Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 9 No. 2 | Summer 1987 (Portland) /// Issue 34 of 41 /// Master# 34 of 73

Daniel Sisco, N.D. Sarah Taylor, Certified Midwife Gentle Natural Childbirth House Calls Available Health Care & Improvement for the Entire Family SUMMER’S COMING! CALL ABOUT CAMP PHYSICALS 2328 N.E. Fremont 282-9222 Ue T WHERE DO YOU GO TO FIND RARE RECORDS YOU’VE BEEN AFTER FOR YEARS?.. .THOUSANDS OF INEXPENSIVE USED RECORDS AND TAPES?.. .NEW RELEASES AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES?.. .NEW AND USED CDS? .. . POSTERS?.. .COMICS?.. .THE ANSWER LIES SOME- u WHERE AT THE CORNER OF SW 9TH AND BURNSIDE, . IN A PLACE WE CALI___ R OCKPORT 203 SW9TH PARTY ANIMAU! Celebrate Summer! ROSE CITYALE with ROSE CITY ALE Introducing our seasonal ale for the hotter months: A cool, refreshing and locally brewed way to quench a northwest summer's thirst. BRIDGEPORT BREWERY & BREW PUB 1313 n.W. Marshall • Portland, Oregon (241-7179) Distributed by UNITED DISTRIBUTING 274-9999 Send a Birthday Party anywhere in the USA for $15.00 BIRTHDAY PARTY INCLUDES: PARTY ANIMAL (Beware of Party Dog Inflatable in g i f t box.) — $5.00 LE BOOM! (Party in a can, explodes confetti, serpentine, horns and party favors all w ith happy birthday motif.) — $5.25 GIFT BALL (Unwraps to reveal seven to ten surprises. Guaranteed to please young or old) — $3.00. Postage and Handling: $1.75 Send a party package today! — Call 224-1294 to order. SUNBOW DAZZLE 206 SW Stark 709 NW 23rd 221-0258 224-1294 BROADWAY IMPORT AUTO SERVICE SPECIALIZING IN: DATSUN • HONDA • TOYOTA • VOLVO • Tune-Up • Brake Work • Engine Repair • D.E.Q. • Front End Repair • Struts • Shocks • Electrical • Steering • Transmissions • Turbo’s • Lubrication 4 Robert Downey, Owner Hours M-F 7am-6pm 282 -0817 3001 NE BROADWAY 32 Clinton St. Quarterly—Summer, 1987