Northwest Defender_1963-09-12

CIVIC RIGHTS PAYTON Negro Joins Officer Kills Suspect TOPIC DAStaff Russell Payton EDITOR'S NOTE At a recent meeting of the MILLION DOLLAR REALTY CLUB, at the COSMOPOLITAN HafEL, Russel P~n, of the Civil Rights Division of the Bureau of Labor, gave a very informative address on the problems we face here in Portland in the field of housing. Due to space limitations welnot be able to bring the full context of the speech. We, in the Civil Rights Division of the Bureau of Labor, are always grateful to have an opportunity to dis– cuss this problem of inter– group relations with such an influential group as your own, the Million Dollar Re– alty Club. Certainly, the topic that we are to discuss this noon has not lacked for publicity in recent months. Certainly the South provided us with the headlines but, of course, it is not only in the South that we find racial problems but right here in Oregon as well. Governor Hatfield, just a short time ago, made the statement that we should take a lesson from some of these incidents and see that each one of Oregon's citizens had equal opportunity. He said, "Don't point your finger at the South. Let's start look– ing in our own back yard.'' would be very foolish if he accepted anything less than that guaranteed to all citi– zens under the Constitution. I know that when people talk about race they are in– clined to discuss certain physical and mental differ– ences. But physically, all races are alike in the es– sentials. They may have some nonessentials, such as the color of the skin, shape of eyes, the texture of hair. All races have four types of blood interchangeable with any other race. Mentally we find, of course, great differences but the differ– ences are not between the races but between individ– uals. The consideration } t indi- 2 Portland NAACP Cancels Plan To The first Negro tkput y di~ A burglar was shot and tri ct attornev in l\1ul tnomCih killed by East Precinct nffi– County's history will start cers and two others were cap– work Friday. tured early Wednesday wher. Dist. Att. George Van Hoorrl· they were caught breaking issen Wednesday announced into the A J Poultry Market, the appointment of John Tor- 2801 N. Albina Ave. an Jr., 31-year-old graduate of James Lewis Jr., 18. of 3144 Northwestern College of Law. !'I· Borthwick Ave.: was shot Toran clerk to Circuit Court 111 the head and ktlled as he Judge f-Ierbert M. Schwab the struggJ.ed with officer Fred E . past 31;1 years. is the first of Brock. . four appointments Van Hoorn- BROCK'S PARTNER, offt– issen expec ts to make q, ·' ce.r Howard T. Mayhew, cap– month. tured Jacob Albert Peterson, MarvJn Lewis Allen, 20, of Brock fired one warnmg shot 802 NE Hancock St., was cap- mto the air. tun~d at his home at 5:30 a .m. SUDDENLY, he said, Lc~''·l~ _Arthur .T. Johnson, 811 N. whirled !rbout, knocked his t.1raham St., opera~or of the flashlight out of his hand and market, called P?hce about began struggling with him . 3: 15 a.m. and satd he could Brock fired a second shot hear snmeone breaking into which struck Lewis in the the store. Johnson's home is head. next to the store. Meanwhile, Mayhew had Brock and f\1ayhew were captured Peterson. The thzrri only a short dtstance. They man momentarily eluded cap– sped tn the scene and found ture. t~o men standing by a , b~ck The dead youth was orry– wmdow and ano~h~r tnstde ing a wallet with papers iden– the store. The wmdow had tifying him as Allen. Offi r <>rs been smashed . went to Allen 's home to noti - 1oran, onr~ - . ·n 1 .,, ,, ~11 _ three fled as the two fy his parents. While thev class taught : ·· ." ' !P i~-nn;s 18, of 42 2 3 NE Rodney St. . a ofi1cers a~nved. Brock v:r:t-e there. Allen walked 1 j, sen, has bee1. . .1 to t_hr short distance away after foot"' chased Le~ts bet~een some the front door and was ar- cciminal 1VORTHWEST."'""d DEFENDER UNDERSTANDING AND EDUCATION WILL LEAD TO THE TRUTH Vol. II, No. LXXXII 5 Cents Per Copy Thursday, September 12, 1963 Race Group Sets Bureau Iv1rs. C. McCord Named Chairman Mrs. C. W. McCord of 2647 SW Montgomery Dr. Wednes– day was named chairman of the speakers bureau of the newly-formed Portland Citi– zens League for Equal Oppor– tunity. League co-chai rmen Dr. Paul S. Wright and Dr. Walter C. Reynolds sa id the bureau will provide speakers to civic grou ps to discuss r acial segre– gatJOn 1n school, public hous– ing and racial ghettoes and " the importance of opening job opportunities on the water– front to qualified Negroes." Dr. Wright said he believed Portland "has its share in America' s most pressing do– me~tic problem-equa l oppor– tun ;tyrfor the Negro" a nd that CLEO . will help ' 'to improve the climate of race rela tions in our commun ity. " NEW OWNERS AT COTTON CLUB I \ Paul Knauls (right) new manager and part owner of the Cotton Club, shakes hands with Mr. Lee Thompson, former owner. Is there anything so diffi– cult about every citizen hav– ing the same responsibilities and the same privileges, the same punishments and the same rewards? Aren't all citizens alike, whether they be Negro or white? Cer– tainly the tax collectors or the draft board let no one escape because of the color of their skin. And I would assume that any citizen of the United States, whether he be Negro or Caucasian, Picket Unions For Dock lobs \ Demand Paul, born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, entered the armed services in t949. After 3-1/2 years of serving his country he began working at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Wash– ington, as a dishwasher. One year later he became a busboy. The Davenport Hotel began an extensive remodeling program, and the Matador Dining Room was born. Paul was then given the job as wine steward. At the same time, Paul was also a Senior Customer Engi– neer at the Royal McBee Corporation, For ten years he worked both jobs, Paul's favorite sport is snow skiing, He hopes he will have time to· join one of the ski schools, as he is a certified ski instructor. Paul has one son. Guess what his name is? Paul Jr., of course. Ex Champ Gets Scholarship Tommv Brown rormer Pal Club boxer and Golden Gloves committee whi~h voted him $500 scholarship. Tommy will committeemen making presentation are, from left, Alan Grayson and Karl Teeples. Brown is Jeff High graduate. champ, gets big boost toward~'nistry from Golden Glove~ attend Cascade College in Port nd this fall. Golden Gloves Bcowo, Bod Moodow•, RayS\ Goocgo Yo<kov;oh, Book Yourl(ind ~ank!