Northwest Defender_1963-08-29

A Beginning Is ade Tile Civil Rights Bill Is Still in Jeopardy But tile Power anti tile Grace of Yesterday's Freedom Mllftll Was Felt Tllruout tile land NORTHWEST DEFENDER UNDERSTANDING AND EDUCATION WILL LEAD TO THE TRUTH Vol• .1, No. XXX xn Portland. Oregon.s Cents Per Copy TIIURSDAY, AUGUST 25. DG3 EXCLUSSIVE ISS Weary NW Marchers Start Return; Bus Due in Portland Sunday A.M. By ALLEN HOFFARD Reporter'• Washington 8ure1u WASHINGTON, D.C. - Forty weary Pacific North– westerners boarded a home– ward bound ahtartered bus at dawn Thursday after partici– pating in Wednesday's his– toric march on Washington. The civil rights demon– strl!ltors assembled at 5 a.m. for the return trip in the same bus which was plagued with mechanical difficulties and other delays on its east– bound journey. They expect to arrive at their starting point, High– Ian dCongregational church in Portland, Sunday morn– ing. Fifteen wil continue on to their homes in Washing– ton state. Marchers We d n e s d a y night got their only chance of the week to sleep in beds, as house guests of members of the Christian F a m i I y movement, a Catholic group, in suburban -Washington's northern Virginia commu- , ni'ties of Arlingtan and Alex– andria. The early reveille made the visits very brief, how– ever. The hospitality, which had previously been scheduled for Tuesday n i g h t, was arranged by Jam~s Hunt, manager of Portland's Cath– olic Bookstore, who served 3JS "advance man" for the bus riders. Having arrived more than 12 hours late, the Portland contingent entered Washing– ton just in time for the march and went directly to the assembly are a. They carried signs prominently identifying them as Oregon citizens. The march itseff was unmarred by violence or other incidents, and was ad– judged a major triumph for its sponsors. ing, but arrived too late to keep the appointment. Sen. Maurine Neuberger was in Oregon. The bus riders were joined in the march by State Rep. Howard Willits (D-Gresham), who flew in fro rna Methodist church meeting in Chicago. Pastor Ralph Moore of Highland Congregational, chairman of the race re– lations committee of the Portland Council of Church~ es, W3JS chief organizer of the charter, but didn't make the trip himself. John HoUey of the Urban 1e ague and Rich\al'd Celsi, a school teach· er, were co-captains of the journey. Hunt told the Portland Re· porter Washington bureau that the Oregon ml!lrchers retained their good cheer despite the disappointments which had beset them, and the fact that a round trip cross-country bus journey in one week by no stretch qualifies as a vacation. E Rally Due Sunday Busload Returns; S. Oregon Race 1 'Problems' Seen A rally will oe held Sunday for the busload of Portlanders who traveled to Washington D. C. to participate in the Aug. 28 civil rights demonstra– tron, The Journal learned Fri– day. Mayfield K. Webb , local president of the National As– sociation for the Advancement of Colored People, said the rally will be held either in In keeping with its practice of giving its readers the best and most comprehensive coverage of big events, the North– west Defender has this exclusive issue of the mammoth demonstration in Washington, D. c. The Defender Publisher, Terry L. Black, and Editor, Jimmy Bang-Bang Walker, went to the Nation's Capital and wired special stories on the big event back for this big special issue. Readers patronize the advertisers in this, your greatest weekly. #l The oldest Negro Newspaper in the Northwest; #2 The greatest and oldest Litho newspaper in the Northwest; #3 The only 6 columnNegro Newspaper in the west; #4 The only newspaper in the world, where you can read, "Bang-Bang Talking". Our aclvenisers make this exclusive issue Edition pos – sible. They provide much of the money necessary to under– write this special repon. 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Webb described the Aug. 28 demonstration in Washington as "just great," but said there are no plans for a simi– lar march on the capital at Salem. "There's no need for it," he said. "However," he.. said " I am somewhat disa ppointed th at Gov. Mark Ha tfield issued no statement on civil ri ghts on the day of the ma rch as Mayor Schrunk did. But I am not critical of the governor be– cause he has been on our side -for civil rights-all along." WEBB WARNED, however , that the NAACP intends to take action soon on wh at he termed racial problems in the Medford · Ashland · Grants Pass area . He did not specify the problems he had in mind, nor the type of action con· templated . He said an announcemen t on the subject will be made with– in a few days by the local NAACP's executive board. Rep. Edith Green greeted some of the Portlanders Wednesday night at their suburban assembly point, Blessed Sacramnt Catholic church In Alexandria. The marchers were to have met with Sen. Wayne Morse in his office Wednesday mom· OFF WITH A SONG go riders mi SNCC's "Freedom and Jobs" bus to mammoth demonstration in Washington, D.C. Wednesday. At extreme right is the Rev. Ralph Moore, 27, pastor of sponsoring Congregational Church.