Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 7 No. 1 | Spring 1985

The Clinton St. Quarterly LONG MAY IT WAVE AD INDEX APPAREL/ADORNMENT Avalon 27 Bohemia 27 Alan Costely 7 El Mundo (C) 34 Gazelle 17 Kimonos 10 La Paloma 15 NANU 14 Real Mother Goose 11 Reflections In Time 15 Sachet 11 Survival Surplus 12 Tight Spot 28 ART/CRAFT OFFICE SUPPLIES Art Media 11 Flying Colors 11 Kinko’s 15 NW Working Press (E) 32 Westover Wools 30 BOOKS FOOD & RESTAURANTS Barley Mill Pub 23 Bijou Cafe 7 Bread & Ink 36 Buttertoes 14 Cafe del la Mer 34 Caro Amico 28 Cassidy’s 16 . East Ave. Tavern 31 Escape From New York Pizza 2 Foothill Broiler 22 Hank's Franks 27 Hawthorne St. Cafe 36 Hunan 14 IndigIne 14 Jarra's 42 Key Largo 10 Kingston 26 La Patisserie 12 L’Auberge 30 Martinotti’s 7 O'Connor's 12 Papa Haydn 37 Parchman Farm 2 2030% Cannon Beach Books (C) 34 City Miner Books 28 Great NW Books 28 Pizza Merchant 47 Pharmacy Fountain 22 Porretta Pizza 11 King of Rome 28 Looking Glass Books 28 Paper Moon 37 Perelandra (E) 32 Sinsemilla Tips 39 Thurman St. Bookseller 30 Yamhill Book Merchant 11 Prego 36 Riverway Inn 38 Romo's La Jara 27 Sgt. Pepper’s 12 Savoy Truffle 31 Zoo Zoo's (E) 32 FOOD/TAKEHOME CAR & BICYCLE CARE Amazon Motors 31 Cielo Sports 42 Coventry Cycle 36 N W Bikes 30 COMPUTER PLANNING Glick & Assoc. 35 FILM/VIDEO Clinton St. Theater 17 Cinema 21 22 First Stop Video 42 L’Auberge 30 Cascadian Farms 39 Escape From New York Pizza 2 Food Front 2 Genesis 26 Martinotti's 7 Montavilla Bakery 31 Pasta Works 36 Pizza Merchant 47 Popper's Supply 28 Porretta Pizza 11 Savoy Truffle 31 Springfield Creamery 14 Starflower (E) 32 Sunnyside Up Bakery 36 Lasky's Video 15 Northwest Film Study Center 42 PSU Film 38 , GET-A-WAYS Anne Hughes Guest House 30 Breitenbush 23 Ponderosa Village 14 Sea Sprite (C) 34 GIFTS & CARDS Alan Costley 7 Avalon Antiques 27 Bohemia 27 Ellen’s Flower Cart 30 Escential Perfume 30 Paper Tree 12 Rainy Day Flowers 12 Real Mother Goose 11 HEALTH Alternative Health Care 7 Century Contact Lens 17 Metro Crisis 11 HOUSE & GARDEN Ellen's Flower Cart 30 Eurostyl 28 Haggle Shop 36 NW Futon 42 Rainy Day Flowers 12 Real Mother Goose 11 Rejuvenation House Parts 7 Urban Landscape 38 Yestershades 37 INSURANCE Downey 14 LEGAL ASSISTANCE Gibson 31 Sanders Dixon Nicholls 35 MUSEUMS Oregon Historical Society 28 PERSONAL TREATS Breitenbush 23 Escential Perfume 30 Inner City Hotsprings 36 RADIO KBOO 37 KOAP 2 KLCC (E) 32 RECORDS Artichoke Music 30 Classical Millenium 15 For What It's Worth Records 48 Park Ave Records 11 SCHOOLS/CLASSES/JOBS Graphics Job 31 Haystack 34 Pacific NW College of Art 2 SPIRITS & ENTERTAINMENT Barley Mill Pub 23 Cassidy's 16 Dugan’s 42 East Ave. Tavern 31 Ronnie Gilbert Concert 43 Key Largo 10 Parchman Farm 42 Satyricon 16 (E)=Eugene (C)= Cannon Beach It was over 200 years ago that our Founding Fathers met in Philadelphia to lay down the principles upon which our new country would be based. If the Clinton St. Quarterly had been around then, you can bet your boots that these dedicated American patriots would have turned to it time and time again for reference and inspiration as they painstakingly worked out the ideas contained in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. OK. So they might not have had much use for “Christmas Gifts for Chickens" or the story of the woman who divorced her husband and married her bowling ball. But what about the other stuff? You know, the political stuff. They'd have read that, wouldn't they? Of course! Yeah, sure! And might they have picked up their copies of the West Coast's favorite journal of fiction, features, political writing, humor and eyeball-snagging graphics on street corners in Seattle, Portland, Eugene and points nearby? Of course not! It would have been a long ride by horseback and canoe. Many would have died. It wouldn’t have been worth it. Instead, they’d have subscribed to the Clinton St. Quarterly and had it delivered by postal employees, many of them wearing shorts in the summer. That’s how they’d have done it. Our forefathers loved America. If you love America you’ll be like them and subscribe to the Clinton St. Quarterly. Four issues a year for only $6.00. Get the picture? Stop being a squalling left-wing panty- waist. Be an American. Subscribe now. OK. And send me a pointed hat like Paul Revere if you’ve got any. Do you? Or don’t you? Is this a trick? For a Friend? Name Name Address Address Send only $6 for first subscription, $5 for each additional one to: The Clinton St. Quarterly P.O. Box 3588 „ 1520 Western Avenue Portland, OR 97208 * Seattle, WA 98101 PROPER TREATMENT OF YOUR CLINTONST. QUARTERLY WHEN IT ARRIVES 1. Never let your Clinton St. Quarterly touch the ground. If it should become soiled, burn it. 2. Read or display your Clinton St. Quarterly only between sunup and sundown. Invite soldiers or boy scouts to place it on your coffee table in the morning and remove it to a safe place during the night. Give them cookies or beer when they are finished. They like this. 3. Never display your Clinton St. Quarterly during inclement weather. An exception would be during time of war when a view of the Clinton St. Quarterly flying overhead in the rockets red glare (perhaps pinned to a gutter or downspout) may give courage and inspiration. 4. Never decorate with the Clinton St. Quarterly. Use bunting instead. Clinton St. Quarterly 47