20 17 Commencement Sunday, June 1.8, 2017 MORNING CEREMONY - 1O:OO A.M. College of the Arts School of Business Administration Graduate School of Education Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science OHSU-PSU School of Public Health School of Social Worh College of Urban and Public Affairs

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 Commencement is probably the happiest event of the year at Portland State as we celebrate the finish line for our graduates. More than 6,000 graduates make up the Class of 2017 from 47 countries and 43 states. The class reflects PSU's rich diversiry with the oldest graduate at age B0 and youngest at age 15. \(/e are conferring 4,375 bachelor's, 1,600 master's and B0 doctoral degrees this year. Many of our grads will have families and friends to celebrate todays ceremonies, a fitting way to celebrate Fathert Day. For me, today is bittersweet because it is my last commencement as PSU president prior to stepping down this summer. I can't think of a better way to end my nine-year tenure than joining faculty, families and friends in recognizing the achievements of our newest graduates. Go Viksl il^ p& 'Vim \Tiewel President

Table of Contents Program Order of Ceremonies........... ..................... 2 Platform Party.............. ............................. 3 Portland State University................... .............................. 4 Our Vision, Mission, and Values ............... 4 Academic Costume ............ 5 Faculry Excellence and Achievement Awards ................... 5 Faculry Emeriti 2016-17 ........................... 6 Student Speakers ................ 7 Commencement Address, Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa ..................................... B Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa ..................... 9 Branford Price Millar Award.......................................... 11 George C. Hoffrnann Award........... ........ 12 Kenneth \fl and Elsie \fl Butler Award ........................ 14 Mary H. Cumpston Award............ ......... 15 Research Faculry Excellence Award................................ 1 6 Research Faculry Exceilence Senior Faculty Award......... 17 Research Faculty Excellence Junior Faculty Award......... 18 PSU Foundation Faculry Philanthropic Leadership Award............ ........................ 19 PSU Foundation Philanthropic Cultivation Award........ 20 Doctoral Degrees.......... ...........................21 Latin Honors 2015-17 ......24 Academic Degrees 20 I 6- I 7 SUMMER 2016 Graduate Degrees.......... ..........................29 FALL 201 6 Graduate Degrees.......... .......................... 29 Baccalaureate Degrees and Certifi cates .......................... 3 1 WINTER 2017 Graduate Degrees.......... .......................... 35 Baccalaureate Degrees and Certifi cates .......................... 36 SPRING 2017 Candidates for Graduate Degrees ............39 Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees and Certi6cates... 45 SUMMER 2017 Candidates for Graduate Degrees ............56 Candidates for Bacca.laureate Degrees and Certificates... 57 FALL 2017 Candidates for Graduate Degrees ............62 Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees and Certificates... 62 Please meet graduates outside of the Moda Center following the ceremony.

Order of Ceremonies PROC ESSIO NAL Faculty Doctoral Graduates Mastert Graduates and Candidates Bachelort Graduates and Candidates Platform Parcy M USIC Portland State Universiry \find Symphony, Ed Higgins, D.M.A. WELCOM E Sona Andrews, Ph.D. Prouost and Vice President for Acad.ernic Affairs NATIONAL ANTHEM Yetta Rose Stein Class of 2017 NATIVE AMERICAN HONOR SONG Bulls & Bears Drum Group MASTER OF CEREMONIES SonaAndrews, Ph.D. PRESIDING \fim\7iewel, Ph.D. President GREETINGS Peter D. Nickerson, B.A. Chairrnan of the Board Po rt land S tate Uniu e rs i ty Board of7lustees Greg S. Meyea M.B.A. '08 President, Portknd State Uniuersity Alumni Association STUDENT ADDRESS Yetta Rose Stein Studcnt Representatiue of the Class of 2017 ManiaAsadi Zadeh Studcnt Representatiu e of the Class of 2017 HONORARY DOCTORATES Anas Khaled Al Saleh, B.A. '97 D.Hum.L., h.c.'17 Gerry B. Cameron, B.S. '62 D.Hum.L., h.c.'17 Nancy L. Zimpher, Ph.D. D.Hum.L., h.c. '17 COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS Nancy L. Zimpher, Ph.D. D.Hum.L., h.c.'17 PRESENTATION AND CONFERRING OF DEGREES \7im \fiewel, Ph.D. SonaAndrews, Ph.D. R ECESS IONAL Please meet graduates outside the Moda Center The audience is requested to remain seated during the processional and recessional

Platform Party rVim \7iewel, Ph.D. President Sona Andrews, Ph.D. Prouost and Vice Presidentfor Academic Affairs Sherril Gelmon, Dr.PH. Presiding Marshal Brad Hansen, D.M.A. Grand Marshal, Praiding Oficer of the Senate Anas Khaled Al Saleh, B.A.'97 Hono rary Degree Recip ient \filliam Boldt, Ed.D. Chief Executiue Oficer and President Portland State Uniuersity Foundation Gerry B. Cameron, B.S. '62 Honorary Degree Recipient Peter D. Nickerson, B.A. Chairman of the Board Portland State Uniuersity Board ofliustees Greg S. Meyer, M.B.A'08 President PSU Alumni Associarion Nancy L. Zimpher, Ph.D. Co m me n re m en t Address. Honora ry Degree Recipient ADMI NISTRATIVE LEADERSH I P She1ly Chabon, Ph.D. Wce Prouost for Academic Personnel & Leaders hip Deue /opment Margaret Everett, Ph.D. Vice Prouost for International Afairs, Dean of Graduate Studies John Fraire, Ph.D. Vice President for Enro llment Management & Student Affairs Scott Marshall, Ph.D. Vice Prouost for Academic & Fiscal Planning Carmen Suarez, Ph.D. Vice President for Diaersity dr Inclusion 201 7 REPRESENTATIVES Mania Asadi Zadeh Student Representdtiue, Class of 2017 Yetta Rose Stein Student Representatiue, Class of 2017 ACADEMIC LEADERSHIP CliffAllen, Ph.D. Dean, School of Business Administration David Bangsberg, M.D. Dean, School of Public Health Randy Hitz, Ph.D. Dean, Graduate School of Education Clive Knights, M.Phil. Interim Associate Dean for Research and Deuelopment, College of rhe Arts Laura Nissen, Ph.D. Dean, School of SocialWork Stephen Percy, Ph.D. Dean, College of Uban and Public Affiirs Renjeng Su, D.Sc. Dean, Maseeh Colhge of Engtneeringand Computer Science COMMENCEMENT READERS Jennifer Allen, Ph.D. Jim Hook, Ph.D. Karin Magaldi, M.F.A. Chrisrine Meadows, M.M. Chris Shortell, Ph.D.

Portland State University Portland State Universiry serves as a center of opportuniry for more than 27,000 students and a cornerstone for more than 171,000 alumni worldwide. The strength of the Universiry is its world-class faculry who serve the Universiry and the communiry through teaching, research, and public service. Research at Portland State has more than doubled in the past decade, achieving new degrees of excellence through investments such as the $24 million National Institutes of Health (NIH) research and training grant that will fund the Enhancing Crossdisciplinary Infrastructure Tiaining at Oregon (EXITO) program. Portland State contributes an annual economic impact of $ I .44 billion to the regional economy. Located in Portland, one ofthe nation's most livable cities, the University's innovative approach to education combines academic rigor in the classroom with field-based experiences through internships and classroom proiects wirh communiry Partnefs. The Universityt 50-acre downtown campus exhibits a commitment to sustainabiliry with many Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings, while many of the more than 200 bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees incorporate sustainabiliry into the curriculum. PSU's motto, "Let Knowledge Serve the Ciry" inspires the teaching and research of an accomplished faculry whose work and students span the globe. HISTORY Portland State University opened in 1946 as the Vanport Extension Center to meet the educational needs of veterans home from'World \(ar II. The first campus was a portion of Vanport, a wartime housing project that was destroyed in 1948 when a dike broke along the Columbia fuver. The campus was moved to north Portland ln fall 1948, and in 1949 the Oregon Legislature made "Vanport College" permanent. Three years larer rhe campus moved to its presenr location along downtown Portland's South Park Blocks, occupying the former Lincoln High School building. It was then known as the Day Division of the Portland State Extension Center. The Legislature created Portland State College as a Four-year. degree-granring institution ]n 1955. Graduate work was added in 1961, doctoral programs began in 1968. and the institution became Porrland State Universiry in 1969. The Universiry has grown from an initial enrollment of 1 ,41 0 students in 7946 to become Oregon's largest urban research universiry. Our Vision, Mission, and Values OUR VISION Portland State Universiry leads the way to an equitable and sustainable future through academic excellence, urban engagement, and expanding opportunity for all. OUR MISSION . \(e serve and sustain a vibrant urban region through our creariviry, collective knowledge and expertise. . \7e are dedicated to collaborative learning, innovative research, sustainabiliry and communiry engagement. . \(e educate a diverse communiry of lifelong learners. . Our research and teaching have global impact. OUR VALUES . \(e promote access, inclusion and equiry as pillars ofexcellence. . \7e commit to curiosiry collaboration, stewardship and sustainabiiity. . \7e strive for excellence and innovation that solves problems. .'We believe everyone should be treated with integrity and respect.

Academic Costume (Jne of the most colorful features of the academic procession is the appearance ofgraduates, faculry and guests ofthe Universiry in Full academic costume. The design of the gown, the color of the tassel on the cap, and the pattern, length, and colors ofthe hood all have long histories and special significance. American universities, unlike those ofEngland and Europe, have adopted a srandard code oFacademic cosrume. According to the code, the bachelor's gown worn by Portland State University graduating seniors has straight sleeves and is worn closed. Gold, silver', and green cords are worn by hor-rors graduates. The mastert gown has long, pointed sleeves with the forearm being seen through a slit at the elbow ofthe sleeves. The doctor's gown is faced with velvet and has bell-shaped sleeves. Each sleeve carries three bars ofvelvet. The tassel on the cap indicates by color the college or school conferring the degree. In addition to the cap and gown, candidates For advanced degrees wear the academic hood, the traditional garment signifying high scholarly attainment. The doctoral hood carries the colors ofthe college or school conferring the degree or-r the outside and PSU's colors of green and white on the inside. One legend, which deals with the origin ofthe cap and gown, reveals that a venerable teacher in ancient Greece promised wealthy parents that their sons would be "appropriately dressed" when presented at a banquet honoring the completion of their academic studies. However, when the young men entered the banquet hall dressed in simple sackcloth robes and carrying mortar boards, the mark of common workmen, a startled cry arose from the audience. "Let me explain," said the teacher as he raised his hands for silence. "Your sons are dressed in clothing of the mason, for their destiny is to build. Some will build cities, some will build lives-perhaps one of them lrray even build an empire. But all will be builders on the solid foundation of knowledge." Bachelor and Tassel / Hood Master Degrees Color Liberal Arts and Sciences Arts.... .......White Sciences. ........Go|d BusinessAdministration. .....Drab Education .....LightBlue Engineering. .,,,.Orange Fineand PerformingArts.......... Brown Architecture . Blue-Violet Music... .....,,. Pink Public Health. Salmon Plnk Social Work. ......Citron Urban and PublicAffairs ......Peacock Blue Doctoral Degrees Tassel / Hood Color Doctor of Philosophy Dark Blue Hood Gold Tassel Doctor of Philosophy in Health Systems and Policy..Salmon Pink Hood Gold Tassel Doctor of Education Light Blue Hood Gold Tassel tr'aculty Excellence and Achievement Awards SPONSORED BY THE EMBASSY OF Portland State Univelsity ar-rd the Portland State university Foundation are pleased to announce that this year's faculty excellence and achievement awards are sponsored by the Enbassy of the State of Qatar, thanks to its ambassador and PSU alumnus Mohamrned Al Kuwari '80 political science. THE STATE OF QATAR The Branford Price Millar, George C. Holfmann, Kenneth \M and Elsie \i/. Butler, and Mary H. Cumpston Awards and the Research Faculry Excellence Awards are presented annually to recognize PSU faculry members for their contributions to the Universiry. The Philanthropic Leadership Award and the Philanrhropic Cultivation Award were established by the Portland State tJniversity Foundation to help recognize and support faculty for their work to build and promote a culture of philanthropy at Portland State. i {

Faculty Emeriti 20L6-20I7 Teresa Bulman, Ph.D. Department of Geography Professor Emerita Patrick R. Burk' Ph.D Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Associate Professor Emeritus Sharon Carstens, Ph.D. Departrirent of Anthropology Professor Emerita Robert Daasch, Ph.D. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Emeritus Maria DePriest, Ph.D. Department of English Associate Professor Emerita Erna Gelles, Ph.D. Mark O. Hatfield School of Government Associate Professor Emerita Susan Halverson-W'esterberg Ph.D. Department of Curriculum and Instruction Associate Professor Emerita Samuel Henry, Ed.D. Department of Curriculum and Instruction Associate Professor Emeritus RandyHitz, Ph.D. Graduate School of Education Professor Emeritus Claudia [rla, M.L.S. Universiry Library Professor Emerita MaryEllen Kenreich, M.L.S., M.PA University Library Professor Emerita Kristen Kern, M.L.S. University Library Professor Emerita Kuan-pin Lin, Ph.D. Department of Economics Professor Emeritus AlanMacCormack, Ph.D. University Studies Assistant Professor Emeritus David Morgan, Ph.D. Department of Sociology Professor Emeritus Arthur (A.8.) Paulson, Ph.D. Deparrment of English Associate Professor Emeritus Barbara Ruben, Ed.D. Department of Curriculum and Instruction Associate Professor Emerita Ethan Seltzer, Ph.D. Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning Professor Emeritus Craig Shinn, Ph.D. Mark O. Hatfield School of Government Professor Emeritus RonaldThmmen, Ph.D. Mark O. Hatfield School of Government Professor Emeritus The emeritus rank may be awarded upon retirement in recognition of outstanding performance.

Student Speakers Yetta Rose Stein Mania Asadi Zadeh YETTA ROSE STEIN will receive her bachelor's degree in international studies with a focus in the Middle East and a minor in political science. She will also be a graduate from the Universiry Honors College with a thesis on the topic of voluntarism. During her studies, she was awarded PSU scholarships including the \Testern Undergraduate Exchange and Honors Laurels scholarships. Aside from linancial assistance, these scholarships helped her become a betrer writer through the application process and reassured her ofthe academic choices she had made. For fun, Ms. Stein is a yogi and avid rock climber. She spends most free MANIA ASADI ZADEH is graduating with a master's degree in counseling. After immigrating from Iran at the age of 77, Ms. Asadi Zadeh overcame multiple challenges while keeping focused on the future and working toward a successful career. She credits her positive thinking and determination for pushing her through all the difficult moments and getting her to where she is today. As a PSU graduate assistant and mentor the past three years, she has worked with many students from different backgrounds and lifesryles. This unique experience has motivated her to continue working within higher weekends and breaks on climbing trips or doing handstands on her porch. This fall, she will intern with Senator Jon Tester of Montana where she will have rhe opporruniry ro work on campaign speech writing. She also hopes to begin her journey toward law school. Ms. Stein would like to thank her mom and dad for supporting her every step and teaching her the power of words. She is thankful for Kari, for being her biggest inspiration. Kai, Brett, and Hayden for showing love in the strangest ways, and her best friend, Conner, for keeping her grounded and constantly laughing. education. After graduation, she will would like to work as a college career counselor to help first generation. international, and special need students gain access to the qualiry education they deserve. Ms. Asadi Zadeh would like to thank her mother and sister for always believing in her, as well as her grandmother who told her that nothing is impossible and always encouraged her to chase her dreams. Last but certainly not least, she would like to thank her instructors, supervisors, employers, advisors, mentors, and colleagues who have all contributed to her success in distinctive ways.

Commencement Address Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa Nancy L. Zimpher, Ph.D. NANCY L. ZIMPHER is chancellor of The State Universiry of New York, the nation's largest comprehensive system ofpublic higher education. In Chancellor Zimpherk eight years at the heim of SUNY, she has developed and led a diverse set ofinitiatives that transformed the vast institution from a loose constellation oF64 campuses into a focused, cohesive whole. Through the disciplined cultivation of the universiry's "systemness" under Zimpher's vision and leadership, SUNY implemented groundbreaking new policies that expand college access and affordability, improve completion, promote diversiry ensure equiry and support world-class reaching. research, and innovarion. Prior to SUNY, she served as president of the Universiry of Cincinnati, chancellor of the University of \Tisconsin-Milwaukee, and executive dean of the Professional Colleges and dean of the College of Education at The Ohio State University. Throughout a career that began in a one-room schoolhouse, Chancellor Zimpher has formed a paradigmshifting vision that rises to meet the expansive responsibilities of public higher education in the 21st century. To that end she is co-founder and current chair of StriveTogether, a narional nerwork of innovarive partnerships that holistically address challenges across rhe educarion pipeline. Concurrent with her role as SUNY chancellor, she served as chair of the National Association of System Heads from 2014-17 , the Board of the Governors of the New York Academy of Sciences from 2011-16, and CEOs for Cities kom 2012-13, and led the national Coalition of Urban Serving Universities From 2005-l l. Chancellor Zimpher holds a bachelort degree in English education and speech, a matrer\ degree in English literature, and a Ph.D. in teacher education and higher education administration, all from The Ohio State university. She has authored or co-authored numerous books, monographs, and academic journal articles on teacher education, urban education, academic leadership, and universiry-communiry engagement. \ifith each institution and initiative she leads, Chancellor Zimpher challenges her colleagues and partners to aspire to the "Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals" that might seem out of reach. Her major initiatives demonstrate her uncanny abiliry to transcend traditional boundaries between town and gown; public, private, and nonprofit sectors; and across all levels oF educarion sysrems-garnering transformative results that change universities and communities for the better. Undergirding all of Chancellor Zimphers work is her unwavering commitment to improving education access and qualiry so that all Americans have the chance to meet their potential. At the end of June, Chancellor Zimpher will step down from her position as SUNYk chancellor to focus her professional efforts entirely on creating policy that revolutionizes teacher education and builds seamless education pipelines in underserved communities.

Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa His Excellency Anas Khaled Al Saleh, B.A. '97 HIS EXCELLENCY ANAS KHALED AL SALEH is the Depury Prime Minister, Minister of Finance to the State of Kuwait. These appointments are made by His Highness the Emir, Sheikh Sabah Al Almad Al Jaber Al Sabah, Emir of the Srate of Kuwait. Born in 1972 in the State of Kuwait, His Excellency pursued his primary and secondary education in Kuwait. Upon completing his secondary education at the American School of Kuwait, he attended Portland State University where he earned a degree in finance. \With his new bachelort degree he joined the Board of Directors of Jeezan Real Estate Company in 1997. He was the General Manager at Sadeem Al-Kuwait General Tiading and Contracting Company and general manager at Al Baderi Holding Company. He became member of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Real Estate Company in 2003. In 2006, he was the Vice Chairman at the publiclisted Kuwait Investment Company and in 2010 he was also elected to serve as the chairperson of Kuwait Clearing Company, the central clearing, settlement and depository entity for the Kuwaiti Capital Market. Prior to his appointment as Minister, His Excellency served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry lrom 2006 ro 2012 and conrinues ro serve as chairperson of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA). KIA is the Governmental entiry responsible for managing the assets of the country. He was a member of the Public Institution for Social Securiry and is currently its chairperson. His Excellency was a member of the Market Committee (Market Regularity Authority) for three years; member of Kuwait Financial Markets Association from 2001 ro 2072; member of the Board of Directors of the Financial Services Group from 2000 to 2003. He also served as chairman and CEO for a number of international corporations, including: IFA Securities in the United Arab Emirates, IFA Financial Services in Jordan, iFA Securities in Egypt, and IFA Financial Services in Syria. His Excellency is married to Shaimaa Al Mulla, an arbitrator and conciliator at Kuwair Commercial Arbitration Center. They have four teenage children, Aicha, Nasser, Abdullah, and Taibah.

Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoris Causa Gerry Cameron, B.S. '62 GERRY CAMERON is a former U.S. Bank executive. Alter growing up in poverty and spending a large part of his younger years in boarding homes throughout the Pacific Northwest, he earned a scholarship from U.S. Bank to work for 15 months before attending college and participating in the bankt work/college program. Mr. Cameron went on to work for U.S. Bank for 43 years, working his way up the corporate ladder and serving as chajrman and CEO belore retiring in 1998. In addition, he was chairman of The Regence Group from Jantary 2004 to June 2005. Mr. Cameron is a generous donor to Portland State Universiry with contributions to the School of Business Administrationt Karl Miller Center Building Fund, the Gerry and Marilyn Cameron Professorship of Finance and the Cameron Scholarship Endowment. He has been extensively involved as a board member and leader in a wide variety of communiry and civic organizations. He served on the boards ofthe PSU Foundation, Regence BlueCross BlueShield Foundation, Tektronix, United \X/ay of the Columbia-\Tillamette, King County United \Way and the Oregon Symphony, as well as the Portland, San Francisco and Seattle Branches of the Federal Reserve Board. His board participation has also included the Oregon Independent College Foundation, Inc.; American Bankers Association; BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon; The Benchmark Group; and Oregon Business Council. Additionally, Mr. Cameron served as chairman of the advisory board of the Pacific Rim Bankers Program and the Board of the \(ashington Communiry Reinvestment Association, as well as vice chairman of the Alliance for Education. He also was the president and program founder ofYouth Investment, an organization that raises money lor classes and resources for disadvantaged children with the goal ofincreasing their skill levels and equipping them for success. Mr. Cameron attended Universiry ofOregon before earning a bachelort degree in Business Administration from PSU. He is also a graduate of Stanford University's Stanford Executive Program and a member of the Pacific Coast Banking School Hall of Fame. 10

Branford Price MiIIar Award for F aculty Excellence Hamid MoradlzhanL Ph.D. PROFESSOR HAMID MORADKHANI, director of Remote Sensing and \fater Resources Lab is a professor ofcivil and environmental engineering and fellow of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions. He is a world-class expert with over 25 years of experience. He has made significant contributions on tackling the grand challenges faced by water resources planners, stakeholders and emergency managers here and around the world: how to be sure there is enough water ro meet demands and protect livelihoods and properties against extreme events as populations swell and weather patrerns shift due to climate variabiliry and change. Since joining PSU, he has developed and expanded a research program that is regionally, nationally and internationally significant and advances the mission of Portland State. Professor Moradkhani is a highly cited author ofover 130 publications, and a pioneer in stochastic modeling, data assimilation, cyber innovation and uncertainty quantifi cation methods used extensively in engineering, earth science and many other disciplines worldwide. In recognition ofhis outstanding works and significant contributions, he was elected to the Hall of Fame of Samueli College of Engineering at the Universiry of California, Irvine, and in 2075 he was awarded a fellow of Environmental and tVater Resources Institute, recognized and designated by the American Academy of \(ater Resources Engineers. He is a fellow of the American Society oF Civil Engineers (2014), and diplomate of\7ater Resources Engineering (201 1). He has chaired numerous technical committees, panels, conferences and workshops, and served on several advisory panels reiated to drought, flood, climate change and water policy issues. Professor Moradkhani has been on the editorial boards ofjournals, inclrding AGU Water Resources Research, Eheuier Journal of Hydrokgy and ASCE Jo u rn a 1 of Hyc/ ro I ogi c E n gi n eeri ng among others. The Millar Award is given annually to a faculty member in a tenure-track or tenured appointment who has demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, instruction, universiry service, and public service, and whose performance in the area of scholarship and research is judged to be exceptional. 1i

George C. Hoffmann Award for F aculty Excellence Wayne Waheland, Ph.D. '77 PRoFESSOR WAYNE WAKELAND has been a faculry member in the System Science Program since 1978, and is no stranger to awards. He has received teaching awards from the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science and, four times, from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and student evaluations of Professor tVakeland are consistently high. Professor tX/akeland is recognized for revising curriculum to strengthen support for University Studies and the School ofthe Environment, and to enhance program contributions to the PSU mission. Professor \Takeland developed l2 unique graduate courses at PSU, four collaboratively with faculty in other departments; five of these courses continue to be offered regularly. He employs the latest simulation technologies, and new online and hybrid teaching methods, includi ng learner-d i recred activiries to complement lectures. He routinely teaches more than his obligated teaching load, out ofenthusiasm for the subject matter, to meet curricular needs, and to foster campus collaboration. Since 2003, Professor \Wakeland has established a solid publication record with 83 peer-reviewed papers, an average ofnearly six papers per year. Of these papers,24lie in the applications area of organizational processesr 16 in biomedical dynamics, 16 in sustainability, 16 in health policy, and 11 regarding simulation and optimization methods. Professor \(akeland's scholarship has been generously supported by external research funding. Since 2003, he has served as principal investigaror or co-principal investigator on 10 granrs lrom governmenr agencies. including National Institutes of Health and NASA, private foundations, and corporare sources totaling $1.6 million. His scholarship was also supported by $58,000 in internal funding. Given Professor lWakelandt extraordinary contributions in instruction and service, his contributions in the area ofscholarship are even more remarkable. The Hoffmann Award is given annually to a faculry member in recognition of distinguished contributions to the University in the areas of insr ruction. universiry service, and scholarship which are done in the spirit of humanism, civiliry and collegialiry with particular dedication to students and loyalry to the Universiryvalues especially cherished by the late George C. Hoffrnann, a distinguished dean and professor ofhistory at Portland State Universiry.

George C. Hoffmann Award for F aculty Excellence Franz Rad, Ph.D. Professor Franz Rad is described as the architect, builder and academic leader ofcivil engineering at Portland State. \With 46 years of service at the Universiry including 22 as department chair, he was a significant leader in establishing the program, the department, and the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, Professor Rad developed 13 courses and taught 17 in the Civil and Environmenral Engineering Department. He secured funding and helped build many of the fundamental labs still in use, wrore the proposal for the Ph.D. program, and played a key role in the vision and funding of the new engineering building. Professor Rad's dedication and service record includes seven years on the Faculry Senare. as well as universiry and departmental committees. His commirment ro education is demonstrated by his creation and fundir.rg of a $75,000 endowed scholarship for Civil and Environmental Engineering srudenrs. Important and active scholarship is another piece ofProfessor Radt distinguished career. He has over 90 publications in journals, proceedings, and technical reporrs. Professor Rad was the recipient of the first Arthur M. James Professor of Structural Engineering endowed professorship, elected to the Academy of Distinguished Alumni at the University ofTexas at Austin, and selected Engineer of the Year by the American Sociery of Civil Engineers (Oregon Section) in2002. His work in seismic hazards of building in Portland contributed significantly to building safery in the region and laid a solid foundation for the development of a few statewide earthq uake salcry policies. The Hoffmann Award is given annually to a faculry member in recognition of distinguished contributions to the Universiry in the areas of instruction, university service, and scholarship which are done in the spirit of humanism, civility, and collegialiry with particular dedication to students and loyalry to the Universiryvalues especially cherished by the late George C. Hoffmann, a distinguished dean and professor ofhistory at Portland State Universiry. itli

Kenneth W. and Elsie W. Butler Award for Library F aculty Service Mary Ellen Kenreich, M.L.S., M.P.A. '99 PROFESSOR MARY ELLEN KENREICH is the first person to receive the Kenneth \(l and Elsie \M Butler Award for Library Faculty Service twice. She has been described by her nominations commirtee as "highly respected and sought after for professional advice and conduct, unrivaled in her professionalism and work ethic and the epitome of a service provider." Professor Kenreicht leadership in the Library has included administrative duties, Faculry governance, promotion and tenure review, and committee setvice. \fhen Professor Kenreich first won the Butler Award in 2006, she was recognized for being a leader among Library faculry as well as the greater library and technology communiry. She had served on the faculry senate, been on numerous campus commirtees, and volunteered for various campus activities, and worked behind the scenes with great dedication to ensure that relevant information was made available to Library patrons. Since then, Professor Kenreich has continued to "be a model of academic librarianship, which requires an adeptness in a key area oflibrary expertise, service to end users and research and service to the profession," wrote nominator Susan Hinken from the Universiry of Portland. Professor Kenreich is receiving this award for the second time because she demonstrates continual dedication to the Portland State communiry. Professor Kenreich received her Master of Library Science from Kent State Llniversity and her Master of Public Administration from Portland State University in 1999 . This year marks Professor- Kenreich's 25th year at PSU. Professor Emeritus Kenneth \iZ Butler and his wife, Elsie \(4 Butler, established the Butler Award for Library Faculry Service to recognize outstanding performance by a member of the Branford P. Millar Library faculry each year. The award recognizes excellence of library service to students, faculry and other library patrons. 14

Mary H. Cumpston Award for Service to Students Beclzi Ingersoll, M.S. '97 BECKI INGERSOLL, a Portland State University alumna, joined PSU in 1995 and l-ras served as associate director oFAdvising and Career Services since 2010. For the past decade, she has worked to advance student success initiatives, first in the Financial Aid Oltrce, then in Admissions, and in the Undergraduate Advising & Support Center, and now in Advising and Career Services. Ms. Ingersoll always puts students first and has their best interests in mind. Ms. Ingersolls recent student iniriar ives inc]udc imporranr pro.jecrs ruch as rhe Coordinated Service Network, Four Year Degree Guarantee, Excessive Credit Project, the Last Mile Committee. and involvement with five different TeTHINK initiatives in the past three years. Ms. Ingersoll has served as the floor manager for the Portland State University Spring Commencement Ceremor-ry for the past nine straight years, impacting the final moments and experiences of approximately 1 8,000 students. Ms. Ingersoll has served for l0 years on the Academic Requirements Committee and remains one of the morr rready and devored parricipanLs reviewing student petitions. Ms. Ingersoll has also selved on the Deadline Appeals Committee for the parr lour yelrr. The commirree reviews I .-00 petitions each year. mcaning Ingersoll has hal a hand in approving up to 6,800 Deadline Appeals Petitions. Ms. Ingersoll's direcr scrvicc ro students, her leadership in advising, and her engagement with student success initiatives clearly demonsrrates a commitment to serving students and improving the systems that support them. Ms. L-rgersoll reprcsents the outstanding service to students that the Cumpston Award strives to honor. The Mary H. Curnpston Award for Service to Students is given ar-rnually to an academic prolcssional or unir crsiry administrator, without academic rank, who has demonstrated excellence in the area of service ro str-rdents. Mary H. Cumpston was a beloved colleaguc who truly ernbodied the meaning of excellence in scrvice to students to the Portland State Ur-riversiry.

Research Faculty Excellence Award Kristin Hole, Ph.D. KRISTIN HOLE, instructor of Film Studies, has served Portland State University since joining its faculty in December 2015. She holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies from Stony Brook Universiry. In her short time with Portland States Film Program, Professor Hole has elevated the programt research profile through her own publications and through her acrive solicirariorr of research from other faculty in the program. Her astute research in transnational cinema, feminist fi1m, and film theory constiture imporrant contributions to fi1m curriculum internationally while profoundly informing the campus discourse among Portland State's faculty and students. ProFessor Hole's dedicarion to research and writing. and ro integrating both in her faculry role, has been exemplary, both for her colleagues and her students, who benefit from her research work in the courses she teaches on New Cerman cinema and feminist film theory. Frequently engaging in lively conversations about film and culture beyond the classroom, Professor Hole has shown herself to be an important mentor to PSU students, particularly women considering Ph.D. Progfams. Professor Hole has already published several peer-reviewed essays in journals and collections, on par with what might be expected ofa tenure-track faculry member at her stage. Her work has appeared tn Angelahi and in the edited volume Fashion and Film (Indiana Universiry Press, 2011). In the last yeaq she published a monograph, Touards a Feminist Cinematic Ethics: Claire Denis, Emmanue/ Leuinas and Jean-Luc Nancy, with the well-respected Edinburgh Universiry Press, and she co-edited The Routledge Companion to Cinema and Gencler, published by the equally well-respected Routledge press. She has also co-written rhe texrbook, Film Feminisms: A Global Introduction, rc be published in 20iB through Routledge press. Additionally, Professor Hole has written several reviews and presented at numerous conferences in the course of her career. The Research Faculry Research Excellence Award is given annually to a distinguished non-tenure track faculty member in recognition of the importance, originality, quality, volume, and impact of the individual's research and scholarship. This award also recognizes the recipientt extraordinary success engaging PSU's students in rigorous research and academic discourse.

Research Faculty Excellence Senior Faculty Award Niles Lehman, Ph.D. NILES LEHMAN, professor of Chemistr:y, has served Portland State Universiry for 16 years. He leads the internationally renowned Lehman Lab, part of PSUs Center for Life in Extreme Environments; there, he and his team investigate the biochemical and genetic processes that drove the origins of life on Earth some four billion years ago and still drive the evolution of organisms today. Professor Lehman earned his Ph.D. in biology at the Universiry of California, Los Angeles. His thorough training and cxrensive experiencc in both chemistry and biology have distinguished his work from that of virtually every other researcher in the field. He is perhaps the first classically tra.ined evolutionary biologist to work with systems of catalytic RNA evolution, a distinction which, combined with the high caliber of his work, puts him at the cutting edge of a large and growing field. His research has garnered signi6cant support from distinguished sources such as NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the tmpleton Foundation. Prodigious in his research outpur, Professor Lehman has authored 67 peerreviewed research articles and 26 other reviews, book chapters, commen raries, t7 and editorials. His grour.rd-breaking work has been published in such esteemed scientific journals as Nature and the Proceedings of the Nationa/ Academy of Sciences. He has served on the editorial boards of the journals Astrobiology and Trends in Euolutionary Biology and is now editor-in-chief of the Journal of Molecular Euolution as wel] as editor-in-chief of the Chemistry Section ol Lie. In addition to distinguishing PSU through his research, professor Lehman is an outstanding member of PSUI teaching faculty. He has nvice won the John Elliot Allen Teaching Award for his classroom instruction in general chemistry, prebiotic chemistry, advanced biochemistry, and his general course on the Origins of Life on Earth. He is also highly regarded by the undergraduate and graduate students in his lab for his mentorship and training. The Senior Faculry Research Excellence Award is giver-r annually to a full professor whose important, original, and prolific research work consistently meets the highest academic standards. Recipients of this award exemplily PSUt commitmenr ro excellence and ro "let knowledge serve." l I I

Research F aculty Excellence Junior tr-aculty Award Paul Loikith, Ph.D. PAUL LOIKITH, assistant professor of Geography and Director of PSUI Climate Science Lab, joined Portland State Universiry in September 2015.|n his short time at the University he has made outstanding research contributions in climate science, published five new articles, mentored his students to remarkable achievements, and collaborated with geographers, civil engineers, and other natural and social scientists on a range of research projects at PSU. Professor Loikith holds a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from Rutgers Universiry and is rapidly establishing an international reputation with his research, which focuses on the intersection of weather and climate. In particulaq Professor Loikith is interested in understanding the dynamic and thermodynamic mechanisms that drive extreme remperature and precipirarion events and applying this understanding to evaluate ciimate models in order to better understand projections of future climate. Professor Loikith has published highly influenrial papers in presrigious climate science journals, including Geophysica/ Research Letters. He has presenred his work in major professional societies such as the American Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Sociery, and American Association of Geographers, and led international workshop sessions. Professor Loikith has received major grants from the U.S. National Science Foundation and NASA, totaling over $1 million. Professor Loikirh brings his cuttingedge research into his classroom and graduate student advising, where he consistently provides his students with exciring opporrunities For insrruction and collaboration. including presenring at professional meetings and authorship of papers. A faculq' fellow of PSU's Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Professor Loikith also contributes to community research projects, working with fellow faculry and in partnership with the city of Portland and Clackamas River \(ater Providers. The Junior Faculry Research Excellence Award is given annually to an assistant or associate professor who produces outstanding and original scholarly works ar an impressive rate while engaging students in the kind of rigorous research that typifies PSUI commitment to excellence and to "let knowledge serve." t8

PSU Foundation Faculty Philanthropic Leadership Award Tim Allen Garuison, Ph.D. TIM ALLEN GARRISON is a professor and chair of the Department of History. His dedication to fundraising for the Hisrory Departmenr and commitmenr to developing relationships and engaging donors makes Professor Garrison an outstanding recipient for the PSU Foundation's Philanthropic Leadership award. His acrive involvement in donor engagement has signifi cantly increased philanthropic giving to the History Department. Professor Garrison has made fundraising a prioriry during his time as chair, and he truly understands the role philanthropy plays in strengthening the department. From a development perspective. Professor Garrison is the ideal faculry partner. He is genuine, has a great sense of humor and has a way with people that puts them at ease and makes them feel special. He is always willing to strategize with development staff about cultivation ideas for donors. Despite all that he is juggling as department chair and as a practicing historian, Professor Garrison makes himself available for donor visits and works to develop prospects in the community. The most notable demonstration oF ProFessor Garrison's devotion to philanthropy is his work with the Friends of History Board of Directors. The board was developed many years ago as a way to build support for the History department, but had become inactive by 2012, when Professor Garrison recruited Lou Livingston to serve as the new president. Together, they revitalized the board, rewrote the bylaws and began recruiting board members. Since then, the Friends of History board has become a key factor in the success of the History Departmentt fundraising efforts. Funds raised from the Friends of History are used to sponsor public lectures with renowned historians from around the world, support faculry and student research and honor student achievements.

PSU tr'oundation Philanthropic Cultivation Award Kenneth Stedman, Ph.D. KENNETH STEDMAN is a professor of Biology at Portland State Universiry. He currently serves on and chairs a number oFcommittees around the universiry and within the Biology Department. In particular, his chairmanship and service on the Biology Department's Research and Development Committee makes him the ideal recipient of the PSU Foundation's Philanthropic Cultivation Award. During his 16 years with the universiry Professor Stedman has been prolific in his outreach to alumni, donors and research partners. He has secured dozens of grants, including eight grants of more than $100,000 from sources as diverse as NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He has embraced the role of the Research and Development Committee with vigor and actively works with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Development Office to fully engage alumni and donors and cultivate them for current and future gifts to the department. Professor Stedman has done a masterful job of stewarding many of the departmentt top philanthropic partners, ensuring a successful experience for not only the benefactors, but also for the recipients ofour donors' generosity. Professor Stedman clearly understands the importance and impact of maintaining open, direct and thoughtful communication to the Universiry's philanthropic partners and goes above and beyond to leave a positive lasting impression of PSU and the Biology Department. He has also done outstanding work in maintaining a connecrion ro current and past faculry ofthe Biology Department, many of whom choose to support the department as a direct result of Professor Stedman's contact with them. Professor Stedman has shown himself to be a tireless advocate for not only the Biology Department but for all of PSU. He setves on the lJniversity's Education Policy Committee, the Faculty Senate, and is chair ofthe PSU Institutional Biosafery Committee. 20

Doctoral Degrees GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION *Deborah Miller Allen Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction African Americ an Teac h er Re nuitment : A Case Study in Oregon Dissertation Chair: Micki Caskey Professor of Education Marla Ann Lasswell Baber Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction Exp loring M ath ematica / Cap ita l: An Essential Construct.for Mathematical Success? Dissertation Chair: Dannelle Stevens Professor ofEducation *Dustin F. Bindreiff Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Special and Counselor Education A Brieflnteruention to Increase the use of Precorrection and Praise by Elementary School Tbachers Dissertation Chair: Randall DePrv Professor of Education xJon P. Bridges Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Administration Prep aring His to ri ca I ly Unders erued Studentsfor STEM Careers: The Role of an Inquiry-based High School Science Sequence Beginning with Physics Dissertation Chair: Patrick Burk Associare Prolessor of Educarion Aylin Bunk Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Postsecondary Education An Exploration of Efectiue Community Col/ege Instructori [Jse of Cuburall1t Competent Pedagogies Dissertation Chair: Becky Boesch Assistant Prolessor oF Education *Elizabeth Dubois Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Special and Counselor Education 7he Voices of Special Educators: How Do Special Educators Teach English Language Learners tY/ho are Receiuing SpeciaI Education Seruices? Dissertation Chair: Ann Fullerton Professor of Education *Alfonso Garcia Arriola Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction An Examination of the Relationship B etwe en Profess io na I Deue lopment Prouideri Epistemological and Nature ofScience Belief and their Professional Deuelopment Programs Dissertation Chair: Dannelle Stevens Professor of Education Kirk T. Lee Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction Perceptions of Hmong Parents In A Hmong American Charter School: A Qualitatiue Descriptiue Case Study On H mong Parent ln uoluemenr Dissertation Chair: Yer Thao Associare Prolessor of Education Kathleen Marie Panaccione Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Special and Counselor Education The Eficacy and Feasibility of a ContextSpecifc Autism Behauior Rating Tbol with Real Time Data Collection Methods fiom the Perspectiues of Clinicians, Educators, and Parents Dissertation Chair: Micki Caskey Professor ofEducation Edgar Ubaldino Solares Vega Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction More Than Meets the Eye: Latino Students in a Tzuo-Way Immersion Program and Stereo4rpe Threat Dissertation Chair: Samuel Henry Associate ProFessor of Educarion *Curt Carlton Stilp Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Postsecondary Education Rura I In terp rofess io na I Hea lth Care Education: A Study ofStudent Perspectiues Dissertation Chair: Candyce Reynolds Professor ofEducation Guimin Tang Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction C o ntextua lizati o n : An Exp erimenta I Model for EFL lX/riring lnsrruction in China Dissertation Chair: Yer Thao Associare ProFessor oF Educarion 2I *Candidate for Spring qraduation

Doctoral Degrees xMarcus Fredrick-Lynn'Wenzel Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction Middle School Teacher Beliefs about Classroom Diuersity and Their Influence on Dffirentiated Instructional Practices Dissertation Chair: Dannelle Stevens Professor of Education xl-i Xiang Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction Suruiue or Thriue: A Mixed Method Study ofVisiting Chinese Language Tbacheri Identity Formati.on in the U.S. Classrooms Dissertation Chair: Dannelle Stevens Professor of Education Marie Yeo Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Curriculum and Instruction South Korean Tbachers' Belief about Diuersitl: 7he Impact on Practice of Muhicuhural Education Dissertation Chair: Micki Caskev Professor of Education MASEEH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE Ramiro Andrds Gabriel Baziez Gallardo Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering Achi eui ng Operatio na I Sei sm i c Performance of RC Bridge Benn Raroftted'With B uc k ling- Re strained Braces Dissertation Chair: Peter Dusicka Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Jens Biirger Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering Architectures and Algorithms for Intrinsic Computation with Memristiue Deuices Dissertation Chair: Christof Teuscher Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering *Larry Diehl Ph.D. Computer Science Fully Generic Programming Oaer Closed Uniuerses of Inductiue-Recursiue Types Dissertation Chair: Tim Sheard ProFessor of Compurer Science Steven Robert Gehrke Ph,D. Civil and Environmental Engineering Land Use Mix and Pedesrrian Trauel Behauior: Aduancements in C oncep tualiza.tio n and Measuremen t Dissertation Chair: Kelly Clifton Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Nicholas Michael Hamilton Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Wake Character in the rVind Turbine Array : (Dis) Organization, Spatial and Dynamic Euo lution and Lou-dimensional Modeling Dissertation Chair: Raul Cal Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering *Farnoosh Moshirfatemi Ph.D. Computer Science Communicating at Terahertz Frequencies Dissertation Chair: Suresh Singh Professor of Compurer Science Michal Podhradskf Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering A Multi-Agent System for Adaptiue Control of a Flapping-Wing Micro Air Whicle Dissertation Chair: Garrison Greenwood Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Disha Puri Ph.D. Computer Science Certifying Loop Pipelining Transformations in Be hauioral Synthesis Dissertation Chair: Fei Xe ProFessor oF Computer Science HongxiangYan Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering From Drought Monitoring to Forecasting: A C om b ined Dynami ca l- Statis ti ca I Modeling Frameuorh Dissertation Chair: Hamid Moradkhani Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Qi.gYi Ph.D. Computer Science Pouer-Aware Datacenter Netu,,orking and Optimization Dissertation Chair: Suresh Singh Prolessor oF Computer Science FanZhang Ph.D. Computer Science Image Stitching: Handling Parallax, Stereopsis, and Wdeo Dissertation Chair: Feng Liu Associate Professor of Computer Science 22 *Candrdate for Spring graduation