Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 9 No. 2 | Summer 1987 (Portland) /// Issue 34 of 41 /// Master# 34 of 73

THE LONG GOODBYE Restaurant NW 10th and Everett Vietnamese and Chinese Cuisine All you can eat Chinese Buffet $3.95 11:30 - 2:30 pm daily Now in Fairless Square D ifferen ce s You Can Hear People You Can Listen To For take out orders or entertainment information call 227-1991 KIVEKWHY —Q iH inn r^KsocERa RCOU> TRT -----------------------ELECTROniCI alternative Gwmsin)/ audio research acoustics O w d ta ) THRESHOLD T F , A C We didn’t choose our name to be cute, we chose it to make our attitude about audio very plain. We are not like those stores who treat stereo like another group of home appliances. We aren’t like those stores who are more interested in proving they know everything than they are in answering your important questions. We have the same attitude that got serious audio started in the first place, we love music and we want our home listening to be as much like the real thing as possible. So we listen. And listen some more. If a piece of audio gear sounds better than anything else for the money and if nothing else less expensive sounds as good, we put in our sound room. For you to listen to. For as long as you like. When you visit the Audio Alternative, you won’t be overwhelmed by high-pressure tactics and you won't be overwhelmed by specifications and jargon, but be forewarned, you may very well be overwhelmed by just how much music you can get for your money. Now Three Locations PSU Campus 1909 S.W . Sixth Avenue 224-0311 Featuring Five Tap Beers and Wine toe Audio 8680 S.W. Canyon Road Portland, Oregon 97225 297-1127 t Bridgetown Realty, our goal is to Downtown 222 S.W. Washington 224-5477 Raleigh Hills Fred Meyer Shopping Center 4825 S .W . 76th 297 -8424 Best Pizza by the Slice! OREGON MAGAZINE Original designs on quality apparel. New Market Village 50 S.W. 2nd Portland 221-0353 Z A provide the highest degree o f professiotutl sen ice for our clients. We pride ourselves in our ability to match people with the correct home — sensitive both to individual lifestyle preferences and to realistic financial considerations. Deborah Belron B rokerOwner ■ Residential ■ Apartment Complexes ■ Tax Shelters ■ Property Management ■ Oregon Multiple Listing ■ Online Computer System ■ 24-Hour Answering Service ■ Referral Network ■ Consultation/Buyer Brokering Bridgetown Realty (50 3 ) 2 8 7 -9 3 7 0 2305 N.E. Broadway Portland, OR 97232 SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE cfeikfU & w r i t e r s BY SUBSCRIBING TO BRERDOR WEIRREB Imt light and deep m a s s a g e for relaxation and well being 555-0559 C'I'IO se bbbcU5 poftland Oregon 97CO^ 5>£5/hr sliding scale fee THE IMAGE GALLERY Mon-Sat 10:30-4:30 Thurs. and Fri. open to 6 And Gallery Night First Thursday Open to 8:00 Croup Print Show through July 9 - Art Hansen. Bill Colby. Jack McLarty, Mery Lynn McCorkle and William Givler. Juried Northwest Enamelists by artists from Oregon, Washington and Idaho —July 11-August 20. Opening July 11 — 1-4 pm. Woodcuts by Francisco Amighetti from Costa Rica - August 22 October 8. Opening August 22 —- 1-4 pm. 1026 SWMorrison Portland, OR97205 (503) 224-9629 Clinton St. Quarterly—Summer, 1987 11