Clarion Defender_1968-02-01

CHEER Gtn. 69c JOY SWISS MISS INSTANT · COCOA MIX GOLDEN CREST FANCY HONEY LIQUID DETERGENT 2 LB. PKG. 5 LB. TIN Wilen you maH ONE Cash Register Tapewith: 2 CHE•R BOXTO~S (Gl1o11t or Kin; Sl&e) ~2 .JOY LABELS (131ant or King Sin) MAXIMUM ReP'UND •3.00 IN CASH SU:OIIDt~ llA!OKPOitiXI,. ..... tlf Ill: lA" I HURRI·OFIER GOOD FRGM JAN. 21 TO MAR. 2, 1961 22oz. 59c 99c SNOWS CLAM MISSION MACARONI AND CHEESE DINNERS CHOWDER 15 OZ. TINS '~K~~- 6/98c Flo U R TOP PERFORMANCE $17 9 ALL PURPOSE 25 . LBS. SCHILLINGS INSTANT , 49C BROWN GRAYY 4 ~A~z. OVEN FRESH l-LB.6Y20Z.LOAVES 5 99 BREAD EA. 22c FOR C US CHOICE, SQUARE CUT SHOULDER LAMB ROASTLB. LARGE SIZE DINNER FRANKS LB. CHEDDAR CHEESE RANIER $ 2 LB. MILD••••••••••••• LOAF FRESH FRYERS OREGON GROWN, Wt10LE LB. RED POTATOES 10 LBS. APPLES........ ~~~~:: ............ ~1 2 9 FLORIDA oRA"GEs..... ~!!;.!~r~! ... LB. 1 o~ NO. 1OREGON, MEDIUM SIZE DRv oNioNs.......... LB. s~ CORNO&SON ********* WE AD GOOD THURS. FRI. SAT. SUN. [t · WE A(CEPT ou AVE & ALDER ACCEPT s~~~~s s~E. UNI n .. v~~L;~(R:s CLARION DEFENDER Parsley Adds Color Colorful and nutritious, this soup gets a topping of parsley. Vegetable and Cheesy Soup Some gourmets insist that a J CHEESY VEGETABLE SOUP good soup even rivals music in 2 cups pared cubed potatoes its power to soothe and satisfy. Ph cups sliced celery Many a smart homemaker is 1¥2 cups coarsely shredded well aware that a ready pro- cabbage gram of soups, hot or cold, 1 cup sliced carrots hearty or delicate, provides the 2 medium-sized onions, perfect solution for the imme- sliced diate satisfaction of hun ge r 1 can (13% ounces) pangs. beef broth Today, appealing soup, rich 1 soup can water in vitamins and minerals, com- 1 quart milk bining fresh vegetables and beef lf2 pound process sharp broth, can be achieved without American cheese. cubed all t h o s e hours of cooking 2 tomatoes, cut in eighths grandmother endured. What's 2 teaspoons salt more, in addition to time - the % teaspoon pepper vegetables · are also saved! Cook potatoes, celery, cab- Modern cooking methods result bage, carrots, and onions in in better tasting vegetables. beef broth and water in large Cheesey Vegetable Soup, for covered kettle until just tender exampfe, brings together nu- (about 15 minutes). Add milk, tritious potatoes, colorful, rich- cheese, tomatoes, salt and pep– in-vitamin A carrots, flavorful per. Cook over medium heat, cabbage, onions, and tomatoes., stirring frequently, until mix· Cheese adds a new taste note ture boils and cheese is melted. to lhe vegetable soup. · Makes about 3 quarts. Advice Is Avoid Pads:J on Fats A leading nutrition scientist, Dr. Frederick J. Stare, professor of nutrition and chairman of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard's School of Public Health, re– cently again cautioned against the fad of tinkering with the fats of the diet. He declared that such tinkering is · still experimental, and he urged people to leave experi· mental dieting up to their physician. When it comes to ·so-called health foods, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the American Med– ical Association have reported that Americans spend about $2 billion annually for health foods which offer no more protection to health than:do the foods readily avail– able at any super market at regular prices. Food fads not only can be expensive but can prove downright harmful, say authorities on the subject. All seem to agree, however, that people don't need to be fat and the majority subscribe to the old– fashioned notion that "people store fat and become over– weight simply because they eat more than they need." The only sure way to "reduce" is to reduce the intake of calories, day after day, month after month. Often monotonous. yes, but rewarding. MANY GOOD BUYS Canned food specials are many right now. Stock up on green beans, corn. tomatoes, pears, peaches, apple sauce, cranberry sauce, sardines, tuna. Watch store displays and the grocery ads in this· newspaper. Rockfish is in abundance along our coast all through February. Almost any cooking method is possible with this fish. It has a fine flavor and texture that resembles crabmeat. Now is time also to enjoy crab, oysters, and filets of sole. Best meat buys play no special favorites. Shopping reveals beef, lamb, pork, both fresh and cured, at rea– sonable prices. Vegetable bins feature broccoli, topped carrots, caul– iflower, dry onions, celery, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash in interesting variety. Rhubarb has been sighted! Fruit displays indicate good supplies of apples, ba– nanas, grapefruit, grapes, navel oranges, winter pears. Plenty of nuts and dried fruits. Good marketing! A Quick Oven Stew Make a quick oven stew from pantry shelf ingredi– ents. In a 1-quart casserole combine 1 can (1 pound) potatoes, drained ; 1 can (1 pound) mixed vegetables, drained; and 1 can (12 ounces) roast beef, sliced. Mix juices drained from roast beef with 1 can (8 ounces) tomato sauce, 1 teaspoon garlic salt and 1 tea– spoon Worcestershire sauce; pour over meat and vege– tables, mixing gently. Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees F. for 30 minutes or until bubbly. CARNATION KIENOW'S FRESH Instant Breakfast . GRADE AA LARGE EGGS . ... 6-ENVELOPE BOX EACH DOZEN ADDITIONAL DOZEN 4Sc EACH COFFEE...... ~~~.~~.~~ .....2 ~~ s1 ~? INSTANT FOLGER'S COFFEE . 1 .~~~·. 99c Cheese SYRUP NALLEYLUMBERJACK 2 29C Price lndudes Cents Off Label 1-0Z. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• BOTTLE DRINK DOLE PINEAPPLE PINK 4 $1 00 .. . ~~~~~!.~~.·!. ~~~~.~.. ~~,:;· Jiffy M • • BUTTERMILK BISCUIT HONEY DATE I Xes: ~~.R~. ~.u.F~I·N· •••• s-oz.1 oc PKG. U.S.D.A. CHOICE BEEF Individual Cut Boneless TOP SIRLOIN STEAK$139 POUND LETTUCE ARIZONA CRISP GREEN BIG JUMBO HEADS Pound Norbest OREGON GROWN 16 to 22 POUNDS U.S.D.A. CHOICE BEEF Boneless Rolled SIRLOIN TIP ROAST 98c POUND