Northwest Clarion_1955-12-30

Northwest CLARION How Can I Hear the Things You Say, When the Things You Do Keep Thunderinq in My Ear PRICE TEN CENTS The Nor11hwest Clarion, Portland, Oregon Friday, December 30, 1955 ------------ ----------------------------·--------~~~~------~--------~~------~--~~--------------------~~----- JUNIOR HOMEMAKERS Fifty Pastors Oppose ·Wilkins Asks FBI .. Calling Conslilulional Interventi on in Convention in Vh ginia Council of oni Terrorists Fail to Daunt The unprecedented action of NAACP Activities the Baptist Pastors Conference NEW YORK-Upon his return of Roanoke, Vinton. Salem anrl from Mississippi where hP vi~ited vicinity, which took action las1 Gus Courts in the hospital at week to launch an educational M(mnd Bayou, Gloster B. Current, campaign against calling a Con- director of the National Associa– stitutional Convention for the tion· for the Advancement of Col– purposes of changing Section 141 ored People, Friday charged that of the Constitution of Virginia, "this latest attack upon an was joined this week by pastors NAACP lea<;Ier is a result of ef– of all other denominations in this forts of the White Citizens Conn- : city and vicinity. Encouraged by cil of Belzoni to deprive all Ne- ! the rapid growing opposition groes in that area of their voting among white citizens of the wis- rights." i lorn of hastily calling a conven- Together with Med:;:ar F.v~rs . , tion to deal with changing the NAACP field secretary for Miss.. · :::onstitution of our State, which Current visited Courts in the hos . 1 to many of us is r e 1 ig i o u sl ) pita! room to which he had been ~acred, the ministers have pledg- removed from Belzoni after he ~d to leave not a stone unturncd had been shot and critica'ly 'n their effort to inform the pub- wounded while working in his lie of the great and irreparable sto on November 25. A leader of NEW TEMPORARY e:~ecu- harm whichc would likely result the elzoni branch of the NAACY, tfve secretary of Portland Polio patients Cheryl Soucy and Brenda Clark rearrange the furniture in their doll house as part of their treatment. This is part of a program encouraged by the March of Dimes to return polio patients to normal lives enjoyed by other young Americans. Mother Lauretana, occupational therapist, offers a helpful sug– gestion. JOIN TilE MARCH OF DIMES with dollars.. from a hastily cooked-up conven- Coti ts refused to remove his Urban league is E. Shelton tion. During these times when narn from the voting list despite Hill. , racial tension is unquestionably thre ts and the assassination last ·-- - --- - high the need of calm thinking May 7 of the Rev. George w. Lee. Urban League Appoints and action has never been more The lergyman was killed not far apparent. the store where po'itical £. Shelton Bill Former Roanoker Now Teaching AI Turkish School Mrs. Hazeltyne Holland Lee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Holland of Roanoke County, is teaching at Ataturk Kis Liseisi, a girls' college in Istanbul, Turkey. She is a graduate of Lucy Ad– dison high school and Bluefield State college. Mrs. Lee received her masters degree in business education from the teacher's col– lege of Columbia University last June. She was initiated into the Tau chapter of Delta Pi Epsilon, hon– orary fraternity of business edu– cation, at Columbia last March. For the past three years rMs Lee resided in The Bronx, New York City, and was employed as secretary of the American Bible Society. Mrs. Lee taught at A. T. John– son high school, Templeman, Va.. and Carver high school, Salem, tollowing her graduation from Dluefield Statec ollege. She later became secretary to Dr. ~dna Colson of Virginia State college before going to New York. Please Drive Carefully Warnings to drivers to take it easy on New Year's Eve appar– ently paid off in Oregon last year. A study of state records by traf– fic safety officials indicated only 270 accidents were reported in the state on the last day of the ;year, despite the higher-than– Usual number of drinking drivers Usually presumed to be on the roads. Officials expressed the hope that the same good record will be achieved this New Year's Eve. There were no deaths in New Year's Eve traffic last year, al– though 62 persons were injured. Every individual can help com– bat New Year's Eve accidents, Secretary of State Earl T. Newbry commented. He suggested, asain, that celeb– rants who drink either allow non– drinking friends to drive them home or use public transportation. "Party hosts," he said, "can do their guests a favor by serving coffee and food just before the party ends to partially offset the liquor they have ·consumed." Marc.h of Dimes To Aid Thousands The ministers takt t:le position ters shot through a window A . S that ' they are not playing politics in effort to kill Courts who CIJng' ecreJary in the stand they are taking. The succ eded Rev. Lee as leader of The Board of Directors of the State is confronted with the the Negro community in that I Urban League of Portland an– challenge of survival or defeat of · nounces the appointment of E. a humanitarian cause. Therefore, Wil ins Asks FBI Intervention I Shelton Hill as acting executive ministers of the "Gospel of Je- . P viously, Roy Wilkins, ex~cu- secretary of the Urban League, ef– sus .Christ," .the 1 i gh t of the hve secretary, NAACP received fective January 1. Polio isn't licked yet. This is a fa.:-t that is being brought to pub– 'ic attention in this county and throughout the country this week as voluneer workers opened the 1956 March of Dimes. The drive for funds to carry on the polio -fight will continue here through– out the month. world), can ill-afford to keep assurance from Gov. Hugh Wh~te I Hill, who has served as indvs– quiet at such a time as this. that he ha~ "c.alled on the spenff I trial relations secretary . of the and the d1stnct attorney to do local League since 1947, will fill Heading a mammoth commit- · everythmg possible to find pa:rt1es the top post until such time as the tee on ways and means of con- G d 1 guilty of shooting us Courts an executive committee of the board ducting this educational cam- to prosecute vigorously." Wilkins can make a permanent sele-ction, paign which is about to get un- in an earlier telegram to the gov- 1 according to Mark A. Smith, presi– cter way and continue through ernor said: "In view of recent dent. : Thousands of polio patients ·>till need aid, according to the ~ational Foundation for Infantile ?aralysis. And many of these de– 'end on iron lungs and other me– ~hanical devices for the very ~reath of life. "To stop aid now," a statement 'rom March of Dimes headquar– ~ers said, "would be like pulling 'he electric plug from an iron ·ung." the January 9tht referendum are events, failure to take positive ac-J The temporary appointment is the Rev. F. E. Alexander, pastor tion in this case will reflect made t fill the vacancy left by First Baptist Church, Buchanan, further upon Mississippi and add the resignation of Edwin C. Berry, and editor and pUblisher of the to · the international embarrass- who has a-ccepted the job of ex– Tribune. The secrettary of the ment of the United States." ecutive secretary of the Chicago committee is the Rev. Frederick The NAACP leader also wired Urban League. The treatment of a single polio ">atient often costs thousands of iollars and extends over many years. "It is not enough to save a life," a March of Dimes spokes– man said. 1 'The job isn't finished G. Sampson, pastor High Street Attorney General Herbert Brown- Hill is a graduate of Western Baptist Church, Roanoke. The ell urging federal intervention in University, Kansas City, Kansas, campaign will get under way im- this case which, he charged, "fits and has done graduate work at mediately. the pattern of violence and mur- Ohio State University and the NAACP Unil Presid'ent Foun4 Murdered until we have done everything 'rh~ boqy of another :1'-fAACP of– :Jossible to make that lif!'l wor~h fici~I. Iferberi Jqhp~Jon, 60, was living again." found ~his week on his farm in The March of Dimes program Sch~~epburg, I,J:'exas, badly beaten ~ncludes maintenance of l4 ·res- anq severely burned. N o Qe tails 3irator centers where meqical h~v~ peeR ol:!~aJnl:ld as ~o b.ow long >pecialists study methods of re- he ~as beef! dead nor who his >toring the ability to breathe anci assall,:mts were. Hi$ homo was :lemonstrate new technique!! ao' also burned, Johnson was presi– hat this knowledge can be ap- dent of the local chapter of Jlied in hospitals all over the NAACP. The sheriff ot the county ~ountry. has been unable to establish a More than 50 per cent of this motive in the slaying. Observers, year's March of Dimes need is for ?owever, b~lieve that this slaying )atient aid. March of Dimes funds 15 another m the pattern of the Nill be spent also in resenrch pro- deep south , pro-segrega~ionists ~rams which may save futut!! who pllln to kill the effec~1veness ;enerations from the ctippiihg of _thll ~AA~P; hy, m!l.kmg Ne– disease. 'rhe Saik vaccirt!! was de- grd~s fNlrful tlf jtllhing the or– veloped t h r o u g h a March tlf gamzaHdi'L Dimt!s grant. Volunteer workers "---"..._......_._,._=~""""=- are needed here to push the drive which will end January 31. The minimum need for this year's pro· gram is $47,600,000. Public Meeling To Be Held Jan. 4 "World Order Through World Faith" is the challenging and pro– vocative title of Calvin Steimetz' talk to be given at the January 4 pub' ic meeting at the George White Veterans Club, 429 S. W. 4th Avenue, in the 3rd floor library at 8:0() p.m. These weekly meetinr:s are under the auspices o.f the Portland Baha'i community. Postman Take• $16,000 On TV NEW YORK, Dec. 28 - CUP)- 1 Roscoe d. Wright, a New York postman who got an extra week to make up his mind because of the Christmas rush, decided Tues– day night to take the $16,000 he had alteady won instead of shoot– ing for the top in the television quiz shoW, The $64,000 Question. Wright had been scheduled to make his decision to try for $32,- 000 or take his $16,000 last week. But he said he'd been too busy to decide. He was given the extra week. der in Mississippi openly designed University of Oregon extension to deprive Negro citizens of their center in Portland. civil rights." Hill is well-known in the North- To Mound Bayou, the NAACP west. Having spent a number of le~dflr !lent a telegram assuring summers- here before taking up tl}e wounded man that "all of us permanent residence in 1941. He at the national oftice together originally hails from Hugo, Okla– witb mllUons of people all ovet homa. He has had many years of thQ country are praying for your experience as a teacher, principal, re~gvf)ry, We are also pressing for labor recruiter and social worker. th@ arr@lit an<i punishment of your Before joining the Urban League &S~3il~mts," staff he was tenant relations of– Reporting on his visit with fleer for the Vancouver Housing Courts, Current said: "I waa Authority. During World War II struck by this significant tact- he was education and recreation he talked without emotion, bit· director for the Portland Army terness or rancor about the inci- Air Base. dent and whether or not it would During the eight years that Hill be safe for him to return after has served as director of Indus– discharge from the hospital." tril'll Relations of the Urban Negro, While Ministers Merge in Florida DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.– ({\NP)~Nesro and white minis· tarial alliances here have merged into a sinile organization. ·The all-white Daytona Beach Ministerial Association voted last Monday to integrate with the Ne– gro Interdenominational Minis· terial Alliance. The new group will become the United Minister– ial Association and will hold its first meeting January 2. Eighteen of the 26 members of the white organization were pres– ent and voted 11 to 7 fnr the merger. The Rev. Gordon Petr · ~· man of the Brotherhood ( rom mit– tee which initiated the i proposal, said the Negrr· 1 lc"; voted earlier on the me1.:u-. League, many advancement in employment for minority workers have been made in the Portland area. tlis wife Helloise is a teacher in the Portland Public School Sys• tern and they have a dauahter, Edwina. tie is a member of Excelsior Prince Hall Affiliation, Lodge Number 23, Kappa Alpha Psi Fra– ternity, Portland City Club, Port– land Chapter of Social Workers, and Mallory Avenue Christian Church. Patronize Our