they now live, whenever posgrollp No. l. They will not co-operate wi~ the police_ unl~ sible. It is my fervent hope that such opportunities do not go to coerced. The third group is the group that 1s affected m their waste. daily living by the first two groups. Their utmost desire is to . . . escape from any of the other two groups' activity. They can't co- This rep~esents a. golden oppo~mty for exp~ns1on beyond operate with the police because they know of none of the activi- the boundaries of racial .concentr~tJo~ that now exists. Yo_u h_ave ties of the first two groups. The fourth group are the individuals furtb~r been warned aga1~st movm~ J~St o:-er the_ boundaries mt_o such as the ministers and professional people. the fnnge areas surroundmg our district SJnce this only makes ,t ~~=~~=~===============; :e:;;fin~f time before these areas become areas of racial conNOW SEE THESE COUPLES CHEAP - CHEAP • CHEAP &tro clean ond co:iy. 2 bedroom Near New A.M.E. Cleon two bed. modem home ot 4525 N.E. J 1th room home ot o give-owoy price. Ave. F.H.A SS,000.00. $3,500.00 cosh tokes it. 635 N.E. Coll George ......... AT 1-5289 Sumner. * See Jock ... 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Williams and N. E. Tillamook PORTLAND PORTER'S CLUB 2504 N. Williams Avenue CITIZEN'S LUNCH Cor. N. Williams and N. Russell GREEN FRONT CAFE & TAVERN 2631 N. Albina Avenue RUDY'S POOL PALACE Cor. N. Williams and N. Monroe CLEO'S TAVERN Cor. N. Williams ond N, Monroe BLOOP-BLEEP TAVERN 4228 N. Williams Avenue HARDY'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP 7 N. Russell RAY'S BARBER SHOP 2832 N. Williams Avenue For the Best in Service and Equipment Call BILLY TAYLOR, CA 2-1327 CAMPBELL AMUSEMENT CO. 25 HOURS A DAY In your relocating process, however, do not throw caution to the wind. Such processes of relocation in the past have given rise to the racial concentrations as we now know them. In the past unscrupulous real estate "operators" have used such situations to unload numerous "white elephants" on unsuspecting buyers who were not cautious in making such a long term investment. There are other things also to be considered in this operation. Since it has become apparent that the route of the freeway has been determined, the acquisition of right-of-way property will be the next step. I ask you residents who are being displaced to seek the ultimate value possible for your property. since such value will represent the foundation of your relocation. The Minnesota Route will encompass proj;°erties that will have tremendous values and there will be that tendency to "cut comers" to save money wherever possible. In my opinion such "corners" will be attempted in acquiring right-of-way property in the Albina District. If such problems should arise in your case seek the advice of someone qualified to give you the necessary information you desire. You have et your disposal the services of the Portland Development Commission. This agency has listings in various parts of the city for the benefit of persons being displaced from the Freeway area. You may also seek the aid of the Urban League in the event that you encounter discrimination in your efforts to relocate. Mr. John Holley of the League is ready, willing, and capable to assist you should the need arise that he do so. In summary let me say that this is an important step for all who Wlll be affected by this relocation. Let your judgment be sound in your selection of your new home. Do not let this chance to live in a better neighborhood slip through your fingers. Once you are relocated bend all of your efforts toward making your neighborhood the very best possible. Remember once more you will be under the microscope of public opinion. Your success or failure to meet the test Wlll be up to you. Think on these things! ! - ECONOMICAL READY-TD-FINISH FURNITURE ECONOMICAL reody,to-flni1h op111n ilock furnitura.Yauconpo!ntor1toin lhe1001tro.ctive Colo11lol ,tyled un111 lo ,ult your own docoroling nHd1. Mod• of clear Pa11dero10 Pine, 1ondod for 001yfi11i1hing. 14,d4,r29 3 d,ower COIO 11.9S 2 2x 1.4 ir29 3 drawer une 15.95 44x14J<29 6 drawer COUI 29.9S 22x14J<29 1 1h11ttar COIIII 14,95 28J<14~9 2 1h111ter COI O 19,9S 29J<29x29 corne r de1k 16.95 FREE DELIVERY Convenlortt Cr111dlt T111,m1 ...... ~-J;>#~ Furniture Aflentk 4-1115 1714 N. f . BlOADWAV April 27' 1959 ~~~~l ~~r:~~tr:;er is worthy The Oregon Mirror The choice of Dr. Mark MarP. 0. Box 7971 tinez Infante. and Jorge FrancoPortland, Oregon Ricuarte collaborating es editors Dear Sir: of the Spanish language section, The high purpose for which substantiates your good judgThe Orego.n Mirror has been ment. established-to reflect the inter- My very best wishes for the ests of minority grpups in Ore- success of The Oregon Mirror. gon - warrants full support of Yours very truly, the public in general. Catherine W. 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ThurNtlay, April !JO, 19!;9 The OREGON 1nnnon l:J. :J!orence l:}. rJ;gl._tingale Corne, "Don't put off foi- tomonow, flowers are still in gorgeous riot fee Hour," Rose Bud Study Thi, is what you con do today," con- of colors, but the weather ... Club; Flowers from local Ddta M;~~'f::~~- tains greet logic.... Did 'ja ugh! ;~~::\~';0;:x!:r•~1~~d ;:iii-I toyou cvei- lay aside a letter to mail, Met some w~nderfol people ''Sigma Gemma Rho Sorority, from the and it got lost? ... What about during Iota Phi Lambda Re- "AKA Koffee." Zeta Sigma Florence a check. say for your insurance gional Week • • • most interest- Omega furnished kits ... 16 ·NiAfttingale ... promised friend-wife you'd ing Mrs. Alvemon Tripp, gov- members were in attendance at Corner .. . . . 1 d d d'd 't cmment accountant, Sacramen- Ui-ban League G· •s Book Re- Mn. Bernadette Plummer, get. it mai_e to ay · · · 1 ~ to, formerly of Spokane .. • view and Luncheon in the lovely wife of U. G. Plummer, is condo it • • . it gets lost • • • you re charming Miss A. Lucile Rey- "Marine Room," Multnomah fined to hCT home at 3975 N.E. afraid to write another ... that's nolds, Educational Director, Hotel. .~!,From our neighboring Mallory. the big pay-off ... boy! wha\ a teacher in Los Angeles school city, Sea&:le, came such chann- Mrs. Lassie MaeCreai- is still spot.... Somewhere in my mind system • . • th~ delegation took ers as Prexy Eleanor B. Brown, 'confined at her home, 3535 N. 1 runs the lines of 8 poem, "When care of all busines~ at hand ~n E. June Smith, Arnetta M. Ber-1Haight. I have time, so many things I'll the t~ree-day period, but dtd ry, Ft. Lewis, Regional Secy. . Mr. Rob~. Dillard, one of our . . not fail to relax at fun-filled oc- ... farthest distance from Fres- Clty bus dnvCTs, entered Emando • •: to make hie happier · · · casions .as_: supper at Soror Nor- no wei-e: Prexy Maude HuntCT uel Hospital with a back injury. the fnend 1 love so well.. ,- • man W1lhams on Satur~ay eve- and Jacqueline B. Hodge. . . . Mrs. Zelda Weatherall of Cheer his heart with words of ~ing: Soror Aud.rey Elhs, a de- T,he entif!11!!Program or the Re- 4206 N. Vancouver is in Good sweetest praise." . . . BUT llghtf~I hostess m the home of gional was engineered by the! Sam. Hospital. "when you have time" the friend hei- Slster, Maude Banks. Fun perky Mary Dun can. who; Little Miss Li~da Seo~. at Texas Club Formal Ball, worked so hard at arrangement, daughter of the editor of this you hold so dear may be ~yond eyes were really filled with ex- that she "plumb forgot" an im- i column. is ill at home. the reach of your sweet mtent. citement at the palatial "Pilu- port.ant meeting for which she Mrs. Helen Hardy, wife of ... THEN, "Now is the time ... ,so" for Esquires' swanky affair, bas been secretary for many that pi-omin~t shoe shine parno longer wait to scatter loving I later supper at Bcatri~e Ree_d'.s years.... Now you can rest ... ~.or o~.ator Wilf;ed Hardy, is deeds and words of cheer ... home • • • thes~ gracious ~1s:- feel content for a job well done. m Emanuel Hosp1ta! after havthey_ may not meet you ~n the !~~~rs, a~~~;t~:~~ide ~~chc~rc: H appy birthday t<_> alJ of you m~~. acf!e;~i~: Si~:t~~e. of commg year ... Now 1s the personalities as Phyliss Smith, who have ~ad a b~rthday re- 2!55 5 E. 30th. one of Port.- time." ... 1 once had a friend I Cuma Claytei-, Lucy Hendrick cently or will have m the near land's socialites. is confined to who wanted me to meet her (teacher in Indian school, near f~ture. · · · ~et-well to all ~ur Emanuel Hospital for a much friend, I was too tired, said. ''I'll Salem), Magnolia Taylor, Ozielfne~ds, especially Jos.eph,ne needed rest and is responding to make it another day" ... never Smith. worshipped in a body et'ITwitty, Emanuel 1:~spital. · · · treatment satisfactorily. got the chance . . for she's de- the 11 o'clock Sunday morning Mr. a~d Mrs. Wilham Odom = ~---------, ceased now . all this musing service at the Bethel A.M.E., ~tert~med Mr. Clarence Jo~ns MUST DISPOSE OF keeps one on one's toes.... Sal Church. The group felt a tinge Im_ their h?me T~esday even mg must be getting old and a little of sorrow and greatly missed: with 8 Chmese Dinner. My- but OR REPOSSESS ION "tetched in the head" ... Slip- deceased Soror Lucille Wilson. the food was good end the setping? Birthdays can do this, Absent, due to illness of father ting was lovely: ... Co~ing 1954 DODGE Meadowbrook you know. ... On the beautiful in Springfield, Ill. was Soror events: Centennial Celebration. Very Cleon _ Perfect Motor days in yon's distance (last Vivian Bird, transferred to local Delta Rummage Sale. Saturday, Low Mileage _ Overdrive week), I never case to praise chapter from Oakland, and May 2, Les Femmes Tea, Beth: the floral beauty of our city, as I Soror Josephine Twitty who is el A.M.E. Church.... So un.tJ~ Assume note-s of S28 32 per mo. we drive about our community hospitalized. . . . Courtesies n~xt week . . . more gabbm or buy outr,ght. Very reosonoble and out into the countryside ... tendered visitors included "Cof- Wlth your gal Sal. CALL MR. BROWN * Proctor's Cafe * WONDERFUL FOOD ' GOOD COFFEE Open All Nile Pleasant, Courteous Service 2nd Annual MAD HATTERS BALL May 15th 9 to 1 o'clock MULTNOMAH HOTEL WE DELIVER 2054 N. Williams Ave. AT 2-9439 PRIZES Donation S 1.2S Anyone inlerested in entering o hot please coll Mrs. Irene Duke, Gen. Choirmon, Urban League Office AT 7-3771 LOWER PRICES EVERY DAY at GAYLORD'S COFFEE EGGS Maxwell House 1-lb. can 59c Limit 1 SALAD OIL FLOUR KRAFT"S GOLD MEDAL AA Medium 29c Doz. Limit 2 CAKE MIXES BETTY CROCKER All Reg. 35c Varieties S p.m. to 7 p.m.. . .AT 4-41198 8 o.m. to 4:30 p.m ... CA 7-2587 3-Bedrm - Basement $250 Dovn. Immediate Pou«sion. Handy to schools ond trans. N_. point OU!Side.. Goroge, 50 x I 00 ft. lot. Good roof. S77S0. FHA terms. Coll Mr. Tauscher - AT 7-2.2\3 Pa., 3 Attention Readers All \v-riters submitting ar- typesetters and printers work ticles, news items or notices on schedules, writers must do must. have their copy in to likewise. The Oregon Mirror oflice by 10 a.m. Wednesday morning. Any material subm itted after that hour wiJI not be accepted for pubUcation until the following issue. The publisher, PATRONIZE OREGON MIRROR ADVERTISERS J. J. PARKER'S BROADWAY~"" NOW A MIGHTY SCREEN SENSATION! FANNIE HURST'S FAMOUS BEST-SELLER NOVEL IS RATED THE SECOND LARGEST BOX OFflCE HIT IN THE UNITED STATES TODAY! lm~int! full 5'-'z-vl.ch foam robber tqlpmd rHtnfbl~ mhlon.s - castom built q11afity constr11ct;o11 I styfo,g ... 6oodstltctloaof l1brfts ind colon. Al l pieces for MiyllSl.!5 YOUR CHOICE Foam Rubber 3-pe. Sectional or 3-pe. Duo-Sleeper $15995 3 for s1.oo 10 lbs. 89c 4 pkgs. s1.oo BRING THIS AD FOR SPECIAL DISCOUNT Limit3 Spare Ribs HORMEL'S HAM PURE LARD sHANK HALF 39 lb 2 lbs. 45c lb. . C • 29c PORK SAUSAGE 3 lbs. •1-00 NALLEY"S BETTY CROCKER SURE CHAMP Potato Chips Frosting Mix DOG FOOD LARGE TRIPLE PACK 4 pkgs. s1.oo 4-lb. 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"~~~~~ TI01 ~ ..,.,, Pretty"cushiony"for y ~.. .o"u with longer lasting_ 1 • • Stretch)' Mar/11A lubrication k~ps . )'Outdrhingnubio•J•Smootll-fora ~ thousand milts or mort. And M'Cllusc .\ l.rr/ak dings fa.r Jongc.r to points o(wear and friction. your upkttp costs go dou'II. For proof, dr-i,·c in to<Lly for longer lasting MJT/d ch;issis lubricitioo. GLENN'S TEXACO CORNER OF NO. BROADWAY AND WILLIAMS AVENUE

The OR.EGON llllllROR Thursday, April :JO, 1959 plored Efficiency, the Key to lt 'E II) II ALEX SPEARMAN is the as- May will be the second anniGrcoter Opportunities." The ['-. signment of O definite recording versary of the arrival in Portie~~~~:t!o~'.\fl~ 1~:J!~:~~r ~~o~; A IL IK s date· also on the BOP CITY land of MISS COROELLA DE o summation. lab~!·. Given time and more ex- : 1t~~d:tw~~it~~l :::ee~::~:~ Saturday. from the call to pcnence, ALEX should develop for only two wcck5 • But her ~~i:i:lg s t m;~i;atf~~ 1 - t~;~l ;~~ into an excellent performer. showmanship, and blues stylings Mrs. Laura Williams, con-have kept her here for two ~v~~hn :~,~i~riste:~;~r;~ :ca~~f~~~~ I geniol barmaid at the Portland years. It tokes a long time for a committee reports. 8 round- Porters' Club, has just returned performer to develop a style of table-Women in Business and ~~~o:ni~'.glt~u:;jo~:~e~ri~vi~~ ~!~i~\ntu~ht~l~ it~!~u~~e~~dii;ii~~~: ~~;s,~~o:t~sl~~0t7~~ e~~c~~~:~e~~. 0!!~~ friends in Oakland and San ing, rehearsing and just plain ~~~et~e; J~~::e~~g:~~nbi!~ ~;: ~:~~c~~: 0i1a1~i11 : ~;p:~~n~;a~~ ~~r:ot:~rkp~1\:,~:J, re;~~}:s~~o~~ view at the Multnomah Hotel, by Teri Francis :~u~~ 1i 0!t:~~eE:~/~~a~:i;~ ~~~~s o;ute;:~~;a~~:ht~o~t~~ sponsored by the Urban League _1~ • NAACP <iains Iota Support Guild, purpose and results of Quite often 1 hed'r people Facks JI as well as Earl Hines ~LLA left Tucson, Arizona at ~':e°J9;;;;1 ~. t~;~1~\.~:~ni:~!• Ja0~j.:~;eL~;,itz~g~~~:~;";a:~ which arc akin to Iota's pro◄ make complaints about e_ntei:-at th e Hangover.·· ~n eRai~~,~~~~. t~:{i~~r!:~ ~~ei~: !or, Befo. Iota; Jacqueline C. HodAe, regional journalist, Maude gram. . t~iners that I feel are unJu7t~- CAUGHT IN THE ACT she was still in her teens she Hunter, Gamma Eta; A. Lucile Reynolds, national educational Among th e several resoluti~ns f~ed. One of th ese concerns cnti- Under the very capable direc- began travelling all over this director, Ruth Petty, Edna WoodwBrd, Alpha Phi; Arline Yar- adopte? as a _resu_lt ~f th e m- cism of some of th e_out-of:town tion of MARY LOCKRIDGE, country and up in Canada on brouSh, Beta KBppa; Cuma Cla;-ter, Beta Jota; Rozelia Ash- formative aod mspirationa\ con- pedormers-recordmg artiS t s- the show at The Desert Room is U.S.O. tours. and with big le}·, re~ional treasurer, Beta Mu; Arnetta M. Berry, re~ional ference wer~ th8~: Th~ Far- wh? appear 3 ~ dances. It seems a hit. Handling the difficult bands. She hos appeared with secretory, E. June Smith, Bet fa Kappa; Alvernon V. Tripp, WeStern Region Will contmue _to ~s if the public expef\5 the art- task of emceeing the show as Roy Milton. Louis Jordan, Joe Beta Tau; Dorothy Lockett, Beta Kappa.; center-Mary M. support the Urban League, its l!.ts to sound the ~eme as the.y well as the vocalizing, MARY Liggins and Lionel Hampton; Duncan, retional director, Beta Iota; Catherine Garcia, Alplia T.S.T. J?rogram and that chap- ~o. on re~ords, Believe me, t~is gives her tremendous showman- and just prior to her opening Pl1i, assistant retional director; seated-left, Audry Ellis, Beta ters r_egiSter lOO per cei:1t mem- is ,mpo_ssible. Why? The mai_n ship a real workout. Dancers on here in Portland was working Iota; Eleanor B. Brown, Beta Kappa. -Photo by Bnlteze{Jar_. berships: That the R_egion sup- ;.easo,~ is thst-when a record is the show are: ANITA DARE, at the Royal Nevada Hotel in . . port 1ocal and national p_r~- ·cut. an .nrt1st has a so~nd- MA.,RCO, JEANINE, andIIII Las Vegas. Her appearance at By Mary M. Duncan c1ous. well appointed downto~n g_rams ~f the N._A.A.C.P. on c1v1l proof stud10-~ood acoustics- MARCO, JEANINE. and JEAN the Rose Festival with Charlie The Twelfth Annual Confer- Y.\~.C.A., ~ large delegahon rights, mtegration and for full an engineer tramed to bring o~t EMBERS. Music is furnished Barnett was another tribute to ~ce of the _Fnr-Westem R~- registered_ Friday, .10 a. m. to 12 freedom for all people:. to the best sounds possible; oil this for the show; and doncin . b her talent and charm. There is gion. Iota Ph~ Lambda Sorox:i- no?"· Oz1_e J. S~1th and Jose• strengthen the present fun~t1o~s plus a chance to do the tune LEE WEST (drummer)g an~ no doubt that her future will be ty, Inc.. wh~ch conven~d _m phme Tw_1tty, regi~trars. . of the_Depa~ent of Justice m overand over until it is perfect. DON ANDERSON ( iano and as illustrious as her career has Port.land, Apnl 24---25-26, 1s his- The first busmess session enforcing dec1s1ons. p · tory--another milestone in the opened Friday, 2 p.m. Call to Officers elected for the ensu- IMPROVISATIONS organo). ;::be=e=n=m=t=h=•=P=•'=·'=======; 3 ACES ond KING BASIE DAY move forward in the areas of order by Mary M. Duncan. Re- ing year: Assistant Regional Di- George Lawson and his VIbusiness, of education, of human gional Director. The heavy rector, Mrs. Arline Yarbrough, BRATONES did a grand job of and race relations. Theme: "Ef- scheduled business procedure Beta Kappa, Seattle; Secretary, "doubling up" last Sunday. ficiency--The Key to Greeter was augmented by an informs- Mrs. Arnetta M. Berry. Beta First at Sandy's Matinee: then Opportunities." Beta Iota. host tive Workshop: "Exploration-- Kappa. Ft. Lewis. Wash.; T reas- out to Piluso's for the Royal Van's Olympic Room chapter. To What Extent Have Chapters urer, Mrs. Rozelia Ashley. Beta Esquires' highly successful af- 3530 N. Vancouver AT 7 _6601 FOR RENT Apartment for Nice Couple Furnished or Unfurnished CALL AT 2-4Sl3 1826 N.E. Victoria Ave. At headquarters in the spa- in the Far-Western Region Ex- Mu, Oakland, Calif.: Journal- fair. There Is No Doubt When You Call Vann's Budget Terms Available on Approved Credit VANN'S FUNERAL CHAPEL 5211 N. Williams (2 Blocks N. of Alberto) ATiontic 1-2836 ist. Miss Lucy Hendrick, Beta Lloyd Allen's version of "Talk Iota, Salem, O~e. Mrs. Mary to Me" is quite listenable. AcM. Du~can declined the recom- cording to BEAVER, the young mendation f'!r anoth~r term. man will soon be heard on the ~~~an~~~h~~~~f., G;;~ia~ec!;~ BOP CITY record label. mended. A nice birthday present for Come Dancing With The . Jakon.a, CENTENNIAL BENEFIT BALL Saturday Night, May 23 9:00- 1 :30 o.m. The Key Dance Club 410S.W. 1Jth Ave. Priz.~ for cutest cortume ond bearded chap DONATION Sl.75 Open for Your Convenience DO-IT-YOURSELF LAUNDRY 24 HR. 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